Democrats reacted in horror to the results of this jaw dropping poll

Every Democrat in America believes Donald Trump is ripe to be beaten in 2020.

They buy into the fake news narrative that Americans have turned against the President.

But they were left speechless when they saw the results of this jaw dropping poll.

If you only watched the fake news on CNN or MSNBC, you would think America is experiencing a post apocalyptic nightmare.

The news makes it seem like Trump is plunging the word into chaos, tanking the stock market and killing immigrant children for fun.

Everyday Americans – however – do not view the world through the lenses of the anti-Trump resistance.

They are actually quite pleased with the current state of America.

The Daily Wire reports:

Rasmussen, which offers the only remaining daily presidential approval tracking poll, has some pretty good news for Donald Trump. Despite all the doom and gloom headlines closing out 2018, heading into his 3rd year in office, President Trump enjoys about the same approval for his handling of the job as his predecessor at the same point in his presidency.

“The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 47% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Fifty-two percent (52%) disapprove,” Rasmussen reported on Dec. 28. “The latest figures include 34% who Strongly Approve of the way Trump is performing and 43% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -9.”

Rasmussen provides some follow-up analysis suggesting some factors playing into Trump’s numbers, including some polling suggesting that he has “angered hawkish members of both major political parties with his decision to withdraw from Syria,” with voters tending to likewise oppose his decision.

Trump supporters remember that Barack Obama was re-elected with similar approval numbers at this point in his Presidency.

That’s because Obama understood that staying true to your base is what mobilizes voters and wins elections.

Trump is following the same path.

The media is always cautioning Trump to “expand his base”.

What they really want him to do is sell out his core campaign promises and alienate his supporters in exchange for appealing to voters that will never support him anyway.

Trump understands this which is why he refused to sign any government funding legislation that did not include money for a border wall.

For as much as the fake news whines about Trump’s approval rating, it is in line with Obama’s as he geared up for his successful 2012 re-election campaign.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Without a WALL we have no country!!
    The Democrats want them for votes, and to put them in Red States, where they they can control the ELECTORAL COLLEGE! !

  2. Polls are not accurate, never have been. They take 1500 people, and ask them a question. It’s not the whole country! So take these polls that said Trump had no chance, and stick the where the sun don’t shine. It does not cover all of America, and it also depends on what state these polls are done! Trump 2020

  3. I live in Texas, Trump and Cruiz are on the border right now on Fox live. Border patrol are talking and it’s bad . They have aprehended thousands of terriost from all over the world! Please watch and the border agent talking is a legal Mexican imagrant.

    • You know it’s bad enough we in Texas have to deal with alot of illegal crossings on a daily basis. And to me if you do not live here, then it does not concern you at all, if you live in California then you don’t mind it, except the Republicans that live there.If immagration continues at the rate, by people that are poor and have no way to contribute to our country,it cost us billions a year to take care of them. For you that say we don’t, you are so wrong. It cost us 70,000 a year per person. They get welfare , you can not legally hire them,so if they don’t work, how are they supposed to survive? Off us! I really don’t have a problem with the Mexicans that come here on green cards. They actually contribute to our country, they build our homes, our streets, our highways, bridges ect. They are very hard working people. I work construction ,and I know for fact they are damn hard workers. But we need to know who’s coming across. These other countries are going to just come for freebies, they are not running from war, are genicide. We should not just let the whole world walk in. They don’t speak our language, and that causes a really big problem, they end up driving illegally and killing hundreds on the roads and highways! For you that like strangers just walking in, you are not in your right mind. I had to use a porter can on my last job, on the door was written ” We come to your land and take your children, and daughter’s, and you are none the wiser”. My heart dropped when I read that. But maybe it will take for one of them to take your child, your daughter, for you to wake up, but by then it’s to late. You may not feel the pain of these parents, but it’s real, and just put your self in those peiples shoes!

      • Well said!!! I know Mexican (Legal’s) & they hate the illegals! Stating it gives them (Legals) a very bad name, anyone else have Mexican friends who say that? My friend Anton gets pretty irate but then being very honest & blunt so do I!!!!!!!!!
        Happy to be a Legal immigrant 1989 now a naturalized citizen.

