Devin Nunes has a surprise for the FBI and they may never recover

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has another blockbuster revelation.

He’s already uncovered massive wrongdoing with the FBI using the fake news Steele dossier to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

And he just released a bombshell letter that could land FBI higher ups in prison.

Chairman Nunes fired off a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions accusing the FBI of violating their own standard procedure in using the Steele dossier to obtain a warrant.

He stated that the FBI is only supposed to use “documented and verified” information to obtain a warrant.

And he also alleges someone in the FBI may have violated the law in disregarding Bureau policy.

The Daily Caller reports:

“The FISA warrants — the first of which was granted on Oct. 21, 2016 — also failed to disclose that the Clinton campaign and DNC were the funders of the dossier. Though the FBI knew that Democrats paid for the document, the FISA application stated only that the bureau “speculates” that the dossier information came from a source who sought to “discredit” Trump’s campaign.

In his letter to Sessions, Nunes is asking whether FBI protocols were changed since the 2011 guide “to allow for the use of unverified information” to support FISA applications.

Nunes also noted that violation of the 2011 protocols by presenting “false and/or unverified information” could constitute criminal conduct.

He cited possible conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and contempt of court. The Republican also flagged possible violations of 18 USC 242 and 50 USC 1809. The former statute makes it illegal to use the “color of law to conduct a targeted investigation based on the pretext of law enforcement.” The latter pertains to “surveillance conducted under color of law in a manner not authorized by FISA.”

In his original memo outlining how the FBI abused their power in obtaining a FISA warrant against Page Nunes noted that then deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified that without the dossier no warrant would have been obtained.

The Democrats response memo did not refute this charge.

Nunes new letter to the Justice Department may have uncovered the next layer of this scandal.

And it could lead to prison for someone at the FBI.


  1. And MANY more will be as you say, “butt hurt” The RICH will get RICHER and the “poor” well, there lives won’t change. Trump touts the stock market as making people better off. What percentage of people living paycheck to paycheck are prospering from the stock market???? Probably very close to zero, but Trump and his cronies are making a killing. Trump only cares about himself!!!!!!!

  2. twisted and evil you are. So many people are butt hurt and just show their hate. everything you say, you have put a twist on it and call it lies. butt hurt hatter.

  3. Hey Kathy, spent 3 tours in VietNam. Looked for Trump there but he was to busy visiting his doctors and lawyers to keep his “RICH” ass out of the war. He loves the military???? But when it was his time up to serve he was no where to be found. HYPOCRITE. As time goes on we will all live to find that Trump will make Nixon look like a saint. Ironic we are 50 years since Nixon. Trump is the “biggest” snake oil salesman to walk the planet. He only cares about himself. Have you ever seen such an ego maniac? The guy actually thinks he’s telling the truth. Guess he has convinced himself his constant lies are truths. When his time on earth is finished, he will have to answer to his maker!!!! and he will surely rot in hell!!!!

  4. Killary Clinton and rest are the biggest Liers ever and not Pnly they lie they have done criminal types of actions
    Bigest criminals ever when people lost their lives and young woman abused rapped
    Tired of all your bs

  5. Ty you got the best president ever
    The ones that are angry communist should be educated
    They are the ones that couse problems and deciding discrimination

  6. Killary and rest of you anty Americans pack your bags
    You are not respecting your president your country your own people
    Rich politicians bustards time fore people to make USA great
    You all have no idea what means freedom
    Be ashamed of your selves you all have more then enough you leave go away and shut up

  7. Then your ability to analyze is faulty. I’ve been aware of Trump the man for decades; the businessman, the TV showman, and so on, since LONG before he was running for any office; and I’ve CERTAINLY been paying attention since his election! I voted for an actual Constitutional originalist, but can admit when I see a man doing what SHOULD be done in the US Gov’t even if he wasn’t my choice for the job. And we didn’t call Nixon “tricky Dicky” for no good reason. I drink no koolaid. Neither did I fall for Jim Jones nor any other such cultist. I’m not as closed minded as you apparently are. And I don’t listen to the fake news; naven’t in decades.

  8. Sandra, written like a true Trumpian. Think you do should do some in “depth” research and you will find all the enclosed are true facts, unlike the “fake” news your Potus touts. Stay tuned because the “king” will go down as time passes and will make Nixon look like a “saint” by comparison. Keep drinking the “koolaid” Remember Jim Jones, sure you would follow Trump and drink his “koolaid”!!!!!

