Devin Nunes issued one ultimatum that left Robert Mueller speechless

Devin Nunes made his name in Congress exposing the Deep State’s crimes against Donald Trump.

He’s battled Democrats, the Fake News Media, and Obama loyalists embedded within the government.

But Devin Nunes took his fight to the next level by issuing one ultimatum that left Robert Mueller speechless.

Devin Nunes’ time as a House Intelligence Committee Chairman was defined by his fights with ranking member Adam Schiff.

Schiff constantly leaked fake news to the media and peddled conspiracy theories on cable TV about the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians.

But now the two are working together for one strange reason.

Nunes and Schiff signed a letter demanding the Department of Justice release the underlying evidence from the Mueller investigation.

The Daily Caller reports:

In a rare bipartisan move, the top Democrat and Republican on the House Intelligence Committee threatened to subpoena the Justice Department for records related to the Russia probe and special counsel’s investigation.

In a letter dated April 25, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and ranking member Devin Nunes pressed Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray to provide an unredacted version of the special counsel’s report and other evidence by May 2. Otherwise, they threatened to begin the “compulsory process,” or subpoena.

The letter was released Tuesday, suggesting the Justice Department has not started providing the documents.

“[T]he Committee has an obligation to examine the foreign intelligence and counterintelligence information gathered by the Special Counsel’s Office, assess the counterintelligence and national security implications, and consider whether legislation or other appropriate remedies are required in response,” the letter read.

Nunes and other Republicans want to get their hands on this evidence so they can examine the true origins of the Russia probe and settle the question of whether or not political bias infected the FBI’s decision-making process.

Democrats have a different goal in mind.

They just want the story in the headlines for a few more weeks in hopes that it will drive down Trump’s approval numbers.

Their bet is that their allies in the Fake News Media will just cover up any evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the FBI or the Obama administration.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Maga 2020 ! We must unit against the tyranny and conspiracy! God bless all the Patriots who love the great country in the earth

  2. Maga 2020 ! We must unit against the tyranny and conspiracy! God bless all the Patriots who love the great country in the bath.

  3. Tom fitom and all the lawyers are putting a good fight to save the country.god bless. Against the tyranny of theses soc/comm.

  4. Schiff the looney tune said for OVER TWO YEARS, HE HAD PROOF. uh huh…..sure you did. The two Russian actors told you they had evidence. You wanted that evidence, even asked “ does Valadimir know and has he seen the pictures”? These two actors even gave you the name of the woman ( made up ); who had the so-called pics. You wanted to know how to spell her name! Schiff, you have the intelligence of a dead man. Ughhh. Everyone laughs at what a pathetic liar you really are! YOU AND SALWELL NEED TO RESIGN IMMEDIATELY! You should be prosecuted! Both of you! Lying and Russian Collusion with these two PRANSTERS! Schiff, Salween, you both are pathetic! TRUMP 2020!

  5. They are going to prosecute the whole gang! Makes me sick that these networks, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, all lied. They were so determined to drive our President from his duly elected office as the LEGITIMATE PRESIDENTIAL OF THE UNITED STATES! Now, do your job and arrest the ones who thought they knew better than the AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR TRUMP! They have brainwashed the American people with their hatred. Comey, Brennen, Clapper, DNC, HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON, STROKZ, PAGE AND OTHERS…..YOUR DAY IS HERE! TIME FOR PRISON!! Andrew McCabe, Obama, Biden, Rice, Lynch, TOO!!

  6. I think it’s Schiff who will fall into a trap… one of leaking highly confidential information to the media and even the public. Schiff is a weasel and has proven it over and over. He’s a traitor to his country and to his president and MOST LIKELY a part of the coup attempt.

  7. Also, AG BARR has a HUGE ‘quagmire/
    to wade thru. Word say Brennan 1st.
    Dominoes fall.
    >Takes time’___
    >No can do as fast as we would prefer.
    >Stock market CRASH, IF TOO Soon.
    1 Step ata a time.
    >Trust POTUS etc/AG Barr ‘strategy’.
    > 0pposition ‘hot’ W/More media KrAAp.
    ‘they know’ WHAT IS ‘Coming Down’.

  8. And what do you base that on and give examples! Bet you can not come up with one, just another idiot democrat spewing lies and propaganda. You have no argument with any substance. So typical of a leftist. Just repeat what they hear but never researches. Poor ignorant fools.

  9. Yep they are the Satanists and Joe will eat his own words when EVERYTHING is exposed.

  10. You are obviously an idiot Joe the dumber plumber. Nunes is calling the criminal democrats out. They cannot escape the truth. Their hypocrisy, lies and criminal acts are about to be exposed.I will not be happy until they are at GITMO for treason, sedition, etc, etc

  11. Joe, you attack Pres. Trump, yet support extremely vile corrupt Hillary who lies every time she opens her mouth and traitor Obama. You are very sick. Pres. Trump is not racist. That is a lie. And you have no concept of what Christianity even is. Have you examined your soul??? Pres. Trump is very fortunate that Jesus is his judge and not you.

