Devin Nunes sat in front of a camera and crushed Obama’s Deep State

The end is coming for Barack Obama’s Deep State.

Every day, investigators claw closer to the truth about how the Obama administration colluded with the FBI to frame Donald Trump for colluding with the Russians.

That became clear when Devin Nunes sat for an interview that sent Washington reeling.

Nunes appeared on Fox & Friends and made a bold prediction.

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman declared that the real truth about the Russia investigation was that the Obama administration and the FBI set up the Trump campaign.

The Daily Caller reports:

“House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes of California said the Trump campaign might have been set up by the federal government back in 2016.

“Let’s talk about how did this get started? You had Fusion GPS that was hired by the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign to draw up a dossier on the president — or as the president was running for president,” Nunes said Tuesday on “Fox & Friends.” “What happened with that is that in [Glen Simpson’s] testimony he mentioned that there was a source within the campaign.”

Nunes said Glenn Simpson, the head of Fusion GPS, told Congress he was being truthful about a mole within the Trump campaign and predicted the fallout would tarnish the FBI and DOJ.

“Glenn Simpson said that in what was closed testimony. Then it became public. Now he’s confirmed that he was telling Congress the truth, which is probably a good idea,” Nunes continued. “We believe he was telling the truth. And what we’re trying to do is get the documents to figure out — did they actually have, what methods were used to open this counter intelligence investigation?”
“I think what it really means, I think it will look badly on the Department of Justice and the FBI on how they conducted this investigation,” Nunes said.”

Nunes and Trey Gowdy have been locked in a standoff with the Justice Department over documents that the DOJ says contains the name of an American citizen who acted as an informant for the Mueller investigation.

Trump supporters believe this individual is also the spy the FBI inserted into the Trump campaign.

Every day Americans are learning more and more about the corruption at the highest levels of supposedly non-partisan law enforcement institutions.

And what they are discovering is destroying the credibility of the FBI and DOJ.


  1. AMEN! Now would someone please tell me why we are still calling it Obama’e DSE, since our DSE congressional members have been working hand in hand with the one world global government, aka the new world order long before Obama usurpation was foisted upon American voters.
    In case you have forgotten, Nancy Pelosi signed the DNC letter mailed out that stated Barack Hussein Obama had been vetted and was eligible to hold the position of POTUS, which was and stil is a lie. He has yet to prove that he is even a USA citizen by any means – never was and never will qualify as a “natural born citizen” as his alleged father was an English subject. There was also an allegation that England had done a clandestine DNA test on him and he didn’t check out to be Stanly Ann Dunham’s child either! No way of checking to verify this tidbit.

  2. I think that’s a wonderful idea. Let’s print it out and mail it to Mr. Trump.
    They would not be expecting a snail mail delivery.

  3. I do share your thoughts and ideas but do you truely believe that ANY of it would fly? Most people believe that the “swamp,deep state” forms within OUR government. This “thing”-deep state is a large group of supper rich throughout the FREE WORLD. This group is so large that each individual has NO IDEA WHO IS A MEMBER! Their primary goal is to DESTORY AMERICA!! ONE WORLD ORDER, RING A BELL??

  4. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, Gowdy, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  5. You libtards want the demoncrat Nazi communist party to run the country!You libtards should move out of the USA and go to Russia or somewhere else and live with your own kind!ASAP! President Trump and America’s patriots will help you get there!

  6. Alan, I do agree on the money however, maybe some one will have an idea of how to cure the disease of all the huge money donated either thru a PAC or illegally to especially democrats running for office. It seems the one who has the most money behind them wins. (Not applicable to Trump because most of his was self funding.) I just wish I knew the answer but thanks so much for your answer as you are correct on the constitutional convention. My state of Florida is already a member and we don’t need a whole bunch more to sign up. Wish they would hurry though while Mr. Trump is president because then we could really get what is needed like term, and pay limits.

