Devin Nunes is holding a secret that could bring down Obama’s Deep State

The Department of Justice finally released the FBI’s application for a FISA warrant to spy on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

The document confirmed most Trump supporter’s worst fears, but it was still heavily redacted.

Now Devin Nunes and other Republican Congressman are hinting that the FBI could be hiding something even worse.

Nunes and House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte are demanding the American people have access to the unredacted FISA application.

Both have access to the complete document and claim that the full application falls short of the threshold necessary to prove the FBI needed to spy on Page.

Breitbart reports:

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) told Fox News on Sunday that he has seen the unredacted applications, and that the American people should see them, too.

“It is critically important that the American people have the opportunity to see most of the rest of those documents,” he said.

He said sources and methods used in investigations should be protected, but that most of the information “should easily be seen by the American people.”

“They can judge for themselves, but I will tell you it does not support the issuance of a warrant against Mr. Page,” he said.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) tweeted Monday: “btw time to eliminate rest of redactions!!!”

The application makes it clear the FBI used the Christopher Steele dossier as one of the central pieces of evidence to gain permission to spy on Page.

But key details are redacted.

Critics speculate that the redactions are hiding embarrassing details such as the FBI lying to the court that Steele never briefed the media on his findings when Steele was the source for a September 2016 Yahoo article the FBI used to corroborate the allegations made in the dossier.

But no one will know the full truth about this massive scandal until all the documents are public – and that includes an unredacted version of the application for a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page.


  1. Is it possible that Wray has already either been bought or threatened? I wouldn’t put that past any one of them, or all together.

  2. there will always be “something worse” which is the excuse for not acting NOW. Nunes is protecting he FBI and Clinton.

  3. Good question. Why not insist on Obama’s records be opened since he is no longer President (thank GOD). We know Obama was born in Kenya, where is his college transcript, his marriage license, his daughters birth? Fishy, fishy……

  4. Since Pelosi is the one who signed the DNC letterhead epistle sent out stating that Obama was vetted and eligible to be the POTUS, which should get her a guilty verdict on TREASON unless she can show proof of something more than her personal opinion that he was eligible, as he could never have qualified as a natural born citizen which requires that both the candidates parents must be American citizens at the time of his birth. If Obama was his biological father, he was a British subject and never an American.

  5. Want to see some more corrupt judges, go take a look at the Bundy/Hammonds ranch trials. Where the criminals inside the FBI and DOJ had the judges rule the defendants could not present any evidence that would question the FBI’s evidence. The BLM thugs working out of the Dept. of Interior in both cases and also against many other western rancher’s also had lots of their heavy handed criminal acts against the ranchers & family members covered up by the FBI & DOJ!!!!

  6. That something that the CIA, FBI & DOJ are struggling so hard to keep withholding is obviously something that is going to carry one or more to court to be tried for a crime – and they are in mortal terror of that triggering the domino effect on all the rest of the traitors involved in high treason and crimes against humanity.
    Caryl, not sure but think FBI is considered part of the DOJ. Anyway the FBI is supposed to investigate crime and turn over evidence to the DOJ for prosecution. If Wray is not afraid of being exposed as a traitor to this nation – he should not have been in total agreement with Rod Rosenstein & Mueller in the withholding of documents or of redacting requested documents to the point of being worthless to the investigators, before turning them over. THEIR CONCEALING EVIDENCE THAT IS OBVIOUSLY CRIMINAL is SHOUTING – EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE of GUILT!!!!!! Makes it even more important to get this information into public knowledge!
    To answer your question on Wray, since he was 3rd from the top (COMEY) how likely is it that he wasn’t in on a lot of the crimes that made such a mockery of law, order and JUSTICE they were accepting a salary for upholding???? Remember – according to two former FBI agents – Comey and Mueller worked hip to hip to block investigation of and cover up crimes when Mueller was director of the FBI!!! Obviously the CIA, FBI, DOJ and other departments have been staffed with traitors committing TREASON for many decades!!!!

  7. I think Sara and Richard are Liberal trolls. But at least Richard got one thing right, President Trump will be reelected in 2020!

  8. NO, YOU yearn for him to be a DESPOT. PRESIDENT TRUMP is trying to fix what has been broken for too long. You need to find the PRESIDENT TRUMP CAMPAIGN PROMISES TRACKER. It usually can be found o the AOL home page, of all places………a very liberal page it is! You are left without the truth when you only have few sources for your news/information.

  9. So many people with ”selective memory”. I watched all the Strzok hearing, and it was so obvious when he lied, which was most of the time. BODY LANGUAGE! Why is it not much is mentioned about the FISA court, appointed by obama, or at least one of the judges was an obama appointee. Since obama did not have many in his admin who were honest, it would NOT surprise me if the judge MIGHT be corrupt.