  12. JP Catalano Sr.,Signing a non disclosure agreement, Does NOT
    Mean a Damn Thing. Look what has Happened &
    in USA Justice Dept in 0nly 2 Yrs !!!.
    >Making ‘redactions’ per GRand JURY to Public/Congress
    > Next Step: WHO? MADE THAT ‘redaction FED. LAW.
    think it was Dems – MANY YRS Ago. Correct me, if i’m
    not accurate here.
    > NEXT STEP: CHANGE LAW. & ‘they’ ARE NOT DOING that,
    NOR Will ‘they’. Would Equal ‘self-incrimination’.

  13. Please scroll down.
    Read/Absorb/ Understand.
    Plumber Joe/zee comm’s.
    V. Important.

    ‘teaming’ W/Schiff, & ‘BackTrack’
    IMMEDIATELY. I hope he ‘realizes’.
    IF NOT, Well then, he just ‘got Lost’
    in the ‘quagmire’.

  15. Plumber Joe. YOU Are Right. & i ‘presume’
    You read my comm. Sad/ & Totally 0utrageous,
    Nunes Would ‘team’ W/Schiff’.
    > Joe, these ppl here Are GOOD Patriots for USA.
    Cut some ‘slack’ ___
    They just not ‘understanding’ what Nunes Doing/
    0r just Did. Once they ‘understand’ FED LAW re
    GR. Jury ‘redaction’ – it will be better.
    > AG BARR Better NOT ‘fall To ENTRAPMENT’.
    Nunes got involved perhaps ‘unwittingly’
    under ‘Whatever’ ‘back rm’ KrAAP.

  16. Tyree, I decided you are more likely a Nazi rather than a Commie troll, regardless you are following the Satan-in-Chief.

  17. Lila Jane, you are an evangelist who supports a self-sdmitted serial sexual aasaulted who has cheated on all three wives numerous times with whores and prostitutes. How do you justify that. He is also a constant insulter, liar, braggart and thief, definitely not the type of person who Christ would admire. He has been all about greed his whole life, and is not a charitable person in any sense of the word, especially considering his extreme racism and bigotry against other religions and ethnicities. I think that you should examine your soul and contradictions with Christianity.

  18. Those involved in forming a coup against President Trump need to be prosecuted, convicted and jailed. This is treason.

  19. All the information in the Mueller report can’t be released as there is still ongoing investigations and Schiff and Nunes know about this continuing investigation. There are names of individuals that haven’t been charged or may not be charged… William Burr released the information to Congress and they need to read it…. It’s time to move on to more important issues.

  20. Just because you do your job and perhaps well does not make one a hero. A person of strong conviction, dedication to a premise of justice, discharging their duties as a representative of the people or feeling the necessity to heed the call of liberty…yes. How many time in history have we seen the actions of the individual citizen change history, the direction of the nation, or through the sheer force of their personal convictions save our nation. It is a quality slowly disappearing not just from our elected officials, but we the people who are the foundation of our country. It is more obvious that the criminal actions and sheer buffoonery of those that represent us is just that. They represent what we have allowed ourselves to become. Perhaps some very deep soul searching is required of us all.

  21. Severa, they are not just angry, they are so scared they’re pissin their boots full. They want “completely unredacted” Mueller report to be made available and the idiots do not have an inkling of what they are trying to accomplish. That which is redacted primarily has to do with grand jury indictments. To reveal the entire report is AGAINT THE LAW. Grand jury participants and witnesses are guaranteed anonymity. The testimony which they give in good faith under oath may endanger themselves or others and could result in severe damage to their or others reputations. This is what Barr is protecting is your rights and safety and securing the integrity of American jurisprudence. Those that are clamoring for the “full” report are those with the most to lose. It is a disgraceful attempt to fend off blame and they care not that it sets a precedence involving the laws and safety of the citizens.

    Mueller report & YAP KrAAP thru Media.
    2 Repubs READ it, Lindsey Graham, & i
    forgot the other one. (maybe Mitch?)
    Pelosi/schumer/schiff etc didn’t sign in
    to read.

  23. ps. looks like Nunes, according to this article,
    has been taken to the ‘back room'(ahem) & comes out
    ‘supporting’ a Huge Weasel Schiff. BAaaad BAAAD ‘stuff’.