  7. Most of this is a great idea. The Convention of the States is long overdue but it won’t happen unless the public are made aware that no Constitutional amendments can be passed without discussion and passage, followed by 2/3 of states approval. Finally, pooling campaign contributions and giving an equal share to all party candidates is a terrible idea. If I want to contribute directly to a great candidate—bypassing the establishment party leaders—I should be able to do so! I don’t want a cent to go to RINOs.

  8. Nunes for President in 2020 or 2024!!! We need you brother, to get to the truth and to root out the evil and corruption within our government. I am so proud and grateful for the work you are doing, that you have the courage, strength, and character to fight for what is right regardless of what others think. Hope you run after Donald exits the scene, you would definitely get my vote. God Bless you Devin !!!

  9. Keep up the good work Nunes; you seem to be a party of one trying to get to the truth. Seems as if Gowdy has chickened out, and others are bailing out this November. If we don’t stop the corruption by the Democrats (Deep State) now it will continue ad infinitum.

  10. Sounds really good to me. Also all previous records, college, background checks and proof of citizenship before they can even run for congress.

  11. Should have been the law a long time ago !!! They have no more rights than the common person !! Absolute power brings corruption !!!

  12. John, that will never happen, Obama has enough money to leave the country. If there was a video of Obama confessing to someone what he did, then maybe his own people will hang him.

  13. Wrong. Please google Constitutional Convention;. It changes nothing in the constitution as it is written only adding an Addendum. Only 1 mind you and after authorized by the States and written, comes back to the states for a vote (by the people) and then still has to be ratified by 2/3rds of the states. That is the reason that it takes 3 years. This is the only way we are going to get term limits period and doing away with the gravy train. Congress is only a small part of the process.

  14. That`s all fine and good , and I agree with you totally ,BUT
    The ones that this will effect are also the ones that must approve
    it all. And there is a snowballs chance in hell of that happening.
    Why, would they want to cut off their cake walk. It has taken them years to get it all set up for themselves. To many lawyers are running this country .

  15. Bad Ideal, You (nor any of us conservatives) would have any control of who each state sent to the convention. But those sent could be liberal, and cancel the current constitution to be rewritten by them. We would lose all of the ten amendments. unless they want to include them. We the people would not have control over the terms of their new constitution. America as we know it would end. NO Keep our current constitution and make amendments to it for any corrections needed. The three branches should hang onto their power, and not let the other branches exceed their constitutional powers.

  16. Awwww the FBI and DOJ reputations will be tarnished???? They should have thought about that when they chose to deceive and lie and obstruct and break the law. They are stupid unindicted criminals which, I hope, will change soon when all the information that Nunes seeks comes out. All I can say is, what a bunch of morons. Remember, Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Also, the synonym for democrats is COLLECTIVE STUPID. Any questions?

  17. I agree with you. If they had to live with the laws they passed they may do more homework or not pass laws that are bad for the average citizen.

  18. What you say is not true. 2/3rds of the States get together to come up with one agenda and have a meeting and draft what Amendment they want. Then it is voted on the continue. Once it is altogether, it goes back to the States for a vote because 2/3rds of the States have to ratify or it doesn’t go any further, Google Constitutional Convention of States and you will sell how it works. It takes about 3 years total to get an Amendment done and ratified which we really need to start now and get done while Pres. Trump is in office to have a chance to get Congress straightened out as they will do against themselves to begin with. My state of Florida is already in. I think now perhaps there are 7 States that have been accepted.

  19. You that recommends we put the Constitution into the hands of the criminals operating the US corporate governance are ignorant at best.
    More than likely an enemy from within.
    We have a Constitution because of the deceit of the Committee assigned the task of updating the Articles of Confederation. They exceeded their assignment. Once an Article V con con is done there are no, none, zero restraints upon the Legislature.

  20. Did you know that Muller indited a Russian Co that doesn’t exist. I’d say that’s pretty damn straight forward that he intends to do what he can to keep this going to put a stain on our president.