        • i support legal immigrant or green card holder also but I do NOt SUPPORT FREE LOADER. Lewgal and green card are hard working We the taxpayer are not these illegal daddy.

    • I’m watching it also. Did you see where Acosta was doing a thingie about the wall,,,,,,,,, saying there’s no problem where he was @?? He sold the wall for the “DON”…

  4. If everyone would go back n check under Obama the Democrats were all in favor of securing the border…They don’t like Trump cause they can’t control him…

  5. Rasmussen is a conservative poll — for accuracy you should include all polls that are on – – and they show Trump’s ratings are only 41% favorable – – and have been fairly consistent in that range, with about 55% have an unfavorable rating for Trump. THE BEST poll, of course, is VOTING – -and the Midterms has the LARGEST margin voting for Democrats over Republicans since Watergate era – – over 9 million more.

    Speaking of polls, her is the truth about Trump’s wall – -the majority of Americans do not want it: Data from Gallup poll for 2018 on extending the border wall showed the American people strongly oppose the wall by 34%, oppose it by 23% and only 24% strongly favor the wall.

    • What age group were included in the poll??? Most likely 18 – 24 year old Millenials who don’t give a damn about anything but themselves.

      • Leon, it is sad you and others understand so little about representative samples and polls. It would have to match the age ranges of the overall American population, and have proportionate age ranges. Like wise, similar proportions of all groups, economically, and otherwise. I have seen other polls and found again, the majority of Americans do NOT support building the wall. As Bill Murray once said in a movie: “That a FACT, Jack!!!”

    • Hmmmm, So an additional 19% Approve of the wall? Plus the 24% that strongly approve of the wall. Total approval for the wall by calculating 100% is: 43%? This poll was for 2018 (what month(s)? Where does the poll stand currently?

    • Sorry DR. JD but you are full of it. Most want an enhanced border barrier, whether it is made of steel or cement. As for “polling” on Trump-give me a break, most polls are weighted to give the response the lame stream media wants. Lastly, re: the 9 million more democrats voting in the midterms, even democrats admit this was “out of the ordinary” and let’s face it, more than the usual “funny shenanigans” were operating during the vote count. Numbers for Trump in 2020 parallel Obama’s who won his 2nd term.

      • Sharon, You are NOT correct, and assume, like most Trumpers, you represent most Americans, WHEN YOU DO NOT. So, then you try to fault the messanger since you cannot accept the message. You don’t know the science of polls and are just making such information up – – and respond with some lame conspiracy garbage.

        You ARE correct that even Democrats would agree that it was “out of the ordinary” for the midterm surplus of over 9 million more votes for Democrats than GOP, since Dems are less likely to vote. However you clearly miss WHY! Trump has done more to awaken and repulse not just the Democrats as much as the Independents – – – who heavily voted against Trump. It varies, but the standard is around 55-57% of Americans have an unfavorable view of Trump. Most of that number is “strongly disapprove.”

    • U should read on how many ppl they polled on that. Either way, Democrat leaders are being childish cuz they did want to build it back in 2006 along with upgrading the rest of securities. Then in 2014 Schumer wanted $25b for it & now Trump is willing to push OUR long overdue WALL for a lot less. They’re only rejecting it cuz HE’S on the Republican side & if Hillary had won, there would be celebrations instead.

    • Dr.? of what. If you are an MD. you should be horrified of the health of the illegals and what they are attempting to bring into this country. Diseases that we haven’t seen in decades. If you are not, get off of your pompous horse.

      • Without a WALL we have no country, Build the wall. We can’t let every person into our country, I’m a taxpayer and don’t want to keep up a bunch of ILLEGALS! !

    • Dr. JD I have a bridge in London I would like to sale to a liberal Democrat moron you should be willing to want to buy it you believe the polls you should buy my bridge

  6. Donald you should embrace your Italian heritage and change your middle name to Vito or better yet to “VETO” and show the brain dead DUMBOCRATS what a real patriot does to them!!!!

