Devin Nunes just indicted Barack Obama with one serious charge

The smoking gun is finally in the hands of the American public.

Documents from the FBI prove the Bureau targeted former National Security Advisor Lt. General Michael Flynn as part of a politically motivated witch hunt.

And now Devin Nunes just indicted Barack Obama with one serious charge.

For years, Democrats and the Fake News Media lambasted Congressman Devin Nunes as a fool and Trump enabler for telling anyone who would listen that the idea of Russian collusion was a hoax and that a group of conspirators at the highest levels of the FBI and intelligence community plotted to use the allegations as a coup against the President.

Just recently, the Department of Justice released handwritten notes from a senior FBI official investigating Lt. General Michael Flynn, which revealed the FBI fabricated the basis for interviewing Flynn with the goal of catching him in a lie.

This was the smoking gun that proved the FBI had it out from day one for the Trump administration.

In an interview on Fox News, Nunes asserted that not only was it time to investigate the investigators, but it was time to investigate Barack Obama for the 2016 intelligence community assessment claiming the Russians meddled in the 2016 election on behalf of Donald Trump.

“We need DOJ to do the right thing. We need these lawyers to be investigated. And I would say overall — Maria, we talked about this on your Sunday show. I told you that there are three reports that really need to be analyzed and investigated. One, of course, is the Steele, Fusion GPS, Clinton paid-for dossier. The other is the intelligence community assessment that was done right after the 2016 election. That needs to be investigated, which I call Obama’s dossier. And then, of course, there’s the Mueller report, which is the Mueller dossier also in how I define them,” Nunes stated.

The Russian collusion hoax is collapsing on every front.

United States Attorney John Durham is conducting a criminal investigation into how this conspiracy started.

Devin Nunes is suggesting that Durham should expand his horizons.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. They keep talking all kinds of stuff, but when is some ninjas going to prison already…….#everybodybekungfofighting

  2. My final say of the night, “Everyone reading these posts should know that Biden is just a ‘Trojan Horse”. The democrats only want him to win the election. “Just win Baby!” Then the Vice President becomes the president, whomever that may be.

  3. Come on guys. They have enough low down dirt on this guy to have a mob beating him down, but he’s still playing golf. Let us make sure, with the help of the Lord, that no other democrat, with or without substance, ever again, gets into any political office. Except for prayer, this is just wishful thinking, huh? Surely, every hell bound person in this nation will seek an evil manner by which to steal the 2020 election. These are the same people, who riot when their home team wins the Super Bowl.

  4. Bravo! Conservative Cow Girl. I like your post. They ask where did this coronavirus came from? Who has all the ties with China? Who is supporting China? It is Joe Biden and son. So who are they and what is their agenda?

  5. Cut off FluffyPillowFive from the Koolaid. Totally delusional and idiotic! Its posts are like reading a CNN script!

  6. Deep State can’t protect Obama from the people! Ask Benito Mussolini how that worked for him!

  7. Viva Trump I’m Latino and Love my great PRESIDENT. He is not RACIST. He Loves all Colors, and I will vote for him again. Viva Mr. TRUMP 2020

  8. So this is where all the delusional Trumpists gather to hug each other in their lies and fabricated fantasies as they support the worst President in American history, Traitor Trump. Tell me again why Trump had to have no translator or witnesses when he conversed with his master, Vladimir Putin?

  9. Just information, Mr. Devin Nunes’s ancestors are Portugues, same as actor Tom Hanks grand parents are from the Azores island of PICO, has a volcano whithin, and Meredith Vieira also portuguese and the wife of John Kerry, Teresa also Portuguese but born in Mozambique, portuguese colony.Portugal discovered lots of lands: Brasil,Cabo verde islands Guinea -Bissue, Agola, Mozambique, Goa India, Timor Island in Indonesia, Macau and Tiwan. Finally my president is Trump.

