Devin Nunes issued one ultimatum that could end CNN for good

Ever since Devin Nunes emerged as one of Donald Trump’s top defenders against the Russian collusion hoax the Fake News Media was schemed to bring him down.

But in their zeal to destroy Nunes, CNN crossed the line.

And now Devin Nunes was issued one ultimatum that could end CNN for good.

CNN and the Daily Beast recently published a story where the attorney for indicted Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas claimed Nunes traveled to Ukraine to meet with prosecutor Viktor Shokin to gather dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden.

Nunes denounced the story as false and told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo in an interview that he could not discuss the matter because it involved “criminal activity.”

But Nunes is now coming out swinging.

In an interview with Sean Hannity, Nunes revealed he is suing CNN and the Daily Beast for publishing fake news.

Fox News reports:

Nunes told host Sean Hannity the stories were the “mother of all fake news stories” and said five other media outlets had the story but declined to run it.

“For all of the last three years, including the Russia hoax to the Ukraine hoax, this is the mother of all fake news stories. There is not one bigger than this,” Nunes said. “And so next week, we are going to take them to court. They will have an opportunity to come to court so that we can subpoena each other. We can get discovery. We can set people down for depositions. And I have a bet for you, Sean. CNN and The Daily Beast are going to run for cover.”

Nunes predicted both outlets would try to avoid the courts but the congressman vowed to press on.

“At the end of the day, I’m going to track them down and I’m going to hold them accountable because this… has just gone on for too long,” Nunes said. “And this is the only way we’re going to be able to to get retribution and get in and be able to seek fairness and transparency in the media is by holding them accountable.”

For the last three years, CNN has published or aired repeated fake news stories about Donald Trump and other Republicans.

Many Trump supporters wondered why no one has been held accountable.

Devin Nunes stepping up and filing a lawsuit against the fake news outlets may be the only way to stop their abusive behavior.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. CNN , ” COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK ” , THAT COVERS THOSE TRAITOROUS Liberal DemonRats . We’re burning Daylight , GET THE ROPE , ITS TIME FOR A GOOD OLD FASHION NECK TIE PARTY in OLD DC . The time has come to rid our country of these communist liberals once and for all .

      • Red Man, you are one pathetic, illiterate excuse for a human being. Go away with your head squaw Nancy Prune-face Pelosi and your backer Hillary Clinton who is headed for the Pillory for her past lies and schemes. Any intelligent person immediately knows a fool when that person reads your rants. Maybe you and Prune face and Pillory could get together for a menage a trois, Sadly for you, R.M., they would probably prefer each other before they’d knock on your teepee.

  2. Nunes being a judge on Intell. Committee when Nunes went over to Ukraine and tried to dig up dirt on the right wing Biden conspiracy (just what did Hunter do that was criminal?), is like Bill Cosby judging sexual predators!

    • America…. Haven’t you had enough of these communist bastards on the left? Will you just sit on your ass and watch them take over? If you do…i can assure you that we will all be dead.

    • America…. Haven’t you had enough of these communist bastards on the left? Will you just sit on your ass and watch them take over? If you do…i can assure you that we will all be dead.

      • Barry it’s either stop them now or never. Let them commie bastards take over and within a year we won’t recognize our country. We are one election away from communism.

          • The ‘Train’… Can ppl (besides the Patriots) SEE ‘the Train’ ? Coming
            Down the ‘tracks’ ??? ‘They Better WTFU, Lika Pronto squanto….

          • YEPPUR. & the Last shot at Freedom may grow thin
            ( AFTER 4 More ) Let’s hope we Get 4 MORE !!!
            Whew ___ i never thought in many yrs we Would come to this
            kind KrAAp, but i guess ‘IT’ Was 0bvious All Along.
            We just didn’t see it (0r tried Not to, Until DJT. Whatever. GAK.
            > ‘G’ Damn ‘them’ ___

          • sorry, repeat. did not appear RR posted!
            i aiways ‘check posts’ …
            Hey Mon – Good ‘college football’ Sat. Ohio vs MI
            BIG! Game ! & Gooo BLUE !!!

    • Hunter , as well as the Biden Family trusts, were paid Millions –Ukrainian Government “pay offs” to the tune of 20 Million=pay to play??- and for WHAT I ask.

  3. The problem is not suing them and winning. The problem is that due to lobbying the legal limits of recovery in court have been reduced so much that the criminal acts of the media in false reporting still makes them money even if they lose. In fact awards today are limited to a few thousandths of what they were 150 years ago. About 200 years ago the publisher, editor and or author might have to stand in duel for their lives. That is how seriously our founding fathers to truth regarding their names.
    It is time to remove all stops in recovery for libel and slander by commercial and political interests. Lie about a political opponent and become bankrupt….as an election committee, campaign, and even personally. Lie as a corporation and face bankruptcy in the amount awarded. This is the ONLY thing that the media understands…the US dollar.