    • Sorry Bill that is brain dead Trump who isn’t a patriot. No patriot would take two years to visit a war zone. No patriot would allow Russia to help them win an election. No patriot would insult any military officer or military personal.

      • Talk about being brain dead you fit the bill very well. The first two years was working over come the slime corruption of the Obummers. Where is you facts the the Russia help Trump win an election, for the corrupt cop Mule face even after robbing the taxpayer million of dollars has not found anything. I am a retire ww2 veteran and just where is the insults you lie about. Just present the facts. You must remember the the lowest life forms on the Planet is the so call fake New media People, followed closely by the the Corrupt Politicians who palms are blood red from the approved FDA poison drugs the kill and not cure just so the Payola from the Pharmaceutical can grease the palms of the Politicians. The Death toll is over 100,000 men, women and children each year ( and I have the facts) from these high profit poison drugs that is for palm grease to the Politicians. Yet Brain Dead Smarbiscuits you are worried about some little propaganda the the corrupt Fake News puts out. I will vote for Trump again to stop the destruction of our Great Republic. One more thing, I am 90 years old and still better Mentally Fit then People like you.

        • Ty for the service, my families been in every war including WW2 too but I can’t cuz I was born hearing impaired. Several different last names though LOL

          • Richard Carpenter
            I’m hearing impaired in my left ear and completely deaf in my right ear, have been since contracting Rubella at an early age. I can’t tell which direction a sound is coming from. I enlisted in early 1970 while the war in Vietnam was still going on. Although the medicos thought I was faking it when I took the first physical they got the same results test after test and finally believed me. All it did was keep me out of a combat arms MOS. I served for 20 years doing electronic maintenance and computer support. I guess my relatively high GT score paved the way. Admittedly, I enlisted to avoid the Draft but I reenlisted often enough to put in for retirement in 1990 and they accepted me every time.

        • Let’s all remember the voter fraud in the midterms! In the end it didn’t work in all cases like Georgia & Florida. Omg @ the recounts. Where in the real world would the 2 filthy mouthed Muslims be elected to our congress. Do you think an American would be allowed to even run for office in their countries. They both really hate America!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

        • Perhaps it is your dementia that makes you think you are more mentally savvy, Robert?!? And, since you are honest about your age, be honest that Trump has spent more time taking time off, playing golf and staying at his luxury resorts, than any president in modern history. He could have visited our troops during one of those dozens of Mar-O-Lago weekends.

      • Smart biscuits, but find eater.. You spout garbage like pearls but it’s trash talk. Democrats used Russian, middle East and voter fraud… Trump won by being Trump…

      • Smart biscuits, but find eater.. You spout garbage like pearls but it’s trash talk. Democrats used Russian, middle East and voter fraud… Trump won by being Trump…

      • Who the hell are YOU kidding? The idiots in the Anti American Democrat Party have created more of a war zone right here than anywhere else! Aside from that.. this President has generals and other to keep him up on what is going on in “war zones”! He has spent HIS time HERE doing what the PEOPLE elected him to do! Our wages are higher, businesses are thriving, energy costs are way down AND there are 10xs the jobs than with the last three Presidents! Trump has made great trade deals with Mexico/Canada and has made MUCH MORE progress with NK than any of his predecessors! It sounds as though a good deal is to be made with China and even a good chance that NK will denuclearize! Now he is fighting with the Democrats to PROTECT OUR BORDERS which should be a priority for EVERY elected official in this country!!

      • Hey DUMBO…..It was the DIM-o-wits that Russia helped in the election. Unfortunately for them, it backfired and BOO HOO HOO, Hillary (THE LIAR) Lost!

      • Sorry but Trump is cleared of collusion cuz it backfired onto Clinton & Obama. U need to get news updated since they fpund more of Clinton’s email & also found Mueller & Comey were in cahoots with them crooked Democrat leaders knowing. C & O sold uranium to Ukraine & didnt really support our troops by giving $$$, weapons & other stuff to ISIS & other terrorists. Obama also took $310m of American’s Medicare & gave it to the illegals, not the refugees. He also gave Iran $2b when Iran was supposed to pay the U.S.

