Devin Nunes went on Fox News and let the cat out of the bag on a secret that will destroy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi and her allies in Congress were trying to pull a fast one on the American people.

The Speaker is trying to rush through an impeachment process so the public never finds out what is really going on.

But then Devin Nunes went on Fox News and let the cat out of the bag on a secret that will destroy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi made waves when she announced her support for an impeachment inquiry.

However, there was a truth Pelosi was not willing to tell.

And, appearing on Fox News, Devin Nunes pulled back the curtain on the charade by exposing the fact that Democrats have not actually officially voted to start a formal impeachment inquiry as is required by the Constitution.

Breitbart reports:

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA) accused Democrats of trying to hide impeachment proceedings by keeping them in the House Intelligence Committee and stated that “this is not a real impeachment.”

Nunes said, “[T]his is not a real impeachment. This is like a faux impeachment. What they’re doing is, by keeping this at the House Intelligence Committee, we’re not built — the House Intelligence Committee is not a place to run impeachment hearings. So, what they’re trying to do is they’re hiding this from the American people. They don’t want the normal process.”

Democrats don’t want their most vulnerable incumbents in the House having to officially go on record with the vote.

But there is a reason an official vote to start an inquiry is required.

Once an official impeachment inquiry gets started, Democrats in the House lose control of some of the process.

Republicans get subpoena power for witnesses and documents as due process kicks in.

Right now Democrats control the story.

That will not always be the case once an official impeachment inquiry begins and Pelosi is trying to push that day off for as long as possible.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. So, she-he-ron. Its sad how you racist trump-butt-bump white-folks ruin everything the world try to have good. Yo pounding pappies got put out of Europe for acting like trump. hahahahahhahaahhah

  2. ???? percent agreed. The swamp is about to stink worse than ever as they drag the filth from the bottom.

  3. E G Hammond I fully agree with you. It amazes me how many people are brainwashed by the Democrats repeating the same lies over and over again. As if, if they say enough times it will become true. Idiots is all I can say without being sensors.

  4. Agreed. Plus it’s too good for biz for them. Sadly even KERA is turning left hard. I was shocked when I started realizing in their ever so eloquent way that they changed so hard left. Even though I knew they had a slight liberal taste.

  5. Never happen Willy, they’re not accountable to anyone! Trump called em out for what they are, and they have too much false pride to admit and apologize.

  6. Wilma Lovelace, Oops! There you go again, forgetting what you are supposed to be doing and using “White English” instead of “Black English”.
    It appears you use white English when you get agitated or angry and under circumstances where you are calm you remember to use the black English! That’s okay Wilma, we all realize you are just a troll and not responsible! 🙂

  7. And it racist white folk like you Scotty snot nose dat lye to honest black folk and tell dem it da white-man fault and we gonna make him pay you back if you elect us HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Whitey enslave black-man, then black-man need whitey handout HAHAHAHAHAHA

  8. Ain’t it amazing how all the libs conveniently forget about the former “vacationer in chief”!? He’s still laughin his evil ass off every time gets another check in the mail.

  9. Wilma, Trump had permission from Bill Clinton to solicit the help of the Ukaraine in dealing with Biden’s corruption.

  10. Scott27, Oh Scottie, you are such a girl! When you trolls start trying to convince people that DJT is increasing his wealth while in office, you start by bringing his golf playing at his own facilities. Why is it that you never mention all those far away golfing vacations BHO and his bride/groom went on? They even used TWO planes each and every time because Moochell wanted to come back earlier or later than BHO. They went to the most extravagant resorts in the world including Hawaii. In fact Hawaii was his favorite place to golf. Do a little research to find the cost of those vacations and the frequency of them. You also need to add that BHO took “pure” vacations, don’t bother him with work! The Obama’s didn’t give a rat’s behind what the cost to taxpayers was and he never once donated salary to anyone!
    You are not even intelligent enough to mention that President Trump only takes working vacations and most of the time he has foreign dignitaries or sometimes Republican Congressmen with him and, they work as well as golf. The MSM makes it look like all they do is golf. The places that DJT goes are Corporations with a Board of Directors who get reports on money coming in and going out and taxes are paid as necessary. Corporations are highly controlled and must operate within the law. So, its not like DJT is “pocketing” the money from these Corporations. His money would basically come when he sells a property or is paid a annual bonus. I personally understand how Corporations operate. Corporations that step outside the law are caught sooner or later, by the IRS, even if they have crooked CPA’s! We see Corporations, who have done illegal things, reported on in the news periodically and see what happens to them.
    Of course, Republicans realize you Democrats divvy out “selective” information when trying to prove your point and 99.9999% understand the truth and facts about what you are writing or not writing……which is more than can be said for you!

