Devin Nunes has the Deep State fearing for their lives with his latest announcement

With the Russia hoax and impeachment scam down in flames, the Deep State is more vulnerable than ever.

Republicans finally have the chance to take them down for good.

And Devin Nunes has the Deep State fearing for their lives with his latest announcement.

The biggest lie of the decade has been the fake Russia collusion investigation.

With no proof, the Left took a page out of Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels’ playbook, and continued to spread the lie until it became “truth” in the eyes of their Democrat minions.

But just because CNN and other fake news outlets say it is the truth doesn’t mean it actually is.

And that is at the center of the impending Obamagate investigation.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is taking a central role in exposing the Deep State, and just announced that fresh criminal referrals are imminent as more people come forward with information relating to the origins of the Russia investigation.

“We’ve also expanded our investigation into the Mueller team and everything that happened with Mueller and the people at DOJ and FBI that were above Mueller,” Nunes began while on Fox News.

“And so, we will be making criminal referrals in the coming weeks against the Mueller team. We’re just now putting that together and, of course, as always, waiting on more documents that we really need to come out.”

To Trump supporters, these criminal referrals should have come a long time ago.

But these things take time, and Democrats have become experts in deflecting the conversation, most notably with the impeachment sham, which the Mueller investigation was used as a road map to form.

Nunes argues that none of this should have happened, and the FBI should have shut down the Russia investigation right away, as they have known since May of 2017 that there was no coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Not only that, but Nunes’ House Intelligence Committee also proved conclusively that there was no collusion in early 2018 when they finished their own investigation into the matter.

But despite this, Democrats continued pushing that lie.

Rep. Adam Schiff, who currently chairs the House Intelligence Committee, continues to push the false claim that there was collusion, and has continued to use that to try to take down President Trump.

Unless Democrats have something up their sleeves, their entire Deep State is likely to come down in the coming weeks.

And Trump supporters couldn’t be happier.

Should officials who lied to try to take down President Trump should be arrested?

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  1. It’s about time these liars and corrupt politicians, and lawyers on the left are held accountable and charged for their deceipt and wrongdoings!!! I am sick to death that these MORONS keep getting away with it!!!!

  2. If the Deep State is found guilty they should be taken to the nearest tree and hung along with Obama, Biden and Hillary and a few others like AOC

  3. We all need to vote and have ID to prove we are “LEGAL” CITIZENS of the USA we need to get rid of all the democraps that are in it to rule WE To PEOPLE without question and no say.

  4. I am a Trump supporter and was told tonight by a nameless fellow that anything I would write on facebook must be approved. I just don’t know who that might be! I received the coins, they are beautiful. Wonderful family keepsakes.

  5. I will not be satisfied until Shifty, Pelosi, Nadler, Schumer and the rest of the lying democrats, who continually lied to the American people for over 3 years and tried to bring about an unjust and politically biased impeachment of our duly elected president are brought to justice and incarcerated for a very long time of not being for treason. Anything less is not acceptable in t he eyes of the American people. They need to be held accountable according to their own dogma that “No one is above the law” If this does not happen Conservative people lose again and the liberal asshole democrats win. Please Mr. Mines do not let this happen to us!!!

  6. Would someone please inform Schiff he is not above the law. Please have him arrested for spying on a President and his staff for the last four years. He keeps saying he has immunity, no he is not above the law for treason. DOJ please do something. This idiot is playing God and needs to be brought down.

  7. No one is as blind as he who refused to see. The only reason Trump is not in jail or Putin’s bedroom is that he kept the witnesses from testifying. If the Republican cowards in the Senate had done their jobs, they would not have broken their promises, before GOD, to vote justly. Is there an doubt that it caused Trump Pendamic?

  8. Every single one of these Corrupt individuals must be arrested no matter what! The CORRUPTION goes all the way to the top of the previous administration!

  9. Nunes is a good guy, and needs to keep on going. Glad we have someone with brains in California, and for the rest of our country.

  10. Nunes is a good guy, and needs to keep on going. Glad we have someone with brains in California, and for the rest of our country.

  11. Nunes is a good guy, and needs to keep on going. Glad we have someone with brains in California, and for the rest of our country.

  12. Sorry, but i do not think anybody will go to JAIL. Trump will loose, and all the investigations will stop. And the Dems are back in power. Im. Trump supporter but they will find a way, maybe pay non US citizens to vote. Plus the Blacks are not going to stand by while the only black president go to jail . your fools if you think Hillery is going to jail, will never happen.

