Democrats were furious when a leading Republican said this one sentence about Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis has turned Florida into the model for successful conservative leadership.

The Left is seething while he delivers victory after victory.

And Democrats were furious when a leading Republican said this one sentence about Ron DeSantis.

Ron DeSantis has turned Florida into a shining example during his wildly successful first term as Governor.

While most of the country was crippled with Fauci’s tyrannical restrictions, DeSantis stood strong by putting freedom first.

Coming out of the pandemic, not only does Florida have one of the strongest economies in the country, but the Sunshine State has also turned into a beacon of freedom for others.

Droves of Americans are moving to Florida because of DeSantis’ “freedom-first” policies.

Florida Republican Congressman Brian Mast has seen this massive success first hand.

During an appearance on John Catsimatidis’ radio show, Mast said that Florida’s freedom has become a model for the rest of the country.

“People love Florida right now because Americans love freedom,” Mast said.

“Governor DeSantis is doing everything possible to make sure that he guarantees that in any way that he can … whether it’s making sure that people have the choice of how they’re going to handle their COVID medical care,” he continued.

“Whether it’s looking at what’s going on in Disney and saying, ‘We are not going to be a part of this policy of teaching … young boys that they can be girls if they want to … and young girls that they can be boys if they want to … or attack the family structure,'” he added.

Mast explained this freedom first agenda was causing more people than ever to move to Florida.

“More people than ever are moving into Florida, saying, ‘I want to be a part of that beautiful lifestyle … the water, the weather, and the freedom,’” he explained.

Mast added that DeSantis’ leadership is turning Florida into “a microcosm of what America should be doing.”

He also praised DeSantis for standing up to the tyranny of the Biden regime.

The job of the Florida Governor is to “defend the state from the overreach of the federal government [and] make a pro-business environment,” Mast remarked.

“We’re not going to pay for people to be lazy, to sit around, to do nothing,” he explained.

“We’re not going to be a state where the Biden administration ships people that are crossing our border illegally. If he does that, they are going to be loaded onto a bus and sent to D.C. or Delaware,” he stated.

Mast also said that “we’re going to make sure that Florida pays much closer attention to what’s going on with [Disney].”

“Disney’s always been looked at as this family locality … But you now have Disney participating in this woke, anti-family, anti-moral, value policy,” he commented.

The Left is terrified of DeSantis because of his massive track record of success in Florida.

DeSantis’ leadership has become a shining example for other Republican Governors around the country.

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