  11. Scott, you will not get anywhere with her or any of them. They support open borders, no voter ID, late term abortions, free everything, taking your guns away, higher taxes, etc. SIMPLY BECAUSE TRUMP OPPOSES THEM. I know we still must fight the fight. And make sure Trump wins again. He is definitely not perfect, but he really is trying to clean up the corruption. And for that THEY ALL HATE HIM BECAUSE THEY ALL ARE IN IT. How can they all be multi millionaires with their $174k / yr salary? PLay to Pay baby. Because they can.

  12. Wilma he has done more for America then any demoncrat President ever has. The tax break for the rich? No Wilma the demoncrats call the middle class rich. The hard working Americans! More people are off of welfare, than ever before companies are hiring more people. He’s fighting to keep America safe. He gives his salary to charities and doesn’t take a dime.
    I used to live in Illinois and had to move because of the taxes
    the demoncrats keep piling on. They only have one party and there are no checks and balances. The demoncrats can do anything they want. They are sucking the middle class dry!
    People are moving out in droves just like California, New York and all the states who have become demoncrat. Stop watching the alphabet fake news channels, they lie!!

  13. Democrats simply fear the truth. Praise God there is only one truth and it cannot be altered. Evil is sly but Good will prevail.

  14. Eileen Trent
    You hit the nail on the head I believe. That has been my theory for almost 2 yrs. And where is the biggest port that has ships docking there from all around the world? Long Beach, CA, which also happens to be the state where Trump’s worst haters are in control! Coincidence?

  15. I don’t know where you got that number, $111 mil, but I assume it is for Air Force 1, which is the only plane he’s allowed to fly in as President. I seriously doubt he is charging an expense account for staying at his own property. However, all presidents in my lifetime (70+yrs) have always played golf wherever & whenever they wanted, while still collecting their paychecks, though every one of them have also been extremely wealthy! Taxpayers paid for all of the Obama fancy family vacations for 8 yrs. I never heard anyone complain about that! Or the one that really makes me mad is that Pelosi commandeers special military aircraft reserved for visiting diplomats, with private chefs and expensive wine & liquors every week to fly to one of her several homes in CA. at a cost of over $100,000 per trip just for her. When she brings guests, like Schiff or sometimes up to 90-100, it’s a lot more! Her net worth is $200 million, so why can’t she fly on her own effin dime? I don’t have as big a problem with the Presidents who have to be on call 24/7, as I do with people like Pelosi taking advantage of her position to screw the taxpayers!

  16. Scott27
    You’re entitled to believe what you want, but so do I. And I believe you have the scenario ass backwards! None of these guys are lapdogs, nor are they out for themselves! That is only what Pelosi and HER lapdogs like Shifty Schiff do! Not to mention that every one of them has been lying to the public, while accusing the good GOP guys of doing what they (the Dems) are the ones doing to hurt the country! Because, like Hillary, they are still pissed that the American people elected Trump instead of HER, the Queen of corruption, who taught all the other Dems how to do it and hide it! You have no idea what these Dems have been getting away with for YEARS! And the ones yelling the loudest against Trump are the worst offenders, but also scared sh*tless because they are the swamp people Trump will be outing for who and what they truly are. All the truth will be coming out in the near future! Good luck trying to suck it all up.

  17. Wilma Lovelace, PLease learn the tax break difference. You are incorrect. It takes a few minutes to google the 2018 vs 2019 tax rate comparison and you will see the big winners are the low income brackets. All got some benefit, but the less money you make the less tax % you pay. THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH OIR COUNTRY EVEN WITH THE INTERNET. PEOPLE ARE STILL FORMING OPIONION FROM THE MEDIA. IF YOU SEE AND HEAR IT ENOUGH YOU WILL BELIEVE IT. BRAIN WASHING AT ITS BEST.

