Devin Nunes hit CNN with one reality check that could bankrupt the network

Fake news CNN launched a seek and destroy mission against President Trump and all of his supporters.

But picking on Congressman Devin Nunes was a big mistake.

And now Devin Nunes hit CNN with one reality check that could bankrupt the network.

At the height of the impeachment with hunt hysteria fake news CNN thought it broke a major bombshell story.

The pro-Democrat Party cable channel published a report that California Congressman Devin Nunes flew to Vienna to meet with indicted Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas to gather political dirt on Joe Biden.

Nunes strongly denied the story. But that did not stop fake news CNN from running the report.

CNN smeared Nunes and the California Congressman finally had enough of so-called “media” outlets fabricating stories about the President and his supporters.

To put a stop to the fake news slime machine, Nunes filed a $435 million dollar lawsuit against CNN for filing a completely false story.

CNN asked a judge for an extension until Friday to respond, but fake news CNN let the deadline pass without submitting a response to the court.

In an interview with Breitbart, Nunes stated that CNN’s failure to respond was a clear indication that CNN had no exculpatory evidence to defend themselves from Nunes allegations.

“Well, they refused to answer,” Nunes said. “The only logical answer as to why they’re refusing to answer our complaint is because they have no evidence. The only evidence they have is from a lawyer who’s trying to cut a deal with Adam Schiff and the Democrats to try to get leniency or immunity from his impending prosecution by the Justice Department for major federal crimes.”

Millions of conservatives cheered Nunes’ lawsuit.

For years, the Fake News Media got a free pass for lying about conservatives and smearing them with false allegations and stories.

Donald Trump was the first Republican to fight back against the Fake News Media.

And now Devin Nunes is threatening to hit them where it hurts.

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