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  1. Ouri country is in trouble as long as these foreign women are in our govt. They were planted there by deep state (obama)

  2. Can you need to be arrested and thrown in a prison for treason. So does the other two nuts at follow her

  3. That is complete BRAINWASHED nonsense and ignorance, fool. How about backing up your b.s. with some truth and facts, idiot.


  5. It is a sad commentary on the state of this nation, the greatest ever on the face of this earth, that a question of that nature is even asked. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  6. What pretty face? AOC looks like a jack ass and that is the truth, her lips roll back when she smiles and shows her gums .worst looking than mad max.

  7. You are SO RIGHT! AOC just got out
    of diapers and is trying to redo America!
    She’s in the wrong Country! Go help
    CUBA!! She can attend a baseball game
    there with Castro as did her Patron Saint

  8. Just take a look at Argentina, perhaps that will get the attention of those new young voters, but then again these guys don’t care, they see a pretty face and they throw caution to the wind (to the tornado in this case) and yes, the former President of this beautiful Country, Mr. Obama, has done terribly wrong to our Nation, he is the one who pushed the Communist agenda, sided with the Muslims 99.99/100 of the time, he damaged this fairly young Nation. A.O.C took to it like ice water in a hot day of summer. Now their aims is to have the illegals voting rights, get rid of the electorial College, (mid states will not be represented fully, actually all the “blue states” have large population, Cal, Illinois, OREGON, N.Y, Wash. and all the east Coast, you get my drift (yea, it shows my age) lol. I personally think that G-d put Mr. Trump in the Presidency seat, to restore her and will do it one more time. I believe in the power of Prayers, so I will ask G-d to bless America and her people and to keep this President in his Seat for 4 more years. KEEP AMERICA GREAT ?? May G-d bless you and keep you, may He lift His countenance upon you and grant you Shalom. I like Mr. Trump and despite all the damages the Dems have inflicted and STILL plan to inflict to that courageous and hard working man, Mr. Trump is still looking out for all of us. 🙂

  9. You are absolutely right. Just because the LIBERALS, LEFTIST Groups, the ELITES and especially the HOLLYWOOD STARS have more money than the average American Citizen, they should all be held accountable for all their treasonous words and actions.

  10. I am a Trump supporter “Stupid” and I’m very proud to say so. If you don’t like Donald Trump as our President then you need to go find yourself another country to live in!! I am a natural born citizen of the USA and I can see that Obama really “screwed” America and Hillary Clinton backed him up. They are both very crooked people. The entire Congress needs to be wiped out and we need to start over!!! We need to “wise up” and put people in office who will keep our Constitution and our Christian values. Trump is at least trying to work FOR the American Citizen! He has been the ONLY President who has had the backbone to work FOR the average person, plus he’s been accomplishing everything he has promised he would do while campaigning. AND He’s been doing this in spite of everything Congress and the “LIBERAL” groups have been throwing at him.

  11. YEAH!!!! Someone has finally spoken the truth about the one who has truly tried to bring our great country down. BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA was the worst president we have EVER had. He has shown over and over again that he hates America and his actions have proven this on a daily basis. You don’t have to look very far to see that in the history of Obama being our President, everything he has said and done has been documented and these documents are proof that he really HATES America!! Wake up people – Obama was the absolute WORST President we have ever had. Trump is the ONLY President who has any “backbone” to help the average person and who is willing to fight for the American Citizen. It’s the natural born citizen and those people who have become real American citizens the right way, those are the people who have been discriminated against! BUILD THAT WALL ASAP !! Don’t let any more ILLEGAL ALIENS in and by all means get rid of that stupid “ANCHOR BABY” law. Send all the illegals back to where they came from and don’t let anyone else in!!! We need to help our own American Citizens first and foremost! No other country would do what we do for anyone who is here illegal! They DO NOT have any legal rights even if they step foot on any US soil. No one who is here illegally has any American rights until they become citizens. I’m tired of paying for the illegals to be given “free” hand outs, free medical care, free money.

  12. 100% agreed. Omar & Tlaib are terrorist sympathizers & looking to bring their terrorist brethren into our Country to wreak havoc. Take the blinders off and smell the coffee..????

  13. Not for 1 second. Girl you got up on wrong side of hell. No one wants your stupid ideas. Your poll has gone down down. Give it up you will never win.

