Democrats were left speechless when they found out the Republicans’ plans for impeachment

The scale of the mistake Democrats made on impeachment is beginning to dawn on them.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff allowed the radical Left to stampede over the serious objections they had that impeachment would benefit Donald Trump politically.

And now Democrats were left speechless when they found out the Republicans’ plans for impeachment.

Any chance that Republicans would let Democrats off the hook with a quick impeachment trial, or even an immediate motion to dismiss the partisan articles of impeachment the Democrats intend to pass, evaporated on Wednesday.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made it clear the Senate will have trial and it should be expected to last five or six weeks.,

The Daily Caller reports:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Wednesday that the Senate cannot dismiss the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, meaning there will be a trial.

“I don’t think there’s any question that we have to take up the matter. The rules of impeachment are very clear, we’ll have to have a trial. My own view is that we should give people the opportunity to put the case on,” McConnell told reporters after being asked about dismissing the articles of impeachment.

Senate Republicans do not appear to be concerned about House Democrats’ ongoing efforts to impeach Trump, with many saying even if the House were to move forward with impeachment, that there is no way the Senate would vote to impeach the president.

This decision throws the Democrat presidential primary into chaos.

Six Democrat Senators are running for President – including frontrunners Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders – and the impeachment trial will sideline them from campaigning during January and early February.

That is a disaster because the Iowa caucuses are scheduled for February 3 and the New Hampshire primary for February 11.

That would take Warren and Sanders – as well as Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, Michael Bennett and Amy Klobuchar – off the campaign trail.

A Senate trial stretching into February would effectively end the candidacies of Booker, Bennett, Klobuchar, and Harris as they haven’t raised much money and are counting on in-person retail politics to deliver the strong showings in Iowa and/or New Hampshire their campaigns will need to survive.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Just the idea that ALL of these Senators have to sit QUIETLY AND WITHOUT TALKING, is worth watching!!! Did I forget to mention that Biden will be called to testify? Looks like Bernie will have the “open lane” he’s been looking for…

  2. Also, all the senators have to be present at the trial, and if it is dragged out there will be lots of Dim-O-Crats that will not be able to be out campaigning like they would like to be. That could throw a wrench into their works.

  3. …absolutely not, the trial needs to be conducted so that everything the demon icrats are doing can be fully exposed and indictments can be delivered to everyone of them; once the truth is out, Trump can be properly exonerated and a proper message sent to anyone who wants to try this again…

  4. I am all for messing up the dems with drawing out this farce…….but what good is it doing this country???? Get it over with, let President Trump lead the country and drain the nasty dem swamp creatures…… I don’t uNader stnd how so much nonsense can disrupt the country. Don’t these people have to be held accountable for what they are doing?? That nasty schiff is despicable….

  5. Wow! You actually stole that line from the other RedMan that say is fake.
    Way to go. Accuse other’s of being fake wannabe redmans, and then steal their posts.

  6. I don’t know how honest Carter was but he sure sucked as a president.
    That’s why he is called the “the worthless one” by so many.

  7. Dewey don’t be fooled. The commiecrats are armed. Antifa is stockpiling weapons. They are like chucky scummer and Bloomberg. They want to pick and choose who can be armed. The Bible talks about beating your weapons into plow shares. That’s during the 1000 year reign of Christ. Do that now and you will plow for those that didn’t.

  8. Has the people that wear dresses and flip flops been defeated yet, many in our military will fight on our side, we all have guns how many do the communist democrat voters have? We will see you all in the streets.

  9. Cecil it didn’t take much work. Just dead people and illegal immigrants voting. Voter fraud by every means possible. The commiecrats are already searching the obituary columns.

  10. MJ you are either corrupt or live in a bubble , because there is a video of Joe Biden bragging about black mailing the former president of the Ukraine. Threatening to hold back American financial aid. The Democrats are accusing Trump with what Biden admitted to on video.

  11. MJ , I’am a Vietnam Veteran and I remember how we we were treated by the Liberal Democrats spiting on us and cussing at us when we came home. Disgraceful !

