Do you agree or disagree with Van Jones’ statement? Poll Results

Do you agree or disagree with Van Jones' statement?

What do you think of the results of the poll? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!



  1. Since Jones can’t seem to be positive and generalizes in nasty comments about white i think he is the racist.

  2. When I lived in northern VA just a couple of miles from DC, I met many racist Blacks. They call Whites racist but they are the racists. Van Jones has a virus in his brain.

  3. Very disappointed and disgusted but not surprised at what kind of biased rhetoric that comes out of CNN and the people they bring on their fake news programs Van Jones is just one of many uneducated and biased broadcasters that have infiltrated that station I would never give them the satisfaction or ratings that they do not deserve

  4. Most Democrat Party members are DISGRACE to our country ! Who cares for their thoughts or ideas ?

    I AGREE 100% with the POLL RESULTS .

  5. Most Democrat Party members are DISGRACE to our country ! Who cares for their thoughts or ideas ?

    I AGREE 100% with the POLL RESULTS .


  7. Van Jones, himself is a raciest idiot that may have the sense of a slug. He is a prime example of a far left Democrat who feels important being up the buts of other left wing idiots.

  8. Mr.Jones hates White people.CNN let’s him publically spew his politically INCORRECT opinions…

  9. Black lives matter is a racist statement in itself. There is only one race on this earth and that is the human race and we are all God’s children.

  10. At this point in my life I’m actually ashamed to say I’m a human being.
    It has nothing to do with race, color, religion, etc..
    We as a people Need to STOP THE HATE!! Period end of discussion.
    We would get further as one unified group than separated.
    I don’t care about skin color, I don’t care what country you come from, I don’t care what you look like, if you are my friend that’s it. My friendship is for life.
    We all bleed Red in the end.

  11. There is things that people need to realize today, everybody (race) didn’t come from Adam and Eve. There were people alive on earth when Adam was formed from the dirt and the breath of life (living soul) was breathed into him, Genesis 1 an 2 are two completely different stories! Adam means to be able to show blush, and when the SCRIPTURES say mankind, it is talking about a kind of men (aka race). Van Jones is a kind of man (aka male human) but he isn’t a man (aka Adamite). Just think the FATHER called Adam and Eve Adam (aka ADAMITE the race they were). So the virus we have is called a soul which he doesn’t have, he is like ever other animal on this planet!

  12. Now if table was turned, and one of PRESIDENT TRUMPS advisors said the exact words on against black, what would this story look like???? It’s 2020 STOP with the Racist Comments! We all bleed the same! People are People! And color is just a color, nationality is just that. This creep should be fined and FIRED!

  13. There is no cure for the insanity of the left except what has happened in every country on earth that has gone down this slippery slope. Millions will die, many will live barely subsistent lives, the elitist will survive, grow richer.

    Gangs will be paid to wreak havoc & mayhem until the elites are satisfied & then they will be shot to show how much those in power care about the people & their safety.

  14. This person is a perfect libtard incarnate,liberal media has pushed the race baiting thing. One day soon I hope they(blacks) will wake up to realize that the blacks you have put you as a step for their own advantage, be it monies,clout,fame, none have done what the people elected them for!!

  15. I don’t necessarily agree to the statement in full but children are not born prejudice. That prejudice comes from parents training their children with previous bias. And we must remember that as human beings we are fallen in nature so all humans have a prejudice and some fashion.

  16. I can always tell a racist by the stoopid words that come spewing out of their mouth. Do,once more this is an attempt to piss people off and get violent because so far everything the haters have done ,FAILED.
    PRESIDENT Trump is YOUR president so get over it. We WON and we will WIN AGAIN.LMAO.

  17. Every person, white or black, or anything inbetween has the same racial prejudices, because they are buried in our unconscious mind, not our conscious mind. So I agree with his statement, but his statement should have included EVERY person in the US, not just White people. And that is the other side of the coin that our media folks refuse to deal with. If you got angry at his statement, it is because the media doesn’t present the entire issue to us, because they want to make us angry.

  18. Actually,both RNA and DNA,the molecules responsible for life itself are large, complex, viruses which infect biological material, causing EVERYTHING!