  14. You are so right. The problem is ignorance or disengagement. If you do not appreciate your freedom is because you do not know what it means not to have any. In general American people never lost their freedom so they really do not understand dictatorships. You have no say, you do what you are told or else. I was borne in one and had it until I was in my 20s. Wake Up!!

  15. Truth and Facts: Where do yo get your facts from? If any US President was like a dictator, it was Barack Hussein Obama .

  16. You think I’m a liberal because I detest a treasonous tyrannical lying self absorbed self centered jack ass maniacal egotistical narcissistic dictatorial dictator wanna be? It seems your the ignorant brainwashed fool here,dumbass. FOR your info,JACK ass I’m anti abortion and pro 2nd amendment and believe in a strong military and a balanced budget.

  17. You are aN UNEDUCATED UNAMERICAN BRAINWASHED Fool and HYPOCRITE. You have no clue what the true republicans agenda is do You? FOOL

  18. Look again. He’s not gone very far. He’s still there trying to Moslemize and communize the USA.

  19. You mean the Dept. of Indoctrination, don’t you? There is precious Little occurring in our schools today that can be called legitimate ‘education.’

  20. She only got 2000 votes. No one was running against her! Omar too, not one person was running against her either! People need to step up to the plate and stop these jihads from getting elected!

  21. This country is on a different level. Hell New York city and LA are larger then Switzerland. Compare apples to apples.
    When you add in our own self imposed regulations and the crap from the U N, it’s a wonder we are even on that list.

  22. The little Commie is ALEXANDRIA OCASIO CORTEZ.She is a communist carpetbagger that could not get elected in Yorktown Heights NY.So she carpetbagged her way to The Bronx to get elected.She hates public transportation that she wants to force on every one else.

  23. who is this cortes andreor whatever the little girl’s name is. I mean se speaks and acts like a little 12 year old and adults who are politically serious are listening. We are in trouble if someone doesn’t wake up. She comes out of no where and an entire political party put their antenna up listening to every immature word and thought. Come on ya’ll we are better than this and smarter.

  24. Jun and Dutch, commas save lives – examples:
    “Lets have Grandma for dinner.”
    Or with acimma,
    “Lets have Grandma, for dinner”.
    See, saved a life.

  25. I agree Betsey! I know of a couple of people that went that route and regretted it so much, one committed suicide and one almost did. So sad!

  26. Untruth and facts, you aren’t going to like what will be running the country if the great brainwashed like you get your way. What country would we be able to run to? The freebies will be gone kid because the middle class won’t have anymore money to support you. Maybe you and your fiends shoul go to a communist or muslim country before you cast your vote. Stay there awhile. Read some American history you obviously never read. Brave American youth fought and died so you could live in freedom. They believed in God. They believed in protecting children at any stage! They fought to get rid of Hitler to save the Jews. It’s people like you that will bring America down. What is the matter with this site? I didn’t say this before and the post I wrote before this never got posted!

  27. Untruth and facts, you aren’t going to like what will be running the country if the great brainwashed like you get your way. What country would we be able to run to? The freebies will be gone kid because the middle class won’t have anymore money to support you. Maybe you and your fiends shoul go to a communist or muslim country before you cast your vote. Stay there awhile. Read some American history you obviously never read. Brave American youth fought and died so you could live in freedom. They believed in God. They believed in protecting children at any stage! They fought to get rid of Hitler to save the Jews. It’s people like you that will bring America down.

  28. DOE is full of Progressives (Communists). They have intentionally dumb downed and entire generation and working on two. Clean the Progressives out and try again!!

  29. I taught social and physical geography for several years and realized our kids know nothing let alone American history Ha Our teaching methods are outdated.

  30. Great reply to Ron, Willy. If America goes communist/muslim the average Americans, Christians and Jews will be the ones to pay dearly. We will never have freedom again. The democrats have all become far left wing demons. They can’t allow people to have God in anything because they couldn’t kill innocent babies, let murderous gangs and drugs come into our country. The rich i rulers won’t pay for their insanities but the middle class will. It’s the ignorant young brainwashed that will pay.

  31. Thoroughly agree! Something needs to be done in our schools to ensure our kids are taught our history and the values that made it a republic!

  32. We should send AOC and every supporter of her New Green Deal to Venezuela for 6 weeks and see what happens when they come back (if they can get back).