  9. WOW, 1 right, if you call exaggeration a major lie, otherwise none right. Trump repeatedly stated it was our BUSINESS taxes that were the highest in the world and they WERE! The murder rate was on the rise again before O left office, according to the FBI stats, in fact climbing steadily through his 2nd term, after decades of steadily DROPPING. What he said before, as CAMPAIGN rhetoric, and what he’s actually been doing may not line up; they SELDOM, if ever, DO, regardless the candidate or level at which he’s running. And as I recall, that “done deal” was renegotiated with Lockheed right after the inauguration for a better price. SO close now before you lose your head entirely.

  10. Wow, I could write a book on this subject. Just to keep the reading “lite” I’ll give you a few examples at a time, otherwise you Trumpees will lose interest. Lets start with the following (remember all “fake” statements by King Donald) His electoral college victory was the greatest in history, do some research and will find many recent presidents with a greater number….The USA is the highest taxed country in the “world” Big time lie on that one…..The murder rate is the highest its been in 45-50 years, data shows the murder rate has been all time lows for the past few decades….He states since being president he opposed the middle east war, do research and find out his statements prior was he was all for the war…..Makes the claim on saving millions on Lockheed fighter jets but that was a done deal far prior to him becoming president. This is just an opener, if you are still interested, I could write for “days” on his false statements. As time goes on, we will all learn his “greatest lies” are yet to come…..

  11. As you stated “Lies are Lies….and Trump tells many, many lies and the sad part he tells so many he “believes” he is telling the truth. As the saying goes, “once a liar, always a liar!!!!!

  12. Especially 1 whose confusing the thin-skinned O with Trump; yes, he lashes out at the repeat detractors and rightly so; but not at “everyone”. Lies are lies regardless who tells them!

  13. Well Rudy how many did he stiff? Second question why is he doing all the things that needed to be done to this country to save it from the US hater who follows Saul Alinsky and the option as president Hillary Clinton. Why has virtually everything he promised to do having such positive results? Why are so many people working and why did the tax cuts result in not only extra pay but many bonuses because the tax cuts allowed the companies to pass out bonuses. Why is NATO paying more of their debt? Why the strong stock market? Gee, I just wasted ink and time with this it is to a liberal and they never will be able to understand what I just asked.

  14. Dianna…..FYI I am not a Democrat. Not a Republican either. Never have and never will be aligned with either political party. Been voting for 50+ years and have am an independent. As the 1st president stated, political parties will be the ruin of this country. Oh what foresight that man had….Think you shouldn’t make ASSUMPTIONS!!!!!!

  15. You talk about humanity while you disgusting democrats are supporting abortions? Planned Parenthood is taking the lives of
    Full term babies. The babies are screaming in pain! That’s humanity? I know God will reckon with your kind in the end.
    But don’t you dare say anything about humanity!

  16. Kevin, undeclared war…..Draft was in effect. The “average” kid didn’t have the “advantage” of evading the draft!!!! Only the well off had that “privilege”

  17. Damm Bunn, o’im sorry i spelled your name wrong . but you comment threw me off. you have to be some stupid liberal.. SURE dont belong in AMEICA. Seems your go the CRIMINALS.

  18. Dan You failed to mention how many people he stiffed with Trump U. and land deals, stealing property from under there noses. He surely is no high quality human being!!!

  19. RUDY, obviously you don’t know much about yours and our President. There are numerous things this man has done for a lot of people. i.e. sending his airline to pick up soldiers bringing them back from the Gulf War, as our government had not made proper arrangements. Send people money that were in financial trouble.

  20. Humanity isn’t the same as humanitarianism; and coming from the left, y’all have NO ROOM to complain about bullying, name calling, etc, since that’s y’all’s tactic when y’all don’t get y’all’s way!

  21. Excuse me, I am sorry…..Trump has humanity????? Anyone who disagrees or speaks one single word against him, he ridicules, bullies, calls name, etc.. Would you want your children or grandchildren to emulate Donald J Trump????? If you would I feel very. very sorry for you and yours!!!!!

  22. I think you lack understanding of the term “humanity” and therefore are unqualified to judge accurately who has or doesn’t have it.

  23. Putin and Trump in the same sentence. The one thing these two have in common is: not an ounce of “humanity” in both of them combined.

  24. Little Kimmie’s not that bright. When it comes to manipulators, he’s up against a master; and he doesn’t have the cred. Putin and Trump are playing each other, which puts humanity in the middle.

  25. Nixon meeting with China came years after he left the WH, and HE also failed to deal with the Kim dynasty in DPRK, during his years in the WH, which is WHY we now have this problem; NONE of the POTUS’ who have occupied that house has done anything about the Kim family since the cease fire in ’53, but enable their retreat and development of arms.