  18. Wilma Lovelace, Why troll Wilma, whatever happened to your “Black English” in your comment I am replying to, you wrote this one in “White English”.
    Tell us, we want to know……………..

  19. Real M that’s why I called her cousin. I have some African in my DNA. Which is fine with me. She once posted that she is black. I remember her name. There was another Lovelace woman that was more famous than Wilma.

  20. Why do u suppose the Dems. keep blocking all effort to complete the wall? Maybe someone is profiting from all that drug money. Just a thought….maybe POTUS knows that too. WWG1WGA!!

  21. Dan T., I am afraid your cousin Wilma is just another liberal troll. She doesn’t have her “act” down very good though. Part of the time she writes like an educated white person and the rest of the time she writes like an uneducated black person. You know come to think of it, “TheRedMan” does the same thing, most of the time writes like a uneducated black and when excited writes with perfect spelling and grammar. Hmmmm, wonder what that means???
    However, at all times, both write like a liberal trolls who hate President Trump!

  22. Cousin Wilma you are being silly. But we understand that the commiecrats are weak minded people. It’s ok. There’s institutions for people like you.

  23. Snott27 that was a stupid comment. By the way, which commiecrat do you want to win? Which isn’t going to happen.

  24. Eileen it has nothing to do with safety. It’s all about control of the people. Then we would no longer be citizens but subjects. And I’m having none of it.

  25. I know a surgeon that can remove your head from up your ass, but recovery requires you not to watch CNN.

  26. He’s done everything he said he would do except get the wall built and get Mexico to pay for it thanks to your no do but cry speaker of the house. We do have a better economy and my stocks have done great the last couple of years instead as sink as the years before Trump.

  27. Let’s not forget about all the “vacations” every other month to exotic locations, on our dime! If anyone ever had the nuts to really investigate the “the chosen one”, he’d be in a federal prison.

  28. Also, there is a reason they’re trying to ramp up support for their “gun grab”, aka, gun reform. There is a “plan”, and u need to be aware.

  29. I wonder how much Pelosi and Fienstien an the Biden’s et al have made from their China connections? Just sayin! ICUMI , POTUS has that info. too!! LOLOL!! MAGA WWG1WGA!! ????

  30. Tell us again, exactly how much of their personal wealth did Obummer, Killary, Biden, etc. distribute to anyone but themselves.

  31. True, he donates it, Eileen. But let’s balance that with the $111 million he’s spent on golf trips to his own properties where he and his family financially benefit from your tax dollars. That’s 278 years… yes, 278 years worth of his salary. You’ve been duped.

  32. Well there goes the 79 year old pants wetter off on another full proof demented dimwit obstructionist demoncrat tactic that has already failed. This dago, the lowest form and class of Italian, (I’m Italian so I recognize her status), has lost control of her pisser, her bowels, her teeth, and worst of all CONGRESS. She can’t do her job and we know this will be the end of her crooked political career.

  33. You better reeducate yourself on what President Trump has done, all for the American sane and sensible people and that leaves the demorats out.

  34. He is asking the president of another country to investigate a citizen of of The USA which is a crime, he is aiding the president of another country to meddle in the
    elections of the USA. WHICH IS A CRIME.

  35. If POTUS revealed all the evidence he has now, half the country would lose their minds!! Led by the Dems., they would cause a civil war!!!! Do u think there is a reason they are flooding our country with illegal aleins?! THINK!! MAGA WWG1WGA!!!

  36. Devin Nunes has taken the concept of sycophantic lapdog to a whole new level. I just wonder how there is room in that lap for him, Barr and McCarthy… oh, yeh, it’s because they are all such little people out for themselves rather than the nation.

  37. POTUS doesn’t even take a salary. He donates it! Did Obama donate his? Educate yourself before u go on a tirade, of which u know nothing. Typical!!! MAGA WWG1WGA!!!

  38. We just have to wait a bit longer…AG Barr and Durham are overseas digging up the truth. Have some faith in there guys – they are very serious people and they will get it done.

