Democrats were left stunned after this bad news about Ruth Bader Ginsberg

The last thing Democrats want to deal with in 2020 is a vacancy on the Supreme Court.

Now every Democrat is fearing the worst.

And that’s because Democrats were left stunned after this bad news about Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Late Tuesday night, a bombshell came across the Associated Press wire, liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was in the hospital suffering from a gallbladder infection.

The Associated Press reports, “Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized Tuesday with an infection caused by a gallstone, the Supreme Court said. The 87-year-old justice underwent non-surgical treatment for what the court described as acute cholecystitis, a benign gall bladder condition, at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. She expects to be in the hospital for a day or two, the court said.”

This is not the first time liberals held their breath as Ginsberg sat in a hospital recovering.

In 2018, doctors discovered lesions on her lungs while treating her for broken ribs.

This led to Ginsberg missing weeks of Supreme Court oral arguments.

And more recently Ginsberg underwent radiation treatment for her past bouts with pancreatic cancer.

Now liberals are worried that Ginsberg is in a hospital during the coronavirus pandemic.

Democrats do not want Ginsberg to step away from the court due to health concerns in an election year.

Republicans will swiftly confirm a conservative replacement – the likely nominee would be Seventh Circuit Court Appeals Justice Amy Coney Barrett – which would give conservatives a six to three majority on the Supreme Court.

That is the Left’s nightmare scenario.

And every time a story flashes about Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s health Democrats begin to fear the worst.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date about any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. When it is her time she will go, all of us are sent here for a purpose, that only God knows. When I was 34 years old I was in a terrible car accident, & was clinically dead for several minutes. During this time I had an out of body, or what some call a near death experience. During this time I went to heaven, met with the Lord, & his son Jesus, & I felt such an overwhelming, love, & peace, I did not want to return, to my body. But I was told that I must return, because it was not yet my time, & that there were things that I must do, before I could return to him. So I can tell you, that when it is her time Ruth Ginsberg will leave this earth, & go where she is meant to go.

  2. Yes, she is not doing the right thing for the country. But, do we know for sure she is still alive? Has anyone talked to her face to face in person? Anyone, that is, ALL of her colleagues? Since they have not “physically” been in the court, who knows? Politely, this has gotten so crazy!!! I would not doubt anything!😈😈😈😈😈

  3. crazy???????????when anyone in office especially judges gets that ill they should be removed from office. We all know making decisions especially one that serious are hard to make when you are that ill..she is only hanging in office because she does not President Trump to appoint someone to replace her..Won’t work,cause President Trump will win another 4 years in office, while taxpayers are paying for all her medical bills.

  4. Please dear Lord call your errant daughter home for her eternal reward and bless us with her absence so that President Trump can insure the SCOTUS make up for a new generation .We ask for this blessing in the name of yourbeloves Son,even Jesus Christ.Amen

  5. To A Fool: I hate to bust your bubble but people go to heaven by receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Keeping the 10 commandments will never be a deciding factor in who enters heaven. The apostle Paul wrote in the book of Titus that we aren’t saved by works of righteousness. We are all sinners before God and that’s why God sent his Son to die on the cross and resurrect from the dead. And Jesus taught that the commandment was to believe on Him whom he has sent. Whosever doesn’t accept Christ goes to hell.

  6. Fear to see GOD is a very common thing before death, thus, the fear of DEATH is normal! Someone once called me up and said that she was afraid to die! She was home after a long stay in the hospital. “We are all born to live with LOVE to serve God by doing What is Right… hope for heaven…Then, we die! Heaven is to be our reward; our Final Home! There is nothing to FEAR! LOVE GOD is all we need to do! Keep the TEN COMMANDMENTS daily till DEATH! “If you love me, keep my Commandments!” John 14:15. I am sure Her Justice Ginsburg LIVED BY the COMMANDMENTS! She may calls for a Catholic Priest to give her the Final Blessings… I believe she will be very happy in Heaven when the FULLNESS of her TIME comes!

  7. She was appointed by slick willy and like everything else he did, she was a disaster as well!
    Our system of government, while NOT perfect, is still better than any other.
    She should repent and accept Christ as her savior and sin no more , her time is short . Douglas Scheel

  8. This gnarled old woman just refuses to call it a day and move onto a better place. In the end all the hanging on won’t save the democrats losing another seat on the supreme court.


