Devin Nunes has a surprise for the FBI that could end the anti-Trump conspiracy

The FBI sits at the heart of the Deep State conspiracy against Donald Trump.

Yet slowly but surely, Devin Nunes has exposed the abuses of power the leadership of the FBI carried out as part of the scheme to destroy Donald Trump.

Now he’s holding onto a surprise that could drive a stake through the heart of the anti-Trump FBI.

Nunes is furious that the FBI is slow walking his committee’s request for documents surrounding how the FBI started – and then carried out – the Russia investigation.

If the FBI thought they could get away with playing games, they were sorely mistakes.

Chairman Nunes is making noise about impeaching FBI Director Christopher Wray and deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein.

Politico reports:

“House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes threatened late Tuesday to “impeach” FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein if they fail to turn over the document that in 2016 launched the FBI’s probe of Russian contacts with the Trump campaign.

“We’re not going to just hold in contempt, we will have a plan to hold in contempt and impeach,” Nunes said on Fox News.

Nunes is furious with the agencies over attempts to obtain the two-page document the FBI used to initiate its probe of the Trump campaign’s Russia contacts. That document, which The New York Times reported on in December, revealed that the probe was launched because of an intelligence tip that George Papadopoulos, a campaign foreign policy aide, had revealed to an Australian diplomat that Russia had obtained dirt on Hillary Clinton.”

There is still time for the FBI to comply with Nunes request.

And any decision on impeachment must be made by Speaker Ryan.

But Nunes and other Republicans are tired of getting the run around.

And they are prepared to take action.

Do you believe FBI Director Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein should be impeached?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. This article has to be an oldie because DSE traitor Speaker Ryan has been gone from the House for awhile! Hopefully he has already been arrested and prosecuted for being an enemy combatant to this nation.

  2. Get rid all that have been in office more than two (2) times. It is time for term limits and Stop all this power grab then you will see that congress would work together for the betterment of WE THE PEOPLE. Also, all the non-elected officials running the gov. Make congress do the job they were elected to do.

  3. I agree. Get rid of Rosenstein and Wray and Mueller and horrible Benedict Arnold Paul Ryan. !!!!! AND GET RID OF WORST

  4. Agreed, nothing will happen to these two, Wray and Rosenstein. As to Ryan he is a R.I.N.O. with NO guts.
    Session is another one with NO cajones, he should be sacked. How can POTUS keep to his agenda with all these shenanigans going on behind his back??

  5. My sentiments exactly ! Rat Rosenstein was in this in the beginning and he thought he could cast a smokescreen and come out sanctimoniously., if he ran the show. How stupid of him to believe he was that good. His head is absolutely swelled way too much. Creepy weasel rat needs to be under the jail. As for Wray, he is guilty be association thinking he should let the sleeping dog lay quietly. The minute he knew what was happening, he should have opened his mouth and said and done something. He betrayed his honor as a lawyer and decent guy, he ruined his reputation. He didn’t know if you lie down with dirty dogs, you get fleas and dirt on you. I hope the two of them go down in a blaze. SHAME ON THEM !

  6. Those two plus Ryan and Mueller should be added to that list. There was no collusion and that is the reason for this mess. Let’s rid our government of all four.

  7. impeachment ISN’T ENOUGH!! Bill Clinton was impeached, but not removed from office. If they’re impeached, they probably won’t get punished for their wrong doings. Send them to jail, or AT LEAST FIRE THEM!!

  8. impeach the two and take their citizenship away from them and their families and kick them out of the country and never let them back in but take their memory away from them. we don’twont them selling our secrets

  9. Yes Rosenstien and Wray should be impeached. It is criminal how they have given Nunes’ commetie a run. They like to think they are the boss period. I understand Rosenstien’s actions, he is part of the DERP STATE. Wray on the other hand came into office after all the criminal activity happened. He has just decided that, I don’t like Trump so I am against him. In any case they both need to go.

  10. Yes, Director Wray and Rod Rosenstine Both Should be Impeached immediately, if Paul Ryan won’t do it, then they need to Throw Ryan out on his ASS as well !!! The faster they get this done the better !!!!

  11. Yes. Both of them.go back years thro their history together, history w Clintons corrupt to the core

  12. Much bluster and no fire! We can hold our breath, which will result in our being out of breath and hipoxic. I do not believe there will be any action on this by anyone, including POTUS. Sad and stagnant situation, with no end.

  13. They have been too close to Hillary and think they are above the law. We need to hold Hillary responsible for all the laws she broke, they need to All be prosecuted.