  13. My goodness… It’s amazing how gullible the liberals are into believing some of the comments they are writing. Some just believe whatever propaganda the Democratic Party wants to feed them without checking the facts. Many of the erroneous statements such as blaming our President for the virus can just be thrown out the window. If we understand statistics, people would realize that our country has one of the largest populations in the world so our numbers will naturally be larger. But it takes a person of average intelligence to form a truthful perspective. I feel sorry that some Americans can’t investigate and read the real facts and just rely on the garbage the media and Democratic leaders want them to believe. Enlighten yourselves Americans and research the facts independently so you are aware of what is actually going on in our country. And yes Sandra… There is something definitely fishy about how this virus was started as an elitist global effort to control the world’s citizen’s. An evolving global effort that has started long ago within the confines of China. Scary for sure!

  14. When rule of law is finally reestablished every person who has the taint of the attemped coup of our President needs prosecuted. No deals, no compromises, just raw justice.

  15. Go climb back down in the sewer Scott with T and your fag buddy Don Lemonade…

  16. Save our country, vote out all democrats out of office down ballot.mayors,ag,congress,senate,city councils.


  18. Just drain the swamp and get on with it. The country has better things to do than listen to anything the dummycrats have to say. We all know the wheels of justice work slowly,
    but really.

  19. Go to the “Open Borders Foundation” website and read for yourself what’s “Really Going On”. Soros worked for the Nazi’s. Then search for “European Union”, and see what he has done to Europe. He started on his “European Union” back in 1972. He founded the “Open Borders Foundation” in 1985 and has funded it with over $40 Billion since. He owns Obama and the Clinton’s. Don’t believe it? Then search on Chelsea Clinton’s wedding? Who did she marry, where, and who paid for it? Then you should know “What’s Really Going On”?

  20. Trump not some make believe Obama brotherhood are Trump is guiltier than China on causing the United States to get more cases of the pandemic than any other nation. (much worse than we will ever know as the numbers are fudged by republicans like you). He is guilty of trusting China – praising them all the way thru March. In fact, he removed our early detection pandemic response office from inside China — altogether disbanding it so that we had no choice but to follow the WHO instead of leading the way. He was still notified something was going on in November but refused to read or believe anything from our intelligence agencies. He was notified in early January by WHO. Yet he claims WHO didn’t read the publications —- the same publications that don’t exist according to their sources. Still he did nothing … he claims he blocked travel from China by the end of January but he did not. Over 40k individuals from China made it into the USA before he started acting to stay at home. Even then he did not take the response most would to create and provide medical supplies and equipment. We are fortunate the virus did not travel faster throughout the US. Still he closed the economy down making more suffer due to his inaction and as we open again we still have not hit the peak of this pandemic in the US. More will continue to die and our cases (not deaths thanks only to our medical professionals) will exceed those of the rest of the world put together.

  21. Everything Obama muslim brotherhood touches turns into a disaster for the u.s. and costs us money!! He corrupted great institutions with his spying on America for Soros and his Muslim terrorist groups he defended and supplied guns too! Biden running around taking advantage of big grants for family members at tax payer expense with kickbacks coming to him! Obama still operating a shadow goveremnt thinking hes somebody he never was! No more than Soros puppets trained to speak and brainwash weak minds!! Demorats swallowed it hook line and sinker! A big con job! They owe Trump 3 years back for what hes went through! The money hes spent and then some! All the people they framed and ruined lives of! They all deserve compensation and these top officials belong in Gitmo! No questions asked! There guilty of high crimes! Corruption at the top level! Treason and sedition! All the people they went after like general Flynn should be allowed to decide they fate! 👎👎👎

  22. Just thinking about all our tax money Democrats have caused to be spent and will spend trying to unseat our president – Russia Hoax, Partisan Impeachment, Covid-19 losses and now ANTIFA fires, looting and destruction of “We The People” businesses & Government property. Enough is Enough!!! Do NOT vote for any Democrat 2020

  23. It is time that the Democrats find out that they are not above the law. They must be prosecuted for their crmes!

  24. It’s nice that’s Nunes is in charge. Remember Schiff also illegally published his phone conversations. So he’ll hath no fury. The proof is right there in regards to Biden’s corruption. If that was Trump he’d be impeached. Even years from now he’d be renounced. He should not be allowed to run. Actually there should be a law that all people running for political office should be vetted. Any criminal record and it’s a no-no. The whole Obama Administration with Obama himself including his ugly orangutang wife too. Tell her we want our 1billion back for her vacations and have Obama pay that 2.5. Billion pallet of money back. We all know half went in the administration’s pockets anyway. They split it since they couldn’t determine who was more corrupt!