  12. You know what you right winger I laugh at your ignorance. My son is a Lt.Coronel along with being decorated he currently is a squadron commander of a AFSOP which is both secret and tip of the spear.

  13. So what I hear you say Tim is even if we beat tRUMP both popular vote and electoral college you still what to start a civil war. W ho do you think you are going to fight the government. I kind of think they would crush you quickly.

  14. Cecil why do you think we worked so hard to flip the house so we could tie tRUMP up in knots. Hopefully he swill have a breakdown.

  15. Drawing it out for 6 weeks isn’t long enough. Go for 6 months! That’ll get the Democrats’ knickers in a twist.

  16. Why are these 6 Democrat Senators allowed to vote in an impeachment trial? Don’t they have a HUGE conflict of interest? They are all after President Trump’s job. They should RECUSE themselves from any trial for impeachment in the Senate. But of course the spineless Republicans won’t insist they stay out of the process.

  17. What we see are lawless, delusional idiots trying to remove our duly elected President. You can believe you’re standing proud — you just don’t realize you’re going to be knocked on your asses.

  18. Gin that’s a fact , it will be a
    ” KO ” IN THE 15th ROUND by President Donald Trump , OF THIS SHAM OF A Impeachment inquiry , by the enormously Stupid DemonRats .

  19. Gin that’s a fact , it will be a
    ” KO ” IN THE 15 ROUND by President Donald Trump , OF THIS SHAM OF A Impeachment inquiry , by the enormously Stupid DemonRats .

  20. And benefits end when not in power also. Let them go find jobs to support themselves & pay for insurance rather than living high on the hog the rest of their lives off of us.

  21. Great idea. They were elected to represent the people and have not done anything except talk dirty about our elected President. They should all be suspended without pay or benefits and recalled to their home state and made to show just cause as to their lack of job performance and why they should not be removed.

  22. I can’t wait to see Pelosi and Schiff squirm as they assert their testimony in front of the American people who elected Trump. Watch out California…..

  23. What we see are lawless, delusional idiots trying to remove our duly elected President. You can believe you’re standing proud — you just don’t realize you’re going to be knocked on your asses.

  24. Suspend Congressional salaries. We pay them, but they have done NO work for us. Make them pay us back for both the Mueller investigation and this Ukraine farce. We’re tired of them spitting in our face while trying to take away our Voices and our VOTE

  25. I completely agree with you Don Lindsey, they are so crooked we need them to really pay for what they have done.

  26. Redman should be a poster child for government education, this is why its imperative that you invest the extra money on your child’s education and send them to real schools!

  27. My wife is Chinese and she feels the same way about Trump as you do. She spent most of her life in China and knows how terrible Communism is with citizens not having any human rights. There is also a myth that with Communism in this country that the government gives you many things. That is a big lie and the people in China starve to death if they do not have any money.

  28. John, this is an excellent point you have made. I think everyone else is so busy looking at the bigger picture, this hasn’t been brought up yet.

    Honestly, I figure when the real effects of this going to the senate for a trial that Pencil Neck’s eyes may pop out of their sockets! lol But if you don’t watch Gregg Gutfeld on FOX on Saturday night I beg you to check in for the replay tomorrow afternoon or next Saturday night as one of his staff does a perfect spoof of Schiff and it gets better each week. This spoof makes anything SNL is doing these days look like child’s play.

  29. Make it last so long the candidates can’t campaign AND use every witness possible that will prove the Democrats totally wrong and as foolish as possible!!! And if people still vote for them ready the 2nd.

  30. When the senate trails end and proven that crimes were committed by the democrats that the senate would be filing federal arrest warrants against the democrats, have them fired/arrested and placed in chains and removed form congress in view of the public. All their assists are frozen including homes, cars planes, bank accounts, and everything else. remove their passports and all secrets clearances

  31. There needs to be not only term limits but age limits as well.Some of these people are too old to think clearly. This goes for the courts also.No life time job.