  14. Don’t shoot them. Use whatever means necessary to make them talk ’til their guts are pouring out of their mouths. No torture is to extreme in this case!

  15. I say impeach Wray and Rosenstein ASAP. We, the America people, have had enough run a round. Fight fire with fire. Let’s get on with MAGA. Trump is doing great with what he’s having to put up with. Could anyone else match his teacity?? I doubt it.

  16. USA LEGAL CITIZENS, must stand up & hold these criminals accountable, if we don’t, the USA will become a disaster in ways we have never seen before. No one should be above our laws!

  17. Yes, but we, the LEGAL USA CITIZENS must demand obama,both clinton’s, & all who have committed their criminal activity,to bring down our President Trump should be held accountable for their crimes.NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN & WOMEN TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR COUNTRY! We cannot allow these criminals to get away with this!

  18. Hell yes impeach both of the SOBs and lock their ass up and maybe they will start producing and singing.

  19. Yes do it now! Rosenstein should have been fired a long time ago! Did these corrupt people really think they would get away with their elaborate plan to take down our president?! And you know they are in this up to their eyeballs!! I’m sure Obama will be caught but like the Clintons they can get away with anything that has already been proven! Two tiered justice system

  20. There has been to much posturing and not enough doing by Nunes, and Rosenstein and his cohorts are taking advantage of it. The wise thing to do is put up or shut up! When one is hunting game they use stealth. In order to conquer an enemy you do not give them time to hide their evidence and prepare to meet you with equal or greater strength, you use a lethal weapon, just the right size for said enemy and then let er rip!
    Rosenstein has every right to smirk and smart off. He is not afraid. Trump’s eight years will fly by and they will still be trying to frame him for his brand of mouthwash. The old saying “shut up or put up” is certainly applicable here and as much as I would like to see these nasty cockroaches extinguished I wish everybody would shut the $@*k up already and just do it, do it now, and do it well~*~

  21. I agree , it’s time to take the gloves off &
    Stand up & start fighting back instead of turning
    Tail & running !! Get a backbone , the Dems do it all the time!
    Rebpulicans are just so weak & fearful!! Stop it
    Stand up & don’t take the crap they put out!!

  22. Send all of them to jail-every one that has done ANYTHING AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE TRUMP TEAM

  23. I would go on ahead & take my chances & fire all the higher ups in the FBI & replace them all with RANK AND FILE !!!!!As one above has said Impeachment still wouldn’t change anything !

  24. So what if they are impeached. Nothing will happen to them. Look at Eric Holder. Impeached and now threatening to run for president. Instead of impeaching them, throw them in jail and see how long they survive. Make sure they are not housed in a country club, but rather a hard core prison. Oh yea, while your at it, grab Holder, Lynch, Bill’s wife, Schumer, Pelosi, etal.

  25. Yes, they should be fired, impeached. They are corrupt. It’s obvious how corrupt they are. In Obama should be investigated for his role in this crooked investigation as well and brought before a grand jury for his crimes against this nation.

  26. What they have done had been an awful mess, and everyone is tired of the way we have all been treated by these guys. It has taken up way to much of our time and or lives, and i can’t even imagine what it has done to President Trump and all of you that have been working on this. Real sick of these liars. go get’m and take them out.

  27. Both Wrey and Rosenstink should be impeached now. We should not have to put up with any of their crap.

  28. Robert Mueller, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI.

  29. You are absolutely right! Congress has been neutered and are totally ineffective! The question is how does one clean out those who are refusing to do honest work instead of enacting laws that fattens their pocketbooks as well as their friends and family. This seems similar to chain migration to me; let me get into office and bring your shopping list friends and family!
    If we can’t devise a way for all lawmakers and our justice system to work as they are supposed to do what are the options! The only one I can think of are term limits but I don’t think that applies to the Justice dept??? I think Rosenstein the snake, Sessions the bumbler, and Mooler the mob man ought to have a new address – Cuba maybe on Gitmo St?

  30. The wheels are being held by the corrupt folks we American’s have put in office. About 99% of them need to be replaced with God and America loving folks!

  31. ABSOLUTELY!!! Impeach them both anyway and if Ryan attempts to stop it, force him out of office. We are sick of these anti-American, anti-Trump traitors who think they can do whatever they want anytime they want. And while you are impeaching them, Impeach that rotten dirty cop Mueller as well.

