Don Lemon Approval Poll Results

QUICK POLL: Do you APPROVE or DISAPPROVE of CNN anchor Don Lemon?

What do you think of the results of the poll? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!



  1. Absolutely he is the most disrespected POTUS ever served in my lifetime. And I blame the MEDIA more than anyone entity of them all. It may have started with Meghan KELLY. THEN ALL THE RUDE ENTERTAINERS JUMPED ON BOARD. NOT TO MENTION THE WICKED SWAMP CREATURES AND THE WORST OF THEM ALL NASTY NANCY.


  2. Don deman is a Racist Kiss Ass Negro Fagged. Why did he not pick his own Color Skin Fagged.This Animal is nothing but Hate just like his Brother,Borat Hussein Monkeys. We Americans don’t need Racists in U.S.A.

  3. Don LEMONTITS is an absolute race baiting gender confused idiot who is more of a talk show host giving his liberal opinions which are always so REDICULOUSLY biased and can’t hide his disdain for anything consevative or factual than he could EVER BE CONSIDERED A REPORTER!GUY SHOULD BE SELLING NIPPLE RINGS AT HOT TOPIC AND SPEAKING AND LGBTQRS SEMINARS!

  4. Don Lemon is a total freakin’ idiot!!! And one of the biggest “race baiters” out there. Ever notice how everything with him is race? Lemon, and people like him, are what keep the racial discrimination train moving. THEY MAKE ME SICK111

  5. Don Lemon is a hack and will say or do anything to bring down Trump! He is the LIE!! He is the muck of the swamp that needs to be removed in order to get to the swamp creatures!!

  6. CNN and their other channels are all whiners, its always the same thing, without Trump they would be speechless. They only spew hate constantly

  7. Don Lemon and his left wing minions are fit to be in Kremlin, Iran or North Korea. They have to be banished not only from the walls of the W.H. but also from the walls of the Congress, Senate and the SCOTUS

  8. Don Lemon is not a journalist! I studied journalism in college and his presence on television no way reflects journalism! He is laughed at regularly and it is not because he is funny it is because he is a shill and an insult to journalism!

  9. Don Lemon is a hack that’ll say anything if he figures he can make a buck I can’t imagine why he’s still on the air

  10. I can’t stand Don Lemon he is so full of himself. He doesn’t report news he thinks he’s on SNL & he’s not funny. He is the worst of the worst no class at all. I don’t watch CNN but I did like Anderson Cooper long time ago but I won’t listen to anyone that disrespects OUR President.

  11. CNN Communist News Network A Far Left Propaganda Machine That Democrats Control, As Is ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS They Are All Lying Left Wing.
    The 24/7 Lies Started The #WalkAway Movement Of Democrat Voters Leaving The Non Stop Liars Of The Democrat Party..
    The Democrat Politicians Is The Party Of Pure Hate And Communism.. They Use Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals Tactics Is To Blame The Other Side For Crimes They Themselves Are Guilty Of. This Democrat Communist Party Has To Be Abolished If Not We All Will Be Slaves To The Left, We Will Lose Our Freedom, Our Rights As Citizens..
    As HRC Said In 2015 She Called The Constitution Old Documents That If She Is Elected She Would Do Away Will, I Believe They Left Wants To Make Sharia Law The New Law In America, Lets Not Forget They Aligned Themselves With Radical Islam,
    No Democrat Should Ever See The Inside Of Our WH Again..

  12. I recently changed my programming on the DISH network to save some money, however, their Flexpack only features CNN, so now I spend my time listening to the Bible Broadcasting Network for the good news. I told DISH that I would probably be leaving them completely soon, but they don’t care, but at least I don’t have to get news from CNN the most biased, racist,and lying network on television.

