Devin Nunes dropped a bombshell that has Barack Obama in a panic

For two years, Devin Nunes led the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into the Obama administration’s scheming to frame Donald Trump for colluding with the Russians.

Now that the Russia Collusion Hoax collapsed, Americans are demanding the guilty parties be held accountable.

And Devin Nunes dropped a bombshell that has Barack Obama in a panic.

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey escaped prosecution after Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz referred him for mishandling classified information.

Comey leaked memos containing confidential material pertaining to his private conversations with President Trump to a friend.

The former FBI Director skated by criminal charges because confidential information is the lowest level of classification and the confidential designation was added after the fact.

But that does not mean Comey is free and clear.

House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes told Breitbart news that Comey could still face criminal conspiracy charges for his role in trying to frame Donald Trump for colluding with the Russians.

Breitbart reports:

Nunes then said that Comey, thanks to the IG’s findings, is “eligible for a larger conspiracy charge” and said that “we need real charges brought.” He said the place to watch for such potential charges against Comey or others to come from is the U.S. Attorney from Connecticut.

“So this is a guy who is definitely not telling the truth, and the good thing about the IG report is he’s now made himself, the IG has now made him eligible for a larger conspiracy charge—a criminal conspiracy charge—which is what we really hope the attorney general [U.S. attorney] out of Connecticut is able to do,” Nunes said. “That’s the big thing that we need. We need real charges brought. And I think a lot of people are frustrated because they feel like Comey leaked classified information. But the question is would a panel of jurors in Washington, D.C., [convict]? There would be so much ambiguity because he claims—I forget the exact numbers, but like 1, 4, and 7 contained classified information but those weren’t the memos that he gave to his professor friend that went to the media. It would be almost impossible to prove and he would probably skate. And probably the worst thing to happen would be for him to skate. So I think that in the end, the Attorney General made the right decision as long as they continue to press on the larger issue which is: How did this whole investigation begin in the first place with zero evidence, zero evidence that Trump had any involvement with Russia?”

When asked in a follow-up if this means he expects the U.S. Attorney from Connecticut to bring criminal conspiracy charges against Comey or others, Nunes said he is not sure what the U.S. Attorney will do. But he did say “the evidence is there” for criminal conspiracy charges against the former FBI director and others involved in fabricating the Russia hoax.

Comey stands accused of multiple crimes.

In addition to criminal conspiracy, Comey also misled the FISA court by telling a judge the Christopher Steele dossier was verified when, in fact, it was not.

The Russia Collusion Hoax was one of the most destructive political scandals in American history.

Comey and his conspirators attempted to use fake news to overthrow the duly-elected President.

This attempted coup nearly ripped the nation’s social fabric apart.

And the American people are demanding justice.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. The people who perpetrated the Russia hoax, the Benghazi screwup and all the other crimes against our nation will pay for what they have done. It may not be in our lifetimes, but they will pay- for all will eventually face the Great Judge and when they do, their political excuses, their power and money will avail them not. They will be convicted and condemned because their actions, based on lies, greed, love of money and murder are godless and merciless ambition. Their father the devil will be proud and they will join him in hell for a punishment of everlasting torment.

  2. The Commander In Chief is responsible for any hoax or spying on the other Party. He is also responsible for the Benghazi cover-up. IF DOJ wants to keep the trust of the American people, it should pursue these issues vigorously and should send to jail anyone involved. It is sad that some of these people or group using their influence, and finance can get away to mislead the truth and jail time. I guess justice is blind in the government.

    • Moron! What aTroll. Who in the Hell do you think you are fooling? Definitely! Not anyone intelligent. Your Trump Derangement Syndrome is obvious. They should have screening of sick people like you! Just like the Loser Red Flag Law’s being introduced! A Commie train of thought! Totally against our Constitution period! With fool’s who could care less about being a Treasonous Traitor!