  39. It is all about the money both parties are raising off the impeachment issue. The democrats scream impeachment and bring in millions from the morons who think it will actually happen and the Republicans rake in millions saying they are fighting the Dems. Meanwhile neither is winning and they don’t want to because the money will dry up. It is the same game with the Fake news Media. They scream for years Trump is gong to be caught in the Russia hoax and will be arrested and impeached. The conservative media – Hannity and the like – are now playing the same game with the story the bad guys involved in the coup are going to be caught arrested and prosecuted. Nothing will happen but the wishful thinking of the Republican morons will continue to believe it will. Let me ask you a question, Hannity, Who has been arrested and charged after the 3 years you have been rambling on. Answer: No one! You and Maddow are different sides of the same coin.

  40. Well you must hate the POTUS because he lie day in and day out, he lie when he get up in the morning, when he lay down at night he lie, lie ,lie lie, all the time,how
    can you believe such a leir., listen closely and see what he say, on top of lying he is also a crook. he is only concern about how he can profit from being the President.
    what has he done for the people of the USA since he been in office, passed tax break for the rich. is that why you support him

  41. Our President is on a roll!!!!
    Time to sink Pelosi and Schummer!! And Treasonist pencil-neck Schifft!!!

  42. Well you must hate the POTUS because he lie day in and day out, he lie when he get up in the morning, when he lay down at night he lie, lie ,lie lie, all the time,how
    can you believe such a leir., listen closely and see what he say, on top of lying he is also a crook. he is only concern about how he can profit from being the President.
    what has he done for the people of the USA since he been in office, passed tax break for the rich. is that why you support him

  43. I thank y’all. I toned my rhetoric down some. But make no mistake. I’ll never post as an idiot commiecrat.

  44. Dan T., You should feel very complimented that so many people knew immediately what was going on and jumped to your defense just in case there were some who did not realize that wasn’t your comment!
    I could not help but laugh when I saw how many of us had jumped on it……

  45. Smoke and mirrors folks, smoke and mirrors. But as we saw in the election, it’s free publicity. President Trump doesn’t have to spend a dime. As the Trump character on The United Spot would say,” this is too easy.” Kinda makes you believe the dummycrats just fell into a baited trap.

  46. Democrats and the so-called squad of wacko-doodles have raised the bar of the description of stupidity at the highest level. All political bull from the lefty’s.

  47. DEEP STATE panicking!! All roads lead to Ukaine! What did POTUS say on the phone call that struck terror in the Dems?! Think server. Think crowdstrike. Think WEALTHY PERSON! ROTFLOL!! POTUS HAS THE SERVERS!! All will be revealed and it won’t be by the Reps. POTUS is a master at what he’s doing. POTUS sets the trap, Dems. walk in!! And btw, never smoked, never drank, never touched an illegal drug in my life. Not even marijuana. LOL!! I WIN!! MAGA WWG1WGA!! ????

  48. Yep, the squad and the way far left progressives are running the show however, since Pelosi is Speaker, even if in name only, the ultimate responsibility is hers since her name is on the stationary (so to speak)!
    There is another problem for the old girl. She lets the squad and company push her around but, she is the one and only person responsible for all the actions taken and won’t it be something if she is sued, jailed or both because she lost control of her job!
    Poor old Nancy, WELL NOT! 🙂 Whatever she gets, it won’t be bad enough!

  49. You demonrats can’t issue one sentence without a reference to sex, sex parts, or sexual conduct. My husband says those who have to talk about it aren’t getting any.

  50. Not IG Horowitz, Jay, but the ICIG (Intelligence Community Inspector General) admitted that HE changed whistleblower rules to disparage Trump > that a whistleblower no longer needs direct 1st hand knowledge but free to fly on gossip and be Federally protected FOR it! Whistleblower’s FIRST mistake? Went to Schiff BEFORE filing his complaint > BIG NO-NO!

  51. Well, there’s JFK, but you see where that got both he and his brother. They were both fighting the swamp and lost. The only difference now is that we have God on our side. No matter if you believe God is intervening on our behalf or not. Watch what happens. Right now nobody is even suggesting what’s about to happen. It’s same ol same ol .. until IT happens.

