Devin Nunes found the one piece of evidence that could land James Comey behind bars

Former FBI Director James Comey’s conduct during the 2016 election is still under scrutiny.

Any hope he had that his shady dealings during the campaign would be swept under the rug just went up in smoke.

That’s because Devin Nunes has in his possession the one piece of evidence that could land Comey behind bars.

Nunes and other Republicans are asking President Trump to declassify a series of emails between Comey and other high ranking Justice Department officials.

These emails are bombshells.

They show Comey and other high ranking officials knew the fake news Christopher Steele dossier – which they used as the centerpiece of their FISA warrant application to spy on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page – was unreliable.

The Hill reports:

The email exchanges included then-FBI Director James Comey, key FBI investigators in the Russia probe and lawyers in the DOJ’s national security division, and they occurred in early to mid-October, before the FBI successfully secured a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

The email exchanges show the FBI was aware — before it secured the now-infamous warrant — that there were intelligence community concerns about the reliability of the main evidence used to support it: the Christopher Steele dossier.

The exchanges also indicate FBI officials were aware that Steele, the former MI6 British intelligence operative then working as a confidential human source for the bureau, had contacts with news media reporters before the FISA warrant was secured.

FBI guidelines mandate that only verified information be used as part of a FISA warrant application.

Comey clearly ignored these protocols.

In addition, they obviously misled the FISA judge on the true nature of information in the dossier and where it came from.

These emails demand a second special counsel investigate Comey and prosecute him for any crimes he is found to have committed.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. All we read about is that this one or that one did this or that. All info point’s to this one did this or that. That’s as far as we hear or read because some creep will not do his job and follow through. The only thing we know is what they are hunting against Trump. Some thing stink’s in Denmark on the whole doing’s.

  2. C’mon ! Does ANYONE expect ANYONE involved in ANY events or conspiracies involving the fictitious Russian collusion dealings EVER to be formally brought up on charges, let alone be convicted and sentenced to ANY crime ? They all, combined, have the same chances of jail time as Hillary Clinton and her felonious staff do. Wake up and live life in reality !

      • 5 guilty pleas that are process crimes by an illegal prosecutor. And obtained by what this article is about. Illegal FISA warrants. Now we see that Corsi is filing a criminal complaint against Mueller. All of the evidence used has been tainted. Fruit of the poisoned tree. And just how many of the “russias will ever be tried? 0 Because it has already been shown that again, this is the gang that can’t shoot straight doing the investigation. With dates for businesses involved that did not even exist when they supposedly were rigging the election.

  3. Nunes was excellent in his speech to donors to explain that what made the “getting dirt on Hillary” illegal was that it involved a foreign government. Nunes was recorded informing a constituent that getting dirt is not illegal, but “even if it involved Portugal (his family’s background), it would be illegal” according to our laws.

    Thank YOU, Devin Nunes!

      • I am seeing that you are losing everything also. For the midterms: Democrats: 59,525,244 (53.2% of total popular vote)
        Republicans: 50,516,570 (45.1%)
        The raw vote margin, which is slightly over 9 million, is the largest gap between the two parties in the history of midterms, according to Wasserman. And the 8.1% spread between Democrats and Republicans is, according to Princeton professor Sam Wang, a larger percentage-point differential than in any recent wave midterm election including 1994 (R+7.1%), 2006 (D+8.0%), 2010 (R+7.2%) and 2014 (R+5.7%)

        Plus Trump has sunk himself by his big mouth and tweets, and the Cohen sentence documents (12/7/18) Showed that Trump told him to “reach out” to Russia.

        • reality chk aka Demon D.
          Cohen has lied so many times about so many things just who in Hades do you think will believe him at this point, that is other than you desperate liberals? You are insane to believe him, I understand his own relatives don’t believe him any longer! Even the experts agree that Cohen has changed his stories so much he is no longer credible.
          He has done so much illegal stuff in his law practice, he told Mueller lies about DJT hoping to get reduced jail time. I suppose he didn’t have much to give Mueller since Mueller is recommending, as Mueller referred to it, substantial jail time. DEMON D., know what that means? Cohen had nothing to give that would help himself or you can bet that lying coward would have given Mueller his “family jewels” for less time behind bars! So read it and weep you liberal donkey butt!