  21. Thanks so much for the accolades however, I am too old (80) and not a him but a her. I wouldn’t last one day because being old I don’t keep my mouth shut and when McShame would show up would give him a mouth full for all of our veterans. Of course, Pelosi and Waters wouldn’t have a clue of what I was talking about so don’t waste ones breath.

  22. Should obliterate the credibility of CNN MSNBC NYT and NPR also. Unfortunately people don’t pay attention and they forget even if they once knew. Easier to let others do their thinking for them

  23. It sounds like we need True BELIEVER to BE elected to the House or the Senate , I would absolutely VOTE for him !!!!!!!!!!!!



  25. Bama : Bill ;you have it absolutely right !! once we get rid of the PRETENDERS we MIGHT get someone to do the RIGHT thing. M.A.G.A. !!!!!!!!!!

  26. True BELIEVER :: You are absolutely 100% right !! We need Jim Jordan as Speaker , because trey is LEAVING at the end of his term . JORDAN will stay the term ,& is like a BULLDOG once he gets ahold BAD performers !!

  27. The real problem with Lobbyists isn’t Lobbyists. It’s the incompetents that are getting elected. They are dumb as a box of rocks and depend on lobbyists for their information about issues. I’ve seen it here in Missouri at the State level. So if you eliminate lobbyists, you still have the incompetents to deal with. Only half of the problem fixed. Maxine Waters is the perfect worst case example.

  28. I think Trump can clean up much of the mess in eight years, unless the Deep State panics and tries something really clandestine. Then, we need a successor to Donald who will continue the effort. Not many out there with his conviction or guts. Have to start looking now before it’s too late.

  29. Well, I will try it again here. In my opinion the only way to get rid completely of the deep state is to have a constitutional convention of states. If your state has not applied, please have them do so so we can get on with an amendment to do the following (it takes 3 years from beginning to end so we could get this done while Pres. Trump is President). 1. Term limits of 2 terms of 4 years just like the President for Senate and Congress. 2. When running for any office, no donations directly to the person running. All donations go into a pot and are distributed equally that way don’t owe anybody any favors. 3. Cannot run for any office after age 64 to be in line with the compulsory retirement age of 72 for Civil Service. Must retire if have a dilabating sickness such as brain cancer, dementia etc.4. Must pay into social security and if they want a retirement, then pay into one like a 401k but no automatic pension when leaving the government like they have now because they are only serving for 8 years. 5. While working have same healthcare that the American public has to use. When not in office can have their choice and pay for it. 6. Can not work for a lobbing firm for 5 years after out of government and can never work for foreign lobbing firm.7. Cannot vote themselves a pay raise. Will get the same percentage that social security gets every year. 8. Have to abide by laws they pass including no insider trading and if caught it is jail time. 9. Will get 1 month vacation time only. When running for the 2nd term, will have an extra 4 weeks to campaign. 10, Are limited to aides unless they pay for them out of their pocket. They were elected to work not have someone else do the work for them. And last but not least, have to pass a constitutional exam. When they are sworn in the swear to uphold the constitution. How can they do that if they don’t know what is in the constitution? If they don’t pass, must go to school until the do pass but cannot take office until they do. Can you imagine Waters, Pelosi, McCain, Shummer etc. passing this test? Yeah
    I think with this, we would drain the swamp very rapidly.

  30. Mueller and John Kerry both look like the devil himself. Also give me the creeps every time I see a picture of them. Are they twins?

  31. It is definitely time to CLEAN HOUSE. It may be time to simply kick out this “government”, keep Trump, and form another type of government,one that is small and efficient, not to mention HONEST and COMPETENT. That, of course,would leave out all left wingers as they have no interest in an honest and competent government.

  32. There are DOZENS of vermin in our “pretend government”, which has miserably failed to the extent that one must wonder if we citizens should just get together and form another form of government IF WE TRULY BELIEVE GOVERNMENT IS WHAT A FREE COUNTRY NEEDS. None of these vermin will be tried or arrested. 2-3 secretaries may be arrested, but none of the leading criminals will face any jury or judge. IOW, our government is as close to fake as is the Mueller sick comedy working overtime to commit treason.