    NOT !!! be ‘teaming’ W.Schiff. Can’t you See?
    Please. This IS ‘ENTRAPMENT’ to AG BARR
    To BREAK ‘ FEDERAL LAW’ per Grand Jury’.
    Must understand this. You better Support
    AG BARR in NOT ‘falling for ‘Entrapment’.

  25. The ‘special room’ contains 2% redacted ie
    Section 2 / ‘0bstruction’. Section 1 ‘Collusion’
    8% redacted IS MOOT & FALSE. & E’0ne KNOWS it.
    They can make appointment to Read/Take notes/
    But NO ‘smart phone PHOTOS. Nada.
    >Am Shocked re Nunes.
    They ARE ‘trying’ To ‘ENTRAP’ AG BARR INTO

  26. They both need to get permission to go to the Justic Dept. and see the unredacted report in that special room to see the documents.

  27. Let them go into the SCIF and read it, anyone without a top secret clearance can see it later. If there is a leak, that person goes to prison.

  28. If both Nunes and Schiff want the unredacted report, AG Barr should have all on the commmette sign a non disclosure agreement, so if any information from the unredacted report is leaked ALL MEMBERS WOULD BE REMOVED, IF THE GUILTY PARTY DOES NOT CONFESS. If the guilty party does confess, then that party agrees to forfeit his/her seat, without any fight, or that person will be jailed

  29. Steven I agree with you. Trators are shot in countrys I have served ln.They are stupid dumb ass commys that hate this grate nation and anyone that don’t agree with the demogogs lib thinking. TRUMP 2020. SEMPER FI USMC

  30. Susan you are so on the ball. The dog and pony show has gone on to long. The demogogs need to pay the piper. They are stupid itios to try and fail a coup on this great nation. They took a oath as I did in 1964 when I join the USMC.The oath is the same.I retired In 94 still love my country. The commie demcraps hate this country and need to get hell out of my area. SEMPER FI. USMC

  31. For those that think it is a bad thing to know just how far the crimes went with Obama and his Administration need to open your eyes he and Hillary are still doing it. Obama and his dominions need to be bought to justice.

  32. Any part of the DNC members are always part of the Clintons and Obama’s Mafia. Get all of them start from top and go to the bottom. No matter what law’s. It all comes down to treason.

  33. If the material is given to Adam (Bugeyes) Schiff, he will surely leak the informtion within 24 hours!

  34. Why do any of you acknowledge DOUGH THE PLUMBER’S HELPER? I see his self important by-line and a few others and I just scroll down to read an intelligent remark from another person. The squirrel is a masochist. I couldn’t tell you what he wrote. Don’t know, don’t care.

  35. Devin Nunes has a lot of information that needs to come out but he is holding onto it so he can get more evidence. Hannity told both Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan I am mad at you two for not telling everything. They quipped. These two men plus McCarthy and also Tom for the Heritage foundation have worked very hard to uncover a lot of evidence against the Obama Administration that hurt Trump. I hope they end up in prison for a long time including Hilda Beast. Attacking a president of the USA is a very serious matter.

  36. I did not duplicate my reply to Bill I waited and waited and you did not post it. Now I will post it again and see if you do me the favor of posting it.

    Bill I strongly agree with your comment. It is past due time that they haven’t made them turn their dirty dossier to frame President Trump they just didn’t want him to win and this is just anger that he won the election. These people who started this must pay the price of treason against a President of the United States of America. They formed a Coup de’ e’tat and this is criminal. The democrats are part of this anger and hateful lies.

  37. I Think that in this drive for TRUTH NAMES are going to fall out hard & fast names of all the O Bam Ya’s Personal from day 1 when he walked into the Oval Office, 49 FBI agents who did not keep there JACK ASS PARTY Mindset in the FBI parking lot, 18 Key JACK ASS PARTY Federal Government office holders, & the 500 + interviewed in the report. I feel in all this final report that will be whitewashed of all names of all in the JACK ASS PARTY that had or have no real truths will be scrubbed & only the lies will remain. So far it reminds me of the ” Warren Commission ” on PTOUS Kennedy’s Murder when no truths where told … As well as the JACK ASS PARTY Smear on Nixon over Water Gate. Do any of you know who was the junior lawyer was on that report was? I’ll give you a hint 18.75 minutes of cassette tape … She was the coach of Deep Throat who then set up meets with ” Woodhead ” & ” Burst At The Seams ” in the hotel car garage … HR~C & if she had just chilled she would have had the answer as to why she was not allowed the 18.75 minutes … It was the start of ” OPERATION OF LINEBACKER #1 ” the bombing of key no hit targets set by L.B.J. now disavowed by NIXON …

  38. TRUTH WINS – Nunes is a patriotic hero and is fighting for justice. The left really has an issue with the truth.

  39. Jan – I totally agree. The naysayers will still be in the dark when the truth is finally exposed. They’re either stupid, brainwashed or are suffering from TDS, or all of the above.