  32. Empeach both of them????we the people are tired of their conduct and misuse of our money and using our agency to extend their own personal pleasure and agenda???? they are just the beginning, get rid of the UN-AMERICAN DEEP STATE now????

  33. Democrats have radicalized themselves to such a point that they have become the enemy of our system of laws. They created so much turmoil, obstruction and hatred that the government can no longer function.Racism has again raised it’s ugly head. Hatred between right and left is approaching to Civil War, Killing of our police has also reached a point as never been seen in our country. These evil events emerged during Obama’s presidency….The Democrats will not accept any laws or election results unless the are Democrats. The democrats apparently lost so many members that they want to replace their losses with illegals…. This insanity and lawlessness has reached a point where the president needs to declare a State of Emergency.

  34. Stone walling, lying, deflection and falsifying everything the Dems can get their hands on in hopes of making Trump or any part of his administration look badly, then they are all-in! Maybe it’s time for the Repubs to actually play hardball and follow through with their threats. Raising kids, if you threaten and threaten kids you are going to take something away or spank them, what do the kids learn from the lack of follow-through? They learn that the ones who threaten will not follow through and the kids become the victors. So, with that said, here is what the Repubs need to do. Grow a set and, if you make a threat, make good said threat and send the message that you are not going to take their crap anymore! If you say you are going to impeach, IMPEACH AND DO NOT BACK DOWN!To have the majority and not be able to defeat the minority tells us voters that we might just have the wrong people presently sitting where a more more intelligent and aggressive individual needs to be. Just saying…

  35. He may have told them what they wanted to hear but that doesn’t mean he had told the truth. He’s just a snake in the grass and needs to have his head chopped off.

  36. i watched the interrogation of Wray before Congress and the Democrat’s and I observed that throughout the questioning, HE managed to tell each questioner the response they expected to hear to gain their approval without committing himself to their point of view,??? My opinion of him at that time was pure GENIUS, RIGHT??? The kind of person we would want as head of the [ FBI] WHO could not be deceived by false evidence or contrived motivation,

  37. Well it certainly would get some things done that should be done. It doesn’t look like that will happen yet but with 30 Republicans NOT running for re-election, we better pray we have GOOD ones running to replace them that the people can vote for and ones that agree with the President’s agenda. 30 Republican replacements will be hard to fill with Good ones.

  38. They keep saying they have all this proof but haven’t done anything with any of it. Yet people like Flynn pays a fine for lying to FBI but The FBI found to be liars have not paid anything for lying. TAKE ALL THE MONEY OF THE LIARS AND CLEAN UP THIS MESS AND PAY OUR DEBT OFF IN AMERICA. BANKRUPT THE LIARS BY FINING THEM IN THE COURTROOM.

  39. Well that sounds nice but unreasonable and unrealistic. Their has to be people in place to govern.
    Little by little the bible says is what it take down the wicked, corrupt liars and replace it with a truthful kingdom.

    Isaiah 28:10,13
    [10]For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:
    [13]But the word of the LORD was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; that they might go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken.

    [10]For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

  41. By the whole bunch, I hope you mean all those resisting our current President and still supporting the Democrats who LOST THE ELECTION.
    Nonsense of collusion and nonsense in a do nothing Republican Congress who won’t support their ELECTED PRESIDENT. AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO WON’T SUPPORT HIM. They are killing America and our democracy.

  42. I believe if Jeff Sessions will not unrecuse himself after all this time of no proof of collusion, he should resign. But who can be trusted to take his place? The funniest thing is that collusion is not a crime. Ask a lawyer. It it was then why is the otherside still getting by with their collusion against Donald Trump our current rightful sitting President.
    It all needs to be stopped.
    Away with Rosenstein, Mueller and about 15 of the more FBI!

  43. I believe they schould be impeached along with the Clintons and others who obstructed justice. there has been enough presented to show they are guilty and I am tired of hearing all the talk and nothing Beiing done about it. I believe Sessions schould go also because he is doing nothing about it.

  44. Sessions had to recuse himself since he was part of the 2016 election campaign. What I do not understand – why has the IG report not been issued, and those associated with this cluster-fu*k been fired.. Start with Rosenstein, the two lovers (who should have been terminated earlier) and then go after anyone in the paper trail associated with the Clintons: Brennan, Rice, Obama, and the rest of the corrupt seditionists…to include SOROS. Send them to cool their heels in GITMO – permanently. Keep them out of the public eye and let death come naturally – you do not want to keep them in the public eye with a trial – let them disappear…..