  10. Ken the commiecrats are worse than Hitler. Not only killings babies in the womb, they want the so called mothers to decide to leave them unattended and let them die. And the same thing for elderly people but they won’t say much about that. If given power, the time will come that the choice won’t be the mother’s, but people in government deciding for them. Don’t doubt me. But what the idiots supporting this crowd doesn’t understand is that it WILL come home to them All it takes is high courts ruling it legal.

  11. Unless Ginsberg passes away, there is no way to remove her from the Court. We have a gift that we, as conservatives, now have a 5-4 majority on the Court. I would not want anyone thinking that I wish death to someone to gain political – or moral – advantage. But we need to reelect Donald Trump on November 3, so if the time comes, we’ll be prepared to up that advantage. I do not consider CHOICE, as in the right to end a life before birth if you feel like it, to be a human right.

  12. Ginsberg is being punished with endless Health Problems because of her Anti-God Rulings over her years on the Court. She is going to continue getting punishments like this to let her know who is the real God. She will find out that she isn’t a God.

  13. If only had Hillary won the election.The Democrat are now physically sick. GREAT, WONDERFUL.LOVING EVERY MOMENT

  14. Just like Athena prayed for the soul of Medusa, she was a creation just like Nancy Pelosi.Which makes me think of turning to stone every time I see her, kind of like this lady.

  15. While she’s in the hospital, she should visit all of the Coronavirus patients and give them moral support, shake hands with them and give them hugs and kisses to show her love and concern.

  16. Wishing her to die is evil. Pray for her soul before she dies. She is His creation also!


  18. I have never liked or approved of the Old Bag Ginsburg. She does not follow the Constitution of the United States and has made up her own Constitution that she follows. I haven’t agreed with any decision that she has made and I think she only made decisions cause that is what the Crooked Democrats wanted. She should have resigned or retired long ago. She is only staying on the court cause of her hate toward Trump, I hope and wish for her to not recovery and die. She is worthless and useless. SHE NEEDS TO DISAPPEAR FOR GOOD

  19. The old hag is to ornery to croak Rapist Bill Clinton appointed her for life, but who would think that she would still be perched on bench like a buzzard.

  20. Ruth had a Gallbladder stone that blocked her cystic duct. A GI surgeon does a laprascopic procedure and removes the blockage and infuses antibiotics for the infection and then Tuth goes home in a day or 2. Easy, peasy!

  21. Ginsburg brings all this HATE upon herself.
    First for not voluntarily stepping down when she knows she should because of her age and health.
    Second for being pro baby killing (abortion), and anti Christian.
    Why does she deserve compassion now???? Just because she’s sick????
    Why not have some compassion for all the babies that have been murdered by her rulings????

  22. Miss Ginsberg must have the constitution of an ox. At 86 one wonders how she beats back the grim reaper every time he drops by. As an older person myself I hesitate to tempt providence by saying anything bad about her, her time will come when we least expect it. nuff said

  23. Come, on she needs to be “REMOVED” from the SC now and President Trump needs to appoint another judge, even if she hangs on until 2020, Trump will be re-elected anyway!

  24. Ms. Ginsburg, please retire. It would be better for you and for the American people. You are not much if any better than poor biteme Joe and he will be retiring soon too. GBA

  25. Mr Laredo, my guess is, you are not 87 yrs old; you have not survived 4 bouts of cancer. It IS a BIG deal!! I am a retire nurse of 40 yrs. Pancreatic cancer pts don’t live this long.
    Now. The 87 yr old great great great grandmother NEEDS to retire so her children, etc can cherish what little time she has left for them.
    As long as Reps have the Senate Demon rats can’t block the vote.
    IMO, Miss Ruth won’t retire bc the communists NEED the power whether she comprehends it or not anymore.
    Lastly, being a dem. won’t keep one out of Heaven; rejecting Jesus will do that real quickly AND forever.
    Eternity is a long time to be WRONG!!
    So, Miss Ruth, get your house (heart) in order.

  26. Someone needs to help her move on. We need another conservative justice in the supreme court.

  27. I don’t wish her ill, but I do believe she should resign. I don’t believe she’s up to the task any longer.

  28. A gallbladder infection is very painful. I hope she is getting some relief from the pain. I am a strong conservative but I am embarrassed by the mean spirited comments said here about a very sick woman. Have some compassion folks!

