Democrats were faced with this final defeat on impeachment after one major admission

The Democrats only chance to extend the impeachment witch hunt was pressuring four Republicans to join them in voting to hear new testimony.

A final decision is expected Friday.

But on the eve of the vote Democrats were faced with this final defeat on impeachment after one major admission.

Retiring Tennessee RINO Lamar Alexander was seen as the critical fourth vote for Democrats to secure witnesses.

Anti-Trump RINOs Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, and Lisa Murkowski were seen as definite “yes” votes on new witnesses like former National Security Advisor John Bolton.

That left Democrats one vote short of the 51 necessary to claim an outright majority and extend the witch hunt with weeks of new witness testimony.

But late on Thursday night after the Senators time to ask questions was over, Alexander made his intentions clear.

And Alexander announced he would vote “no” on new witnesses which effectively ended the trial and put the President on a path to acquittal.

“There is no need for more evidence to prove something that has already been proven and that does not meet the United States Constitution’s high bar for an impeachable offense,” Alexander said in a statement. “But the Constitution does not give the Senate the power to remove the president from office and ban him from this year’s ballot simply for actions that are inappropriate.”

Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media were furious.

On fake news CNN so-called “reporter” Carl Bernstein declared the Republicans were participating in a “cover up.”

That allegation fell flat because Republicans were voting on the evidentiary record assembled by Democrats.

If there was a cover up, it was one orchestrated by Democrats.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Diane, haven’t you ever seen a typo . Guess not your perfect aren’t you? Takes a demass to point something like that out. Get a life preferably one talking to your own . Such language for a lady.

  2. Once this impeachment farce is over, the distraction from the Democrat connection to Ukraine will be over. This might cause trouble for more than just Joe Biden.

  3. “… I swear to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC….!!! Remember that oath you all took while you’re being executed for treason all you demoncraps and rhinos. Purge the swamp President Trump.

  4. The goal of the dem party is total control of this country and every aspect of our lives. They hate it that our founding fathers were Christians and they hate everything they left us, esp. our freedom. They have no morals and have banned God from their party. They are very dangerous creatures but they cannot win. satan and all his followers will lose for eternity

  5. i dont no where the demorats came from or where they are going but they should be deported also if we could find a place that would take them. they are way off

  6. Evil has been forced into the light, exposed and now confronted and defeated by truth and justice. Praise father God almighty and his anointed ones. Amen

  7. Always trying to blame the Republicans. Well, not this time Captain DS because, as the article states, it’s going off of what was already done by the Democrats. How stupid can you get?

  8. julio richard Laredo do you know how moronic your post sounds? Of course not. If you did you wouldn’t have posted it in the first place.


  10. It looks like hatred can just happen…Is really Trump against immigrants or he is protecting the sovereignty of the US? There is no country in the world that can easily open their boarders…there must be some rules. That’s the sovereignty of any nation in the world. As for health care for all including undocumented, I just wonder where the budget might come from. Free college? Budget…How about paying lecturers and college administration staff members’ pay? It’s as if the US people are tired of being proud of their superpower country…What’s then would be unique about the US if the economy is no longer capitalism?

  11. I’ve said all along that I was not a fan of Trumps, but that I just couldn’t go along with the candidates that the Democrats were running. This only proves that I was right all along. The crats are their own worst enemy and Pelosi may be the worst ever. She is so wrapped up in being the first female president that she can’t see anything else. If the crats would just look back, they will quickly see that their downfall started when Pelosi came into the picture.

  12. Julio, WRONG! How many DJT investigations and impeachments need to fail before you low IQ Dems understand? Maybe none of you Dems are intelligent enough to ever get it! You dumber than dirt, troll!

  13. The responsible law abiding citizens of America must now turn our attentions toward the righteous indignation the Marxist democrats have worked so hard to attain. November needs to be the end of all coup attempts by abuse of impeachment powers these treasonest house members. Examples must be made, investigations and charges presented, indictments assured of treason against the Republic and people who elected this president.

  14. The Democrats plan has failed, there new plan will be to cry unfare, may even bring new charges to impeach. This is no more than a campaign by Democrats to slander Trump, trying to make him unelectable. Not for me, no Democrat will ever get my vote for anything. For those who have seen what I see in the Democrats, please join me. TRUMP 2020 AND ALL RED FOR EVER.

  15. Now can we get on with the Prosecution of the “REAL CRIMES”committed by the DNC and Hillarys Gang along with Comey,Sztrok,Lisa Page,and whoever else was Complicit in the Phony Investigation that “OBSTRUCTED THE PRESIDENCY” for the last three and a half years at a cost to the American Taxpayers of 35 MILLION DOLLARS that the Democrat Party should bear the BURDEN OF REPAYMENT to Starting Immediately !

  16. This witch hunt is almost over. The last step is an acquittal for the president. I wouldn’t mind hearing from witnesses, but I’m glad this is almost over. Besides it sounded as if the Democrats felt all of Trump’s would not be relevant, and would fight against them.

  17. I still think schiff and his staff should be investigated for election interference. This is what happen in the house

  18. The Dems are the ones that should be in trial. There had never been in the history of the United States of a hostile to get rid of a president for doing a great job. It’s ludicrous repugnant repulsive radical inconclusive and many more come to mind … compared to what was done in the last presidency this minuscule . The only reason this has happened is they got lots to hide which will come to a conclusion in time. In the real time watch Mr Trump GO , he is thee best president we ever had has gotten more done in 3 years than any other and being under scrutiny The Whole time even before he was elected. The man is a rock , We Love you Mr DjT . Wishing you and your family thee best. God speed SIR

  19. There are two key points the Democrats were pushing for: Removal from office and Removal from 2020 Ballot. The FIRST is within the province of the Senate. The Second is NOT, nor has ever been. Thus on the surface, the Democratic Party actions were unconstitutional. Pure, simple, without a doubt. And the second desire shows the whole
    truth of this kangaroo court – The dems KNOW they cannot defeat Trump at the ballot.
    thus any other method suffices.

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