  10. Just information, Mr. Devin Nunes’s ancestors are Portugues, same as actor Tom Hanks grand parents are from the Azores island of PICO, has a volcano whithin, and Meredith Vieira also portuguese

  11. scott 27 Sorry asshole your kind went down with the ship. Bidon couldent win a dogcatchers race. He don’t even know what state hes in.Anyone who thinks Bidon can beat Trump has been smoking to much weed’

  12. Scott27 sorry you are a HATRED person! Give me the real reason why you hate Trump? I didn’t say I hate Obama! But I didn’t agree with his rule in trying to DESTORY AMERICA! I used to VOTE DEMOCRAT for a long time! But was woke up by BILL CLINTON! I don’t agree with any POLITICAN who is trying to send JOBS TO CHINA OR ANYWHERE FROM AMERICA! I didn’t agree with Obama bringing in Muslim from other countries. You know as much as I they do not agree with our laws! Since you don’t care about the future of your children or grandchildren. It a shame trying to explain to you their future is in your hands! No I don’t care about POLITICAN who doesn’t want to see AMERICA being a Great country! To get you to understand anything you need to go back in time and see which party has hurt the black race more! Yes you will see it and know what happened! I am for every AMERICANS CITIZEN who doesn’t want to be held back by these POLITICAN who only care about MONEY! And for your information TRUMP IS TOO! WHY DO YOU THINK HE GAVE UP THE MONEY THAT COME WITH BEING PRESIDENT?

  13. BO Admin will be proven to be most corrupt in our history in America. No need to say hateful stuff, if you state the facts of corruption that we are still seeing unveiled; you make your point.

  14. Lisa Page texted Peter Strzok that POTUS [Obama] must know everything. See, DOJ Transcript. Clearly, Obama was aware of Crossfire Hurricane and the orchestrated investigation regarding Trump and Russian collusion. The infiltration by Communist China began with the Clintons who supported Obama.

  15. If “fluffy pillow five really wants all those illegal “brown ” imigrants in U.S.A. let’s ask her &all the DEMO–C–RATS to let them “live ” in their homes in multiple numbers ,every DEMO–C–RAT that has multiple homes, & or quadruple rooms has plenty of space.. “NO” PROBLEM EH” OH by the way ILLEGAL’S as a rule don’t get any med.check when they sneak in ,you’d have to live with that,SORRY !!!

  16. dem dems is racist,they cater to the black community and give them a welfare check and food card to keep them in slavery to get their vote,they don’t know how to win an election without them and the gay community which they hate.

  17. Nothing will happen to Crooked Obama and he will continue being Crooked. Obumer is already getting involved in the 2020 election and he should not be involved in any politics as he is here on fake documents

  18. FluffyPillowFive I thought that it was humor. I’ve seen your posts and I know that you’re not a liberal. I thought perhaps someone was impersonating you, like the fake Dan that shows up now and then. We aren’t dying out like snott27 claims. Actually many people are leaving the commiecrats.

  19. Dan Tyree, yes I was being sarcastic. I couldn’t resist seeing your back and forth with Scott27, or maybe his imposter because you never know.

  20. FluffyPillowFive I like to think that you’re adding sarcastic humor to the discussion. Those things aren’t true, except the supporting Trump. And I don’t believe that he’s a racist. By the way, I have black ancestry. I don’t have the look of an Africa American, but it’s 12%in my dna. That’s why I love watermelon. I can even play a little hip hop on my fiddle.

  21. Dan Tyree;
    You’re a racist because you want to stop brown people from migrating into this country.
    You’re a racist because you want to suppress minority votes.
    You’re a racist because you hate Obama because he’s black.
    And your a racist because you support Trump who is a racist.

  22. Snott27 “my kind “isn’t dying out. More people are waking up to the commiecrats and their agenda. You and your kind are a dying breed. And I love it when you asswipes throw out the race card. Lol. Define racist or quit using that worn out term. In what way am I a racist? Just as I thought. You don’t know. Let’s try redneck conservative gun toting patriot. Is that the same thing as a racist? You commiecrats are the ones that stand in the way of minorities advancing. Sorry. The republicans took your slaves away.