    • Trump has had to fight every Dem.s and the RINO that is agents him from day one but he has lowered are TAX,S and put back the coal miners and the steel workers and brought JOBS back to the USA And we NOW have low lowest amount of people out of work in the history of the USA so Bill you and Smartbuiscuit needs to open your eyes and the only reason that the DEM,S want a free border is to keep wages down for they will work for less on the hour because the people that work them pays NO income TAX for them because they are here with no work permanents so most are payed under the table with cash and they are not helping are country one dam bit!!! WAKE UP

    • Bill, You can disregard smartbiscuits and anything “it” states. If there is anything at all between those stupid ears is raw biscuit dough! Besides, it is a PAID TROLL! BLEAH!

  7. If the Communist Media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, NY Daily News, etc) were to ever to stop reporting lies and half-truths and report the entire truth about President Trump and his accomplishments, the President’s ratings would be substantially better

    • AMEN!!! faster24 you couldnt be more right!!!This country needs to be separated from those that would do us harm!!! I know i have used the time that President Trump has been buying us!!! Stocking up food a way to purify water and lots of Ammo to protect my family and what we have to live off of!Better to be prepared and not need it then not be prepared and need it! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Trump2020!!! ][][][% 4LIFE!!!

    • The only reason it’s not higher is the over sampling of stupid liberals and the fact we are a deeply divided country, half of which is irreversibly stuck on stupid! Trump could end world hunger, discover a cure for every disease and end all wars, the left would still disapprove. F**K THEM ALL, MAGA 2020!!

  8. Maybe we should do what Thomas Jefferson said with our type of Government , To keep our Freedom we might have to march on Washington every 25 Years , We are over due , Trump can not drain the Swamp alone!, A lot of these Swamp Creatures should be on the Out side looking in ! Build the Wall NOW! Freedom is not Free!

    • Edward, THANK YOU. I have been saying this for the past 2 years. How do we go about getting this started?

    • AMEN!!! faster24 you couldnt be more right!!!This country needs to be separated from those that would do us harm!!! I know i have used the time that President Trump has been buying us!!! Stocking up food a way to purify water and lots of Ammo to protect my family and what we have to live off of!Better to be prepared and not need it then not be prepared and need it! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Trump2020!!! ][][][% 4LIFE!!!

  9. President Trump…. Stay Strong, Build the Wall to keep us safe. National Parks….make a joint agreement with the States to open the park and get the States involved in keeping NP up and running. Might even turn other jobs over to the States and get the FEB out of them. Just a thought.

  10. Let’s just let the TRAITORS continue to expose themselves shall we?I think so..basically anyone that is going against Trump’s agenda “we the people’s” agenda is a TRAITOR let them continue to expose themselves from darkness to light… Think about it it’s beautiful take notes you’ll know who not to vote for talk to one another network It’s not TRUMP’S WALL it’s our WALL it’s what he was elected for if people are against it Pelosi for example Pence has even given reason to suspect too..Shumer of course etc just sit back that and focus on their actions that says it all if they aren’t representing the people their best interest or their constituents… Seems pretty obvious to me

  11. use the military and the military budget and build the wall already. go president trump. this is what i think he will do, and he has the power to do it.

  12. For those who are upset about the President pulling out of Syria, I believe the President has a plan for doing so, and so far all of what he has done has been good for America.
    Obama had a plan for pulling out of Iran and that was so ISIS could have another chance to regroup with all the military stuff he left behind for them.

    • I agree Sid A; you’ve hit the nail squarely on the head & driven it home with very little effort. It was Obama’s eight putridly sick narcissistic years that provided ISIS the ability to form as it did & cause so much suffering.

      Obummer & his leftist Global Community cronies are directly responsible for so many innocent deaths in the Arab Spring Uprisings that immensely destabilised the Middle East. Plus causing the massive migrations of millions of so called Middle East / African refugees into Western Europe that created so much insecurity, problems & heartache for all who have proudly make European Countries their home for generations spanning hundreds of years.