      Each CITY/ Township HAs the ‘RIGHT to Decline’,
      0nce authorities Know what’s going 0n.
      > N0 0NE is Stopping VERIZON’s X-Treme Roll-0ut.
      > I wrote to WH last mo re this ‘issue’.
      POTUS has ‘bad ‘advisors’.

  4. Why? you ask. Schifty Adam is reported caught sitting on $7.5 billion IMF money sent to The Ukraine as a loan and Creepy Joe Biden collected over $14 million from Ukrine extortion before he installed his cocaine addicted U.S. Navy reject son in a chair in the U.S. at an address so he could collect over $80 THOUSAND a month extortion money from The Ukraine oil company his father had done the ‘shake-down’ on. As soon as Schifty stops bugging his eyes out at the cameras during this abuse of U.S. Government facilities, imagine him in the call across from rapist Ed Buck, who Schifty visited at Buck’s meth house in Hollywood dozens of times before Buck was arrested for overdose murdering male prostitutes. Where did the democrats dig up these swine? The Bush41 criminal cabal is not responsible for Schifty Adam like he is for both Clintons and Obama DeSoto.

      • LOLA, were you in your Turkey Comma when you wrote this, or are you just stiff stupid? “Not being speaking…” what a dump attempt on writing in English!!! You should be the last ‘to being criticizing anybody’, dear illiterate…

  5. If every Conservative representative sue the liars, they will learn a lesson. We are a mayoralty, but a silent majority; a silent mayoralty is worthless unless WE start raising our voices. We keep complaining that we have Toooo many cockroaches in our nation, but we don’t do much about it.
    In Spanish we have a saying that goes something like this:
    “Assholes are too many, the danger is that they have the power to elect assholes, but . . . it is not their fault, it is our that allowed it by our silence”

  6. We are tired of all the main stream networks and politicians who hide behind the word “anonymous” to quote their rhetoric. The whisteblower statues says we can know the name of the person but cannot take any retaliation aqainst them. Tell Shifty Schiff that as he makes up rules as he goes along. if you ever take the time to actually see our President’s accomplishments you would be shocked at all he has done for us including just signing an executive order making it a federal crime to be cruel to animals.


      • You would know LOLA, since you have been suffering from Weak and Missing mind Syndrome for a while. Life is tuff for a libturd, right? Your mind goes first… What makes it worse is that you don’t know it, you feel that your empty head is a mainstream thinking…

  8. CNN and MSNBC should both be taken off the air either by the public, by their advertisers, or by the lawsuits they are facing from a variety of honest to goodness victims of CNN and MSNBC false reporting. HOPE IT IS SOONER than LATER!

  9. Trump has caused the republicans to finally grow a pair. It’s great to see them fighting for him instead of against him. But there’s still a few bad apples in the barrel

    • I live in north carolina , tom tillis is one of our senators who has a need to grow a pair but instead he acts like a whipped dog while letting the demo-rats run all over him

  10. Can the American ppl sue the pants off all the Fake Media (MSM) for lying to us since the day Donald Trump announced he was running for President.

    • julio dick lard.
      The real facts is that DJT is making America great again. The successful achievements made by DJT while facing a hostile congress and media platforms, is becoming more and more obvious to the American people that DJT is a true patriot and only wants what best for America and it’s people.

      This is why DJT popularity is skyrocketing with black and Hispanic Americans as well with other Americans. Plus the impeachment coup support is plummeting.

      You are entitled to your opinion, no matter how ignorant, stupid and bigoted it is. Just like I’m entitled to have the opinion that you’re an intellectually and mentally challenged. But hey it’s just an opinion.

    • you sound like you are jealous of trump , at least he is a very welcome change from the dishonest , immoral , raciest America and Israel hateing pervert that we had prior to trump

    • Julio says: “Trump is still immature.”

      I say, why do you care? Trump is trying to keep us out of various foreign wars.

      If that is “immature” I wish your beloved Democrats were also immature.

      Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  11. Dirty tactics by the left aren’t new but they seem to have no moral standard for absolute out and out lying. The biggest reason for this I believe is the liberal media now dictates to the dems what they should say and do.

    • THAT is why, when they call for confiscation of our firearms, while they are making sounds about rounding us up because we are insane for NOT kow towing to their insane demands for taking away cars, stopping us from Flying, or heating/cooling our homes, ripping down our Border walls, and firing Border Patrol. Giving the Illegal Border crossers FREE EVERYTHING. Without FOX NEWS, we would know NOTHING! CNN and the rest of those Traitorous “news” outlets are nothing more than Communist Propaganda out lets.

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