  45. My suggestion is to use the mid terms to return this gov. to the people. Remember that the FBI has only the authority that we ceded to them, so demand that member of congress will support legislation that returns the power back to the people. It will take time, but if we do it each election cycle it will happen. last resort would be a civil war.

  46. Hell no, don’t impeach them. Line them up against a cement wall and let a firing squad get some target practice. I am “Old School”, no prison time so another president can pardon them, just get it over with for good. Maybe $20 dollars for the lead and that is a lot cheaper than taking care of them in prison.

  47. IMPEACH THOSE TWO SUCKERS! Why do we tolerate a double-standard form of justice? Justice delayed is justice DENIED!! We the American public are fed up with these “higher ups” being treated with kid gloves by the FBI, DOJ, etc. etc., knowing full well that if it were ONE OF US who committed those crimes, we would have been in jail LONG AGO!

  48. I would say impeachment is a good start but doesn’t go far enough. They have used every underhanded trick in the book and invented some new ones in their efforts to take down the duly elected president. Both Wray and Rosenstein, along with Comey, Mueller and a long list of other Clintonites have committed what all sane American citizens would call punishable crimes agains the people and thus far have gotten away with it. They have proven over and over again that there is no equality in the justice system of this country and they have made a mockery of our judicial system. Yes, they should be impeached and then indited and convicted. Let justice finally be done.

  49. It wouldn’t have been such a huge problem- if Sessions hadn’t recused himself — and Rosenstein hadn’t taken over — now nobody wants to take care of it — we need a strong warrior- who won’t get intimidated by the bullies who continue to upset the President— bring on Ted Cruz to try

  50. Why is nobody calling this what it really is, sedition, not contempt of congress. They are attempting to remove a properly elected government, Trump, and using all extra Constitutional means. Anyone in the FBI, CIA, or Dept of Justice involved in this effort should be charged with either sedition or full on Treason. Why my hope being that it is followed by execution.

    Then you go back and bring charges against the Clintons and all their group. What they have do has ruined any faith in the US legal and judicial system.

  51. I think that AG Sessions should fire Rosenstein, Mueller, and Wray and after he does that, he should resign! Yes it would leave the DOJ and FBI without a leader but, I think it is far better off with no leader than either a corrupt one or one who is unwilling to do the job.

  52. it will not improve till the swamp is cleared, that means Rosenstein, Wray and
    all the old state. They are just wasting our money. They don’t care about this
    country, they just care about themselves.

  53. Why does it take politicians so long to act just impeach the clowns and start guarding the hen house

  54. ABSOLUTELY! End this deep ‘crap’ state mess that was created to cause as nuch trouble as possible for President Trump. The commies involved in it should be arrested and tried fir conspiracy to commit treason, treason & a huge laundry list of other charges.

  55. Yes they are thinking they are above the law FIRE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM Corrupt sob’s they are a disgrace to our country and justice system put a end to the Obama deep state garbage.The better question is why in the hell are they still here


  57. Hell yes, they should not only be impeached, charges should be brought against them for treason against the United States. What they did was nothing short of trying to overthrow the government as we know it today and run their own form of ruling.

  58. Rodney Hall very well said. Soros is most certainly a menace to civilized society. Most people in the higher echelon of our government are on the take. It’s about time to expose them and get them the hell out. This is why it is a bipartisan effort to hate Trump, because he is the outsider who is exposing all of this. They see their money and power grubbing gig is out for all to see. This has been going on for decades.

  59. They should be fired NOW. They have wasted many taxpayers money by dragging their feet. They have not done their jobs. Time to claw back—the money they owe us taxpayers. My dad says —— If it costs you in the wallet, you remember what it will cost you again. Time to let them think about this. Then keep tabs on their debt. No government job UNTIL THEY PAY US BACK.

  60. I honestly don’t know much about Wray, but he certainly hasn’t done much, has he? Seems like things are progressing “as usual” with obstruction and delays the norm. Rosenstein needs to go. He’s more than worthless at making sure Mueller and the investigation remain on course. Now we’re investigating whores and violating the President privacy? Really?


  62. Serve them with contempt of Congress then impeach them and get the rule of law going in Washington again.

  63. I also hope you are correct however, he should un-recuse himself and take control of the so called Russian investigation and that cannot be done quietly. But it could be done legally! Why he allowed Rosenstein to convince him to recuse himself is hard to figure out. It certainly looks like he was set up at this point.

  64. They must be held in contempt,impeached, removed from office, indicted, found guilty, and hung for treason against the United States!!