  13. I solved the problem of getting angry and my B/P going thru the roof.
    I just don’t have CNN in my menu. I now can’t even accidentally flip on that channel. Fox people are so much better to listen to and they have class,and don’t spew hate and lies.
    Jut the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

  14. Don Lemmon is a lemon no matter which way you look at him. Peterson like this queer should NEVER BE ALLOWED TO WIRK ON THE MEDIA. REPORTER SHOULD BE IMPARTIAL, IF THEY WANT THE WORLD TO MAINTAIN ORDER.

  15. He is a poor excuse for a commentator!! I don’t know what has happened to make him so bitter against conservatives!!! Please CNN replace him!!

  16. Why does CNN have him on air? He should have been fired when he pretended to cry over stupid stuff on air.

  17. Don Lemon has nothing but a garbage mouth. As a matter of fact most of all the reporters on CNN have nothing but a garbage mouth

  18. Can’t Stand This Racist Lemon POS A-hole!! Don’t know why this scumbag is even on TV!!! Or Breathing Our Air!!!

  19. Lemon is a con artist who thinks he knows more then he does. He be #1 on this list if it were not for Sanders.

  20. C’mon people give Don Lemon a break! The guy’s human, just like the rest of us. From the very onset of his presidency Trump was scorned by the Left for his bad mouthing while the ignorant one’s in society thought that was grounds for his removal from office. Now the tide has washed up on the opposite shore and you idiotic Right Wingers are only interested in playing your hand in retribution. You people who feel I’ll will twards someone who’s essentially the same as everybody else are the real troube makers. It’s your insane idiocy which you seek to fuel and feed.

  21. the total jerk DON LEMON i could have used stronger language is a complete ass hole. Ido not know how he ever got a job on tv

  22. There is a reason I started watching Fox News and that reason was Don Lemon. I could not watch lemon or Chris without my blood pressure going up and becoming angry, I could not believe that anyone could openly talk so bad about the President if the USA. I changed channel and Fox News is now the only station I will watch and Hannity and Tucker and Laura tell it like it is but donot make mockery.

  23. Lemon is an ignorant leftwinged liberal whose opinion means less to me about Trump than a 2 years old child. The only thing that burns my ass is that he has a platform to voice his ignorance and I don’t. My opinion about the business in Washington is just as relevant as that dickhead.

  24. We the people have the power to remove these people who are not doing their job. Which will be the majority of the Democrats at this point. There is a young. Group of Democrats who have not forgot what it takes to be bipartisan and work for our country. Democrats have been on vacation. Since Trump took office. Taking a paycheck when he has not been.

  25. You know what the problem is, don’t you? This country was founded on. On God We Trust until that is reinstated. This will be the norm.

  26. Lemmon along with the other liberal assholes on CNN will be ousted very soon! They’re all a bunch of hacks! Useless Trolls and good for nothing! They have no idea how to report the news! All liberal no good POS!

  27. Donnie Lemon is a LOSER, and once a LOSER always a LOSER.
    When are the Democrats like Peelosi going to Apply for Mental Health sessions…she is in desperate need for them. Maybe she’ll bring Donnie Lemon to her sessions with her, and they both can get the help they need.

  28. Lemon is a lemon he a very sick person who has been brainwashed by the CNN Zuckerman group. He needs to be fired and sent to a mental institution to be cured

  29. Don is not any good to listen too and it was just a fluke I had CNN on anyway. I can’t stand that OPINION channel. They use no facts, my Grand-daughter could share a story just as well.

  30. Lemon claimed he was laughing at “the joke” yet there was no joke just another jerk making fun of all (not some) Republicans, even using simulated accents. Then the moron Lemon apologized by saying he “never” makes fun or looks down on people. I wonder if maybe he had his hands in his pants as he is wont to do.