  33. Wow Ron, What an intelligent statement…you’d probably have a different opinion if ventured out,into the REAL world to see what is going on, instead of having your butt in front of a screen all day. SMART(?)folks like you are letting our country go down the drain,in spite of all the dedication & sacrifice of those before us. They also stood in line to do it…not for a free handout. How ’bout you catching a free bus, taking your Lib friends with you to one of those “BETTER” countries. Don’t bother to send a postcard

  34. Thomas Murphy you are so right. I think if we could get away with it we should fire all the Democratics and maybe start new. Because as a whole they sure aren’t working for the people anymore they only working and that a laugh they don’t believe in working.

  35. I agree, we must be more diligent in overseeing what our children and grandchildren are being taught. We must hold local, state school admins accountable. America is the greatest country in the world.

  36. we do not need to end DOE, we need to exert better control. voting more carefully and better attention to candidates,

  37. Who said this country was the greatest in the world? Every year the O.E.C.D. (Organization of Economic Commerce and Development) ranks countries by quality of life. and for the past three years Norway was ranked top with Switzerland 2nd and Singapore 3d. The U.K. ranked 17th and this country 18th.

  38. No TRUTH or FACTS, you are told so many times that the ONLY other person that will believe anything you say is another liberal. Everyone else in the world is smarter then you and know better. You only get another liberal who will adore more lies to be able to spread that you immature children create with your fantasy and make believe BS. Other liberals as you do not require as a smart person does, to show proof of you liberals claims and comments. They lack the intelligence needed for that. They are far more into immaturity as you are to talk trash and think your smart over it as well. You only prove by your continued BS and will not and never have backed up and shown proof of anything you have ever said either. But by your continued comments you do as I have said you do, love to show off your stupidity very much. As well as your incredible lack of intelligence as well as you continue to do the same stupidity over and over ! You don’t even as much have the intelligence to simply wise up either.
    Stupid is, as stupid does. You can’t fix stupid. What other immature TRASH talk you got ? I am not nor have not made an ass out of you either. You have done an excellent job of that yourself. I am simply helping show off your stupidity and immaturity as you constantly demand to do everywhere you post.

  39. I think we need to ask ourselves: Why is this the best country in the world? The answer is certainly not communism; it’s capitalism. The children in our schools are not learning about the greatness of this country, because the feds have taken over education and they are taking over our personal lives. Our problem is that we are not outspoken enough.

  40. Tom, do everyone a favor & STHUP LOSER, it’s losers like u that give reason to supidity, how does it feel to be brainwashed & controlled, find Jesus let him in ur heart so he can save ur lost soul!

  41. We’re losing so many of our vets to suicide for one simple reason. They are cut off from opiate pain medications to appease the opiate “hysteria”. Don’t know your local areas, but the people overdosing in mine are heroin with multi other drugs mixed in, not legit prescribed pain medicine. Obama started this crap & the vets are not the only ones with suicide rates rising. You will not see this on tv, media, etc., because it doesn’t fit in the story line the left is pushing. Know this is not the right forum for this, but couldn’t help it when I saw the comment on vets. God bless America & our constitution. I voted with the 99% btw.

  42. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! So Scandalous, such an egregious waste of the taxpayers money! These lying SOB’s from the beginning trump threw his hat in the ring (and before) to the present!! It is LONG OVERDUE TO CLEAN HOUSE OF THESE EVIL POPLE! TRUMP 2020!! GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP, THE USA AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!

  43. The only president since president Reagan who cares for the country and the people is Donald Trump. If you do not agree it is because you have your head up your posterior.

  44. The fact of the matter is the majority of the people deplore, dispose , and loath the lying treasonous tyrannical lying self absorbed self centered jack ass dictator wanna be.

  45. So the strategy is to deport or try for treason everybody who opposes or disagrees with Trump, right? Yup, that sure is the tried and true American way all right.

  46. Well I think the peop,e have spoken in these comments to let this Yahoo know exactly how they feel. She needs to be run out of Washington right along with the other two that are a bunch of crazy idiots.

  47. Mexico said they would take back what was taken from them without firing a shot and we are ignorant enough to let them do it

  48. Al, let’s take that one step further, all those in congress right now, Sanders, Cortez and the RAG HEAD OMAR, be expelled from office asap and deported to

  49. Absolutely agree. These anti-American back stabbing TRAITORS need ousted and definitely held accountable for their conniving corrupt evil lives. Put every one of them in PRISON where they belong. The talking needs to stop. WE NEED TO SEE ACTION.

