Devin Nunes just exposed the biggest cover-up protecting Hunter Biden’s corruption

As the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, Congressman Devin Nunes has fought the Deep State’s plans to bring down President Trump for years.

But even now Nunes cannot believe what he is seeing.

And Devin Nunes just exposed the biggest cover-up protecting Hunter Biden’s corruption.

Donald Trump hammered Joe Biden over his son Hunter Biden’s corrupt foreign business dealings during the first Presidential debate.

The President hammered Biden over why the wife of the ex-mayor of Moscow allegedly sent Hunter Biden $3.5 million and why the Ukrainian energy company Burisma put Hunter Biden on its board and paid him $50,000 per month while his father was Vice President and in charge of Ukraine policy.

Devin Nunes expressed amazement that Biden was peddling misinformation and conspiracy theories about the President and Russia while it was his family involved in shady business dealings in Russia and Ukraine.

“You had Biden still last night accusing Trump of having something to do with Russia, and meanwhile, no one in the mainstream media, including last night, pushed for Biden to answer the question,” Nunes began. “You’ve been attacking Trump and Republicans for having something to do nefarious with Russia for four years now, and he won’t answer why his son took $3.5 million from a well-known Russian oligarch with ties to Putin. It’s simply amazing that he was not pushed to answer that question.”

Nunes bemoaned the fact that the Fake News Media never asks Joe Biden these difficult but necessary questions.

“Once again . . . Donald Trump had to bring this up last night directly to Joe Biden because no one’s asking Biden the questions of what’s his involvement,” he added.

That leaves it up to Donald Trump.

And when Trump pressed Biden on his family’s corruption, the fake news whined that Trump was bullying Biden.

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