      The Obama’s, their Anti- American beliefs & all who support them 100% will one day be reckoned with, judged & punished most harshly as is entirely appropriate!

      Long may ‘ The Land of the Free & the Home of the Brave ‘ be a prosperous Beacon of Good, Fairness, Opportunity Freedom & Prosperity for its own people & like-minded nations throughout this wonderful world we call home!

      • Main
        Problem is politicians that really know they can conduct a war …military could not conduct attacks without presidential approval. This is the reason we lost isis, Vietnam and why army has done so well in Afghanistan..

    • Sid, Trump has already been backtracking on his Syria impromptu plan – – which was stupid and did not include the assessment of the military experts. But Trump DOES NOT LISTEN TO PEOPLE IN THE KNOW . . . which is who Mattis and all his Cheif of Staffs and Tillerson and others have said Trump is a moron who does not listen – – he changes with the wind. What is sad is even Trump bragged about how he could do anything, even murder someone and his followers would still be behind him.

  13. What in the hell is wrong with this country . Voted ID should be law in every state no exception excuses . Respectfully this is a bunch of nonsense not requiring this how foolish is this . Respectfully my faith is no longer with a broken system nor in any corrupted system run by corrupted politicians .Democrats , Republican, Independent politicians just lining there pockets with useless paper . As for the media true journalism is dead and there are just as corrupted as the politicians .

  14. How real Americans, not just the Democrats, view the real d. trump is seeing himself prove over & over again what a SOUR FACED, SELFISH, STUBBON SICK MINDED PILE OF CRAP SHIT HE TRULY IS. Thinks of Nobody except Himself & getting his own Spoiled, Childish, Bratty Way. The only ones who don’t see the real d. trump are the Retarded Republican Asshole Kissers of that White House WORTHLESS WORM & His White House WORTHLESS WHORE.

    • Betty I hope that ulcer doesn’t burst & sends you to the hospital in excruciating pain or that with all that hate boiling inside of you that you don’t have a heart attack…or a stroke. You need to calm down & remember that GOD is STILL in charge & in His Heaven. He doesn’t make mistakes so let’s give PRESIDENT TRUMP a chance. We gave your choice 8 years, after all.

    • Betty, Are you trying to say you may not vote for President Trump’s second term? Don’t hold back; speak you mind or the maind of those, who have brain washed you. We need those worthless posts, maybe with a little less vulgarity. This keeps us alert to what is happening to American voters. Win those word battles, make accusations; then seek the evidence needed to persuade people like me. I am looking for a responsible, moral, small government that provides for the majority of voters needs. We do not need to follow the political correct, homosexual advocates and gender confused minority. We have too many attacks on God, Family, County.

    • Betty; you’ve just proven yourself to be a slavish devotee controlled by the one-eyed, communistic leftist DNC & media hordes who even consider those they control as ” Deplorables “.

      Please pull your eyes, ears & nose out of your own arse, give them the thorough clean they deserve, then like a bloodhound have a good look, listen & sniff around at what is really going & what the Democrats have done to obscenely wreck America since the end of the 1960’s. You just might find you’ve been duped big time & your hard-earned donations over the years have gone directly into the DNC Elites back pockets so that they can continue living their Jet-Setting Lifestyles.

    • Betty, Hi.
      You aren’t Betty, and you aren’t woman either.
      You have been chipped by the deep state. That’s why you can’t rationalize.
      You’re being used by those Satanic pedophile elites. You are going to be burned in Hell, unless you repent and walk away from sin,

      GOD bless America and bless Pres. Trump.

    • Why are liberals so mean? You have the right to your opinions, but I had my opinions about Obama, and I would never have said the mean, spiteful and ugly things you said, even though he deserved them more. And why do you call the first lady such horrible things? What has she done to deserve your hate? Pitiful!