  50. The best solution for her and the other un-American representatives in Congress is a recall. The problem is that the idiots who voted for her in her district don’t see any problem. So, they don’t see a reason to recall her.

  51. Yes but, who will have the guts to continue to fight for the deplorables after Trump and hopefully Pence?

  52. Muslims are welcome to be citizens of our country. But, they can’t honestly be representatives in our government because their religion directory forbids them from putting the Constitution of the United States above their religion. This is just another way too undermine the people of our country. Their religion allows them to break the rules for the purpose of fooling non-Muslims into following their laws. But, basically to them anyone who isn’t Muslim should be killed. Read the Quran.

  53. If we’re going to restore the faith of the American people in our government and judicial system, obama and his administration, the clintons, the doj , the far left liberals, the airhead Hollywood celebrities need to held accountable for their treasonous acts against the United States! Until then this two-tiered justice system speaks volumes that there is still corruption going on!

  54. The more people vote yes then the no vote count goes down. The amount of people who vote on this site the numbers will change. Now do you understand?



  56. if our reps won.t listen to the “citizens” (legal) then take them out of the system. by vote or other wise.

  57. Actually our schools do not try to teach them anything. THEY ARE INDOCTRINATING THEM FOR THE WAR THAT IS COMING to AMERICA.

    TRUMP FOR 2020

  58. I agree with you 100 percent demonrats should be arrested for treason and thrown in jail for life or HUNG obama is the worst of them all

  59. We can argue what to do how to do it but this is one subject that is off limits . We spend 240 plus years fought numerous wars to maintain our way of life . The people who bring this up should be deported if not a citzen and tried for treason if they are . We do not want or need sociliasm .


  61. With them treasonous thieves and crooks, the lot of “liberal-minded” cowards and traitors who not only hate our US Constitution but, the whole of the idea about the “free individual” .. We shall not continue to ignore, much less down-play the fact that, as long as all them “highly educated liberal pukes”, the incompetent crooks and cheats who continue in charge and in control of the US National Education System – as reflected in the academic results of most all our basic public schools, in the “higher education” institutions and, or, as crudely reflected in the IQ capacity of many a common individual in our US society – we simply cannot continue on denying the fact that, what once were considered as “our most honorable” educational institutions .. these have become but extremely and, non-affordable “educational” institutions whose main focus aims at their producing or creating a society of ignorant individuals . A Nation of brain-washed idiots and fools who’d believe in anything being said their “master educators”. It’s due time to “clean-up ALL of the dirt” found inside ALL our USA’s Institutions. Long live our Constitutional Republic.

  62. They are voting in Democrated states like California in the millions, the democrats came to my state Texas with ballots during Beta Orourk and Ted Cruz, they rigged 59,000 votes with the illegals. Nine demonrats are in jail for it! They now are trying to pass a bill to allow it and change the age to 16 years of age! They know they are loosing and desperately trying to win the illegal way! They are now the enemies of the people!

  63. Demonrats have went off the deep end of reality! They are all completely insane, and scare the living hell out of me, with what they want to do with our country! It will be the death of our country, our constitution, our freedoms! They are the enemies of all of us!

  64. Are you aware why peeeelosi wants to limit kicking pres trump out of office…..because nazi demonrats can’t…house prepares charges but senate must approve charges which ain’t agonna happen.

  65. I say Kick her crazy self out of our country! She is one evil ???? woman! She is one sick, sadistic woman!

  66. My husband and I support President Trump.
    The Dems and all those that have broken the law
    should be held accountable.

  67. The Dems need to take all of the illegal immigrants and move to another country. We don’t need all of their stupidness here in America!! Kick them all out!

  68. The minimum voting age for federal elections should be 21 years. The several states reserve the right to set their own local election minimum age levels.

  69. The democrats are the ones committing treason by attempting to allow these scum bag immigrants to vote !! this will lead to a certain civil war. Nancy and crying chuck should be very careful.

  70. A non-citizen is not “e pluribus unum” and is therefore not a member of “We the People”. No non-citizen should be
    allowed to vote anywhere in the USA.

