Disgusting: Leftists use latest tragedy to push their radical agenda

Americans are waking up to the news that a mass murderer opened fire at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and their families right now.

But before these folks can even locate their loved ones, the rabid anti-gun left pounced to politicize the tragedy.

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s former Chief of Staff, exposed the left’s playbook in 2008.

And true to form, after each tragedy, the left predictably politicizes it and pushes for some sort of freedom-stealing unconstitutional legislation.

With this story still developing, the #GunControlNOW hashtag was already trending on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the liberal elite quickly rallied their troops to call for eliminating our Second Amendment freedoms.

One person, who identified herself as a teacher even wished the worst to happen to Trump supporters.

In the now-deleted Tweet, this teacher said:

“Lots of white trump supporters in Las Vegas at route 21 watching Jason aldean. Pray only trumptards died #prayforvegas!”

We’ve compiled some of the most outrageous tweets below and saved screenshots in case they are deleted.

And finally, Steven Crowder injects some sanity:

UPDATE: Annnnnnd Hillary Clinton just had to weigh in…


  1. 0bama directly sent weapons to terrorists. The fact that an Ambassador was killed was payback for the attempted backing out of the deals they had made.

  2. Want to tell that to people who have had the police break into their home when it wasn’t the right address? Police make errors too. But you are right about liberal judges and “legal” documents.

  3. My ass President created ISIS! Obama created ISIS by leaving billions of Dollars of military equipment for ISIS to play with. AND terrorize the Middle east! How many people were slaughtered by the hands of ISIS! While OBAMA sat on his ass and did NOTHING! Tell me that?

  4. Sorry but this is not News. The LIBERAL IDIOTS of this Nation always use or ABUSE any bad thing by using it to push their IGNORANCE SPAWNED POLITICS. After the mass shooting at the Elementary school a knife weirder attack children in China the LEFT in their Typical INFINITE IGNORANCE screamed gun control. So they ABUSE every bad act to peddle their IGNORANCE but they NEVER speak about when something good comes from the Freedoms America has.

  5. I don’t think in this case people carrying pistols on the ground would have mattered one bit since the effective killing range of a pistol cartridge is maybe 100 yds. or a little more, he was 32 stories up and 300 to 400 yards away.

  6. Amazing since Nevada is an open carry state but this concert was a GUN FREE ZONE. Even law enforcement and under cover officers obeyed the no gun zone. That’s why this but case was able to get off so many rounds without anyone vetting able to fire back. The libs got there gun free zone and now want to blame the white country listening crowd that usually carry guns. Talk about hypocrites. This makes me sick as my wife knows one of the shooting victims. I feel terrible for everyone that got shot injured or was there and had to go through this event. However, it’s even sicker that the libs are now trying to turn this into a way to get gun control and stricter laws against us law abiding gun buyers and owners. If the libs would leave our 2nd amendment rights alone and we could carry there wouldn’t be so many crimes against innocent people.

  7. I think if they tried to ban and confiscate ALL guns, there would be an upheaval by legitimate Gun owners. At that point, the preppers and probably millions of others would be dug in and READY for any assault and not be caught off guard. Then at that point would become “criminals” themselves and probably not be too worried about shooting police or judges. Hell! police are afraid to even go into some high crime areas in Chicago and cities like that where gangs rule, you think they’d try a frontal assault on people that are REALLY prepared and have .308 and .50 Caliber weapons with AP and incendiary rounds, etc… It would be all out War at that point and God help everyone.

  8. Unfortunately, if a swat team breaks down your door, they will take pains to ensure that you have an infinitesimal chance to defend yourself! The swat team will be directed to your door by a “legal” document signed by a liberal judge!

  9. Don’t worry, there are more GOOD regular people that have guns and are prepared to defend this nation with whatever it takes against the progressives and the globalist/NWO crowd. If they think they will ban us from having guns, they are SADLY mistaken, MOLON LABE!

  10. And yet, there are countries in Europe that give their citizens firearms and ammo to keep in their homes. And have a low rate of shootings. Funny that crime and gun murders started dropping after states started issuing Concealed Weapons Permits/Licenses. But now, thanks to the likes of 0bama and company, the leftist anarchists feel emboldened. Which is why we do have to carry. Navy taught dad, dad taught me, and I’m a certified NRA pistol Instructor. So even though I’m disabled, it would not be a good idea for the looney left to try things around here. I know that at least 5 of the 6 homes that are adjoining are armed too. One is a disability retired cop, another a Vietnam Vet and his kids and wife also shoot. Might not be a good idea for the left to come into this neighborhood at all.