  33. OK, a SECOND reply has been removed! The reply was true, no bad language, JUST THE TRUTH. Thank you ”renewedright” FOR CONFIRMING OUR LACK OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

  34. Just look all around you to see the terrible damage that Obama did to this country. That commie belongs in jail for his crimes.

  35. Completely SHUT DOWN the FBI AND DOJ FIRE EVERYONE! Then only hire people who are TRUE CONSERVATIVE AMERICANS, & who totally support President Trump!!

  36. Their actions is all part of a cover up to keep the incoming administration from discovering their corruption. Keep them busy defending themselves they want have time to discover the corruption of the previous administration. Remember, Obama lived and is said to have come from Chicago IL the state with the most corrupted officials. (even thou many know he is not America We need to have a majority in the Senate and House after the mid terms. people call your representatives in Congress to have Ryan out and vote in a new Speaker so that person can get their feet wet before the mid-terms. Would be nice if we could do the same in the Senate and have repersenators that are willing to assist our elected President Trump who is working hard to get things done. My recommendations for Ohio would be is Jim Jordan or Nunes. He and Trey both seem to be the only ones getting things done the Freedom Caucus. I can understand however why Trey will not be running again. It is hard to know what to do when there is so much corruption in our government departments. I am wondering why McCain hasn’t resigned before now, we need to find the right person to replace him. Harry Reed has pancreatic cancer will he be retuning to us? To bad politicians couldn’t be on the same medical programs that we are have, however our insurance isn’t good for that and need a better one which tax payers pay for another. Nothing that the American people is good enough for the elected politicians hse.

  37. In my opinion Mueler looks crooked and guilty as h–l. I can’t believe anyone can actually believe anything coming out of his mouth. He gives me the willies.????????

  38. My REPLY was removed from this comment section. It contained no bad language, only a reply that this person is wrong about the country, especially the Republican Party. Since when did it become wrong to disagree with ANYONE? I am so disappointed in so many in this country, when it seems we no longer have freedom to disagree in a civilized manner. How sad is that? We cannot blame one party over another about the division in this country.

  39. the number of politicians on the take is scary we the people need to step in and vote this vermin out

  40. Right On N. Let the *DROWN THE SWAMP* begin with the firing of *Silent Swamper Sessions*
    and Rudy immediately announce he is in charge! Then America can be GREAT AGAIN! Last step to greatness is this: ELIMINATE ALL LOBBYISTS! They alone are responsible for turning America in communism over the last 30 years since clinton with bribes on a daily basis! If they object, deport them all after closing their companies!!

  41. Maybe we should go back to marking the ballot by hand, and forget the machines. My Mother worked on election teams, and they had lots of Americans who volunteered, the counting was done in the precincts, and volunteers stayed until the counting was done, with witnesses there. We have more people in the country now, but we need to change our attitudes of GET IT DONE FAST!! Just git it done right!!

  42. YES, we will never trust government again, if they do not follow through with this. The DEEP STATE, the RESISTANCE will always be with us. I feel they are getting closer, and with the perseverance of those like Rep Devin Nunes, they will get results.

  43. AMEN to that! You named them all on the Republican side, but on the Democrat side you should name; pelosi, shcumer, and about 20-30-40-50 more. The Democrats are not the Democrat Party of my parents time. President Ronald Reagan said; He didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left him. He did become a Republican. He was one of the most honest presidents in my life.

  44. Deep State is everywhere!!! The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  45. When you find corruption in government agencies, no matter what agencies are involved, you deal with that corruption and eliminate it! If you do not take that course of action, then the entire government loses it’s trust and respect of the citizens. This has been a problem for our form of government over the past quarter century, because of all of the political coverup that has been taking place in D.C.! It’s time to let the chips fall where they may and clean up our government.

  46. Agree 100% From personal experience. My children and grand child attending California colleges that indoctination occurred. Going in to college and after leaving there was a huge difference in political ideology.