  19. Van Jones is just plain wrong. If anyone were to have made that statement about people of any other race, the outcry against such a statement would have been enormous. Unfortunately Van Jones will probably get a “free pass” on his statement from most of the left-wing leaning media.

  20. I beg his pardon,his rhetoric is exactly why we have most of the problems in this country regarding race,his boss the OBAMINATION caused more racial divide than most before him. SO,BIG MOUTH,PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT!!!!!

  21. “People are not born to hate….they’re taught to.” Which means everybody has the ability to love their neighbor with the best of intentions but somewhere down the line they pick up rumors, gossip and stereotypes of certain people and run with that formula of hate. I’m all about truth, so if I see something that’s wrong I’ll tell it like it is, but I won’t feed hatred with more hate. That escalates up to violence and then wars start soon after. MLK Jr and other like-minded people had the right thought…to choose love and kindness rather than hatred and violence. Which side are you?

  22. Just another attempt to divide America. Everyone of every color may or may not be racist. Racism and Racist remarks are the epitomy of IGNORANCE. I for one am not ignorant. Doesn’t matter how many degrees you have, they do not teach you acceptance and love for all mankind.

  23. To my knowledge, at the moment, the only virus going around is Covid 19. I honestly have no clue as to what this pathetic excuse for a human being is driving at.His brain is obviously incorrectly wired. I checked with my doctor! He says this man has something wrong with him that even a double till of duct tape can’t help.

  24. If Van Jones, Don Lemond, ond others were truly concerned about justice they say where’s the outcry for Former Police chief David Dorn. It grieves my heart, their hypocrisy, statistics don’t lie, We blacks are killing each other more than others are. By the way what did Obama and Biden do for us – nothing, now they want to speak up. Van Jones needs to review Obama and Bidens record, then come back and talk with some intelligence. If they truly were Christians they’d be sensitive to the conviction of the Holy Spirit-who leads and guides us into truth: you don’t have to be perfect for the conviction of TRUTH. Just another Black Man, tired of seeing People of Color being manipulated every 4 years by the DNC… Blessed is the Nation, Who’s God is the Lord: God bless

  25. answer this crybaby jones,why is it that black men kill black men every day in every city across the united states.wear is you black lives matter for this!

  26. I lived in a small town with a population of a little less than 20000 inhabitants. There were Black families, but not many.They were a family just like any other family. So I never experienced racism or really new what was meant by somebody saying you’re a racist. Well, when I got drafted back in the 60’s and expanded my view of a much larger environment,I noticed that Blacks were practicing what was meant by racism. They sure hated White people. I saw it personally while in the service. They had all kinds of names in which they referred to them. They hated whites with a passion. Let me make this clear not all were racist. Some of my best friends were Black while in Vietnam. The world I found out to be totally different from my little town back in South Texas.

  27. ys market to be a republrly selfish, think only about yourself, (not your kids or grandchildren and be dsone of the top 10% of wage earners in this country) Unfortunately because to many Republicans listened to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and voted for Trump Weather we still have a country or not remains to be seen. We are currently heading to be a 4th world country and are leaving our children with a deficiet that it is questionable if we can recover from. Steve G

  28. Stupid is as Stupid says.
    And mega Stupid give this nut job a platform to say these hateful, irresponsible things. Labeling all with a broad brush stroke.
    Why are they not out there helping America heal.
    No. Let’s gouge open the wound deeper.

  29. It’s only natural that Similar people join as a social unit but it is supernatural to see all humanity as Children of God. Our constitution does not enforce divine law. We celebrate our freedom to like or dislike anyone for any reason but it is a crime to attack their name or physical being

  30. Just by him saying that shows he has that same virus. I have met a more then a few Black Americans and some, not all think I am a racist just because my skin is white. So what does that make them? The same thing Mr. Jones.

  31. How in the hell did Obama get elected and then reelected???! The first time, shame on him……..the second……shame on Americans!! He was a community organizer. That qualified him to lead this nation???
    Steven T. Perkins
    GySgt, USMC, (Medically Retired)

  32. Except for those White devotees of ANTIFA or politicians pandering to the protests for votes or photo ops, Van Jones is about as wrong as anyone can get.