  31. FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, what a crock of pooo, I BELIEVE THAT ALL so called journalists, AND THE ORGANIZATIONS THEY WORK FOR do have the right to say what they want, BUT, and I mean BUT, THEY SHOULD ALL BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT THEY SAY JUST AS I BELIEVE ALL POLITICIANS SHOULD BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT THEY SAY AND DO. Obummer broke many laws, but will never answer for his actions, as do most politicians, IF YOU SAY IT, YOU NEED TO HAVE CREDIBLE DOCUMENTATION to back up your claims. Democrats believe if you tell a lie enough times the uneducated and uninformed will believe it is true… my source is Hillery Clinton, you can listen to her rants and tell by her facial features that she is a bold face lier….

  32. Don Lemon is a talentless, moronic hack. The fact that he actually believes he’s funny is truly amazing considering he wouldn’t know “funny” if it jumped on his face & wiggled. That said, he should fit right in with the “others”. Speaking of the “others”…same goes.
    Thankfully, there are much better news sources than CNN or some of the other “Main Stream Media”.

  33. The speaker of the house a is a complete an utter disgrace ,along with the rest of the Democratic party.she should resign immediatley,and offer the President of the U.S.A a complete apology for acting like a child that has just been disciplined by an adult. Pelosi is a despicable person and should never be allowed to hold and office above dog catcher

  34. that’s why fnn ratings have fallen and will be shut down for there civil rights violations caused by dum lemon. he is a full blown racist even though his daddy was white and his mama was black.

  35. I agree with Kathrine Aldridge Clinton.
    You can have more degrees than a thermometer and still be a dummy,or a progressive Democrat.
    Maybe she can find time to tutor some of the brainwashed Trumpeters.
    Like Gawwwwd miss Kate, really?
    Like I’m so jelly of you.
    Like your so on fleek.
    Have a nice day.

  36. Don lemon or lime whoever is one of the SORE LOSERS, he did a fake laugh and to be in the crap cnn news, no one ever hires him so he’ll stick to the job. Very disrespectful and disgraceful people like Nancy pelosi full of hatred to the POTUS and Americans people.

  37. I only hear about Don Lemon. I never watch the fool or CNN. It is all about money. Take away their money and their sponsor’s money,
    and they are dead.

  38. Don Lemon is a disgrace and should be fired. What a total loser and embarrassment to the network. They have to be scraping the bottom of the barrel having an Anchor who has zero appeal to viewers. It’s no wonder that Fox is beating other networks so badly. Keep up the good work Lemon! Know that all of us Trump supporters think you are a highly overrated idiot.

  39. For the radical left, it’s not enough that all their constituents are doing well (the best they have ever done) under President Trump. No… that won’t do at all… because the successful were not made to suffer in the process. It will be interesting to see if the left can continue to convince the groups in their base that they are not really prospering… because, if they can’t, their underdog coalition will completely fall apart. The President is smart enough to realize that our country is only doing well when people of all socioeconomic levels are doing well.

  40. Kathryn Aldridge -With auto correct in many software pkgs and small keyboards on phones, anybody can look like a tool, I meant fool!

  41. Oh, NO WONDER the results are that 97% disapprove of Don Lemon!The respondents are all brainwashed Trumpsters! People who can’t spell and don’t even know the MEANING of words. You don’t have the “Gull” to do something; you have GALL. And…”Don Lemon is a cnn sleeve bag.” LOL! Someone said “a degree doesn’t make you smart.” No, but an education sure does come in HANDY. When Trump said, “I love the uneducated”, he was talking about YOU people! GAWWWWD! WAKE UP and see that Trump is trying to turn our Constitutional Republic into a dictatorship! It’s really SAD to see the state our country has devolved into.

  42. I agree with all of you who really see what is going on. Its really the American People who the Demos HATE!! And they are mad because the American People had the Gull to Vote for a non Politician. We must all stand with our President and vote this year for him and any Republican that run who whole his values and stand up to anyone for opposes us.


  44. It is sad that this person thought it was ok to make fun of people that support President Trump, that was the lowest of lows in my opinion. A degree does not make you smart, money does not make you better than anyone else. We were ready for someone who had our best interest at heart and has worked to make this country great again. Trump 2020!

