Devin Nunes fought back on one issue that everyone was waiting for

The left has a new weapon in their war to silence conservative speech.

And it involves technology Americans use in their everyday lives.

Devin Nunes stepped up to the plate and fought back.

Tech companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter are coming under the microscope for their left-wing political beliefs.

Conservatives have pointed out Google – which also owns YouTube – has stripped right leaning content creators of the right to have ads run before their videos and make money.

And like Twitter and Facebook, YouTube and Google have outright banned conservative’s voices while allowing liberals to hurl vicious insults and routinely violate each platform’s terms of services.

The latest example of conservative censorship was Brietbart’s John Nolte tweeting out that Twitter was censoring the influential Drudge Report feed by hiding content because it was deemed “too sensitive.”

Devin Nunes reacted and tweeted out asking his 105,000 followers to retweet if they were seeing the same thing.

Tech companies like Twitter are run and staffed by far leftists.

The first hint of how far they were willing to go in order to censor conservative speech was during the 2016 campaign when Facebook staffers started suppressing conservative sites from the trending news section.

Then Google began to demonetize conservative content creators YouTube channels.

Now Twitter is censoring the Drudge Report’s tweets.

There is already a groundswell of support building among grassroots conservatives to treat these companies like public utilities so the liberals who run these companies can’t shut down conservatives from communicating their message.

If more examples of corporate censorship against Republicans sprout up, those calls will only increase.


  1. we have named adam schiff, bugsy. when he is lying, his eyes bug out of his egg shaped head. an interesting situation. bugsy is a true californian,will lie at any time. also a true hipocrite!

  2. its different for liberals than for conservatives, they think their hate spewing speech is true and they are always right…. Just ask one.

  3. Anti-trust lawsuits, like they did to the phone company in 1982. SUCKERberg will lose his mind


  5. I am sick of all the left and their lies. They are trying to deflect away from the fact that they are the ones who are being exposed to their collusion. this started at the top and goes way too far. glad to see that Devin Nunes is a great man with a great and honest brain who will expose all of them. OKAY THE REST OF YOU IN CONGRESS NEED TO DO YOUR JOB AND HELP HIM OUT. OVAL HEADED, PENCIL NECKED ADAM SCHIFF NEEDS TO GO, WE KNOW HE IS A LEAKER, HE LEAVE THE HEARINGS EARLY TO CALL HIS FRIENDS AT THE FAKE NEWS NETWORKS. TIME FOR ALL REPUBLICANS AND HONES DEMS TO TAKE A STAND.

  6. One of these days if they succeed how will they express themselves if we lose our freedom of speech. This country was founded on principles and beliefs. Not on what someone wishes to indoctrinate others to their beliefs. It is time for the American people to stand up and grab hold of this country and push back. Look at what they are doing to our children’s future.

  7. Those who want to censor everything that does not agree with their opinion will eventually be censored for theirs. This nation was founded by christians and their belief was to allow everyone freedom of speech and choice because God gives everyone that freedom. Where The Spirit of The Lord is there is Freedom

  8. Nunes. Get a little guts and do what Donald is doing. He’s antagonizing the left and they don’t know it. Do the same pester them continuously. Poke it to them. They deserve it. Especially that mouth that’s on your committee. The LIAR.

  9. All I can say about Farrakan is he does not portray intelligence. If he looks back at his homeland, AFRICA, its a complete mess. He’s damn lucky he has whites in this world. Where do you think AMERICA, USA, would be without whites. They have bailed your ass out for almost two centuries. Button your mouth and open BOTH ears and you might learn something. I do have doubts about your capabilities.

  10. Free speech is only acceptable if your comments are in line with theirs. Otherwise, they sensor you or remove your comments. Of they do not like the real truth, it will not show up. I have had several brutally honest comments removed because they did like the truth. Discus along with Renewed Right have done this also. They are in the same boat as the others. What concerns me is when they allow rude and sometimes vulgar rebuttals to be shown and they do nothing. Yet they sensor the truth because it offends their views. Read this quickly before it too is deleted.

  11. Libs are making America so uninhabitable on every level that illegals will STAY in Madre Mayheco. Immigration reform SOLVED! In the meantime, DOJ…keep SUING and DEFUNDING! Make these sanctuary jurisdictions EARN it…the old-fashioned way…by shutting the f*ck UP and obeying Federal law! P.S. Conservatives will NEVER be silenced!

  12. Apparently those tech media platforms do not comprehend that the 1st A was written precisely to PREVENT exactly what they’re DOING! It was to protect unpopular speech (not that which is threatening or inciting, but in opposition to the general opinion, or in this case THEIR opinions). THEY are in direct violation of the 1st A in doing what they are doing.

  13. Yes, well, they wouldn’t recognize JFK as a Democrat these days either. FAR too conservative for their tastes.

  14. This is what we get when we allow IT monopolies. They need competition by allowing other companies to use the same technologies.
    I believe in free market but pure monopolies hurt the consumer and the market.

  15. nunes is doing the right thing at the right time ,we the people need to wake up get rid of dems in office get rid of people that hate like black democratic caucus ,farrakhans gang and those muslim idiots like Ellison,in fact there should be an open season on these asswipes that hate.

  16. These leftist scumbags forget the greatest wisdom of one of their icons,JFK, who said “Those who make peaceful change impossible will make violent revolution inevitavble”. Semper Fi!!

  17. Go for it Nunes
    I have had my comments censored and blocked many times and it was only truthful facts. Not slander or hate speech.
    Especially on the ( an online news forum in Vermont.
    Bernie Sanders & Leahy’s home state and older hippies who have infiltrated government there. By the way, Sanders is from the Bronx, moved to VT as a 60’s hippie and was kicked out of a commune.

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