  23. Dan Tyree, you are just a crude knuckle dragging racist, like most Trump supporters.
    You’re too stupid to look at the big picture. You’re still caught up in the past.
    I feel sorry for people like you, but I feel better knowing your kind is dying out, and one day your side will no longer exist.

  24. Well they miss the little half breed Muslim & their hate for the white man is a Clear & Present Danger to the well-being of the United States.

  25. Snott27 I’ll tell you whom else you are. You’re a total f—king moron. A pathetic asshole. Just like Monty Jackson,Robert Wallace, Julio and fake Dan. Oh I also forgot to mention gun moll, aka gun c—t. Not a single one of you idiots are good enough to suck Trump’s dick.

  26. Patrioted and others: I have said from day 1 of the Obama Administration that when you come into a country as a foreign student, you declare your citizenship of the foreign country and country of birth! These records are sealed. That is only one of the questionable background pieces of Barack Obama(aka Barry Sotero).

  27. Anyone voting for Biden is either a totally biased libtard jackass like Scott27 or just a welfare baby that can’t hold a job. TRUMP 2020

  28. I don’t care if Trump is doing a good job I still won’t vote for him because I hate him.
    Even if Biden is a bumbling idiot I will still vote for him because I can’t stand the thought of another 4 years for Trump.
    That’s just who I am.

  29. Thank you so much Devin Nunes and all of you helped expose these nasty, hateful, lying bullies who I see now as weeklings that need to be behind bars. Obama is not above the law and he can go down with the rest of them as far as I am concerned. America is smart and knows what’s going on. Trump, thank you for keeping on keeping on making America great !!!!

  30. @Vegastar My oh my America, a country with 330 million citizens, has surpassed Italy, a country with 60 million. While no deaths would be Great it has been proven world wide that was never going to happen. Yet Take Pride in your ignorance and TDS because you have nothing else going for you!!

  31. We need more men in Congress like Devin Nunes. he was attacked personally early on by democrats because he is outspoken. He proved them to be liars and this is just icing on the cake for him. I contribute to his re-election and will continue to do so. If your voting for a Democrat in 2020, you need a psychologist and an education.

  32. PS snott27. I’ve made it clear before that I haven’t impersonated you. I’m not the only one on this site that thinks that you’re an idiot.

  33. Snott27 are you including Monty Jackson in your comments. I have personally asked you anti Trump idiots to discuss policy and agenda but you people won’t do it. It makes me know that you don’t have a case.

  34. Devin, I always did like you! You are the ONLY real politician that represents California right now!!
    You go Devin!!!

  35. Even if China had NOT withheld the severity of COVID-19 virus from the rest of the world, would the President of the United States have begun to read his daily Natural Security Summaries and heeded the multiple warnings of possible pandemiums?

    Even when he alone knows “the System” – and, therefore, he alone can solve our problems/fix the System?

  36. Well … for me it’s just wallowing in all the present WINNING .. WE ARE NUMBER ONE!! The death toll in the United States from the coronavirus has surpassed Italy’s, putting America at No. 1 worldwide for the number of people killed by the virus. For sure the one thing I know Mr. President said that was not a lie .. or sarcasm .. or fake news … he predicted we would say “Please, Mr. President, we beg you sir, we don’t want to win anymore. It’s too much.” It really is way too much.

    Data compiled by Johns Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resource Center show that the U.S. had lost more than 20,600 patients to the virus as of early Sunday morning. Italy has nearly 19,500 deaths. So it’s not the time that I concern myself with past presidents … what’s done is done … all this “WINNING” is just too much for me to worry about anything but the future!!

    Trump: “We’re going to win. We’re going to win so much. We’re going to win at trade, we’re going to win at the border. We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning, you’re going to come to me and go ‘Please, please, we can’t win anymore.’ You’ve heard this one. You’ll say ‘Please, Mr. President, we beg you sir, we don’t want to win anymore. It’s too much. It’s not fair to everybody else.’” Trump said. “And I’m going to say ‘I’m sorry, but we’re going to keep winning, winning, winning, We’re going to make America great again.” 🙁

  37. Monty baby. We can always tell the unloved, uniformed desperate teens by the foolish things they say and their demented desire to be noticed by reading and commenting on very post on a site. Bless your heart honey. Someday you might find a home but that attitude will turn off most prospective parents.