          I will say Dems had a better “showing” than we did. However, we all wonder how many of the Dem votes were, illegals, dead people, people voting multiple times, bogus mail in and absentee ballots, ballots filled out by workers at voting precincts, and all of the bags containing thousands and thousands of ballots (oh goody, look what we found)!
          I do question any stats Debbie Wasserman Shultz quoted. She is a known liar and criminal, she should be in jail for that Iraian spy and thief who worked for her that she helped and covered for. Oh mercy, I want to do something else but, this has been fun!

        • Take this reality check: try the voter ID. And the Democrats itch for the aliens’ votes. And stop using the dead people votes.

        • Here’s a reality check for you. In the 2018 mid-term election, the GOP only lost 40 seats in the House. That is less than the 0bama Dems lost in 2010 ( 63 ) or the Clinton Dems ( 52 ) in their first mid-terms. And matches how many GOP members retired from Congress this election cycle. And the GOP did something the Dems have never done in the first mid-term. They picked up Senate seats.

  4. Get every bit of evidence on this snug Comey. He is a traitor and a thief against the American citizens. If we had not voted to put President Trump in office we would never have known just how crooks and traitors the DNC and all those who supported them are example being James Comey. I will be glad if we can send him to jail and fine him so he is broke and then see how his family like what he did. As we know there is always collateral damage and it usually family. Remember Justice Kavanaugh.

  5. Mr. Nunes, when is this arrogant prick Comey held accountable for his traitorous actions on Hillary?? He runs around as smug as ever, makes Millions on speeches and books and lies his way through early retirement. While Mueller went after Flynn, a real Patriot, this POS is free to continue the lies and undermining of this President! Lock him up, lock him up, lock him up!!!

    • IF NONE OF THESE A- Holes way to many to name>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. ARE OT PROCUTED
      ” WE THE PEOPLE ” NEED TO A ” CONVENTION OF STATES ” to remove these crooks from power. THE REBULICANS ARE F’N WEAKLINGS they should have been forcing these issues a long time ago. now at the last minute before the DEMOCRAPS that some how regained the house power? Probably due too all the deceased and not legally able to voters who voted anyway. Just shows me one thing is ALL POLITICANS CARE ABOUT IS THEMSLEVES AND THEIR PAYCHECKS

      • Concur! All needed is 34 states’ legislators sign the petition, & Congress/Pres/SCOTUS cannot stop it! Can make Amendment to have Cong. Term Limits, like Pres. Congress will NOT do this, to limit their own powers, chance to make millions, retire after 2 or 3 terms, longer if desired!

    • I’m soooo damned tired of hearing bullshit from politics! Two damned years now, and millions of OUR tax dollars spent on what? NOTHING! If I still had children and I chastized one of them, I sure wouldn’t bring up the same bullshit TWO YEARS later. As long as the infamous trio stays alive, (soreass-the benghazi bitch and the lil halfbreed faggot porch monkey) this shit will never die down. Perhaps a good SNIPER is our only hope. 😣😬😩😠👹

      • You just violated the law by advocating violence against a former president and a former presidential candidate. I hope Homeland Security is monitoring this site of hate speech and threats of violence.

        Accomplished nothing? Your head had been in the sand!
        Russia Probe:
        190+ indictments.
        40 people charged.
        5 guilty pleas.
        4 guilty convictions.

        • If his was that far afield, why aren’t people like Kathy Griffith in prison already? Or Madonna. His is a ” hope ” vs theirs being actual thoughts of violence. So their you go with more falsehoods just like Comey and company.

  6. It is so tiresome to dig through your endless teaser text to get to the point, fact or conclusion you advertise in your headlines that I am canceling this emailing today. Your style confesses the paucity of your offering.

    Goodbye, Adrian Vance

    • This “political” soap operas, must come to an en! America, has a Constitution, & laws to govern illegal behavior! Do this & do it quickly, with out “party” interference! The American Taxpayer, does not deserve to be “played with” endlessly!