  3. Believe in the DOJ if you wish. It’s a little like believing in Santa Claus. The federal swamp will never do anything on this matter. They’ll just let it sink deep down into the swamp and be forgotten.

    • Weren’t you on Gulliver’s Travels? That old geezer? Always saying! “It’ll never work!” It’s s good thing most of us here are positive thinkers. It may be slow? It may not happen right away! But. It will happen. When it does? All these infiltrating Commies will go down I History as the worst scandal of evil traitors and Commie bagoon’s ever in history! Their families will never live it down and suffer because of their loser mother’s or father’s on the wrong side of history! Known as traitors to their country and sold is out to the Commie Chinese. Besides every other Commie country! They colluded with! Like Russia to begin with!

  4. I’ve got faith in our DOJ , by passing on the first charges against Comey , this allows him to try get these more serious charges brought up against Comey , get him first , then rest will follow , I’m pulling for him , just GET’ER DONE , THE HANGMAN IS AT THE READY

  5. I seriously doubt that Comey is in it by himself. They need to scrupulously investigate Obama, Hillary, and most likely several others who are in the shadows. But, Comey needs to be thrown UNDER the prison for what he has done. He could have said “no” instead of selling himself to the Clinton cartel. And all of you leftists who think this isn’t a REAL problem need to think again. Your idols may very well end up in a world of hurt.

    • Reality check! Really! Do ya think? Gee! I wonder who paid for the Dossier in the first place? Gee! I wonder who hit the ball rolling on spying onTrump snd his cabinet! The others start st the top! 🥴🤪


      • Unfortunately you may very well be right, but if our own law enforcement can’t take care of the crooks, we the people need to…one way or another.

  6. Yes, the Anerican public wants maximum retribution from all those criminal ruling officials we know participated not only in BENGHAZI’s hideous murders, a case where America’s governing DemoRats failed its citizens despicably by letting them die undefended in a foreign land, knowing they were under attack; but also for daring to even attempt to unseat a duly elected President by ‘We, The People…” The DemoRat snake pit of pond-scrum Commies has gone undeterred to this day but we shall have their blood before this ride is over! Time will not heal the utter disgust I have for these miserable excuses for human beings.

    • Well said Patricia! Your words speak for so many of us out there who are getting tired of seeing the average citizens have to pay for crimes, but those with high position and money bale to go free with nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

    • Yes! But. Unfortunately! We have asses who think they rule over is humanoids. They call themselves the ruling class! I caught on to Tucker Carlson rants while promoting his book! I definitely didn’t like what he said about the ruling class and us so-called bottom feeders. Just because someone has rich parents and sends them to a higher learning institution? That makes them better than us! Oh really! How many are self made millionaires or billionaires? Many are from not even finishing high school. That I know! That’s done crap talking on Tucker’s rhetoric. I didn’t like it at all. He was never a Trump supporter. He also said he couldn’t understand why anyone would vote for trump? But. Then said! People voted for Trump to teach the Left a lesson. I don’t trust Tucker! At any time when the environment gets swaying against Trump? You watch all these phony turn coats jump ship! Before there is even smoke on board. Mark my words! Remember what I said!

  7. No charges for McCabe, Comey, Brennon, Clapper, or even Hillary. Pigs will fly before these disgusting cork suckers face charges. This two tiered justice system is bullshit!

    • I honestly believe they will face the music on a larger conspiracy and go to jail, hopefully for a very long time. The American people are fed up and will not let this go!

      • Go to jail for a long time? Not even a short time. Hell no! For Treason? It is the “DEATH PENALTY” Period! Now! That’s Justice!👍🗽🇺🇸😎

      • I think you will see all this take place once Trump is in again in 2020. Him and the administration will have nothing to lose and everything to gain by prosecuting these traitors and putting traditional American values back in place.

    • If they don’t pay for their crimes in this life, they will pay in the next for eternity unless they come to Jesus and repent. But they have rejected Jesus.