  32. I agree, but if the Republicans do have a trial and expose the evil. corruption, will they prosecute them? I am sooooo sick of hearing and seeing it all and nothing is ever done to any of them, that is blatant corruption and then poor Roger Stone gets convicted for lying to Congress, when Shifty Shift has LIED right to our faces and Congress constantly and nothing done?

  33. I agree 100%!! o-bum-a IS NOT AMERICAN BORN. HE IS THE MUSLIM TROJAN HORSE. STATED AS SUCH, when he said, from the get-go…(paraphrasing here)”..if the time comes (and sides are to be taken) I WILL STAND WITH THE MUSLIMS!!!”

  34. Those senators who are candidates for the presidency should not be able to vote for impeachment. Sure seems like a major conflict of interest.

  35. Laughing At you, the Democrats you are standing proudly in the eyes of all AMERICANS and totally impressed with how stupid, ignorant, and childish all of you look in their eyes.

    How do you expect the respected Republicans to compete with that?

  36. If this dog and pony show the Democrats are putting on to impeach Trump isn’t reason enough for term limits, then I don’t know what is!! Our President is doing wonderful things for the USA…..and he is a patriot!! If Presidents can only serve two terms, then Senators and Congressmen should only serve two terms also. We need representatives that LOVE our country….not those who want to get rich while in office. TERM LIMITS NOW!!!!

  37. The other thing that the Democrats didn’t think through, is in a trial in the Senate (which Adam Schifftless has no control over), the Republicans will most certainly call as witnesses; Adam Schiff, Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, John Kerry’s step-son (I don’t remember his name), along with anyone else that can shed light on the Ukraine 2016 election interference. But, hey, you guys go ahead and vote to impeach the President, see where that gets you!

  38. Let me ask you a question. How many black on black murders occur each year. And even if they didn’t have guns they would still get er’ done.

  39. There is no justice in America if you are a conservative. Period. This country will descend into chaos with more and more thinking like I do. And if this is the way it’s going to be, where the left can do and say whatever they want, make our children read the most despicable book ever, koran, then let it burn.

  40. Where do you get your information, the fake news? It was Obama dividing the country, with his racist remarks. Now the Democrats took that narrative up. I feel the six Senators running for president should not be able to vote in the impeachment trial in the senate, wouldn’t that be considered a conflict of interest?

  41. Oh hell. I forgot about jury tampering. But it’s all good. Trump will pardon him after the election. Good comment snott27.

  42. I agree. If they want to be their own worst enemies I say let them have a blast while digging to the depths of hell. We’re tired of the waste of money and the past 3 years of destruction. Pelosi said it best when she stated she hated Donald Trump more than she loved the citizen’s of this country. I’ll at least give her kudos for being honest about that one. Barr needs to file criminal charges when this new fiasco is over. It’s time to set an example with these evil, dishonest politician’s. It’s time to remind them of just who they work for. At some point they forgot they’re supposed to work for American citizen’s, and we’re tired of their wasting time and money on their own selfish and personal agenda’s.

  43. Benjamin never mind MJ. If you farted and it didn’t smell a certain way you would be called a racist by leftist morons.

  44. And that is despite free housing free schooling free hospitals, monthing allowance, preferential treatment in getting into colleges preferential treatment getting into jobs, scholarships and business contracts just for them, and not having to pay most taxes. Despite all that redmans clan cant lift themselves out of the gutter. Redman why is that? Low IQ, laziness or what redman?

  45. canam884 you are exactly right , Redman isn’t what or who they say they are , just a liberal troll with many faces , but a Redman , he isn’t that for a fact !!

  46. Dave the commiecrats will never eat their own. They will justify their actions no matter what they do. If they ever fulfill their dream of fundamentally changing America, people like you and I will have to go into exile. They would consider killing or throwing us in prison to be for the greater good. Hmmmm. I wonder why they don’t want us to be armed. But some of us will stand and fight.

  47. Martin luther king did try, and malcolm x figured it out before his church killed him. Believe it or not Nixon tried to be a uniter. The demo rats did him in. Teddy roosevelt tried too. A lot of people try to unite the liberal / democrats crowd always does them in. Too much money in the corrupt democrats party to let us be a united citizen group. That why they emphasis race instead on economic level

  48. what’s funny is that most of these people calling white people racist and ruining the planet are white so i wonder what they consider themselves. their nothing but of worthless, useless morons. any one that’s not happy here then they should pack their bags and the first boat, or plane and go find a new country they can be happy in.