  7. nothing will be done-we have to understand that the left owns the justice system and will NEVER be held accountable for its actions.

  8. To say “[The] Christopher Steele dossier – which they used as the centerpiece of their FISA warrant application to spy on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page” is a gross exaggeration. In the FISA warrant, the reference to the dossier was in a footnote. This FISA was just a renewal of past warrants for surveilling Page, and the “centerpiece” of the warrant was evidence provided in past FISA warrants. “The released documents contain dozens of pages that are entirely blacked out. People who have read them, including Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, say they contain secret evidence establishing ties between Page and Russians — evidence that goes beyond what was included in the dossier compiled by Christopher Steele.”

    • No Ronsch, Andrew McCabe himself told the committees that without the dossier there wouldn’t have BEEN the FISA warrants. The footnote you mentioned was regarding the dossier ‘may have been paid for by opposing parties’; the dossier was the main part of the FISA warrants, NOT a footnote.

    • If you believe everything that shifty Schiff has to say, he has a bridge for sale in NYC. He was one of the ones who complained that releasing some of the hearing documents would damage national security. Which when they were released were found not to. He is covering for the 0bama gang ( 0, Clintons, Comey, Lynch, Holder, Brennan, Mueller, Learner, ……. )

      • D.A.N., Adam Schiff makes me physically ill to look at him and listen to him. He is the single most condescending liberal there is in D.C.
        It also doesn’t help how I feel about him knowing Schiff’s sister is married to G. Soros’ son!
        What a creep, he would gag a maggot!

  9. How stupid. If the Emails have to be declassified, that means they are now classified, which means the author of this article COULD NOT POSSIBLY HAVE SEEN THEM. He doesn’t know what they say. They are as likely to put Trump in jail as anybody.

    • Eric you’re getting cranky. You should go masterbate. You seem to have a lot of tension. Or go find out through what’s bothering. I know what it is. Worried about Trump not being touched.

      • But Dan, Eric is not like you and finds masturbation the cure for everything, or that someone needs a BJ. Just because they work for you does not mean they work for all.

  10. Since the entire Mueller hoax is predicated on dishonest, illegal procedures how does it continue and how will it stand legally;;America is being hijacked by crooked FBI/DOJ vermin?

    • Someone in the Trump cabinet needs to get this skeezer to cooperate & cough up what he knows about the treasonous attempts of the previous piratical administration to close down the legitimate Trump administration. Am so sick of the rottenness that is still poisoning our Constitutional Republic that’s been so trampled by illegitimate interlopers.

    • I UNDERSTAND HOW YOU FEEL. OBAMA/HILLARY Have shielded Democrats from the Law! Always when they plan their corruption, they are also working on methods to cover up. Remember Mueller & Comey were Heads of the FBI who were at Obama’s and Hillary’s beckon call. Obama worked hard and corrupted the CIA, Brennan, FBI Mueller and all the others. (Mueller, was the very one who Delivered the weapons Grade Uranium Sample to Putin for Hillary Clinton) while Obama and Rod Rosenstein and Lynch were running a cover up of “The Urnium One Deal” as Mueller Ok’d the sell for Putin to get 20% of America’s Uranium ***This is the Real Russian Collusion*** Then Hillary gets her 145 Million in Russian Bribe Money into her slush Fund. Then Bill Clinton Fly’s to Moscow and gives Putin a 45 Minute speech Titled: “It Pays to Play with a Clinton” and Putin gives him $500,000.00 and Bill spends the week end with Putin at his Mansion. ***Shady*** Is that What OK! Oh a Democrat did it!!!! Its ok! Russian Collusion!
      Hillary later rewards Comey by getting him a Job at Lockheed Martin then sends Comey NON-BID Government contracts and Comey walks away from this job with 6 Million in Commissions. Then Hillary buys her Peter Strozk Insurance Policy, Called the Russian Dossier to set up Trump. Rod Rosenstein signs the FISA warrant then Rod Rosenstein appoints his Russian Comrade “Robert Mueller” to investigate Trump for Russian Campaign Collusion?? When Mueller/Hillary are the real Colluders! Mueller uses Hillarys Fake Russian Dossier to investigate Trump using 17 biased Democrat Lawyers and most of them came from the Clinton Foundation. Funny how Hillary gets cleared within weeks, and Mueller has been riding his two year investigation with unlimited Powers to freeze Bank accounts, break down doors, threaten families, frame people!
      Democrats are above the Law.