  11. The left would be better off demanding baseball bats be banned. More are killed by blunt trauma than by rifles each year.

  12. Bloomberg himself should be in jail for firearms violations. Giving others money to buy firearms to show how they can be bought is a straw purchase. And lets not forget the leftist snowflake reporter who got PTSD just by shooting an AR-15 at a range. Bet he has armed security.

  13. If the soulless leftist had not forced all the sanitariums to be closed, most of them would be in them.

  14. Not really kotoc. Unless that person was carrying a high power rifle just having a handgun would have done no good. He was on the 32nd floor. The angle of the shot from the ground would have been too much for a handgun. When the hotel security tried to enter, they were met with gunfire. The shooter killed himself when he knew the LVMPD SWAT Team was there.

  15. And why do we carry? Because cops are too heavy and private security like the leftist actors have cost too much money.

  16. Who knows….but you are correct about the left using such tragedies to further their commie agendas!

  17. I’m sorry, but you’re wrong. The “bad guys” with guns don’t follow the rules. There are still a great many guns out there, and any bad guy who wants one need only break into the home of a gun owner while they’re away and steal whatever gun he wants… or get them illegally from smugglers. They’ll find a way to get them. In the meantime, any law-abiding citizen who does NOT have a gun is opening themselves up to be a victim of a crime. Simply put, if you outlaw guns, the only ones with guns are going to be outlaws. Not very comforting, is it? I like knowing I can protect myself, my family and my home if I need to.


    As a European I’m with you right-wingers, conservatives and pro-Trump followers but, like the rest of the world, I differ with you strongly on your attitude to guns. Can you not see the sickness of it all? It was appropriate back in history but not now!

    Every society/country has its sickos – some of whom are untreated, unknown and liable to “erupt” for some unknown reason at any time. Bearing that in mind surely the right thing to do is remove guns from society! How many more people have to be slaughtered before you begin to question the merits and outdatedness of your 2nd Amendment?

    Can you imagine America without a general availability of guns? People wouldn’t feel the need to “pack, policemen wouldn’t need to “pack”.

    People outside America say Americans are different. On this issue they ARE different, blinkered, stupid. Have the mothers of America not sufficient voice to bring this about.

    Simple – offer an compulsory amnesty with severe penalties for anyone not complying. Rememer – it’s avirtue to be able to acknowledge that you’re wrong – in this case, VERY wrong!

  19. Brenda, I agree with you in many of the things you say, some are not only from or was created by Obama himself, as he had Holder, Clinton ( sorry I call her, B__ch Witch ) and many more that are still trying everything they can to gain control in the WH and then take away our most precious gift of all, FREEDOM…. By removing and controlling our GOD given Right to have Guns, they would be able to do this…. Nobody would be able to Stop them…. This is what was Obamas agenda and SOROS was backing him and still is…. It has been Proven that OBama was the most Corrupt and WORSE President….also that he should Never have become the President…. There is more and more evidence surfacing that will undoubtedly Prove this….just keep your eyes & ears open to learn more…
    The B__ch Witch is already in trouble and we hope they Sock it to her….
    As a Veteran myself, I hope we will still have a Country we can Love and Respect…. GOD BLESS AMERICA !

  20. I’m glad we didn’t have gun control back in the west. We wouldn’t have this great nation. Who was it that closed our hospitals for the mentally ill? They are the ones that caused these left wing nuts.

  21. Oh, you sure said it! I think your exact words should be spread across the country, and especially to liberals. Like I always say, it’s better to have a gun and not need it, than to NEED a gun and not have it.

  22. Maybe the leftists should start keeping their mouths shut. Yes many, to many people were killed with a gun, but a man shot the gun the gun didn’t go off by itself. If he hadn’t had a gun what would he have used, maybe a bomb and then everyone there might have been killed, or maybe poison gas, again all might have been killed.. And do you really think that gun control will stop the crooks, thieves and murderers from killing. I have new for you idiots, most people who own guns get them legally and the ones that don’t usually steal them or buy them over the border or from other thugs who need money. Hell they probably have an arsenal of guns and many make them. So let me ask you “DON’T GOOD CITIZENS HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND THEMSELVES FROM THE CROOKS, RAPISTS AND MURDERERS”? Or are we just supposed to stand back and let these creeps do whatever the hell they want? Hope there is never a time when you wished you had one.