  33. If EVERYONE in America would go back to thinking of how we are all alike instead of different all this racism garbage would stop. Peoples views are made by what they are taught and experienced. If the parents teach the children to love and respect every one black, white, yellow, red, disabled, poor, rich, or purple with green pokadots and that they themselves are responsible for their own success or failures there would be no more racism. I have seen in my many decades of living, Martin Luther King’s Dream that we all be treated equal being taught and learned by white people and racial tensions easing. But black people had it drilled into them constantly to never forget who enslaved them. Blacks haven’t been enslaved for hundreds of years now So thats over! Don’t forget it was the WHITE MAN who changed the laws and made it illegal in this great country to own ANY SLAVES OF ANY COLOR and to not discriminate against blacks in jobs, housing, or education. So how are WHITE people keeping BLACK people down in this country? Yes, there are a few idiots in every race. Deal with them accordingly and move on! You don’t throw a whole bushel of apples out because you find one bad one. All people should be judged by their own actions. If anyone shows they have no morals, no sense of right and wrong, doesn’t respect themselves or others, would rather steal than work hard for what they want/need then other people are going to turn against them and their downfall is their own responsibility. No one DID it to THEM. White people are being judged on what a small minority of them have done. To call ALL WHITES bad IS RACIST.

  34. Why hasn’t anyone posted the # of black & white
    Unarmed PEOPLE shot for the last year.Just remember never let a bad
    Situation be wasted.Van Jones uses the misfortune of his people for his success.Who does that sound like (Rev.Al)

  35. Funny thing is…the racists are the only ones who bring the subject up…so who has the virus again those who bring it up…

  36. Van Jones is a virus what a stupid person, who is the racist I would say Van Jones and anybody who thinks like him.You know Blacks are just as racist as whites if not more.

  37. Black are far more racist than whites! We judge on the heart, attitude and personality. White is the 1st thing a black man views.

  38. Ask Jones if that concept applies to his white wife, and by extension, to half his children…what a buffoon… this guy needs to get a real job!

  39. I agree with some of the comments here that Obama started the race issue. We really were getting along a lot better until he took office. That’s when things went south as far as race issues go. A lot of things went south. I wish he would also shut his mouth and stay out of Trump’s business, and this country’s business. He was the worst president in history and his voice and opinions are not wanted. He should crawl under a rock and stay there…in Kenya…where he was born!!

  40. It’s people like Jones and Obama who cause these race issues. They insist there is a problem but in truth, we didn’t have this issue in years! Once Obama got in the WH everything changed again. Time for him to SHUT his mouth and move on and take Jones with him, along with that filthy Soros!!!

  41. I am wondering when the story of thw white peopls who came to America and were treated worse than any black slave. Whites were not fed & housed and were treated like trash oftrn dying in the streets with no care. The survivors fought in the civil war to free the black slaves. Where are their reparations?? It should be known that one of the largest slave owners was a BLACK man. I am white, have lived in black neighborhoods all my life & I am still white and assume God made me that way. Prejudice is fomented by those who profit from convincing people that they are victims of some perceived wrong done them. WE are all victims. Education and thoughtful decisions will stop the evil influences perpetrated on all of society. Stop & think b4 u make a judgement. God made all trees different colors also birds and other animals so we find ourselves many skin colors from darkest black to pale white. Do u think God loves any one less than the other?Remember hate breeds hate, love creates a world of peace. Don’t let Satan win. God is just a prayer away! and don’t forget that fact.

  42. Blacks can’t let go of their past, slavery. Even though it ended generations ago. God clearly tells us in the Bible, “ Don’t hold to the plow and look back.”. “ If you dwell on your PAST, you have NO future.” They should read and meditate on God’s Word, the Bible.” “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM.” That’s why God tells us to, “Stay in His Word day and night.” To “KEEP His Commandments.” “ To STUDY (His Word ) to show yourself approved before God and man.” Maybe blacks should follow more closely God’s Word concerning their past and just GET OVER IT !

  43. To equate racism with a virus, is Jones’ idea of being clever and guaranteed to stir up some chatter. This clown is undoubtedly PAID by BLM along with the Crackhead News Network to promote his latent racist viewpoints. Look in the mirror Mr Jones. You’re the racist, pal. Racism is learned and inherited from your parents. Except this prick is paid to stir the pot to get higher ratings with his crackhead fake news. Go back to sleep asshat.