  45. Don Lemon has touted nothing but the party line, mouthing scripted comments on an otherwise respected network.
    Like the proverbial cars off the assembly lines, this anchor is a lemon and should be recalled. He doesn’t drive
    the CNN team in the right direction…unless of course the philosophy has changed to approving of disparaging mockery
    of the American people while at the same time expecting them to listen to CNN reporting. He should be severed from
    their team immediately without pay….whatever his contract will allow.

  46. He is a scum bag should be fired. CNN and the view should be taken off the air! Liars all! God bless President Trump??????????

  47. You called him a “wannabe dictator” which is an absolute lie that will only be heard on a fake news station like CNN! If you ever bothered to actually listen to our GREAT president you might learn the truth! President Trump does everything to put the country first and keep Americans safe, as it always should be, but never has been for 60 yrs nil he was elected! If you don’t want to see that and accept the truth, then you are as stupid as Don Lemon and his idiotic friends!

  48. Trump delivers 9 out of 10
    Dem’s deliver 3 out of 10
    Cnn msnbc. 1 out of 10
    Pelosi Schiff Nader schumer swamp rats
    Joe Biden and j Kerry above the law
    Don lemon racist idiot no class no credibility should be on food stamps

  49. This guy is a joke working for George Soros owned Company so they can spred more fake news! CNN and MSNBC are control by the jackass corrupt pos Soros! Anybody who still watching these Stations are living under a rock and are brainwashed by now! There like Hillery, If there lips are moving there lying! 100 % ass kissers for democraps corruption! Shut it off!!!

  50. This is for “D” ….Good Luck with that garbage talk and please do a reality check…did ever once think…just maybe you are being lied to? Common Sense will prevail. Let’s stay focused on the issues that matter and not the people.

  51. Take my name off your list at present time due to personal
    Illness of both my spouse and myself. All my family
    Votes for Trump and we hope the dem side show is over

  52. don lemon is a disgrace to journalism and a disgrace to this country and let him keep doing what he is doing because my PRESIDENT TRUMP will be reelected in 2020 hows that don!!!!!!

  53. News should be facts as we know or understand… I don’t need someones opinion I can make my own damn mind up.

  54. I may not agree with him every time, but I very much respect Don Lemon’s opinions as he is a very honest journalist. Also, remember that RenewedRight attracts very right-leaning readers, so you can’t expect the poll results to be any different.

  55. It is really sad that there is people in the USA that believe the trash that the democrats are putting out. It is all lies. Everything that the president has been accused of it is the democrats that did it. Go with the facts not the lies tha Pelosi,Schiff & Nadler have put out. Rep FACTS–DEMS LIES Schiff made up

  56. President Trump is the Man in Office that should have been there years ago!! God has His Hand on Trumps Shoulder and has Blessed him with the ability to think clearly and negotiate. He is taking care of the USA and fixing so many broken paths everyday! ??❤️???

  57. Trump is the best President the U.S.A. has had in a long time. Keep him in for four more years. TRUMP 2020

  58. I’ll take CNN for the truth every single day This President (Wanna be Dictator) is unfit uneducated moron He’s a stable genius that cant pass any geography test as long as he has a black sharpie You’re a bunch of un Americans WE will come out in droves to vote!

  59. Don Lemon is very condescending. He is so disrespectful to guests on his show. I firmly believe that he was either high and/or drunk several times last year. If he is allowed to continue his show many viewers will probably be turned off on his unfair judgements of the Republican Party, because it is so clear if his biased views. He alone is helping people choose truth not lies of the democrats! Why is CNN so clueless? They demonstrate hate every day whereas a Fox News projects a more positive outlook on most of their segments!!!

  60. If Lemon worked for another news media, one that is reputable like Fox, the outcry from the left calling for his firing would have been so loud it would have been heard in another continent. I rank Lemon right up there with the do nothingCongress. The only focus they have is to belittle the common folk, make up head stories that keeps them in the limelight without regard to the facts and all think they are legends in their own mind. What a shame…they learned well from Hillary…. the master of the deplorable statement. Remember what happened to her CNN (Lemon) and the Congress leadership. Your not what you think you are.