  23. The bad guy always finds a way to get the gun. Legality has nothing to do with it. I want to know I have the right to arm myself to defend my life and property. Take away that right and we are doomed to fail at the hands of the liberals. We will become the abused and dead.

  24. I agree with you, as you say Obama and those including Clinton, BLOOMBERG and any other IDIOT who thinks Gun Control works, as they only want to eliminate AMERICA and it’s Freedoms…..

  25. We are witnessing another reach by the left to upset American freedom on the shoulders of a democrat terrorist. Mental illness is the first identifier of a leftist. They will stop at nothing so long as their target is unarmed. That has always been the trademark of a terrorist/democrat.

  26. These deaths were caused by hate. The left has been spreading the hate since before nine eleven. This is who is to blame for all of the hatred going on and the deaths of these innocent people. The democrat party is a terrorist organization and should be treated as such.

  27. This appears to me to be just another example of the constant “false-flag” operations of the PTB/NWO’s plan to disarm the American people. It’s hard to disarm the the American people without their plan being known. They want the people to be willing medieval serfs for their NWO. George Orwell gave us warning in 1984 and Animal Farm did he not!

  28. IDIOTS that think that Gun Control or any other form of removal, controlling Guns in any way is going to Stop this and all other Crimes, had better start using some COMMON SENSE….. Statistics plainly show that the places on which that have these Controls over Guns and their citizens that ALL CRIMES have SkyRocketed beyond proportions and are continuing to rise further…. Use some Common Sense, Statistics DO NOT LIE, they show FACTUAL INFORMATION that any Form of Gun Control plainly, simply does NOT work and Never, Ever will…..PERIOD ! The only thing accomplished with any form of Gun Control is that of which Criminals will be able to go on a Rampage and LAW ABIDING CITIZENS will be Defenseless to Stop it….and that includes our Police Force….. Use some COMMON SENSE, the Evidence is there, look it up….

  29. I had heard a similar comment as well. The LYING mainstream media isn’t saying a word about it though. It’s definitely terrorism, whether Isis affiliated or not.

  30. Or they have been made stupid by the Government Schools of Propaganda and Indoctrination assisted by the Mainstream Media, TV and Hollywood.

  31. Good question! Supposedly, there were a bunch of guns there. Wonder what kind of coverup the media will assist with?

  32. So sick of the Left-wing nuts and LEFTard politicians using every crisis in order to push their libtard agenda and attacking Second-Amendment rights. Libtards are a cancer on this country. I’d bet money that the shooter
    was probably a hard-core left-wing nut!

  33. Don’t try to blame this on GUN or gun owners. Whoever is actually behind this it probably wasn’t the man who was found at the scene. Most likely he was just a patsy like Oswald. Operation may even have been run by the same organization. This just “stinks” like the PTB, the NWO, leftist “tools” and whoever actually did did this “evil” deed. Screw Bloomberg; HE has deep pockets!

  34. It’s not just in America; it’s all over the world. The PTB/NWO has been trying to create a war in the middle-east for the past few years (planned for decades) by pushing the refugee issue now Europe is on the verge of backlash against the refugees (on schedule) but the election of Trump has put that at risk. If any other candidate other than Trump had been elected WE would be involved in WW3 by now.

    What this appears to be is just another false-flag operation like the other false-flag operations that have happened recently. It was just a matter of time before the PTB/NWO ordered this massacre in order to make masses of people afraid of gun and owners of guns. This would “perfect” the PTB/NWO’s plan to disarm the American people as the British tried to do before the Revolution. …PTB/NWO, leftist “tools” (rimes with “fools”), it just ain’t gonna happen!

  35. No surprise, no shock, and awe; leftists have no shame in using a gun tragedy or any tragedy to benefit their self-righteous cause.

  36. Those that hate legal gun owners are usually the ones that have bodyguards. They are hypocrites and two-faces. George Soros still pays Obama to cause Trump and our US citizens problems for having legal guns. Obama wants our guns so George Soros can bring in terrorist to kill us Americans. I think George and Obama is behind this leftest movement to get rid of Trump so they can take over our country. I really don’t think that’s going to happen. Pray that is doesn’t!