  38. anytime someone mentions this exusurper blackyOB from the Planet of the Ape, red light bulbs just lite up like the fourth of July. can’t believe many lunatics still believe this chimp just birth from thin air.

  39. Just look at these posts; and then tell me again how intelligent you all are and how you’re capable of having a reasoned discourse. So much hate and such juvenile, name-calling behavior. A bunch of spoiled brat children. My God, I hope you haven’t any children. Oh, and by the way, I see Dan T is impersonating me again. What a guy.

  40. congressman nunez, i won’t believe this until this exusurper blackyOB and george soros are in lockstep wearing orange jumpsuit and marching to face the firing squad. remember what susan rice said that her mafia boss blacky wanted every little bitsy transaction and all detail, making sure his scheme is carried out and no leak. didn’t he say “there is no i’oda scandal during his 8 yrs terror Manchuria reign?

  41. Obama needs to be investigated all the way back to Kenya and his Mud Hut. He enlisted in College as a foreign student so, he admitted he wasn’t an American. His half brother has released Obama’s birth certificate from Kenya. Trump is putting investigators on to this. If it is found Obama was born in Kenya, his money and body guards will be gone.

  42. MR.Jackson some time in the near future you should take a look in the nearest looking glass ,you can’t fix stupid ,your a lost cause.

    Richard Lucas

  43. Ah … dudes, there is no indictment involved as far as anyone can tell. Your headline maybe came out of a bull.

  44. While the conservatives are sharpening their knives on OBAMA, understand this, he Obama is part of the DEEP STATE, and they will protect him with everything they have. You will find judges protecting him when it gets to the courts

  45. I don’t see where Joe Biden openly admitted his guilt in this situation as you said he did. I agree that if he is not guilty there shouldn’t be anything in the records during the time he was senator that hurt him during the elections; I strongly believe that is a coverup. At the same time the Renewed Right shouldn’t write headlines lines like this that are clearly true, but with more integrity not stretching what is true.

  46. Folks tend to get real nasty when their GOD (Obama) is highlighted. If anyone believes that dude was not crooked, then let me sell you some fake gold and you will probably buy it. I know that many refuse to see the evidence, but al has to be done is remember how he created czars (Those good folks that would cover his ass.) May GOD BLESS OBAMA???

  47. It is now clear that The Mongrel was not just a dope-smoking communist, an African muslim and an alien usurper of the presidency which he stole the second time around with illegal alien votes. He was from the moment he was parachuted into Harvard and given a new name and a new history an active agent of the Russians and the Chicoms. As he and his rapist sidekick funded the Wuhan laboratory where the virus was created that has now been unleashed upon us, he is also the author of the greatest catastrophe to befall the country he despises and infiltrated for purposes of communist transformation. He is swinging on the golf course now (which his satraps have forbidden to the rest of us), but he will need to swing from the gallows after the revolution against Obammunism that is now inevitable.

  48. Monty stfu. You’re just farting in the wind like a typical libturd. You aren’t going to report anyone.

  49. Great James I still have a lot of family in texas I will let you know when I come also if you are DPS I am going to report to DPS I do mean that for threatening me. So get your answers straight.

  50. No problem Monty…I work for the State of Texas, DPS. Have a nice day and we’ll be seeing you sir..

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  53. Just another loud mouth chimp with no substance. It’s easy to post comments like a little girl whining because it’s her time of the month, but from a grow man, I hope you don’t teach your sons that kind of behavior. But if you don’t, I can tell they’ll grow up to be model citizens…

  54. Monty Jackson you’re just another brain dead commie bastard. So stfu asshole. You post like a hoodrat.

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    JACKBOOT go breath some virus and die along with your so called GOD/KING.

  62. Conservative Cow-Girl I look forward to the coming collapse on the united states should be quite the reality show and I look forward to watching. You sound like a stupid texan.

