Democrats realized one fact about Kari Lake that will have the Left sweating bullets

Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake is turning into the surprise star of this election cycle.

That is not how it all started.

But Democrats realized one fact about Kari Lake that will have the Left sweating bullets.

When former news anchor Kari Lake won Donald Trump’s endorsement in her Primary race, Democrats began licking their chops.

Democrat outside groups spent money in the Republican Primary supporting Lake because they thought she would be easier to defeat than her establishment-backed RINO opponent.

That proved to be a disastrous decision.

The Democrats nominated the charisma-less Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who has proved to be a dud on the campaign trail.

Hobbs lacks the ability to communicate her positions to voters, hides from reporters by running into bathrooms and locking the door behind her, and refuses to debate the issues with Lake.

Lake – on other hand – proved to be a dynamo on the stump.

Lake’s three decades as a TV news anchor allowed her to develop the communication skills and personal connections with her audience that translate well in politics.

And videos of Lake tearing apart the media’s talking points and lies routinely go viral on social media.

The vast disparity in candidate quality and Lake’s focus on the issues that matter – securing the border, ending the homeless encampments, and pushing back against woke ideology, catapulted her to the lead over Hobbs in the polls.

Now Lake detractors are realizing the extent of their mistake.

Never-Trump Daily Beast columnist Matt Lewis warned that if Lake wins on November 8, she automatically becomes a top-tier Presidential prospect.

Lewis wrote:

Republicans love a minority or a woman who can say all the right-wing things they want to say. In this regard, Lake is a more sophisticated, better-dressed, smarter, version of Sarah Palin. She even calls herself a “mama bear.”

Americans are also fickle. We fetishize looks, youth, and newness. And because Republicans control the levers of Arizona state government, Lake might actually get some things passed. This would serve as a strong contrast to Trump who (a) isn’t in office, and (b) didn’t actually chalk up many legislative victories when he was in office.

Lake was not the only so-called “election denier” Democrat groups propped up in the Primary races.

Like Lake, polls show many of these “election deniers” are also on track for victory.

And if Kari Lake becomes one of the biggest stars of the 2022 cycle, Democrats have only themselves to blame.

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