  44. Idiots like van jones are the large part of the problem, not the solution. I believe he’s attempting to stay relevant while actually displaying what a racist liberal moron he is. Perfect example of a real hater

  45. He just let us know that there is also racism on both sides, if your going to call out racism make sure you call out both sides. This from a person that was knows a young girl who along with a young man that were taken by gun point car jacked and taken to a golf course under construction faced these two young people and shot them both in the back of the head. Tell me this would have happened if they where black. Murders were 3 black 1 spanish. The one that pulled the trigger was looking to get out of prison because of covid. Why were there not federal charges brought against them for kidnapping and civil rights they were targeted

  46. Why would anyone ever listen to what Van Jones has to say? He’s a commy thru and thru and should leave this country and live in Cuba, China or Russia and then maybe his eyes would open and see just how great America is. BEGONE VAN JONES!!

  47. This man is why we have problems. I am white, and have 4 people of color in my family. If I can love everyone, why can’t he?

  48. It’s time to stop all this white-white-black-black GARBAGE & at least attempt to get over all this racist GARBAGE & get along with one another, just as our Lord & Savior, King Yeshua taught 2,000 years ago! I mean, neither race has any type of dormant “race trigger” in his/her head! That is just a rather lame, ignorant statement that one would say to justify one’s behavior! AND, by simply stating that, it makes the Jones guy seem like a racist himself….🤷‍♂️

  49. This is really ANTIFA at work! The name means “anti Fasces” or “against Fascism”. Most people, because of all the FAKE NEWS, may think that is a good idea, because they do not know that the Fasces is the symbol of a REPUBLIC. Ancient ROME was the first “REPUBLIC”, a form of government where the people have legal “Rights” based in a body of laws such as a “Constitution”, a legislative body or “Congress” to make new laws, a “Court” system to interpret law and try wrong doers and a “Executive”, or President to oversee and run the government. The Romans invented the Republic because Greek “Democracy” was a total failure. The people had no real rights, except to “vote”, but that vote mint nothing because radical elements and the very rich soon corrupted the process through bribes and intimidation.

  50. I think it is racist of black people to assume that all white people are racist!!
    Yo will always have a small percentage who voice their opinion….. but people are All equal!

  51. There will always be racism as long as there are ass##### like van jones and cnn around. We take two steps forward and ass###### like Van Jones and cnn come along and we take five steps back.

  52. Van Jones is a sick person who worked for the sickest person to ever hold the office of President. Those two are the true RACISTS in our country. Just remember you can’t engage in a battle of wits with a fool who is unarmed.

  53. I am a first generation American (Parent escaped from the Soviet Union) and have no clue what this guy is talking about. I’m guessing that because I don’t have “white guilt” that makes me a racist in his demented mind.

  54. God created all of us. Whether white black yellow brown male or female. We are all equal in his sight. The only difference God sees in any of us is those who believe in him and those who refuse to accept Jesus as our savior. God does not judge us by race or sex. Why do we judge by race? I have never understood that. God teaches us to show love to everybody.
    There are cops who have mistreated or even killed people of all races yet people like this only see the evil when it is against a black man. Wrong is wrong no matter who does it or who it is against. Most people I know of all races try to treat people as equal. What my ancestors did I have no control over. I can control what I do and how I treat people. I am a 74 year old white man and I hate racism no matter what race is being racist against any race we are all in this life together let’s just learn to get along and love each other as brothers and sisters

  55. That not a very nice thing to say about white people, no wonder these things are happening you making a statement like that, you none of us had choice to be black or white, GOD Made that decision, so be happy with what color your skin is, all lives matter, there is good and bad people in all colors, so be careful of what you say

  56. I think Van Jones is saying what he is thinking about himself and of course putting his thoughts on white people.

  57. Van Jones is correct, he just needs to complete his statement and go on to say Black people have the same virus. Anyone that says they do not see color is either a fool or blind. It is time to move on from the past.
    MLK’s Dream is turning into a Nightmare. I pray every night that my Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren, will not have to experience a worl like ours ,fifty yea s from now. Nothing has changed in the past fifty years! We need change!
    Wake up! Vote Republican! Just see what the next 4 years brings without Pelosi, Schumer, and crew holding the country back. VOTE!!!