  63. Devin Cow is a fool looking for somewhere to land maybe he will catch the virus and die a very nasty death he deserves it so does his GOD/KING I hope that MF catches it and they cart him out of the WH feet first.

  64. It funny that some people love to talk nasty about other! But you can only wonder if they are referring to themselves! Or their dreams or FANTASY LIFESTYLE!

  65. Julio did you ask this question about Obama? The Senate don’t break laws like the House! Because ALL LAWS ARE CREATED IN THE HOUSE! So explain why PELOSI and other DEMOCRAT SEAL OFF OBAMA COLLEGE RECORDS? Was there a lot of reasons to hide it? Even some people who attended the school claim he didn’t go there! I can see you love Obama! I guess you love being a slave on the PLANTATION OF SLAVERY that has been around since 1970! When your mother and grandmother SOLD THEIR SOUL TO SATAN FOR FREE STUFF AND MONEY. Which they didn’t earn!

  66. We all know it was OBAMA WHO ORDER THE INVESTIGATE ON TRUMP! It was Hillary who pay for the Russia dosser. But it was Hillary with two Russian on her campaign team! Who received a million dollars for her Foundation funds from Russia? How many FBI agents were involved in racketeering aganist AMERICA safety? Even the head of the department convert to Muslim brotherhood! I don’t care about your opinion! Because only a LIAR will say anything to protect their LIAR! Just look at the mainstream media!

  67. My dad allway’s said if your doing something right, people will down you. PRESIDENT TRUMP is a miricle worker. I been waiting for madame poosie, pimp sh-tmer, and let not forget sh_t sucker shift to say PRESDENT TRUMP don’t take a crap like they beleive he should. At least it don’t come out his mouth. I bet their breath really smells.

  68. Julio wake up dude Mr Trump has done nothing but help all Americans. You need to start looking the other way.

  69. Obama’s legal legacy centered on gay rights and voting rights, which I’m sure some people posting on here like that. But in the end the Legacy will be the most corrupt politician in the history of the United States. They compared the Trump phone call to “Watergate” that’s a joke compared to what’s fixing to happen to these parasites…

  70. Trump has been so great to the American people.. He is as upset or more so then the public… So many Democrats seem to think he can do away whit this virus.. Some accusing him of causing it. My God is the only one that can remove it from the earth and maybe if the complainers would stop blaming Trump and get on their knees and began to pray asking God to stop this thing.. We may see a miracle.. But these ungodly foul mouth idiots are playing into Satan’s hands as he is the demonic force behind this Corvid19 Chinese Virus… Wake up people.. This is serious and can last forever if God doesn’t intercede…………..

  71. Trump has been investigated and investigated and investigated..What else can they investigate? It’s ole rubber neck Schiff.. that needs investigating.. and some of these anti-Americans that make stupid comments on these sites need investigating…. Leave our president alone.. He’s legal, he’s doing a great job.. He’s not God!! He’s not a miracle worker…

  72. How do you know if Trump has done anything wrong if you don’t investigate?

  73. julio, since Pres. Trump has not done anything wrong, there is nothing at all to investigate him for. NOTHING. And Obama lied his way into our White House. He is a traitor and all eight years of his so-called presidency should be annulled. But just keep denying the truth and remain the fool that you are

  74. Fluffy, of course. When you have no morals you can claim anything you want because you deny the truth. Obama and all other dems have thrown out God and His teachings, so anything goes

  75. Fake Dan you probably know about dicks in throats. You probably had yours down your mother’s throat. And probably your kid’s throats.

  76. Is “amazing Devin Nunes can even speak during an interview, as he has Trump’s “dick” so far down his throat!!!!!


  78. Everyone who had a hand in any of this criminal conspiracy and treason should be investigated including Obama, Hillary, the Lovers, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, and I would add Pelosi, Schiff the liar, Schumer, Nadler the Weasel, and anybody else involved. If this does not happen, our justice system is finished and we might as well be a Banana Republic.

  79. The black messiah always claimed his administration had no scandals when the truth is it’s riddled with them.

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