    • Betty, that is not nice or christian to call someone that vile name Melanie is not a whore you should be ashamed of your self to call her that, how would you like it if someone called your daughter that vile name or even called your mother or you that. You might not like Trump but that’s your choosing he is trying to get this country back on track after 8 years of Obama, don’t be so hard on Trump if only the democrats and the republicans can work together maybe this country could come together the way it should be. WE need to build that wall.Snooky

    • Oh my God another corrupt brainless Democrat who is not even a human being. a traitor to every American, how dare you talk about the president like that you are so full I hate it screams out of your post I feel sorry for you. You must live a very lousy life to talk the way you do if you’re not happy in your life change it don’t blame Trump

      • This post and the previous post by me is for Betty what in gods name is wrong with you you totally lost your mind are you that unhappy in your life you can’t blame a person I don’t care who it is for your own happiness I pray for you believe me you need it you are so full of hate it will kill you! You need to seek out a good psychiatrist because you need help on my God do you need help !

    • I hope and pray that our president wins another term for he has really put us first as he should and it is up to us to give him all the seats he needs in the Congress and Senate to continue our growth!! I read that there are like 12 states that want to leave the union this is nothing but a huge lie for the politicians tell us this but you can bet that the citizens of these states will never let that happen!!! Yet these Democratic run cities and states think they can do whatever they want and damn the citizens on what they think!!! I can only say that these Democrats have not felt the raft of the citizens yet but this outrageous move would end the Democrats forever!!! Our president should declare a national emergency and go into all these Democratic run cities and states and arrest all these mayors and governors that have broken Federal and constitutional laws and remove and prosecute each and everyone of them!!! I believe that the citizens of these cities and states would be cheering our government and our president for taking this action and this would put an end to the corruption and misrepresentation being done by these Democrats and give us the citizens their voice back!!! For the way it is now we the people have no voice!!!

  15. Like it or not America works again. Even the Democrats see that and understand the reality. America is a capitalist country and so are the workers. Guess how we vote by our bank accounts. Just like the welfare recipients do at election time.

  16. I agree, Americans are happy with the current state of the economy, but we also understand that Trump is NOT responsible for the best parts of it which occurred under former President Obama. The Putin loving Donald Trump is a traitor who deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison.

    • Happily, he didn’t pull an Obama when he thought he was off mike and said to the Russian; i.e. I can be more flexible after my reelection.

      • NOT so Mysty! Mine went up, and the tax break came in the early year, while the increases are set for later. Economic analysis by non-partisan sources show that the deficit increased to $800 BILLION in 2018 and will be over $1 Trillion for 2019. Add to this that 83% of the benefits of that Trump bill went to the richest 1%. Trump was caught bragging to Mar-O-Lago rich that he made them “a LOT richer!”

        You have been hoodwinked.

    • Hey Eric Gransberg; my sincere apologies for correcting you. ” BUT! ” there was absolutely not a single ” best part/s ” that Obummer did during his eight, ‘ smell his own arse ‘ years & rule by Presidential Decree; which if I think correctly is definitely not written into The American Constitution & The Bill of Rights.

      All Obummer & his cronies did was cause America’s Great Recession, which spread all over the world, caused the Arab Spring Uprisings which killed hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people & a massive ongoing flood of so-called middle-eastern / north-african refugees that destabilised Western Europe & caused immense suffering.

        • YEP, Agree. Go to bottom of page & write
          to RR. They listen. Betty IS ‘Vulgar’.
          Granberg is a ‘commie liberal dissident’.
          googie google/FB/twitter HAS ‘censored’
          Conservative Patriot Free Speech.

      • Craig, that is just NOT ACCURATE about the Great Recession. The great Recession occurred under George W. Bush when he was following similar policies as Trump is right now: increases to the deficit plus removing regulations. We came close to a national bankruptcy that we ever knew. Under Obama the deficits were decreasing every year and the economy improved each year until lately, we have seen terrible signs in the economy, leading experts to predict a downturn.

        The economy loves stability, and yet Trump’s way is chaotic – – two bad signs to look at is the trade deals with China, and second, our increasing deficits, which should reach over $1.5 TRILLION a year.