  58. How dare he say such things. I believe in God one God one family. We are all the same I look at a person’s heart not what they look like ur either nice or ur not they r haters

  59. So why am I posting too fast? Perhaps you are a Chris Wallace Fan
    Who is pulling the strings behind this web site anyway?
    I will say it again CHRIS WALLACE SHOULD GO TO CNN!

  60. I don’t judge people by their color, but by their actions. It is better to just think of them as human regardless of what color their skin is. To many “Colored persons” put too much emphisis on the color of their skin and call everybody else racist. Van Jones and Barak Obama are those types of people.

  61. Van Jones needs to listen to Mr. Robert Woodson interview on The Tucker Carlson show 06/02/2020.

  62. van jones says white people got virus in the brain…what a racist this pig is huh…You are democraps and haters you bunch of hate america..why don’t you just tell the truth for once i your life…YOU hate all people

  63. These black people are working day and night to stir up racial strife. I know around here when they come to burn out the houses of the whites they will see a lot of whites that will not put up with it. They will defend their towns and property and peole. I am sick of their WHITE PRIVILEGE crap too. Me and my family got to where we are because of hard work and prudent finical decisions. I have tried to teach both backs and whites how to do it and it is impossible. People are what they are unless they work out a total mind set and do what the well off do instead of doing what the wage slave does.


  65. Oh my god everybody has a little racism in them! I am white and grew up in the ghetto and seen racism in every race. It’s something every American needs to work on this virus but starting a race war is defiantly not the answer wake up America. And this guy’s comment has gone to far

  66. Van Jones is just as ignorant and filled with hate as his former boss, the Liar-in-Chief Obama.


  68. Only the bi-assed main stream media would interview this fool (Van Jones) ! Only because it stokes their claim of racism in the U.S. What constructive thing has Van Jones and the Fake News media done to make things better in the U.S. ? A: Nothing, NADA, nicht,

  69. I am a white mexican american and I found his comment racist. This was an Obama adviser? Thank God he wasnt there too long. Although him and his boss did plenty of their racist damage.

  70. Hey Van when was the last time you went to a black community & try to help people?Its very easy when you sit with your suit in a studio & try to divide people instead of helping your people.Helping is not throwing money at the problem its GET A JOB & provide for your family & dont be dependent on the government to do it for you.JUST DO IT.

  71. This Nutty Professor or whatever he is he has a worm in his brain these Elites day they come up with the nuttiest goddamn thing you know it and then they expect us to believe it

  72. Then blacks have a brain virus that makes them thieves, lazy, drugs, no family values, no morals, shouts racism even though the same thing is happening to whites.excetra. Right ? Why didn’t he mention the murders against whites by police both black and white ? Why that just escaped his mental abilities didn’t it ?

  73. This guy is the one racist by singling out all white people. I’m from Asia and I don’t agree with him.

  74. Is not Jones statement itself not…racist? Some of the most racist people I know are always looking to blame their failures on racism. Even those who gained so much on the backs of those they claim are racist are actually the racist.

    How about we all look past the color of ones skin or other factors they have no control over and look for that person’s MERITS. If you have no merits, work to get them instead of falling back on the racism excuse.

  75. That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard in my life. Talk about someone with a brain issue. And this guy was an Obama adviser? Now there’s a scary thought. And I’m having trouble posting my comment because they’re telling me I’m posting it too fast which is the second stupidest thing I’ve read in the last 5 minutes.

  76. Of all the people I have met over the last six decades, more minorities have shown racist tendencies than whites. Of course, most of the people with whom I have associated during those long years were in technical or professional fields, so that may make a difference. None of the blacks I know that are in professional or technical fields are racists or biased against whites.

  77. The black community are the racists. They have a high illegitimate rate. Most are not family. There are no father figures. Drugs are a problem. Instead of eating meals at school the family’s should sit down at the table and eat meals together. They are their worst enemies

  78. Van Jones is a hater and extreme Racist. Another Black man wanting to keep fellow Blacks believing they are suppressed. Reality is America is the best fair country on earth. If not why is Racist Van Jones still living here?

  79. This is the most asinine statement ever. How dare he think he knows or understands what most whites think. Talk about racism. Look in the mirror dufus

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