  65. I agree. You are 100% correct however, what I don’t understand is why hasn’t Sessions already fired them. They report to and work for Attorney General Sessions. He it seems is useless.

  66. I believe that Wray and Rosenstein and Stzrok and Paige and some others should be impeached, indicted, tired, and convicted and punished for any and all crimes they committed.

  67. Yes they should be impeached (FIRED)! Where ever I worked if people didn’t do their job correctly and efficiently – they got fired.

  68. throw out all the aholes, this has gone on FAR to long! term limits so they can’t stay and keep this crap up.Fire them all! start with Sessions muellers entire team,wray rosenstein and most of all INDICT GOERGE SOROS strip his citizenship, throw him out of OUR country! he’s a menace to society and is always trying to disrupt our elections! over half of our elected officials take SOROS cash. they ALL should be exposed as well! can you say John Mccain Paul Ryan, and of course most Dems. VOTE THEM ALL OUT! Pelosi,Schumer INDICT OBUMA,Clintons Etc.

  69. Exactly right Aline, Sessions is weak and I am surprised that Mr. Trump hasn’t already canned him. He needs someone in that position who’ll make heads roll sans Trey Gowdy ????????????????????????????????

  70. If this happening in a non-government agency these people would already be gone. Stop wasting the American peoples tax dollars and do your job. If you can’t do you job hopefully you will be replaced by someone who can.

  71. robert Baird, excellent analogy, right on!!
    so hope Trump keeps his head down during these hard times, it’s gonna get ugly, long time coming, bring it on!!!


  73. The entire FBI guns are Hillary “suck ups”are corrupt and should be removed from office. I don’t believe a word that comes from their mouths.

  74. the one good thing about the trump/Russia investigation that has come out….it looks like the more into the investigation and the more facts are brought out….the more evidence is uncovered that Hillary and her minions…the fbi. and the doj, the intlelligence departments are all guilty in one way or the other of a conspiracy against trump…and they should all be fired…

  75. Fire them all. Sessions should go also. He is the head of the snake that is trying to screw Trump. The whole thing was a set up and Sessions is the top cover for the liberals and their crap.

  76. ABSOLUTELY!!! rosenstein, and wray SHOULD BE IMPEACHED!!! NOW!!! How long will this corrupt party go on without being ARRESTED, JUDGED, and CONVICTED??
    Sessions needs to grow a pair! He is TOO WEAK!

  77. I have heard this from other people who know Mr. Sessions personally and really really hope you are correct. I like the silent approach because then the bums don’t know what hit them as they should. I really want to think you are right and believe that is the reason Pres. Trump hasn’t removed him because he knows what is going on. Hard job to collect all the evidence without the rats finding out and then wham!

  78. I believe the reason for all the slow walking is for the purpose of swinging the midterm elections to the democraps. Keep everything in turmoil and add to the level of disgust that WE THE PEOPLE already feel with the hopes that voters stay home!! Ever wonder why so many Republicans are announcing that they are not running for reelection this fall? Me too!!! Big names like Gowdy, Ryan, Goodlatte, Franks, Issa, & 28 more from the house? From the Senate: Cochran & Hatch (probably an age thing, but who knows), also Flake & Corker (they would most likely get taken out in the primaries) and not to forget the recent resignation of Jason Chaffetz?…..hmmm. 6 of the 33 house members are from Texas…..just a little strange, don’t you think? 4 from Pennsylvania? What ever happened to ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’? I just don’t buy the old line, ‘I want to spend more time with my family’. I smell a rat that I can’t put a finger on, but I also realize that the ‘deep state’ is really, really deep! They want President Trump out of office and they don’t care how that happens!

  79. Trump should fire Sessions. Trump should appoint a new AG. The new AG should fire Rosenstein, Mueller, and Wray and hire a new Special Prosecutor with parameters. If this is not accomplished immediately, Rosenstein and Wray should be impeached with haste.

  80. I’ve known Jeff Sessions for 20 years, you are totally wrong about him. He keeps quiet until time to arrest. Then seldom do they get off.

  81. Agree wholly with Nunes and both FBI and DOJ need a total housecleaning which should include IMPEACHMENT.

  82. Nines would be the next President if he gets this done. Ryan will not sign for this , he is truly deep state. And My bet is the people want Jim Jordon to be the next Speaker ,not Ryan’s deep state pick

  83. Also, Sessions is too weak and must go. Mueller is a crook and should be jailed. I agree that there are more bad apples in the FBI. Congress needs to appoint outside attorneys to investigate and clean house. They must be strong and merciless. All crime must be eliminated, no matter how many are fired and jailed.