      • Babbling BS! Mueller did not have that power, he had to go to the courts with evidence to prove his case. In addition, many of the orders came from a grand jury, not Mueller! Empty minds are where conspiracy BS grows like a mold.

    • david, I wonder how many generations or years the Mueller “persecution” report will be tied up in the court system! I predict neither party is going to be happy or satisfied with it for oh so many reasons!

  11. In the political world it is you watch my back and I will watch yours. The party does not matter when jail is a [possible answer. Now the Republicans will stall until they leave for the Holiday Season. The Democrats will take control of the house and will not proceed against anyone except our President. Thus nobody will lose in the great debate EXCEPT the Citizens.

    • Couldn’t have worded it any better. ALL POLITICIANS are crooked for their OWN gain. Every bit of this shit will be covered up as long as soress and the benghazi bitch are alive!!😣

        • Good point, Eric! I have always had respect for the more intelligent, experienced Republicans like G. Herbert Bush, Bob Dole, John McCain and others – – who are waiting to take back their party from this radical group. Many have told me “these Trump followers are NOT the Republican party” and “they are NOT fiscally conservative and their tax “break” only went to the rich.” Trump has downturned the economy forcing the stock market to a loss this year, he has saddled American with absurd deficits, he has made America the laughing stock internationally (see the high-5 of Putin and Saudi prince MBS at G-20?), and his on/off again tariffs with China are causing chaos in the marketplaces and with businesses.

      • You’re so stupid even stupid doesn’t fit you.Its asshole,s like you that has our country so screwed up.Move you friggin asswipe moron.

        • Reb, what “intelligent” discourse – – why don’t they pick you to be a speechwriter. I mean your choice of words is pretty good for a grade schooler or someone who took the short bus to school. Classic schoolyard profanities – – did you finish high school?

      • Did you hear that excruciatingly loud POP? That was your head coming out of your A$$. If you actually believe what you said, I hope you will be the first to go up in smoke when the new Congress comes into power. We are in for a shit storm when these new representatives come into power. We can only hope the Senate has balls enough to counter these new idiots we are about to see in office.

  12. If this was any normal citizen they would be in jail long ago, what are they waiting for an admission of guilt. Send out indictment to the lovers and move up the ladder, if Mueller can do it why cant the Justice department do it? Do we need a rogue special prosecutor to replace the DOJ?

  13. Who the heck was this FISA judge that authorized the surveillance on Trump campaign? Was this judge either misled, or … knowingly abused this authority?

    If the judge was found corrupted, then what it takes to remove this person? “ … judges cannot be removed from office except by impeachment by the House of Representatives followed by conviction by the Senate … “

    The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives will never permit this impeachment. The president can’t remove any FISA judge.

    Comey is indeed dirty. He reminded me of Blagovich. They both ran around for the public sympathy. Same old tactic. 🤦‍♂️

  14. Let’s All go on and demand answers as to why none of these blatant criminals have been indicted and when will they be, period!
    I know the wheels of justice turn slowly and the wheels of government turn even slower, but this is ridiculous!
    If Nunes is telling the truth, the DOJ needs to move. Are they waiting for the new AG?
    We DESERVE answers!

    • Yes if that us what they do. But all they have done for 2 years is investigate investigate investigate and real crimes are found then no prosecution happens. Which prove we have one set of laws for us and another set for them.

  15. When the hell is this s_it going to hit the fan. I want justice, and now is the time to do it. Instead of coal in their stocking, how about a jail sentence. That’s all they deserve. Lets get the show on the road.

  16. We all know they are all guilty let’s stop the talk and some action and put them behind bars,Stop the games the American people want Justice I don’t give a s*** who they are

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