  26. It will be interesting to see what happens. Maybe Nunes has incriminating info on Trump???? Think he might release that????His head is so far up Trumps ass…..Do you think Kim is playing Trumpty Dumpty? Maybe Trumpty is going down that same road Nixon (I am not a crook) meeting with China…..Wouldn’t it be “funny” if history repeats itself!!!! Even the Trump supporters have to know he is a poor excuse of a human being (if you can call him one) Just FYI, I have never nor ever will be registered to either major political party. Been elgible to vote since 1968 and have never seen this country and disgusting as it is now. All this politicians care about is too get reelected to keep there “cushy” positions. Feel sorry for the youth of this country as the years go bye…..

  27. And since Assist AG Rod Rosenstein signed off on the last FISA Request to spy on Carter, using the fake Dozzier created by Christopher Steele for Fusion GPS; paid for by Hillary Clinton and DNC; he also needs to be investigated by any new Special Counsel appointed to investigate the Fake Dozzier’s purpose to discredit Donald Trump the Candidate, and used to discredit his Presidency, after he was elected.

  28. Fagetaboutit. McCain took a brain bullet…no release from THAT prison…tho he still has his hand in the cookie jar to SNAFU and FUBAR…the RINO that he is. Focus on Obama, Holder, Emmanuel, Clinton, et cetera et cetera et cetera.

  29. Or Rudy Guiliani! Or Sheriff Joe Clarke! OR, yes, Trey Gowdy with Jim Jordan! PITBULLS ALL! No offense to pitbulls…

  30. Holder was the AG when he signed off on the TREASONOUS ACT of selling out America by giving Putin 20% of America’s Uranium in which Hitlary received so called Donations of $145 million to her PHONY Clinton Crime Family Foundation and Bill the Rapist Sexual Predator got a $500,000.00 fee for a 20 minute talk in Russia. How much money did Mueller get under the table from PUTIN.
    If AG Sessions has opened up an investigation into the Treasonous Uranium One Deal, and since Mueller was head of the FBI which means he should also be under investigation which means he needs to be FIRED as Special Prosecutor since he is now under investigation for Aiding and Abetting in a Treasonous Act.
    Since Holder was the AG at the time and also signed off on this Treasonous Act, he also needs to be put under an intense Investigation

  31. Well, you may be a 2 tour Vietnam vet, and for not running over the border, but serving I do thank you, but for your present attitude which is giving vets a very black eye and leaving a bad taste in others’mouths, I must say you’re not doing anyone including yourself any favors. A LOT of people didn’t go to Vietnam, even if they did serve. That isn’t the measure of a patriot.

  32. I don’t know what party he votes, but he is a leftist and long time Clinton supporter.

  33. He’s RIGHT about McCain. LISTEN to the fellow vets who spent time at the “Hilton” with him; learn the truth about the Forrestal which caused the deaths of over 100 of his fellow sailors. I didn’t even vote for Trump; because I knew over 30 years ago who and what he is; this isn’t about Trump, but McCain. It’s appropriate to give credit where it’s DUE, and in this instance it is due.

  34. I wasn’t even allowed to start kindergarten ’til I could tie my own shoes, get my own snow suit and galoshes on, etc. Teachers weren’t there to dress us.

  35. You sound just like TRUMP. He’s a coward and a pathological liar. He lies so much he thinks he’s truthful You don’t see any problem on him as a human being, belittling, attacking, bullying, anyone who disagrees with him. Would you like you kids or grandkids to emmulate him as a person????? He’s a “POOR EXCUSE” for what a human being should be!!!!!!!

  36. I see nothing wrong with it at all; he didn’t go near far enough! Learn a bit more about McCain’s history; he’s NO HERO at all; in fact, he IS a traitor and was in Vietnam too. The fact is, had his Daddy and Granddaddy NOT been wearing stars, he would have been booted from Anapolis, and certainly following the Forrestal! He shouldn’t even have been in long enough to get shot down and sent to the “Hanoi Hilton” let alone betrayed his fellow prisoners there, repeatedly, and Arizonans since!

  37. I know Bush Sr. was a WWII guy. Bush Jr. was like Trump and skirted the draft. As John McCain stated “only the poor kids” served in Viet Nam unless the “richies” wanted to participate. You don’t see anything wrong with Trump not respecting McCain by saying he’s no hero, he got captured, I prefer people who didn’t. How about Trumpty Dumpty saying he would have run into Parkland school even if he was unarmed….what a joke, he wouldn’t run in the Nam jungles like I had too fully armed. Instead he ran to his lawyers and doctors office to get 5 deferments for a bone spur that today can’t even remember what foot in was on!!!!!! To quote “Trump……SAD……Still drinking his Kool Aid????? Are you old enough to remember Jim Jones and Kool Aid???? Trump’s agenda is the same!!!!!