  71. I’ve been SCREAMING about this for YEARS !!! Don’t expect anybody to have the stomach to act on it though. I’ve gone on MANY, MANY Online rants about I.Q. testing for Voters & Politicians over the years. Anybody who’s read my comments for any amount of time will tell you that it’s like my “signature” rant. But don’t expect any quick action on it – I speak on this from EXPERIENCE !!!!!!!!

  72. You sound like you are a veteran…if so, God Bless You and thank you for your service John. We’re losing too many of our veterans to suicide because the VA isn’t doing enough for them. It’s downright sickening. My husband is a Vietnam era veteran. Thank God I still have him with me. This is why President Trump is trying to help the vets. We’re losing too many of our brave men who fought for our freedom. Thank God for Donald Trump.

  73. I propose this idea in 2012 when I lost my last election to fly away votes that I refuse to purchase. The cool thing about using a fingerprint is that you can vote from your cell phone as long as you are a registered voter and your fingerprint is in the database. I would also submit that the information for all elections is stored at a master underground out of farm controlled by the government and auditable. That way there would be no unnecessary do influence

  74. It is upsetting when people come into an established Country, that has it’t own Constitution, laws and regulations that have been in effect since the birth of our Country. We do not want to change anything that has worked for the last 200 years, “why change what ain’t broke.” We are a Nation of Immigrants,who learned English, fought in our wars, paid taxes, contributed to every aspect of building America to a great world power. What we don’t need is people coming into are Country trying to have our laws accommodate them for the Country they just left. Only so many a year should be allowed to emigrate to America, welfare rolls should be for our own people. We were founded on the Christen,Judeo Principles, and will not have them usurped by others, whose belief system is not compatible with ours.. It was established by Congress, that no that no hats or head coverings could be worn in Congress or the, Senate for safety reasons and security, yet here we are letting Muslim women wear head coverings, eroding one established law for so called
    Religious purpose’s. One law rescinded, because an outsider demanded it. When our we going to adhere to just the Laws, that have always served OUR Country well, and we the taxpayers demand it…

  75. No way….I and my family are Republicans. Always have been and always will be. Trump and Pence again for 4 more years.

  76. I agree about flying her over the ocean…how about flying her to the rest of the terrorists, put a parachute on her and kicking her out the door. That way, she can go be with her own kind.

  77. 99% no vote is a certain indicator that conservative souls utilize the site. That’s good. At least many are involved. But we know the ENEMY is among us and it would be good to see a number of polls which show mixed results. The first admonition in – ‘The Art of War’ is ‘know your enemy’. That includes how many.

  78. Why can’t voter registration be as simple as a finger print comparison at the ballot station ?

  79. Walter, you are right AOC is evil and your comment quoted multiple times covers it very well. Thank you.

  80. Bout the stupidest damn question I’ve ever seen. Not only NO but HELL NO!!! , but those should be considered TRAITORS to AMERICA and should be dealt with AS SUCH ARE DEALT WITH IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. The word is THEIR. It should be THEY’RE. Not a big deal. I don’t blame John, but his English teachers, the schools, the union.

  82. Fred, Guess you missed the big picture. If you want to criticize, learn some etiquette and address the issue first, then do the picky stuff you seem to like to do.

  83. Democrats stand for total government control. Continue to vote for democrats and you will son see your freedoms taken away bit by bit until the government controls everything you can do or say. They want to eliminate the 2nd Amendment. We neen the 2nd Amendment to protect the 1st Amendment. That’s why it was the second amendment in the first place. Protect your freedoms and vote out these power hungry democrats.

  84. Turner: And the muslim terrorist are using Ilhan Omar as their snitch in the Congress to find out all our classified information, so when they get enough of what they need, then they can take over!

  85. Politicians should be required to take an IQ test and meet a certain standard before being allowed to run for office.

  86. I read on the internet Friday that Iowa is trying (or has already passed a law) that Medicaid has to pay for a transgender to have reconstructive surgery, because ” going w/o this surgery affects their mental condition & which affects their health! Now the way I look at this situation is if the state of Iowa wants to spend $$ on care for a mentally deficient person who can’t determine which sex they are by dropping their panties or shorts & tell exactly what sex they are, then why spend hundreds of thousands of $$ for sex change??? My suggestion is Iowa must have too many $$ in their coffers, & could use those $$ for a psychiatrist & give them counselling for a yr. while they are locked up in a straight jacket in a padded room. Huh? I do believe after one yr. they would come to the conclusion which sex they really are! OR, if Iowa doesn’t want to spend $$ for psych counselling, then use all those $$ for helping to build the wall! Anybody else agree w/me?? (gggg)

  87. We stood up and took back our country in 2016 and We have got to do so again, We have to stop Illegals from voting and the muslim from taking over our Gov schools and collages

  88. Oh hell NO!! Pelosi wants 16 year olds to vote. How about 10 years old numb nuts. Definitely this woman needs to report back in to the nursing home.