    • Obama nothing but a corrupt Muslim who was born in Kenya he did everything he could the eight years he was in office Trump is still trying to clean up his mess Obama nothing but a scumbag him and his tranny wife same goes for you

  17. Bahahahaha yeah right, impeach someone who’s doing good for America & its time to stop endangering America #BUILDTHEWALL #STOPILLEGALENTRANCES #STOPILLEGALS #QUITBEINGCHILDISH #PROTECTAMERICA

    • And can you just imagine life under the demorats hitler? Pretty scary picture. I do wonder WHO the libbies would blame then…elves, dinosaurs, Rod Serling (yeah, I’m that old! 😊) because we’d DEFINITELY be living in the Twilight Zone!!!

  18. Despite the inflammatory headline, the anonymous author failed to produce a single quote in which any Democrat “reacted in horror” to any poll. The only fake news to be found is found in this aritcle

    • Like it or not America works again. Even the Democrats see that and understand the reality. America is a capitalist country and so are the workers. Guess how we vote by our bank accounts. Just like the welfare recipients do at election time.

      • Ask a poor man for a job. Nada. Zip. Tough luck. Go on welfare. Ask a rich man for a job. Go to work, support your family, buy a new-used car, go out to eat once in a while. Feel good about yourself. NO CONTEST.

  19. I think it’s time The President of The United States be allowed to carry out his obligations Why don’t his Opponents step back and evaluate how he is hounded and truthfully say if they could function under this situation

    • I am with you on these thoughts. He won and to get this country on the continuing path
      has started it is time for all bad losers to step back and support the one we have leading. Our country has gained prestige we have not seen in decades. When favor is above us glide. God bless this wonderful country and all it stands for. I have been to 50 foreign country s while in the service of our country and believe thank God you are here.

    • The answer is plain and simple, none of the RINOs who ran for president could take the excrement President Trump is taking and get the job done. We are so lucky to have him at the helm. If only the lousy RINOs had enough sand to stand with him and AMERICA, just think what we could be doing now. I hope a real conservative runs against McConnell and a few other of these scum bags, I will be donating to them that’s for sure.

      • I love good vocabulary “excrement” shows education over the gutter and add classy in place of ignorance. Certain Libs are not dumb just ignorant

  20. Voter ID is required to overcome this repeated problem. Time to upgrade the voting system.

    The US Supreme Court will visit this issue should it be brought to their attention, but … I’m not too sure of John Roberts. He is a liberal in my book.

    • Yes, unfortunately he was appointed by a RINO President, and as usual those appointments turn once they get in. But you have to know that W would never appoint a real Conservative Judge, so we get what we always get.

  21. Paul Ryan didn’t spend money or campaign for rep.told them to ret ire…Gave money to Dem.Lamb in PA. I worry about RNC With Mitt Ronneys niece in charge 😂😂😂 Patroits vs NWO

  22. Just watch Illinois to see how Dems operate! Top political state jobs are all occupied by lying, cheating Dems who make sure the Chicago machine out votes the rest of the state. They have already run Illinois in to the ground. Now Illinois is the most broke state in the union with highest real estate taxes. More taxes are on the horizon and people are moving out in droves.

    • we have voter ID in FL. and you see how the democrats get around that by going out and collecting ballot’s before they are filled out and fill them out and put them in there envelopes and let the voter sign them because on mail in ballots that’s how they verified them by signature card on file that and dirty supervisor of elections

  23. Historically, when the Republicans “compromise” with the Democrats it means that the Democrats get everything they wanted and the Republicans get a promise for some future action which never takes place. The lesson learned should be: NEVER “compromise” with the Democrats!

      • What you can trust even less than a “lying, cheating Democrap”? is the ASSHOLE KISSING REPUBLICAN SUPPORTERS of that Oval Office TWO FACED, TWO TIMING, LYING, CHEATING,BRAIN DEAD,RETARDED CRAP SHIT! Two years from now. he won’t even be voted the position of Dog Catcher.