  29. If Ginsburg croaks this year Demoncraps will not let Trump replace her.
    That’s why its imperative that Demoncraps are defeated in November.

  30. Why are Supreme Court justices appointed for life with no age limit.? Working people are encouraged to retire by 70. She is an embarrassment to our country, it’s all about power and greed. She should retire

  31. I wonder if Ginsberg was a Republican would they let her stay on the Supreme Court? I really doubt it but since she is a liberal they make concessions for her, like liberals usually do.

  32. Who can actually make a decision from the hospital? She should have retired 2 or 3 years earlier. She like her democrat party just doen’t want to give up. Or admit that she is only doing them a favor and they don’t care about her health.

  33. The Democrat’s great fear will soon become their great nightmare. Ruth Ginsberg won’t be around much longer. She is very sick and she won’t get better. She is hanging on by a thread.

  34. I had to have my gallbladder removed. my wife had hers removed what’s the big deal you report with glee?

  35. i want to see this person turn to God for wisdom at her remaining SCOTUS time God will allow. it’s not good to leave this world with devil baggage contrary to God’s law. get right to God now before it’s too late before you are burning in the lake of fire and brimstone forever.

  36. Ginsberg made a terrible per curium decision a few years ago that astounded lawyers across the country. The case was Swarthout v Cooke. She upended completely the due process clause by ruling that fair and impartial decision-makers in administrative positions were not necessary.,

  37. I personally wish her well, health-wise. She can retire and she and her spouse can move to New Zealand and relax.
    However, she is a disaster as a Supreme Court justice. So, the sooner she takes my advice, the sooner we can replace her with a more qualified candidate.

  38. If the story is factual, we should conduct ourselves with humility and compassion in the context of her failure to follow christ. Imagine the eternal torment her soul will suffer, we should mourn for her in that context. Who here would want to answer for the crimes that will in the end charged to her soul? The rest of us can only atone for our sins, please dont be enticed into sin out of malice.

  39. We’re being lied to….Again! RBG pancreatic cancer returned and a tumor was removed late last year.This is the same type cancer that claimed the life of Steve Jobs. It is always fatal when in returns. Liver, gallbladder, pancreas all basically attached. My guess is this “gall bladder infection” is actually a metastatic (spread) event.

  40. Ginsberg spend her entire life denying Christ, and doing Satan’s work.
    Do you really think she would change now?

  41. Let that old woman retire, or replace her for not being able to do her duty. Too bad the dems a pressuring her to stay on the bench when she could be living in a comfortable retirement.

  42. The Wicked Witch Ruthie isn’t going to fly her Old Broom anywhere , except strait into the Old Devils grasp . Oh so sorry Ruthie , but HELL’S your finally stop for you , abroad that Old Wore Out Broom of yours . Bye bye You Old Wicked Witch . Right , the old hag will probably live another 10 years . Ruthie do us all one favor , will you please crash n burn abroad your old broom !!

  43. Ginsberg cannot dress herself, cannot stay awake through an entire session, yet clings to her job while she is unable to perform her duties. Too old, too sick, too greedy for power.

  44. No matter who she is, we need to pray for her. Jesus died for her just like He died for everyone else. If we have no compassion, we are no better than the liberals.

  45. Put her in one of Andrew Cuomo’s nursing homes and let her be another COVID statistic.

  46. If Trump did appoint Amy Coney Barrett I wonder how the left would try to smear her.
    They couldn’t use their typical weapon of fake rape allegations like they did with Kavanaugh.
    But anyway, Ginsberg should be REMOVED from the bench. She is too old, and too sickly to perform her job anymore. To have someone that old on the bench is just plain stupid.

  47. I find it regrettable that Supreme Court justices are placed into liberal and conservative camps by the media and the politicians. If they were doing their jobs honestly and as originally intended, they would all address their issues with a look to the US Constitution for their answers. That’s something half of them tend to do while the other half…the left wing judges, think their role is to legislate from the bench.

  48. She is spending more time in hospitals recovering from this or that than she is doing her job! She needs to go so someone who can do the job can replace her!

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