  38. Bush was USAF reserves. That counts, whether you agree or not. His Daddy was a WW II carrier pilot in the Navy. Want to try again?

  39. I’m not sure where Wray is in all this; but I suspect he’s with the rest of the top slugs, unfortunately. I think Trump needs to go OUTSIDE the agency and pull in someone not tainted by the corruption within, if he’s going to clean that agency out. That would, in fact, be a PERFECT job for “Sheriff Joe” Arpaio to take on. He knows how to run a department and what the laws are/aren’t, and he doesn’t care WHO you are if you break them, he’s after you! Wray’s lack of action indicates he has too many personal ties to others in the agency to do that job.

  40. Yes. They are very adept at staying within the letter of the law, but not the intent. Seasoned criminals.

  41. What has Wray been doing all this time? Is he going to clean house or just join the party? Wray is knee deep in the information and so far, he’s been a total waste of time and energy.

  42. Hung by the nect until dead is what I need to hear about most of them…Obama and Hillary and two attorney generals would be a good start…Christians need to pray for this to happen.

  43. Yes, Holder needs prison and perhaps the hangman’s noose too..Lynch as well and maybe Sessions when we uncover his refusal to lock the crooks up…Start lock ups at the top…Get Obama in Gitmo today..Hillary needs jail at once and the hanging for treason later etc…Most in government going to serve much time. CIA and DOJ just as dirty as FBI…We are bereft of law and order now…Trump is prez in name only…O and Hillary still running the show….Stop this idiocy now.

  44. While I agree that Holder belongs in prison for a number of things, I am not sure what role he played in this particular crime. After all Lynch was AG by then. 🙁

  45. I believe all of Congress should have to take a 1960 GED Test the ones that Fail have to Resign..!!
    That would leave 95% of the Seats open to Candidates who can Pass the Test…!! Also have to be able to Tie Their Own Shoes within five minutes…!!!

  46. Deborah – Never say never, I know it seems unlikely right now, that anything will happen to 0bama/Hitlery…but eventually these criminals will fall. It’s only a matter of time.

  47. You are making us vets look bad with your using your service to back up a dimwitted reply.

  48. Yes, if they get the guns the next step is to turn America over to the UN. Even to talk like that is awful because where do they think they get the right to take from anybody? These people are all mentally sick,they all are very rich and have everything they want but they still aren’t satisfied. They want to be rulers or kings but I am sorry that will not happen,we already have a King Jesus,He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords,the only one we will have or need.If you want to be a part of his Kingdom it’s not too late. Ask Jsus into your heart and He will save you too.

  49. I think Sessions is well aware of all the legal stuff. Trump is great but he doesn’t know how the legal/DC Senate rules go . He will LOL

  50. Pelosi and Schumer are just partisan manipulators I don’t think either is in this inner circle. Political whores? YUP criminal? not sure about it.

  51. I bet one or two minor players could but they would nEVER arrest Obama although HE is first on the list Clinton second

  52. Maybe they SHOULD go to the house. AND THE SENATE. Take them all in for interrogation and prosecution.

  53. THINKING they are the “elite” and BEING such are quite different. TRUE, as long as their scam holds up they may appear that way, but it is a house of cards that is falling now, hard to say just how far we can go on putting them all out. They like to have us BELIEVE in their lies, and they DO hope that they can get away unscathed, but as they keep falling and we SEE what they are they lose their “power” at an exponential rate.

  54. America is in grave danger when our protectors become our enemies. As we continue these investigations we will see how our leaders have violated the constitution and our laws. We have one of our parties that has decided they are not going to follow the law already. They have attacked the United States and declared war on the President and the people that elected him. If the people didn’t have guns they would take complete control of America. And now this same party is trying to take our guns. God help America!

  55. Hey Munch….I am a 2 tour VietNam veteran. I looked for Trump there but couldn’t find him. Guess he was too busy with his lawyers and doctors getting his 5 deferments. Pretty funny how a person who loves the military ran the other way when he should have served. Oh, I forgot only the poor kids served in Nam. If you were a rich SOB you didn’t have to worry. Wake up!!!!!!