  52. Jerry Kahn, I think President Trump doesn’t need any help from the Republicans with what is being fought about at this time! This is street fighting and most of those doctors, lawyers, etc. in Congress don’t know how to participate in this kind of nuclear war. Now DJT needs them, for bills/laws, to support him if the MSM asks their opinion and for voting but right now, “PRESIDENT TRUMP’S GOT THIS”!

  53. excellent comment… Dan, you are definitely an ignorant moron and a waste of a life. Contact HRC, she has help for you ending your grief.

  54. Democrats are afraid to move on impeachment. They are like the older big fat bully thst has a big mouth and goes to running home to mommy when a younger stronger, faster one is able to whip the tar out of him. Democrats know the bully process well lol at Nadler and Schiff. I wouldn’t buy a used car from either one of them.

  55. President Trump will not be impeached. Comey, Clapper, Brennan and Clinton will not face justice. DC protects its own with the exception of the President. Although Devon Nunes, Jim Jordan and others are investigating the Russia hoax perpetrators nothing will come of it, next month or next year.

  56. Larry Kuhn, That phony faux troll liberal calling itself Dan Tyree smells like and looks like five day old Democrat garbage and excrement that needs to be taken to the sewage plant and dumped. Faux Dan T is far too rotten to be taken out with “regular human garbage”! His fumes are toxic if breathed…………
    Get lost freak!

  57. Steve…I’m confused. Is there someone impersonating Dan Tyree? I had a professor in college, by that exact name. Please answer this email, if you know. Thanks, Will

  58. Oh, Julio is back! Can’t even complete an intelligent sentence! He hates POTUS because of his immigration policies GO ICE!! MAGA! WWG1WGA!! ????

  59. Diana S. & Lee R, If Nancy Pelosi has her way, there will never be a vote on the impeachment inquiry. The last thing she wants is Republican lawmakers to be able to subpoena Adam “Schit”, Jerry Nadler, others and herself as well, to be sworn in and compelled to tell the truth about the dirty Ukraine SHAM SCAM. Either way, the Dems have “had it”, damned if they do and damned if they don’t! If they tell the truth, they are gone and in legal trouble, but, if they lie, they will be exposed, they are gone and in legal trouble some perhaps jail time. They have done their best to shred the Constitution, attempted a coup against the President, at least some would have lied under oath, attempted to commit obstruction of justice, and on and on!
    Looking BAD for the Dems and they deserve it for all they have done and attempted to do for THREE YEARS to DJT, the American people, the Constitution, the Laws, and man oh man, look at the wasted money on the Mueller Investigation and what has been spent so far on the Ukraine SHAM SCAM! Sickening isn’t it?????
    I’ll bet you Nancy Pelosi is wishing she had never made her little announcement, “I’m declaring an official impeachment inquiry”! I also bet she is wondering how in hell she can get out of this big old dill pickle! Suffer Nancy suffer!

  60. The amount of taxpayer money which was expended on these investigative hoaxes is mere pocket change in our Nation’s Capital. The number one bone of contention is precisely this: Americans were subjected to a tirade and litany of flat-out LIES over the course of two full years, possibly more. I hate people who lie.

  61. How did you become such an idiot? The vodka-soaked Wicked Witch of the West has no credivility and neither does the morons leading the House–the gang of communists and Muslimas full of racism qnd bibotry.

  62. Are the lawyers running the country, because the people sure aren’t running the country? When will these politicians quit suing each other and just get to work.

    And, I lay most of the blame on the Democrats because all they do is create false narratives and litigate them publicly, so that CNN, MSNBC, etc. can all hyperventilate and get nothing done.

    Let Bill Barr do his thing and get everything from both sides on the table and hammer it out and then move forward and do something for the people.

  63. I hear nothing from the Republicans, are they waiting for the Democrats to play out or too chicken to take them on. Fight
    Fight, Fight, follow Trumps example.

  64. FAKE Dan, how much credibility does Adam Schiff have after he told us he saw proof of Trump colluding with Russia before the Mueller report came out, and after he read his FAKE version of Trump’s phone call to the Ukraine? Just wondering.

  65. Pelosi didn’t find a way to impeach President Trump. What she is doing is tearing the Demorats party apart and come 2020, there wont be any demorats left. I just wonder what the rest of the demorats think about losing there jobs in 2020 because of what Pelosi is doing.

