Democrats think they’ve found their 2020 champion

After Hillary’s stunning defeat in the 2016 elections, Democrats were left floundering.

Still lacking a national leader, some Democrats are now coalescing around a young figure as their next “rising star.”


  1. A great 2020 candidate pair Castro and Castro. I said this in 2016. What about a Latino candidate. He would win.

  2. the parasites, perverts, coffee shop commies, and the hores that think like the $luts that went bouncing around many city streets in Giant Vagina costumes will be doing whatever they can to make that mistake a reality with the support of the $luts on cnn, the view, and all of the hores out in hollow woody and TV land…

  3. This is good they say they’re searching for a female Obama. The only thing is Obama was the worst president in our history of our country. How do you think that’s gonna play out.Do you really think our country could handle this again with all the problems we have now

  4. She helped make the mess in Sacramento Calif. No way, another Democratic part of the sewer!!!! Anyone that kisses a Governor’s A–just another mess!!!!!!

  5. I am a California refugee and left 13 years ago and all I have to say is beauty is only skin deep character and results that count.

  6. This Ca douchebag isn’t going anywhere. No dumbocrat from Ca is going to gwt elected to anything nationally.

  7. Kamala sounds Hawaiian. You know what happened last time an Hawaiian was in WH. Here comes HRC here come HRC right down HRC lane. Has HRC had her shock treatments yet? Maybe Bill could take them instead and be changed into a female so Hillary will like her.

  8. This senator is a lunatic. She could not even conduct herself properly during the Senate hearings. She could not finish a question without interrupting the speakers with ridicule and confusing questions 180 degrees opposite the topic. She is a California idiot and would not ever be of reasonable mind!

  9. The article said she will run in 2012,I’M making a prediction,she and the party may need to review that election cycle LOL

  10. Kamala Harris CANNOT be allowed to occupy the office of the Presidency! If, in the off chance she should run for the office, I would hope that President Trump will show her a SOUND THRASHING!!! TRUMP 2020!


  12. I live in California and have been on the phone with Ms. Harris. I do not think Republicans have much to worry about. She is about as deep as a birdbath, but I can understand why the Democrats go for her as she is a parrot: She spouts all the phrases they want to hear. Her public appearances in Senatorial hearings have all been disasters, as was my phone conversation with her.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  13. What smoke are they trying to blow up America’s Ass now give me a break. What a Joke geeeeeeeeeeehs

  14. If this Senator has no qualifications for the position of President, she should be the perfect Democrat candidate, like Obama. Obama was perfect because he was so green and people knew so little about him. He even had little track record serving as a Senator at the national level, as he voted “present” so often. Obama could simply run as a black man. Do the Democrats intend to try again to run this Senator simply as a woman, like they did with Clinton? Democrats just love identity politics.

  15. She doesn’t have a chance in hell against Trump. And she, like Hillary, has much hidden in her closet that will eventually come out. Sanctuary for illegals is at the top of her list. Secondly, she likes higher taxes like her governor Jerry Brown. Being from the Bay Area, she also is strong in the gay agenda. Harris has voted against 18 of President Donald Trump’s nominees – making her one of the administration’s most dogged opponents to date. She calls herself a feminist and then silences two women who have endured the worst type of torture, female genital mutilation. All I say is, good luck liberals.

  16. The devil has many different costumes, dont be fooled. She’s an extreme leftists that’s just as much a part of destroying this once great state of CA as gov Brown.

  17. What a joke! I have a better chance of becoming POTUS than this liberal flake, and I have no chance at all. Once again, we have the Electoral College for a reason…..and people like Hillary and Kamala “are” the reason!

  18. Quit lying about ObamaCare. Doctors will tell you it is a disaster. Repeal and then replace with a better health care.

  19. Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.) has brought a number of former Hillary Clinton campaign veterans on board to work in her Washington, D.C.

    HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!! She’s already lost.

  20. I don’t believe she will do well. I think that the American public will be a little gun shy of just accepting any media comments. They are going to expect a list of accomplishments which I don’t believe she has. And hopefully her past will be delved in to and not just accepted

  21. A Democrat is a Democrat is a Democrat.
    They are all filthy, vile, violent, Socialists or Communists, just like the one who left office in January.

    And why would anyone of the Jewish faith vote for a Democrat? For 8 LONG, LONG years the Dems had a Muslim Brotherhood lover in the WH & he made it blatantly clear that he chose Muslims (from anywhere) over Christians, Jews and any other religion.

  22. president trump can rip her apart, she will be no challenge to him at all. he knows her background that she is one of the demon-crate pedophiles involved with hillary in satanic rituals who wants another black satanic demon in the white house? good president trump knows all their deep dark pedophile secrets

  23. I hope the Democrats run Sen. Harris as a candidate. That will insure their defeat. Her recent performance in the James Comey hearings before the Senate committee puts her in the same group as Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters national embarassments.

  24. Should never have mentioned Obama’s name, he is looked upon as a Communist and or a Socialist. We have had it with that type of rhetoric. No more of that!!!

  25. Just another Northern California Commie looking to make a name for herself like the other ones from CA with their Big Mouths running overtime. Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein, Moonbeam who I swear is Gay even if he did get married before running this last time! Did I leave anyone out??????????? lol

  26. Harris is out for the money. Didn’t she sleep around to get where she is? She is nothing short of a racist, following in communist muslim obama’s footsteps. We just had
    8 horrible years under him and I don’t think the United States is ready for Harris! The American people have had just enough of those dem communists to satisfy us for hundreds of years!

  27. This is just my opinion but I think she’s far too far removed from that the United States mainstream to be able to win such an election she is way out there

  28. I am not opposed to the reality of a female President. However, Hillary Clinton was not a good “first” and, at first glance, Kamala Harris does not appear to be a reasonable choice either. The Democrats are searching for a female Obama. They should abandon that search. The country does not need another self-centered socialist!

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