Devin Nunes destroyed Nancy Pelosi with an ugly truth Democrats don’t want to hear

Nancy Pelosi is running roughshod over the House of Representatives.

Her dictatorial rule is beginning to alarm Americans.

And now Devin Nunes destroyed Nancy Pelosi with an ugly truth Democrats don’t want to hear.

In an interview on “Fox News Primetime,” Congressman Devin Nunes tore into Pelosi for managing to “completely burn down this institution.”

Nunes noted Pelosi’s new order to arrest people inside the Capitol for not wearing masks.

But Nunes also ripped Pelosi and the Democrats adding trillions of dollars to the debt with a new scheme to pass a so-called “infrastructure” bill combined with a welfare spending bill.

“I have never seen Washington this dysfunctional, and I have been here a while, and I have seen a lot of dysfunction,” Nunes began.” But Pelosi has managed to completely burn down this institution. And I know you covered the masks and CDC and all the games. But they have weaponized and destroyed everything here. So, look, as this bill — we haven’t — the early indications of this bill is that it is not even paid for. So, here’s what the politicians keep doing here in Washington is, they don’t want to make the tough decisions. So, if you really want to fund infrastructure, that was the original intent of the gas tax that everyone pays at the pump.”

Nunes explained that his state of California has the highest gas prices and income taxes yet the roads and bridges are still subpar.

According to Nunes, Pelosi wants to double down on this failed strategy instead of looking to states with better roads and lower gas prices to see how they maintain their infrastructure.

“So, naturally, no one wants to go and increase gas prices at the pump,” Nunes continued. “And what we are not doing — look, everybody knows that we need infrastructure. We constantly need infrastructure. But nobody is asking the tough questions. Why are states like California that have the highest taxes and the highest gas prices in the country — our roads are the very worst roads. And I have been in many other states, traveling around the country, recruiting candidates, and trying to get the message out about the problems that are in California, how we don’t want to bring them to Washington. And the thing that I find, Tammy, is that it’s really hard to figure out. Why are roads so much better in other states that have such lower gas prices? I mean, it’s really hard to believe.”

As Nunes noted, the initial purpose of the gas tax was to maintain roads and bridges.

States with high prices should theoretically be taking in a gas tax windfall and have plenty of money to fund infrastructure upkeep.

But that is not the case.

And Nunes is arguing that before Congress adds another trillion dollars to the debt the government would be better served taking inventory of the money it already collects for infrastructure.

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