  49. Poor stupid low intelligence drunken drug addicted Redman. You are not just stupid you have a complete absence of education. You have a lack of cognitive reasoning skills.

    You are dead I side and should consider suicide

  50. He is also a Muslim. Anyone stupid enough to not believe that a person who gives arms to the Muslim brotherhood, stops sending soilders to fight in the mid east and imports muslims into our country without vetting is not muslim is stupid.

  51. Why don’t we change the subject for a while and start talking about Hillary Clinton and what she did and didn’t do. Why is she getting off the hook, why has the Epstein episode died of a sudden death, what happened to the crooked FBI agents who apparently obstructed justice. Is there no more justice for all in America anymore? If any one wants an insight to Hillary Clinton and her hubby, Bill, try watching the Netflix movie House OF Cards. Very similar life styles???????. Just remember to switch to Democrat when is states Republican, that is the disguise. Happy viewing.

  52. I would love to see the republicans have enough backbone to hammer every aspect of this liberal/ democrat fascist bigoted racist crap. But I just dont believe the republicans have that backbone. If they did they all would have stood with trump to start with and they did not

  53. I would love to see the republicans have enough backbone to hammer every aspect of this liberal/ democrat fascist bigoted racist crap. But I just dont believe the republicans have that backbone. If they did they all would have stood with trump to start with and they did not

  54. if you or me did the crap the democrats are doing we would all be in jail , defamation of carictor is a crime , and that is exactly what democrats are doing to trump ,i don’t care about the hearings , but if they have them , and nothing is found , congress should be held accountable for the scam , and made to pay out of their own pockets , the full cost of the hearings and investigation , maybe they would stop the witch hunts , as it is congress is not held accountable to we the people for anything they do or say , and voting in one crook to take the place of another crook just ain’t working , i see 3 year olds on tv every day with more brains then these idiots in congress have

  55. His name is Jimmy Carter most honest president we have ever had he just did not know how to get along with congress.

  56. Redman…dont talk about lieing. The dems are# 1 lyers. Damn gay obama tried to ruin America and barely failrd. So hes still trying with sobb soros help. Sorry sobbs all dems and soros

  57. Edward, He/she is not a native. I grew up among the people and they would never identify themselves as a “redman”. That is a white (racist) term used to belittle the people.

  58. Clean up your own house before you point your fingers at anyone else 65% of your people in this country are alcoholics more than 50% don’t graduate fix your own problems before you go ranting about white racists you are your own worst enemy! You want to cry about losing your land well that’s what happens when you come face to face with someone who is superior to you in military strength eventually they are going to take what they want!

  59. Klyneal, he can’t stop. That’s what he/she is paid to do. Well educated, but in the wrong subject. Read and observe.

  60. I would love to have a trial and I would call all the witnesses all the bonds Hillary and I would call the Democratic witnesses the speaker of the house idiot the strength of the show now and if I didn’t show up I would put them in jail and I would call Mueller and the one who got a warrant the start with this whole mess and call me for sure

  61. And remember that Obama was neither Black nor American.

    Finally someone believes the same way I do, been saying for TEN effen years and was laughed and ridiculed.He’s a Kenyan from Kenya, that’s in Africa.

  62. And didn’t you say sometime back that Roger Stone would never be convicted? So now we have six… six.. close associates of trump’s convicted of lying under oath, fraud and various other charges. But he only has the best people, right? And trump has been a crook (stiffing contractors) and a fraud (trump University and his foundation) his entire life, so why would we expect any different now?

  63. Yeah, Indians were doing so well killing off each other,raping and pillaging other tribes and not doing anything at all to advance their people. If the country was so great when you all controlled it, then what happened? If you are such bad asses and the great spirit was on your side something sure did go wrong.

