Dennis Quaid made one surprising confession about why he decided to play Reagan

Dennis Quaid has spent nearly 50 years as an actor in Hollywood. 

He took the biggest role of his career to play America’s 40th President. 

And Dennis Quaid made one surprising confession about why he decided to play Reagan. 

Dennis Quaid bringing Ronald Reagan to the big screen in new movie 

Veteran actor Dennis Quaid is playing Ronald Reagan in the biopic Reagan that’s set to debut in August.

The movie follows Reagan’s life as a boy in Illinois through his time in Hollywood to the White House.

Quaid is joined by an all-star cast that includes Academy Award winner Jon Voight, Robert Davi, Penelope Ann Miller, and Nick Searcy.

He said during an appearance on the Fox News show, The Story with Martha MacCallum, that he was “very intimidated” to take the part of Reagan.

A trip to the Reagan Ranch in California helped him decide to take the part.

“Everybody knows Reagan, just like everybody in the world knows Muhammad Ali,” Quaid said. “And he was also a hero of mine, my favorite president, and I didn’t want to do an impersonation.”

“But I went to the Reagan Ranch, and that’s where I really felt him,” Quaid continued. “He was a very humble man actually, up there at the Reagan Ranch, and that’s when I decided to take the roll.”

Quaid learned all of Reagan’s famous speeches to prepare for the role, even if they weren’t used for the movie.

He credited his research into the 40th President for helping bring him to life on the big screen. 

Dennis Quaid talks about his support for Donald Trump

Quaid made headlines when he came out in support of former President Donald Trump for the election.

Fox News host Martha MacCallum asked him for his thoughts on the current political scene after having extensively studied Reagan for his movie.

“Well, you know, I think I’ve stated that by interviews that I’ve done, that I am supporting Trump this time around,” Quaid said. “But, you know, for a number of reasons. But probably the most is just the weaponization of our judicial system. And, you know, I see it as a constitutional issue.”

Quaid noted the value of Reagan’s mantra of peace through strength.

“And which I — that’s my convictions,” Quaid remarked. “And also is, you know, we were talking about Reagan and the way that, you know, it’s peace through strength, really. And that there’s a lot of bad actors in the world out there. Or certainly, you know, you want to call them your enemies. And we have frenemies and we have that.”

He added that America trying to be the nice guy doesn’t always work out.

“But, you know, respect is something that goes a long way in the world instead of appeasement,” Quaid continued. “And America sometimes, I think, tries to be everybody’s friend. And that’s great. But that kind of diplomacy doesn’t work with everybody.”

The Reagan movie will give audiences the rare opportunity to see a movie with a conservative message on the big screen this summer.

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