  10. Take a second look at Richards comment and do the math. I believe you misunderstood his comment , “ when trump is gone in 2024 “ , the key being 2024 you know after his second term as our president , which will happen !!! Long live Trump , death to the liberal traitors !

  11. Sara and Richard – you are so very wrong about this. You need to pay close attention to what is going on. Your Democrats have just about brought this country down. The FBI and DOJ have embarrassed themselves with their corrupt behavior at the top. You will see this when the rank and file are allowed to testify about what went on. If you had paid attention to the Peter Strzok testimony you would have seen that he is hiding something and that he does know he is in deep trouble for what he did and it is only a matter of time before it all comes out. There are plenty of other players in all of this too. In the end, hopefully all of them will be brought to account and then the two of you may eat the crow you so deserve.

  12. Good luck with this. You will no more see an un-sanitized version of this than you would an authentic copy of the most questionable birth certificate of recent memory.

  13. I certainly agree! However, my belief that the FBI functions independently of the DOJ, what has Mr. Wray to hide by the revelation of some names that does not involve national security interest? Is he subservient to Mr. Rod Rosenstein? Mr Wray just came into the picture after all was said and done. Or, is he more on the FBI brotherhood and afraid to gain the higher echelon’s cooperation?

  14. Let us also remember that Stzrok and Page had an e-mail colloquy wherein they noted a friend had recently been appointed to the FISA court and that Stzrok would try to buttonhole him at an upcoming birthday party.

  15. the redacting of official documents should be illegal, and they have done this in all documents they have released since the beginning of this witch hunt. The FBI, CIA DOJ etc should all be held in contempt of interfering with justice, and be charged for covering up those involved by all their redacting. The Obama administration has ruin our government, and all its departments, and who is there left to trust. Time to fire them all and hold them for treason, including picking up Obama, all the demarcat are liars, corrupt and anti-American they are out for themselves not to help American or her nation. EVIL corrupt deep/shadow state, give them the end of the rope. take their money and use it toward the building of the well, and also paying off deficit.

  16. and Santa Claus also is real! You liberals never give up do you? Time is coming to an end for all your diabolical schemes. Wait and see!

  17. Or stood before a firing squad because they are charged with HIGH TREASON! If this happens (and we know it will never occur), include Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer and other democrats. They hate America to the core.

  18. One thing about a liberal they can’t see truth even if it’s smack them in the face you sound like a liberal to me

  19. you dems don’t like your toes being tramped , you have led public around by there nose long enough , SO HOLD ON ITS COMMING BACK

  20. No one cares about priors to the election , what happened in your life prior to the election that you want to make public ,other than your a bleeding DEM, YOU PEOPLE NEED TO REALIZE YOUR NOT THE boss ,Trump IS ,YOUR JUST PART OF THE GROUP

  21. Go back into your coma or your obama fantasy world. President Trump is the first President since Lincoln who is trying to put America and the AMERICAN CITIZENS before the rest of the world. If you leftist libtards would wander out of your mentally ill state of mind — you just might see “THE LIGHT” !!!!!!!!

  22. Trump is the true Satan. When he meets his maker and has to answer for his actions on earth, no doubt he will “burn in hell”!!!!

  23. Obama Ruined the DOJ and FBI being that hE BELIEVED to be ABOVE the US LAWS!!! Hence the TOOLS he had running the TWO were HIS types of LAW BREAKERS for POLITICAL reasons which meant they turned the DOJ into the INJUSTICE DEPT, and the FBI into part of the DEEP STATE ..those at the top Holder, Lynch. Mueller, Comey Mc Cabe etc MUST BE HELD accountable along with Bhozo himself!!!!

  24. THIS CAN BE the SMOKING GUN to be SEEN just BEFORE NOV 2018….and Adam Schiffhead and the (D) Nazi party will bLAME RUSSIA….Of Course!!!

  25. Just wait. Time will prove Trump to be the biggest “con” man and “liar” in history and he will find he’s not above the law because he is “SOOOOOOO” corrupt. The swamp will be completely drained when he’s gone. The #2 swamp monster (Scott the “polluter” Pruitt) thank the lord he’s gone. Trump to follow!!!!

  26. Hey SARA, President doesent think hes above the Law. Hes trying to uphold the LAW. Stupid Liberals are getting it all wrong. I hope every one of the SOBS get procecuted who did all these scams and dirty crap like Hitler Hillary.

  27. Neither is Trump above the law, which he thinks he is because thats the way he has lived his life. He yearns to be a “despot”

  28. Sad that the FBI and DOJ are withholding everything. Aren’t we for the truth? How can they be allowed to withhold the documents when the congressional committee asked for it? Isn’t the congressional committee higher in the government authority than they are?

    If yes, then send an army to retrieve it now!

    The FBI and DOJ are not above the law!

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