  64. you are idiot. I don’t know who you are. you are true racist and hatred. too bad for you that so many people supported Trump. you must feel so awful. Mr Trump will be one of the greatest presidents in American history. I am not white, i am an immigrant and worked very hard to become an American citizen. I love America and I love Mr. Trump!

  65. RedMan is a RA-hole. Us white folks have a perfect right to ruin the USA if we want. We “discovered” it in 1492, built it and ran it from 1615 or thereabouts til the present day, and continue to run it now. You cannot name a single Red or Black Man whose absence would have made the teeniest difference to our overall history or to the greatness of the United States. And remember that Obama was neither Black nor American.

  66. @The RedMan. I see you are pretty active in your comments. I wish they added something to the conversation. Racist comments, and homophobic remarks about “Butt Bumping”, are not helpful.

  67. To “The RedMan”: You sound like a mean, hateful RACIST. It is attitudes like yours that create racial hatred and division. Shame on you.

  68. Trump’s reelection will be devistating to Dems . Somes pure hatred will cause them serious leagle problems .. and eventually prison.
    Trump’s second term will require major decerment and protection because of the demonic hate that’ll take over .

  69. So sad. Most black people are not this racist and hateful towards white people. Nor as ignorant and uneducated. You sir, are a disgrace not only to the black race, but to the human race. Get over your sorry self and join the AMERICAN family, which is ALL races and ethnic groups united in ONE country, UNDER God, and common belief in the principles that made this country the most successful in the history of man. JOIN THE FAMILY and stop with the racist, dividing and ignorant remarks.

  70. …well, I guess if none of the senators will be out trying to garner votes, then the guy with the gig up his butt will win…

  71. Is someone literally stating that white people have ruined America and THEY are racists ? THEY are probably all fascists too and should be attacked in public for having different opinions… SMH

  72. Except among those who have pushed impeachment of Trump the most Swalwell is the most physically fit, think about it, Schiff and Nadler are far more physically compatible to the fat Postman in Seinfeld.

  73. Julio is a foreign enemy and not worth your or any rational or genuinely cognizant patriot’s concern unlike that computer who needs to receive a boost of energy that will completely incinerate its circuits The RedMan, programmed by seriously warp minded freaks.

  74. Crooked white-folks have condemned america to ruins. And 45% of the white-folks in america are trump-butt-bumps who are willing to cause america ta never be “great” because they are jes as crooked as trump-ah-hump. They are racist losers who worship guns, lying, and inbreeding. hahahaaha.

  75. Hey, Debbie-do. white-folks ruined america. And it doesn’t matter who win the “presidency”, racist white-folks will continual to ruin the country. hahahahaah

  76. julio
    Donald Trump has played pelosi. In fact DJT has played schiff, schummer and waters as well. Exactly like the video Serial Brain 2 says he does.
    DJT 2020.

  77. May be the DEMO C RATS CIRCUS by SCHIFFTTed head should be made into the new ” CIRCUS ABOUT NOTHING” tv revival with Schifft playing KRAMER….Swalwell the FAT Postman…Pelosi as the “bimbo” and Quigly portraying the DUMBASS ………..and go to legislate to earn their pay checks to get Trade…HC.. Budgets DONE !!!

  78. Warren and Sanders don’t stand a chance of winning the presidency.
    They are too far left. Too radical, IMO.

    Open borders?
    Free healthcare for illegals?
    Free college for everyone?
    Jobs guarantee for everyone?
    No capital punishment?
    No private prisons?
    Paid family leave?
    Cancel student debt?
    Eliminate electoral college?
    Allow incarcerated felons to vote?
    Close all nuclear power stations?
    Force farmers to adopt climate change policies?
    Universal free meals in schools?
    Mandatory gun buyback?
    Nationwide $15 minimum wage?
    No limits on abortion?
    Medicare for all – eliminate private health insurance?
    Repeal illegal entry statute?
    Legalize weed nationwide?
    Increase capital gains tax?
    Create a wealth tax?
    Impose climate change regulations on all businesses?
    Ban oil drilling and fracking everywhere?
    Create more social programs?
    Slash defense budget?

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