    • Hey, Charles, change the name of donald trump for the name of Mitt Romney and the word Demo for the word retardrepublican & in your above words you’re hit the nail right on the head in speaking the Truth about that Oval Office LYING LUNATIC, “A SORRY, LOW DOWN GUTTER TRASH & SHIT CRAP”

      • Betty Betty Betty you got nothing good to say you need to go to CNN’s website maybe they’ll let you post on that because you’re too nasty to be on this one! feel sorry for you you are lost probably unloved also!

  24. Only have to remember that dems and libs lie, cheat, threaten, create demonstration, violence, freak shows and committed perjury to try and stop KAVANAUGH…they will kill to prevent any TRUMP VICTORY. VOTERS VOTED THIS NEW CONGRESS…NOW GET RESULTS FROM THE CONGRESSIONAL MEMBERS!!!

    • Disapproval rating my ass. Cream puff America thinks it’s supporting their local sports team. After 27 years in the Army and owning a successful business for almost ten years there is one thing I figured out. When I turned 30, I realized I was a dumbass when I was 20. Feeling good about myself, figure out life a little then I hit 40 and I think, man when I was 39 I still didn’t know shit. I’m 54 now and I have found one thing to be evident in all Americans. Their mind changes like the wind, we easily blame someone else for our mistakes, we will quit at a moments notice even though we made promises or commitments (55% Divorce rate and home foreclosures in 2009-2014. We watch too much T.V. or make believe videos like our kids do which taints our perception of life and reality and a large portion thinks our country owes us something. Other than that we’re pretty good people! Oh let’s not forget we tend to lie a lot. An almost truth is a lie. Part of the story is a lie. What we can prove statistically is that most and I mean most Americans can’t manage. That’s not just money that’s manage. Over 90% of our country has a debt average of more than $5,000 on credit cards . A lot pay the minimum, some never pay off. Me and my wife have not given any credit card company 10 cents in interest in the last 30 years. But I ha e probably received back at least $10-12k in rebates. We’re not perfect but where we came from, we learned fast. My white privilege ass used an outhouse until I was 18. Not bad if back in the stone age but I’m talking 1983. So moral of all this stuff I typed is most of America wouldn’t know a good President if one smacked them in the face. I look at real numbers the same way I was allowed to stay in the military. It’s not free and you can’t stay because you like it, you have to meet the standards. Trump is surpassing the standards no matter how much the MSM Northern Jews want and are trying to make him fail. No matter how much our hippie secondary education system wants him to fail because they are ashamed of their past and the things they did while on drugs. The liberals pass laws to help them clear their conscience. Trump is succeeding no matter how much money America’s career criminals I mean politicians want to make off Mexico and China and Kenya and Thailand cheap labor. As a matter of fact after all of the lies or part of the story about the border (the current program started in July 2006) because I was there in Nogales by order of Bush Jr. and it lasted all the way through Saint Barry. We don’t know what good is! Look at amount of people receiving anything from the 31 HHS programs minus illegals placed there by the states, research the percentage of mortgage foreclosures nationwide vs. 2009-2014, research the amount of “Very High Risk Mortgages” allowed since Jan 2017 then go back to Barry and Jorge Jr’s term in office. Trump made one own strict and saved the country from financial collapse his first few days in office. He increased the mortgage insurance from I believe $12.50 to $25.00 dollars per loan average. That doubles the money we had in the pot to cover all of our poor managers in America. I could go on for hours but not many would give a damn, because we are Americans. But I track the real evidence and to look at the rating given, most Americans don’t know where they shit at last. If you don’t like my tone, I don’t care.

  25. As long as the voter cheating gets resolved. We need Voter ID and One vote per person.
    Talk about a world wide embarrassment. our new voting system is a joke. What happened to privacy? Next we will be dipping our fingers in INK.

    • I agree with mark, by far voter cheating is our biggest problem, and WILL BE until the Dims quit going into the poorest areas and Paying for Votes. The news media used to be honest enough to report on that, not they are so in-bed with the Democrats that they approve of buying votes. We need polling place “watchers” who will call out repeat “arrivals”.

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