  84. Of course they need impeached! That’s what they have been trying to do to our president since he was elected! All of the dirty tricks they have been caught up in the dirty Dossier that they paid or were in on payments to Christopher Steele and they are still there!!!! All of the leaks! Enough of this crap get rid of all the obama appointees!

  85. If proven guilty YES they should pay the price even tried for treason. So tired of all this clock and dagger crap.

  86. How can you clean house without getting rid of the garbage? Dishonesty has gotten so bad there needs to be a great house cleaning. It is incredible the FBI has turned so bad and it all points to the most dishonest person that was in government, OBAMA. That is the starting point. DO IT!!!

  87. Director Wray & Rosenstein have willfully obstructed Congress efforts to investigate the serious FBI corruption proven by evidence uncovered by Nunes? They have refused to comply handing over requested documents? That’s obstruction of justice, a crime? So Nunes has every right to IMPEACH BOTH THESE WEASELS! Do it!

  88. I believe Wray and Rosenstein should be fired for intentionally being obstructionists. If impeachment is quicker, then do so. Just get them out as quickly as possible. Disgraceful, shameful conduct.

  89. That would be a hoot to make a raid on the FB and DOJ offices….While it amy be a one-off, it will send a clear message. No more talk about “impeachment,”. Just fire Rosentein, and Mueller’s entire team, while publishing the IGs report which appears to be “slow-walked.”
    Send a clear message to the civil servants in DOJ – if guilty, you are not protected by the government, and your will be punished.

  90. Mueller Rosenstein Wray and Session are all corrupt and need to be charge obstruction of justice.What a shame for our country.Law and order seem to be not allowed.

  91. Yeah, I think I agree with William Harrington that the word “impeachment” is overused in this case. Only if this congressional committee can form and authorize their own group of special agents to confiscate the remaining documents from the high level FBI offices.

    Why? The FBI is seriously corrupted that I believe that there are more bad apples that are needed to be separated from the good apples. I don’t think it is just the high level issue we are looking at, but rather we should be looking at each agent to see if he/she is sworn to protect the Constitution instead of following their political affiliation.

    All agents should pass Consitution 101. Cherish it! Dammit!

  92. Professional, ‘ruling-elite’ Career politicians. That desease has infected both parties and do not benefit America or her citizens. These PreC politicians solve nothing but simply kick the can down the road.

  93. Impech quickly, ‘slow-walk’ the perp-walk to Getmo. There’s plenty of room, since Obama pardoned all the muslim terrorists to return to killing innocent victims.

  94. Look it’s way past the time for tip toeing around the facts on ALL of these guys… and don’t leave Jeff Sessions out of it, nice guy but he has to go. The DOJ,FBI,and several others need real leadership to clean house & empty the trash.. YES IMPEACH Anything that will finally get the job done. GBA ???????? = ❤ it, or GTFO

  95. IF the FBI can do these “RAIDS”, there must be some Federal Agency that could do a “RAID” on the FBI’s offices and maybe even the DOJ’s offices. There seems to be plenty of illegal activity to allow a Judge to issue the proper permission for such a “RAID”. NO BODY IS ABOVE THE LAW.

  96. I am also tired of this Nonsense, Yes Impeach them Immediately,
    They are definitely trying to Impeach Trump.
    I say As soon as possible

  97. I certainly agree; we the people need to be out in full force on the 2018 elections to help President Trump get the support he deserves to MAGA !!!
    As far as Ryan…Ryan continued the tradition by Boehner of getting routed by Dems in negotiations and rushing through bills without even reading them….like Pelosi!
    Ryan supported the Border Wall???Why no wall funding???
    Where was his strong leadership???
    Ryan Is Part Of The Romney Wing !!!

  98. Hell yes, again hell yes get rid of all those morons!!! What the hell happened, all of them Mueller, Nancy, Rod, Wray all of them are so concerned nosey about the bull that they are trying so hard to get rid of our president so they can be in control… Hey guess what this isn’t Burger King you all can’t have it your way. So get a grip morons can’t take the heat then get the hell out of the kitchen!!!

  99. It’s about time. I think things will really change in Congress once Ryan is out. Since he is a lame duck at the moment (has been all along in my perspective), he should step down and we have an interim one until the mid-terms. Maybe then we could get somethings done.

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