  56. True enough Walter. I’m retired FBI and I’m certain even if McCabe or other Agents were charged and convicted they will still receive their massive retirement and subsidized health care for life. That is not true for political appointees like Comey. Although he was a federal prosecutor I doubt he has 20 years completed. His conviction would negate any possibility of receiving a federal windfall retirement.

  57. criminalo illegal president obama should be the first to go to prison for treason along with hillary bill comey rice, lynch joe biden, brennan wray, muller, eric holder john mccain,nancy peloski, schumer, all are pedos and criminals

  58. Hey Mark…..I live in a reality world. FYI….I am a Nam vet, 2 tours….. Did you serve?????I looked for Trump there but couldn’t find him. He was too busy running to his lawyers and doctors to get 5 deferments. Do you believe he’d run into Parkland school even if he was unarmed as he stated???? Doubt that, he wouldn’t run into the Nam jungles fully armed. A spoiled, rich, good for nothing SOB!!!!!!!

  59. Any FBI members charged will retire with a great pension for their family medical for life and a bunch of other perks, even if they go to jail the joke is still on us !!!

  60. May justice be done ,the sooner the better !!! The real. Deploreables are crooked people in d c .they care not about “we the people !! Get them OUT ..LOCK THEM UP. NEVER TO BE FREE AGAIN TO HSRM WE THE PEOPLE OF OUR COUNTRY!!!!

  61. All the evidence out there has shown that Obama, The Clintons, Clapper, Brennan, Rosenstein, Wray, Comey, McCabe and dozens more have committed felonies and should be sitting in prison right now. But No, it is still all talk about they MAY have, when they have all lied under oath at the very least. No body in DC wants to make anybody responsible for their actions/crimes. I do not believe ONE person will go to jail because they are all the ELITE and above the law.

  62. Wow RUDY You are Reallly Stupid. how does it feel living in your LaLa land ? are there a lot of snowflakes with you in your little bubble world

  63. USA is a very interesting country where a life-long Marxist Mueller is charged with the investigation of Trump’s fake electoral victory.

  64. What you KNOW and what you can prove in court are not necessarily the same things; and it’s the LATTER that will count in the end, to obtain a conviction.

  65. We the People do not want to hear/read “could” land in prison, we want to hear/read “WILL” land in prison!

  66. Crusty, have you ever heard of the police comes to the house with a search warrant?????and take thinks with them….and that could be guns, drugs or what ever. I believe this is what the President meant. It makes me so angry that the Press is making such big deal about it. Like right now on FOX. Those items are kept in safekeeping as evidence and the person goes to court later.

  67. We don’t need “new” laws; we need the law on our books ENFORCED, and that includes prosecution of all those involved in this. That they are or have been “high ups” in the FBI and/or DoJ only makes their crimes the more heinous. As for Rudy; y’all need to crawl back in y’all’s hole and go back to y’all’s century or so long nap!

  68. In regard to Session, since neither one of us is in DC and at his office to see what is really going on I wait for the facts to come out. The way I see it America is in such a mess and there are only so many hours in a day……..the work of the Justice department is not a micro wave oven where a problem can be resolved in minutes. Just food for thought

  69. I have a suspicion that Sessions is doing exactly what needs to be done.

    Lull the guilty into feeling like they got away with everything, then start hanging themselves.

    The swamp wasn’t filled in a year, it might take one or two to get the corruption uncovered and dealt with.

  70. Well, President Trump made mention of seizing first, then due process later.

    Here is the perfect test run.

    Arrest the top 3 level at the fbi and batf.

    Then, AFTER THE WATERBOARDING, go to court and do the “due Process then.

    They won’t be able to use the intel gained on each person, BUT they can use it against others, and the others intel can be used against all others.

  71. Rudy, what planet are you on???? President Trump has accomplished a lot for America and it’s people. BS really????? …more money in peoples paycheck….lower taxes….more people have good paying jobs….and so much more. Sorry you are not informed with what is going on..

  72. Session has no balls ⚽️ ???? ????
    The establishment must have something on him
    That’s how there controlling this investigation

  73. Unless they get rid of Sessions, nothing is going to happen. I have given up on the dream of jail time for these criminals as long as Sessions is AG!

  74. As long as Loretta Sessions and James R Wray and Rod Holderstein and J Edgar Mueller are operating obama and hilliar and the entire cabal will remain in power and free.

  75. Devin Nunes (R) is the best thing to EVER come out o’ California! Between Gowdy, the DOJ IG, and him? ha!

  76. ” And he just released a bombshell letter that could land FBI higher ups in prison.” That should start with Mueller – Comey – Freeh – McCabe. Mueller4 should go immediately from “investigator” to “investigated.

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