This developing scandal could take down top Democrats

There’s a new scandal enveloping the Democrat Party.

The details are like something out of a spy novel.



  1. Seems more and more that the dems stand for just plain lying and cheating with the Clinton’s playing a major role. The major networks won’t report this because they are after the real bad guy, President Donald Trump, who won’t put up with wholesale lying and cheating.
    When Obama and the Clinton’s are brought up on any of their multiple wrong doings, then maybe we can look at President Trump as the bad guy.

  2. what is clouding things is the fact the color green is hard to see talks very loud the democrats have plenty of it and people want to heare what it has to say.

  3. Looking at the picture of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, I seem to notice that she looks a lot like what Chelsea will look like down the road.

  4. Discovery that Planned Parenthood has profited by selling organs of aborted babies should not have been a surprise to anybody. A new name was proposed for that giant abortion mill – namely Planned Harvesthood.

  5. Maybe when he gets all of the fake ass psuedo ‘supporters’ that make stupid accusations and comments, off of his back. You obviously have a depth perception deficiency and truly do not realize the gravity of real life situations, much less, the way the world works.

  6. We have sat by and watched our President, and his family, barbecued on a spit, in front of the world! The most minute, part of this Wasserman Shultz/Nancy Pelosi/Imran, IT-terrorist from Pakistan, and friend of Muslim Brotherhood, employed by the Obama administration, the smallest of these details, are more serious than the nothing-burger, Russian-fiasco! Our Country has been humiliated by democrats, and the DNC, is in fact, a criminal organization! Put every elected democrat in prison, or never again even accuse any politician of any crime again! Obama hired Muslim Brotherhood but he’s not a Muslim! My ass!

  7. Poor Wasse and all the other dirt bag democrats. I hope these a–holes get what they deserve and a lot more. They are all peckerheads.

  8. The FBI now “has the goods” – -hope President Trump and his administration can make certain that absolutely everything is reconstructed, investigated and used against ALL the perps. I want to see every last one in the “graybar hotel” – -either for life, or on their way to DEATH ROW

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