  25. This will lead all the way to the Oval Office, which was soiled on and puked on so many times by the Kenyan imposter. But, as his lying lips so often bloviated, there’s not a smidgen of corruption, which has been PROVEN time and again was nothing more than just another of his many LIES. For his crimes, he MUST face a hangman. Anything short of this JUST punishment will tell every patriot in this country that there ARE those who are above the law!!!

  26. As tainted as the F.B.I. has been, I’m certain that the so called investigation of Killary and everything she touched was not a real investigation. And call me a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t think anything that is going on is an accident. Everything that has happened since President Trump has been in office has been an attempt to disrupt our country. I would not be surprised if the Left, Soros, Gates and other highly influential people as well as China, Russia are in cahoots with the pandemic… that didn’t do it. So now a racial war??? I’ve noticed all the riots are only happening in states and cities that are run by Democrats.?

  27. Before Obama we had no ISIS! Before Obama we had no BLM! Before Obama we had no Antifa! Before Obama we had no War on Cops! Ands theys wants my new boss to bes Uncles Joe, he’s always riding mes backwards and thens gets out his stools ands calls Ma Obama’s

  28. What ever they do to get anything done don’t give evidence to the FBI they will loose it as sure as the sun comes up in the morning you know that if they had evidence against a common person it would be carved in stone

  29. Sadly, I am afraid the corruption exists on both sides, and that is why the process keeps dying. How Joe Bidden has not actually broken the law tells me the laws were purposefully written to allow that type of corruption, and the whole lot of them have been doing it right down the line!



  32. T what lies have been proven? So stick your fake Russia witch-hunt and shove it up you ass.

  33. Can’t wait to see Pig Pelosi and Schiff escorted from the House of Representatives by security guards. Wish I could be there. If anyone ever deserved it it’s these traitors.

  34. Rep. Nunes is a hero. To persist through years of harassment and vicious attacks, and to then, continue to seek justice, reveals a true American. Truth is simple. Anyone against the truth is a liar, cheater, and, manipulator; all should be criminally charged and held accountable for illegal activities.

  35. I am praying for justice to be done not just to prove they have done wrong…but because they have done wrong to our President and those who elected him. One very BIG wrong which, if not righted by deserved punishment, we will set a very dangerous precedent which will not fend off corruption in the future. The consequences NEED to be severe if we are to deter it from happening again. It is for the future of this nation….the next generations to come.

  36. It’s about time but let’s stop talking about it and do it already…It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of idiots…

  37. Good lord you people are brainwashed. Just reading these comments the blind devotion to a proven liar is truly disturbing. Not to mention the accusations against Obama but with no actual accusation… Just vague implacations that he did had to have done something wrong, I can only assume because he’s black and a Democrat.

    The Russia investigation was no hoax, if it wasn’t trumps cronies wouldn’t have been indicted… Say whatever you want, a worst he was in on it, at best he’s a horrible judge of character and allowed all of this to happen right under his nose and didn’t know about it? Either way it shows poor leadership ability. Try to rationalize it any way you want but if you can’t see the issue then you’re pretty blind.

    Also I noticed a few calls for violence, I guess that’s ok because you vote red. Every republican who still supports trump is a hypocrite. You people are touched in the head.

  38. It’s like every republican and conservative news outlet basically just try to deflect any accusations onto others. As usual another click bait article that is extremely biased, but gives no real other information besides speculation from trump minions

  39. I agree with Bruno. TREASON is the crime. Charge Shiff, Pelosi, Comey, Nadler, Strozk, Page and everyone else who helped or conspired. If found guilty, send them to Gitmo. These low life’s are trying to overthrow our ELECTED officials. The DNC should be required to pay back the wasted money spent on Mueller investigation and Impeachment. Also Gen. Flynn should be compensated for the crimes committed against him.

  40. I hear Gitmo is still open ….these people need to be in Prison..!!!!
    Wasn’t that one of Obammie’s promises to shut the place and he needs to be there.