  37. My first reaction to these dim o crates was as expected. There isn’t one of the that thinks before they engage there mouths. Secondly let’s get a count of how many of them carry a gun or have armed escort that we the people pay for, are they so much more important than us that they can protect themselves and we can not. I am off track here though, it’s simple if we are unarmed the government has the power and we can not stop them. It’s that simple.

  38. Chances are very good that all the weapons this guy had were legal! He has no real record on file so he would not have been prevented from purchasing a weapon! The media, as usual, would not know an automatic weapon from a hammer. It was probably a semi-automatic weapon and the guy was just pulling the trigger very fast. Any one in the country can pick up a gun and fire real fast if motivated and lord knows what this SOB was thinking when he pulled this off! Behavior waise it sounds like antifa or dumb Democrat!

  39. It is obvious that most Democrats are nuts!. Like a bunch of harpies waiting for a tragedy so they can blow off at the mouth like hyenas..especially the queen of the hounds Hillary. Of course the damn media will cover everything they utter!

  40. This is what Commies do, did we expect any less from them? Hillary needs a silencer for her mouth. It’s just too bad the shooter didn’t target a bunch of Drug dealers, Gang members or an Antifa rally.

  41. I am curious as to if any of the guns used were part of Obama and Holder’s Fast and Furious debacle?

  42. If the soul-less leftists had not confiscated the funds previously used to pay for the mental health treatment of some of these rabid gun-slingers so that they could fund more of their “entitlements” these people would have gotten the treatment that they needed, and many fewer would have died. But, then again, with adequate mental care there would be far fewer untreated leftists roaming our streets and we can’t have that, can we?

  43. You control people don’t mention how many guns that have saved lives, i.e. the shooter in Tenn. church who was stopped by good guy with a gun. Shame on you people who want to take away our rights…especially Hillary Clinton. Sooooo glad she isn’t our president. She’s the most divisive and selfish person in America.

  44. It was a given that the America hating, leftist, snowflakes would be shrieking gun control before the bodies cool. They are truly disgusting parasites who are sucking the blood and morality out of our country.

  45. I would love Killary and the rest of the lefty moonbats how gun control would stop these maniacs from purchasing all these illegal weapons..But I won’t hear,cuz there is no way!!!!truth hurts

  46. face truth/reality americans isis put out warning last week they would be hitting places with large crowds and warned all muslims do not go to these places.. keep in mind truth obama created isis, there are training camps all over america,(research google up these training camps and where they are in all states)training camps obama funded with our tax dollars. a 30,000 army of trained terrorist to unleash at OBAMAS COMMAND to kill us Americans to rape bomb our schools,OBAMA IS SERIOUS ABOUT TAKING DOWN PRESIDENT TRUMP SO HE CAN TAKE BACK OVER EVEN IF OBAMA HAS TO ASSASSINATE PRESIDENT TRUMP NOTHING BUT OBAMAS ARREST WILL STOP HIM, HE IS BEHIND THE NFL PROTESTS AS WELL

  47. I told you these idiots would as usual blame the people that didn’t do it. And where will their nasty comments be when he’s ID’d as a Leftist or Muslim shooter? Crickets.

  48. The place was very likely one of those “gun free zones.” You know, the “safe” places that some psychopath would never enter because it’s against the rules to bring a gun there? Yeah, those places are really safe, because like everyone knows, ALL criminals read and obey gun control signs, right? Hell, if even ONE trained person with a concealed carry license were partying there that night, there would likely be a much lower death toll… the shootist wouldn’t have lived more than a couple of shots, but NO-o-o-o!!! Gun free zones are safe, right?

  49. WE DON’T NEED GUN CONTROL……..WE NEED IDIOT CONTROL!!!! I’m a retired Marine and will defend my family, house and property. I have guns but know how and when to use them.

  50. Disgusting pretty much sums it up. Never let a tragedy go to waste is right up there with playing the race card. GOD bless and heal the hearts of those that lost loved ones.

  51. I just read a comment on the liberty headlines.com site wherein someone reported the man had converted to Islam. Supposedly, he heard it on the radio this morning.

  52. The LEFT is just so horrible. They’re killing people with their views on guns. Frankly, we all should be allowed to have rocket launchers. If more of the victims had their own guns, of course this never would have happened. THE LEFT is horrible.

  53. Of course the souless left would freaking start crap They are the main reason this stuff happens with their anti american crap everyday and racial overtones..

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