  89. Hey Dan Winright: I agree w/you!!! Death to their idol god allah! If an idol god can’t do anything (which that is a name that mohahmed gave him in thr 6th century), then why on earth would any muslim *(if they had any sense), would want to worship a god that can’t do anything for them?? They have to go out & kill, steal & every other evil thing for their god! I’m glad I serve a GOD that only has to speak to a mountain & that mountain has to obey HIM & move!!!!

  90. Sure promise them the moon, then kill their foolish followers, by any means available. Poverty, slaverly, no freedoms, govt rules everything, and everybody. Sound good to you. Then vote democratic.

  91. Mangy camel Pelosi did not assign AOC to a Climate committee and suggested the AOC Green gangrene deal was a bad dream. Now if they would remove Green crescent totalitarian Omar from Intelligence Committee for only having sharia ignorance that would be a sign of responsibility.

  92. I am so glad we (in Arizona) have finally gotten rid of one of the RINO clowns, Jeff Flake. If you don’t know him, you are lucky. He lives up to his name, he’s a total FLAKE.

  93. Fred, there are more poor spellers than ever and I blame the education system that does not focus on spelling or grammar. I guess we just have to get used to it because it doesn’t look like it’s going to change. So common is “your/you’re”. “there/their/they’re”. The misuse of apostrophes is my pet peeve. Why do so many, when they pluralize a word think they need to insert an apostrophe before the ‘s’? No apostrophe needed.

  94. Semper Fi I am with you, we have to protect American from the camel asinine butt kiss Demo-crap in DC and anyone that backs them by any means it calls for

  95. This woman is an absolute IDIOT! Fly her over some ocean and kick her out at 30,000 feet! we have enough stupid politicians called Democrats!

  96. when the colleges started using the pass- fail system instead of the grading system people like aoc (I call her dementia) started goingand getting degrees.

  97. I saw this on a tee shirt:
    Q: If Socialsism doesn’t work, why do so many people still support it?
    A: Because they don’t work either!

    So True, especially DumbCrats and most all Politicians!! Leeches on Society!!

  98. Remember 911!
    Death to Islam! No muslims in government! No muslims in law enforcement. No muslims period!

  99. I totally agree with both of you!!!! I am terrified what will happen by the time my grandkid’s are old enough to vote.

  100. Hypocritical Democrats. Nowadays most are just leftwing loons. If they get in power, they will do what their predecessors did in Europe. They will build a wall between the US and Canada to keep sane people from escaping the hellish conditions which they have implemented.

  101. I was born in a country where you have a choice no matter who you are and I fought to keep that freedom of choice for everyone no matter who you are or what you believe. All I see now is greed from some of those on both sides of the fence but what their not seeing is that when their usefulness is done then they are no longer needed.
    God Bless President Trump and the rest of this great Nation.

  102. She needs to be impeached asap along immediately with the rest treasonous traitor’s and deported back to whatever rathole she she came from. She’s one of the dumbest so called democrats in in Congress send these people back to their 3rd world counties where they belong.


  104. Mr. Curry – I would like to add we need to weed out the RINOs, do-nothings and the self-serving from the Republican ranks, too. These people only serve to aid and abet the liberal agenda, yet they certainly know how to campaign as conservatives!

  105. I would like to share Winston Churchill’s comment, “The inherent virtue of communism is the equal sharing of misery.”

  106. I totally agree with every thing you said. We need people with a brain to run this beautiful country.

  107. The parents are responsible for the nonsense that their children are being taught…be pro-active…stop the liberal teachers and professors…we pay the college fees…we have the control. BUT WE THE PARENTS HAVE TO CARE!

  108. AOC is a puppet on a string. She is an actress only and simply repeats what she is told to say..she applied for the job her handlers outlined. She should be thrown out. This will be public knowledge soon..a disgrace to our country.

  109. The democRATS just had “so help me God” removed from their oath of office in Congress. That should speak volumes to the American people.