    • Who in the Hell are you talking too? No one on here so far that I’ve read. Said anything about anything racist? That you have to say,”Call us White folk?” In the first place along with your girlfriend? Saying,” I stopped s long time ago? You two sound like s couple of racist yourselves! So who are you referring too? I don’t get what world you two are communicating from? 🤔😆😅😂🤣🗽🇺🇸😎

      • Phi, redidiot is the racist. See below. He comes on here all the time and spews his sick hate. He is deranged. That is who they are referring to.

  8. The DOJ needs to quit playing around and start playing like mueller by bringing charges. Many of the people charged will agree to testify. But they would have to guard against the Clintons to be sure their witnesses stay alive. The bastards went after Trump before he was elected. Comey would be my first choice to indict. He would sing like a bird If they get the right ones we might be able to rejoice in seeing killery on tv in handcuffs. Oh happy day!!!!!

    • With all the corruption within the DOJ and the conspiracy against Our Commander & Chief, a Military Trial might be needed to get to the bottom of what can be considered TREASON and associated crimes.

    • Yep, when Comey gets in deep enough he will make a deal to save himself! Can’t wait to see all the rats trying to make a deal to save themselves….this will be comedy central and way overdue!

    • Hahahaha Hahahaha you people making me laugh hard! Trump and company all will end up in prison, so no matter what you do or say … it will happen I guarantee!! We the people know that Russia put the illegitimate president on power, the problem with that is that Trump is a mentally ill person and ruined for not only the sane American people but also our allies in the world! So please don’t send me your bullshit !!

      • Funny how sooo many “trumpians” fail to connect the dots and see the connections between Trump’s mental and psychological “vagaries” and his early close reationship with his former “souteneur”, Jeffrey Epstein, he of recent sacred memory!

        • Jack ass, Sounds like you need to try the new and improved adult diaper for looney liberals.
          Just wrap the diaper around your head and tuck the end back in. 
          This process doesn’t cure anything, but it has made great advances in hiding the symptoms of shit 4 brains.

        • Trumpians? It’s you sick fool’s who epic fail period! Talk about mental health issues? You Commie suckers are all rubber room ready! You are all failures in life period!

      • Alicia you just announced to the readers on this site that you are a dumbass. Hold your breath you commie idiot. Then you can retract your bullshit statement. Killery lost. Get over it you stupid libturd.

      • Alicia, your ignorance is profound. Everything you said is FALSE!!! Name ONE THING that Pres. Trump did that he should go to prison for. You CAN’T!!!! He did nothing wrong. NO, it will not happen. Russia did not put him in power, you sick fool. We VOTED for him. THAT is how he got into the White House. He won fair and square. THANK GOD that evil vile Hillary lost.

      • Alicia…Pres. Trump has ruined NOTHING!!! He loves this country and has done a lot of good for it. You need lots of help with your deranged hatred. Please get it.

  9. trump-ah-hump america wit his brown nose followers all the way to Russia wit nothing butt love, and he was colluding wit snowden who is in Russia, but was in Korea. But you stupid white-folks don’t mention him anymore as well as AIDS, but it still kill you pinkies like yo beloved guns. hahahahahahahahahaha

    • Red Man…….are you related to Maxine Waters……you sound just like her……IGNORANT!!! Stupid actually and we all know you can’t cure stupid!!!

      • With all the corruption within the DOJ and the conspiracy against Our Commander & Chief, a Military Trial might be needed to get to the bottom of what can be considered TREASON and associated crimes.

      • Right on dude! He’s as ignorant as Hell! Probably on crackdown! Sounds lucky if he even graduated kindergarten? Yo! Yo! Yo! Sucka! What it b like? Talk about brain washed and misinformed? 🥴🤪. Holy crap! 🤔😆😅😂🤣🗽🇺🇸😎

    • Imbecile. If you were given a HS diploma or a GED certificate it was out of pity for your low IQ self, you certainly didn’t earn it. Must have been on your 38th birthday before they they figured they were just wasting $$ and time on your illiterate mass.

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