Democrats were furious when one report revealed this major Ron DeSantis victory

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is racking up conservative victories.

His latest left Democrats’ heads spinning.

And Democrats were furious when one report revealed this major Ron DeSantis victory.

The pandemic sent Red states and Blue states down two different paths.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stood up the Fauci-led lockdowns and turned the Sunshine State into an oasis of freedom.

Blue states enthusiastically embraced pandemic tyranny, inflicted suffering on their residents, and destroyed local economies.

While Blue states are still struggling from the pandemic, Florida is a big winner thanks to DeSantis’ bold conservative leadership.

Now, Ron DeSantis has another victory that revealed how popular Florida has become under his leadership.

New Yorkers have been fleeing the high taxes and tyranny of the Empire State for freedom in Florida in large numbers.

According to a New York Post analysis of data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, a record number of New York residents switched their driver’s licenses for a Florida license.

5,838 New Yorkers changed their driver’s license for a Florida one in August, the biggest number for a single month in history.

So far, 41,885 New Yorkers have switched to Florida licenses this year, which is on track to set a new yearly record.

New Yorkers are voting with their feet and leaving the Empire State behind for life in Florida.

Fashion designer Alvin Valley left New York during the pandemic for Palm Beach, Florida.

He told the Post that the number of New Yorkers moving to Florida is growing.

“First it was the billionaires,” Valley said. “Then it was the rich following behind them. Now you have the middle class.”

He speculated that the dismal quality of life in New York was sparking the exodus to Florida.

“A lot of families just began to feel like New York was becoming unlivable,” Valley said. “Especially for younger couples with kids in their 30s and 40s. They don’t want to get on the subway. It’s a safety issue, it’s a school issue.”

Retired New York police officer John Macari moved to Jacksonville, Florida during the pandemic.

He said that pandemic restrictions, rising crime, and failing schools are causing New Yorkers to leave for the Sunshine State.

Macari said that vaccine mandates caused thousands of middle-class workers to look for a better life elsewhere.

“Couple that with the rise in crime and zero competence from our elected officials and a lot of people just don’t see a future in New York City for themselves,” Macari said.

Other Blue states like California and New Jersey each saw over 3,000 residents switch their driver’s licenses to Florida for the month of August.

The situation is so alarming for New York City that Democrat Mayor Eric Adams ran digital billboards in Florida to encourage New Yorkers to return home.

Tens of thousands of Americans abandoning Blue states and moving to Florida is proof positive of Ron DeSantis’ successful leadership.

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