  110. We all need to get out and vote in 2020 and get rid of all these Democrats in every city and state!! For they are the party that has given us all kinds of debt and misery all over the country, they are also the party that has allowed all these illegals into our country and started the putting these illegals on welfare, and now they want to allow these illegals to be able to vote!!! It is a no wonder why our country is so far in debt, and crime is so out of control, and our election process is so corrupt and on and on!!! These Democrats are so unconstitutional and so very soft on our laws!!! We need to get back to upholding our laws and bring back the 3 time loser law and give out harsher sentencing for crimes!!! The Democratic party is truly the party of evil and they have shown us just how power hungry and corrupt they really are!!! I am not a Democrat or a Republican or liberal and none of us should ever affiliate ourselves with only one a party,we should be voting for those that are known to be completely constitutional politicians and that represent our voice whether they like it or not for that is what they are elected into office to do is represent the citizens of their state period!!!!


  112. Amen…we the people must vote out the ones who do not support our President! They work for us…and they have forgot that!!!

  113. amen to that for I also served in the military for 20 years to keep our country safe from this. those idiot dim witted new democraps need to leave this country were GERMANY during WW2

  114. Who has the deep pockets that most of Congress is dipping into and being complete stupid? I find it difficult to accept all the garbage that is going on in this country. It is like where are the “parents” to put all these unruley children in check? I am sick of hearing about the freshmen. Honestly it is like kids razing havic! Sad part is the establishment is just as out of control as the freshmen! Must be fixed soon!

  115. The people in our country are letting these Moran’s take mores seats in congress. The republicans did nothing when they had everything nowthey want us to pay to get them in power again so they can do nothing again. They have to show backbone and support our great President to help us stay safe and free

  116. The parents should go to the schools where their children are being indoctrinated to believe this nonsense.God Bless America for our freedom. Remember Grahams son said that God stepped in on the last election for Donald Trump to be our president.

  117. Absolutely Not!!! These ideas are totally unAmerican
    and only began to be considered at the turn of the 20th century. They cause death and destruction.
    Stay Strong America!!!

  118. Ed, I so agree with you. I have thought the same thing many, many times. Voters MUST use better judgement when voting.

  119. I’d just like to say that Our Congress is the biggest problem in the US, as few of the newer members and many of the elders think anything of their oath of office. They take the oath to uphold the constitution and then before they know anything they want to change everything. I only wish there was a way remove those that Ignore their Oath and the constitution.

  120. For 7 decades, the New Dealers started and now we have more leftist evil than FDR could have ever conceived. He, Truman, JFK, Scoop Jackson would gag at the evils of the present day Dem Party with the Pelosis, Omars, AOC, Tlaibs, Clintons and yes, even the sainted BHO.

  121. No, absolutely not. It has not worked out well for any other country. I guess those in favor think they are the elite and will not be touched by the policies.

  122. The 99% who don’t want it are more like the American consensus…not what the fake news tells you!

  123. What is wrong with that 1% , they are either traitors, young adults , dems ,or just plain really stupid , and should leave the USA now.

  124. any body that wants this has to be kicked out of this country, may be send them all to russia. no body in our government should never think like this and should be kicked out, NOW


  126. I was a Democrat all my life. TRUMP changed that. And also ” The New Wave Democrats “. Now Republicans have to fix the damage done to this country in the past 25 years. Particularly the last eight before Trump.

  127. What are the DUM DIMS THINKIMG they are all thinking with the wrong head if you catch my drift I gave 13 yrs and don’t want my country given to a bunch idots

  128. The only group that does is the young generation
    They have no work ethics thanks to us as parents
    Just look at the school scandal what does that teach
    Are. Young people that’s why they don’t no what respect is
    Sincerely Bruce

  129. She has some funny Math and Comments, the bad part is some people a ignorant enough to believe her !!!

  130. I think the democractic party is nothing like the party they used to be, they are now, Anti God, anti Christian, killing babies, despicable lying scum, EVIL AS SATAN.

  131. Why would I support a system that caused in excess of 170,000,000 civilian deaths in the 20th century?

  132. Any finances the Government controls now is a mess, plus they would have to repeal the first and second amendment to do it, just like all the other countries that failed doing it !!!!

  133. I think of many of these polls, like this one, we need another option like
    hell no or
    absolutely not
    if the first one is offensive. Offensive??? hmm what is that in today’s lingo?


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