  66. Never!
    That is his the game is played
    Devin Nunez, John Sallivan, Andy McKarthy and few more keep our hope with all new revelations of crimes committed by democrats up knowing full well it will never amount to anything !
    Remember all Clinton scandals, murders, Hillary secret server, etc…all that hot air from republican committee, passionate speeches … and Nothing., ZERO, NADA … Democrats had been playing dirty from beginning of time with same NO ACCOUNTABILITY!!!

  67. Nunes and Trump both have the same amount of “credibility”, that being ZERO. Haven’t heard Devin speak much recently. Must have finally taken Trump’s “penis” out of his to mouth to speak!!!!!

  68. The Democrapps will not be held accountable for their rants, ravings, lying, collusion etc etc until the Republicans as a “WHOLE” get some hootspa and stop hiding and whining in the shadows. The four or five Republicans who do not support Trump should resign and join the Democrapps especially the loser from UTAH.

  69. As always, Democommies playing dirty, like the hypocrites they truly are… There hasn’t been an HONEST Democrat in 50 years.

  70. I totally agree. How can “We the People” do to stop then from geting a paycheck until they start doing their job.

  71. And, exactly WHAT crime has he committed? Except for exposing you lefties for the hateful idiots that you are?? Look out on Election Day next year! You ALL are going to pay a HEAVY price!

  72. julio…Please explain what Pres. Trump has done that he should be impeached for. You CAN’T!!!!!! He has done NOTHING wrong.

  73. Thank you Fred for having the courage to tell the truth. I am American citizen who is sick and tired of the Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer and Democrats dishonesty and shenanigans. I respect you for communicating the truth to the American people. TRUMP 2020 “Keep America Great”

  74. Well, that was supposed to be sarcasm. But I understand what you’re sayin. Maybe someone can catch him crossing the road!????



  77. This must be a dream,a total nightmare. I guess the Deathocrats went too far with their insane rhetoric, so now to give up, would be total ruin for them. As far as I’m concerned, they are dead in their tracks right now. Why spend all this time and energy, knowing that the cause is lost? It’s total insanity. Gruess Gott

  78. Dennis, Well for starters, Chicken Little is breathing!
    I am going on to leave it at that because you already know what a creepy lying dirty low life SOB he is…….okay?

  79. I love the way Trump fights back. Watching him give the corrupt commiecrats hell is worth watching. Along with their lap dogs in the fake news media. Journalism in America is dead.

  80. But the “ceremony” can’t be held without a vote by the full house and I think she knows that and never intends to call for a vote, just continue being a nasty, mean person who is mad she won’t be president. She just wants to irritate people.

  81. So the impeachment is really another DumbocRAT dog and pony show. The FAKE DumbocRATS is doing another fake smoke screen to COVER UP what they really are doing. They are running a FAKE HOUSE and wasting more tax payers money. AMERICA DOES NOT WANT A FAKE GOVERNMENT IN 2020.

  82. the Democratic party is following the ANtiChrist movement of which it is possible by the end of 2014 the AntiChrist is going to be in full power.

  83. Then the house should have no problem in voting for an impeachment inquiry. Saying there is one is not the same as voting for one. there are rules. Th which Democrats reply: Rules. We got no rules. We don’t have to follow your stinking rules. Democrats do love and support their Banditos.

  84. They have had the IG change the whistleblower requirements and reporting procedures.
    They, Pelosi and Schiff have changed the House procedures back in January.
    They changed the procedures where the House Intel committee instead of the House Judicial committee run the Impeachment.
    Now they are trying to change the actual impeachment so that NONE of their weakest house member need to go on record with an actual vote. So NO vote yet.

    What next????

    Please Mr. President, convey to our AG, the Honorable Mr. Barr to have the FBI stop this skullduggery and ARREST the Seditionists. We can have our own trial the RIGHT way.

  85. Slowly, oh so slowly, even the dumbest voters out there are starting to say”WTF”? The dems know this, and it scares the crap outta them!

  86. Pelosi found a way to impeach Trump by public opinion without actually impeaching him in congress. I wonder what effect it will have on the election.

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