Democrats were furious after Tim Scott said this about Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas is one of the greatest Supreme Court Justices to ever live.

The Left is on a crusade to take him out.

And Democrats were furious after Tim Scott said this about Clarence Thomas.

After the Supreme Court handed down major victories for conservatives on abortion, religious liberty, and guns, the Left is seething.

Democrats have used the Court for years to advance their unpopular agenda and are now furious that the conservative Justices are restoring the rule of law.

They put Clarence Thomas in their crosshairs with a number of disgusting attacks against him.

Big Tech companies allowed social media users, including celebrities, to hurl racist insults against Thomas.

Chicago’s black Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, said “F— Clarence Thomas” at a Pride event.

Hillary Clinton, who went to law school with Thomas, said in an interview that he is a “person of grievance” who is full of “resentment” and “anger.”

These unhinged attacks on Thomas yet again proved that Democrats are the real racists.

Senator Tim Scott is the most prominent black conservative in Congress.

In an interview with Jesse Watters on Fox News, he explained the reasoning behind the Left’s attack on Thomas.

“I certainly think that the greatest threat to the liberal coalition are black conservatives who stand up and think for ourselves,” Scott said. “We represent the fact that the African-American community is not a monolithic community.”

“If you could ever break the stronghold that the Democrats have in the African-American community, the entire coalition falls apart,” Scott continued. “And think about this: President Biden’s approval ratings have never been lower in the African-American community and the Hispanic community.”

Black voters have been a key demographic of the Left’s electoral coalition for decades.

Biden’s polling has slipped with every group, but his drop with black voters is raising eyebrows.

“The last thing people want to see are people like Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, and myself standing up and making common sense popular everywhere in the nation,” Scott explained. “And oh, by the way, we happen to be black.”

“That is a great threat to the entire coalition on the Left. So they want to shut it down, cancel Clarence Thomas because he dares to think for himself. But more importantly, don’t you think for yourself because they want the price to be so high that you don’t ever dare to leave wherever they say you should sit,” Scott concluded.

Democrats are terrified of losing black voters to Republicans.

If blacks abandon the Party in significant numbers, Democrats would face an uphill battle to win national elections.

Democrats’ disgusting attacks on Clarence Thomas are yet another example of outrageous hypocrisy from the so-called Party of tolerance.

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