  40. The fact that Mueller’s two year investigation included mainly democrats and seemed to only zero in on President Trump and his associates proves to me that this whole two year investigation was very one-sided and only established as an attempt to unseat our President. Otherwise,the investigation would have found details of those spreading false information that allowed the spying on Republican candidates and President Trump There were definitely people in high places who refused to accept the election results and tried to get our President removed. Why did the report not show that?

  41. South Pat that is true too but also as he is on the ” INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE ” he should be charged for TREASON for any & all leaks he has done. BTW there is only 1 punishment for TREASON it is not a long time in the Gray Bar Hotel then the charge is very grave & ABSOLUTE the words said are

    1) READY

    2) AIM

    3) FIRE

    Final & True …

  42. Man from Grey – There is evidence in plain sight – against the other side. These idiot “intelligence” committee members are so full of hate for Pres. Trump that they’re too stupid to realize they are inadvertently pointing the finger at themselves. They’re digging their own graves.

  43. Southern Patriot – Plants are the more intelligent life form. Yes, thank God for Nunes. He is a true patriot hero.

    To E ~ 4 Ed – The cactus and Schiff for brains have something in common. They are both pricks.

  44. Hey Mr. Plummer guy, you’ve obviously head your head in the toilet too long because it’s coming out of your ears and mouth. Seek Truth not an argument.

  45. Hey ! Stop picking on my Cactus . . . It’s way smarter than anyone working at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MS~NBC, New York Times, News Week, Time Warner, PBS, BBC, The Jack Ass Party, The DNC Any & All of them all at any time, at all times …

  46. Hey ! Stop picking on my Cactus . . . It’s way smarter than anyone working at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MS~NBC, New York Times, News Week, Time Warner, PBS, BBC, The Jack Ass Party, The DNC Any & All of them all at any time, at all times …

  47. Joe, you are totally off and need to get a reality check. All the stuff coming out now about how Obama, the DOJ, the FBI even before the election was sent out to derail the campaign and especially undo the election. Please tell me you are not that dumb. Please tell me you don’t condone what your party did. Please!!!

  48. Absolutely. Nunes, Jordans, McCarthy, etc are our saviors and they are going to keep going to they get to the evil source of all that has been going on.

  49. Absolutely. Nunes, Jordans, McCarthy, etc are our saviors and they are going to keep going to they get to the evil source of all that has been going on.

  50. Absolutely. Nunes, Jordans, McCarthy, etc are our saviors and they are going to keep going to they get to the evil source of all that has been going on.

  51. Absolutely. The Nunes, the Jordans, the McCarthys, etc are our saviors and they are going to keep going to they get to the evil source of all that has been going on.

  52. Doesn’t being on the House Intelligence Committee imply the person on it and especially the Head of it–Schiff has intelligence. I don’t think the IQ of a plant qualifies.

    Keep up the great work Rep. Devin Nunes. We need you continuing to do what you do so well.

  53. Schiff should not be on house intelligence committee he has been responsible for leeks from that committee. It’s time to replace him with some one who believes it’s more important for this country to move on and help solve the more important problems like fixing our borders.

    “Joe the Plumber”
    Nunes is possibly the most Brave, Uncorrupt Congressman in history, and that is saying a lot especially with all the selfish Democrats.
    Hey Joe
    you got it
    backwards ????????

  55. Joe the Plumber…You’re just sore that Devin Nunes is exposing the cowardly corruption of the Deep State. You and the likes of you are running scared because you know that Attorney General Barr is investigating the corruption and will expose all the wrongdoing. You’d rather see the country go down the drain than agree that the good President Trump is doing is for the betterment of the country!!! No doubt a bunch of those ‘deep state varmints’ will be wearing orange jumpsuits, the sooner the better.

  56. I believe no more money should be spent investigating Trump, I believe Mueller and his team are all complicit in spending this money, hiring almost all Democrats to investigate and still they have no grounds to find him guilty. When Barr investigates, the swamp may finally begin to get drained!

  57. Adam Schiff is NOT that smart. He will find the truth coming out of the documents that he and Nunes asked for. How can he beat the truth? He simply can’t.

    Thankfully, we are going to hear the results soon. It will disprove his claim that “the evidence is in plain sight”. How weird is that? Obviously his TDS sickness is getting out of hand. It leads to the sign of his craziness.

    Better get the straitjacket ready. A nut case he is.

  58. Nunes is possibly the most cowardly, corrupt congressman in history, and that is saying a lot especially with all the selfish Republicans

  59. The redacted versions have the names of CONGRESSIONAL MEMBERS under investigation. They will have to be arraigned before making the names public. Watch for CONGRESSIONAL vacations and criminal probes into those CONGRESS members.

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