  41. What a mess! President Trump can and will clean it up, but he has to be given 4 more years to do it. In fact, he should be given an extra 2 years for good measure. Declare War on the Deep State; then you will have the time.

  42. Charge them with Treason! Nobody is above the law. “You have the right to be responsible!”.

  43. My, My, the Democratic party is VERY CROOKED and I think the money spent on the Russian investigation should be paid by the Democratic Party!!!!!
    No wonder the Democrats didn’t want Trump to win – all their sleazy deals are being brought to the surface – I am ashamed to think that the Democratic Party is so crooked – HOW LONG HAVE THEY BEEN THIS WAY!!!!!

  44. Trump deserves an award for putting up with all the stuff he has had to endure this term. Obama & Biden should have to be INVESTIGATED . . . NO MATTER WHAT

  45. Yes arrest them, but the charge should be TREASON which no one seems to be using that word. What else would you call it when they try to take down a seated President of the United States??!! Arrest for TREASON, call a grand jury, indict, try and when (not if) but when found guilty, hang them by the neck until dead! That is what America does to its TRAITORS. These democrat congressional insiders are the ENEMY WITHIN. They need to be weeded out and made examples of for future idiots who think they will try to do the same thing!

  46. Lotta taxpayer money spent for a whole lotta bs that started with the snakes at the top on the left…. calling up “favors” that trickle down through “friends wanting to help”. Sweep it all under the rug…and expect for it not to come up. Sounds like third grade mentality to me. Some people just evidently need concrete proof stuck in their faces that their “precious” was one of the instigators of the entire hoax. Get this crap exposed for all to see…charge the idiots for the crimes that were committed…and sentence the rat bastards…then keep going and nail the house intelligence committee members that intentionally railroaded the president with false accusations/impeachment proceedings to keep attentions deflected from what really needed to be addressed. Its not just politics anymore…its criminal!

  47. Before California goes down in the bowels of Hell, will someone will pull Mr.Nunes out and bring him to Texas. We need more true patriots that don’t steal and lie to the America citizens…We have commies from Cali moving to Austin, because their state is run by crooks…Right Ms. Pelosi. But they still vote Demorat after they move…You can’t fix stupid…

  48. mac, money is not the root of all evil. Money is a necessity. We need it to buy what we need, pay bills, etc. The correct quote is the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Big difference. When money becomes the most important thing in your life and you will do anything to get it, that is evil

  49. I say the American ppl have had just about enough of the crooked Dems doing what ever they want and it’s not for the Americans. There will be a civil war if the turds keep it up. Oh well y’all reap what you sow. Money is the root of all evil. They think cuz they have it they are untouchable

  50. Only check & balances these idiots have you seen on the streets of some of the biggest cities in the United States. I seen similar crap in the cities of Panama and Mogadishu. Sometimes the run ends, so keep your bright lights on…

  51. Democrats uses to say “The mind is a terrific thing to waste.” The biggest waste is thinking about Democrats. They need to apply checks and balances to themselves and stop looking across the aisle for blind spots and limitations. Introspection and meditation not unconscionable objectification and rationalizations.

  52. I am glad tho investigated has cleared Trump. Where is the Biden and his son Hunter going to be addressed. Biden and Obama’s connections to the Bundy ranch and BLM land Obama to sell to China. Seem to be a collision between China, Biden and Hunter. Was Hillary involved with the selling of our BLM property to China?

  53. The glaring fact is that President Trump did not need the help of Russia, he won the election because voters wanted him to be President.
    Why is no one talking of Chinagate. Left liberals and democrats are using this virus that started in China to take away the freedoms of the American people. Democrats are also using this crisis for other reasons. Distribution of wealth, acquisition of power with their unending lock downs. Why is no one talking of Chinagate.

  54. “Ye shall know The Truth, and The Truth shall make you Free!”
    Set us Free, Lord!

  55. If the perpetrators of the Russia collusion scheme are not judged in a public trial and punished for the waste of time and money caused to the US gov this type of revengeful modus operandi will be repeated endlessly by using all sort of hits in the hope that some will stick in some way! A major precedent has to be set to prevent such occurrences!

  56. Mueller spend 40 Million investigating and nothing.

    Now conservatives investigate the real criminal Dem’s and nothing will happen again.

    Just like the Mueller investigation nothing will happen even though Obama and his minions should be in jail!!

  57. A lot of idiots are saying that the deep state doesn’t exist. Just wait until they are taken to court.

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