Democrats think they’ve found their 2020 champion

After Hillary’s stunning defeat in the 2016 elections, Democrats were left floundering.

Still lacking a national leader, some Democrats are now coalescing around a young figure as their next “rising star.”



  1. A great 2020 candidate pair Castro and Castro. I said this in 2016. What about a Latino candidate. He would win.

  2. the parasites, perverts, coffee shop commies, and the hores that think like the $luts that went bouncing around many city streets in Giant Vagina costumes will be doing whatever they can to make that mistake a reality with the support of the $luts on cnn, the view, and all of the hores out in hollow woody and TV land…

  3. This is good they say they’re searching for a female Obama. The only thing is Obama was the worst president in our history of our country. How do you think that’s gonna play out.Do you really think our country could handle this again with all the problems we have now

  4. She helped make the mess in Sacramento Calif. No way, another Democratic part of the sewer!!!! Anyone that kisses a Governor’s A–just another mess!!!!!!

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