  47. Rigged election in CALIFORNIA. Some are only DEMOCRATs to chose from. We aleast need no vote , I plan on adding it to my ballot no vote, I don’t want any one marking it. I voted at the polls 2016 too find a blank screen and no nothinhing else. I asked if it was a George Soros machine. I got no answer. I hear we have new machine’s I don’t trust my state gov.

  48. Why do individuals in government and life itself behave like they are the only important ones. It is a ramification of what is going on at the higher levels of our educational institutions. At the larger universities, kids learn all kind of knowledge(mostly by themselves). There is little emphasis placed on value clarification, moral and professional conduct. So what do we get when these people grow up? We get kids with knowledge, self educated, valueless and without moral values or any kind of ethical values. Our higher educational institutions are failing our society. It’s time to change the university educational system and its curriculum. We need courses on professionalism. Will it happen? It will probably not happen, but it is an idea.

  49. I heard last night it may be out in the next day or so. Evidently it was delayed to consider more evidence that appeared.

  50. Wow , our nation is on a war within itself . Most so called Republican are fake in their conviction . No wonder the division that is going on in the party . I would say that the majority of politician have no fear of God . And they have no relationship . They are simply religious people . Who live by their feelings , and not by faith . And the other party you can see the deception and blindness May Almighty God have mercy on the USA .

  51. When you “Follow the Money”, you will see that the Unions, Democrats, and thousands of liberal organizations like “MoveOn” are owned by Mr. George Soros. That includes Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, and many others. Who do you think paid for the thousands of protestors and rioters, their busses, hotels, and other expenses? They are all on the payrolls of SEIU, and other organizations. Hillary sells 20% of our uranium with the consent of many democrats who were part of the Obama regime at the time. And Comey and gang were part of the assault on Donald Trump. Who was in bed with the Russians? Hillary and gang! Then they want to pin it on Trump! NUTS!

  52. I’ll believe it when the excrement actually hits the oscillator. That’s a polite way of saying when the $#!% hits the fan, in case anyone needs a translation. . . . . .

  53. Their actions is all part of a cover up to keep the incoming administration from discovering their corruption. Keep them busy defending themselves they want have time to discover the corruption of the previous administration. Remember, Obama is from Chicago IL the state with the most corrupted officials.


  55. We simply must have a majority in the Senate and House after the mid terms. As I have said before, people call your representatives in Congress to have Ryan out and vote in a new Speaker so that person can get their feet wet before the mid-terms. Would be nice if we could do the same in the Senate and have reps that want to assist Pres. Trump in getting things completed. One of my recommendations is Jim Jordan of Ohio or Nunes. He and Trey seem to be the only ones getting things done along with the Freedom Caucus. I can understand however why Trey is not going to run again as getting frustrated in Congress. I wouldn’t last a day because of not being politically correct and telling those idiots off including McCain. I would have said the exact same thing that person in the WH said and why McCain hasn’t resigned so that someone can take his place is beyond me. Harry Reed did as we now find out he has pancreatic cancer. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they had to use the same medical system all of us have to??????

  56. Yeah, it is getting tiresome. A lot of legal barriers are standing in the way. We have the control of three Houses, but … too many RINOs.

    Why can’t these RINOs register themselves as Democrats in the first place?

  57. Yeah, yeah. Every day it’s a new revelation of criminality, but no one is being indicted. Where is the Inspector Generals report that was due months ago?

  58. Watching CNN…and the political opinion banter is about VOTER BASE, SUPPORTING VOTER BASE, AND NOT LOSING VOTER BASE.


    THIS use to be where CONGRESS use to come in…in order to get legislation through that…MAKES AMERICA BETTER. This is where compromise, cooperation, coordination, and negotiations gave both parties something EACH PARTY COULD LIVE WITH. GIVING AMERICANS A BETTER NATION!!!





    THIS MUST STOP…or the USA…will continue the trek to less than THE USA SHOULD BE.
    VOTE ACCORDINGLY IN 2018-2020.

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