  61. I saw Don Lemon, and he and the other guests were disgraceful. He should have stopped that disgusting conversation, it was his show.
    We, who admire President Trump for his hard work, to return AMERICA how it use to be, before the DEMACRATIC SWAMP took over OUR COUNTRY. WE are not idiots, Rubes, or all speak with accents.
    We have respect,for his strength, and honor, tennacity through all the adverse comments that has been thrown on him and his family members.
    Don Lemon is nothing!! He like many CNN MSNBC DEPLORABLE CLOWNS SHOULD BE FIRED.


  63. Don Lemon tells it like it is. If you don’t like CNN, go to FOX News and listen to all the BS they give you.

  64. i dont watch fake news ,they are way far left and they are as bad as the demonrats cause they hide all their crimes…

  65. Lemon is a dumb ass.and forgot name of fellow talking about the PRESIDENT.if you don’t like our President or a free country why the hell you here you and the other soclist should leave AMERICA and move to Cuba or anywhere you would be happy.if you need the money to move I work to get it to you all who don’t love our PRESIDENT or a free are also full of s..t just leave you will love another country.

  66. Altherias Harris-Dixon, LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE OUTNUMBERED! You feelin lonely all of a sudden? GET OVER YOURSELF SNOWFLAKE! BAW HA HA HA HA!

  67. Don Lemon is very pathetic and he is one of the many reasons that I do not watch CNN!
    He is very poor at what he attempts to do!
    He should be replaced!

  68. Don is a fantastic news anchor! But let’s talk about the B.S man in the White House! This should be our focus! This man has literally turned our country upside down! I hate everything he has done and he is not the man who should be sitting in our White House! He and all he stands for must go!

  69. He thinks his poop doesn’t stink but it does and his body odor is disgusting. Southern people will
    Always make old man jealous. He is so jealous of southern people!

  70. Need to take this fake news network off the air. I haven’t watched them since Trump was elected because of the lies they tell every-time they open their mouths. CNN needs to go away

  71. Liberals love degrading anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Hillary and Joe have both insulted us with their disrespectful comments. Lemon should be fired. He’s not a reporter. He works for the Dems like all the networks. Dems hate FNC because during day hours because they’re neutral.

  72. Don Lemon is a partisan hack who appeals to the CNN brain dead audience. Top management likes what happened.

  73. For once a none fake poll!! Lemon’s a lemon alright. Get did of lemon and fake news CNN ASAP!! We will all be better off and safer!!! Without their garbage on the air.

  74. I really don’t watch CNN at all. One of the reasons is don lemon He is sickening, can’t stand him at all.

  75. I don’t watch cnn or any other main stream news casts. I watch Fox News exclusively. They show all the clowns from the other stations. After watching the video of Lemon, I know he must have graduated top of his class at CLOWN SCHOOL.

  76. Our news media has lost its way. They are to re[port news factually.
    Don Lemon is not qualified for the position he holds because he acts as though he is involved in some type of comedy show. He and most of the media show very little if any respect for the office of the President. Obviously he and the other two in his comedy skit have no knowledge of our Constitution. To call half of the US some of the names is the reason CNN’s numbers are so low. He should be fired.

  77. Lemon is example of what is wrong with America. I feel sorry for him. He just had bad raising which creates a slim chance for h to ever be a good person. Go to the Bible Lemon , try to get some help. I’m praying for you.

  78. If he truly believes in political correctness, he might have asked the guest to to stop making fun of people. They showed no awareness of how rude and cruel all of CNN has become.
    They all must apologize to the viewers and stop being negative about everything all the time!

  79. They are too well organized. Who is driving this by coordinating. I I am not found many that are. For this action leads credence to idea that there with Dems aligned with somebody or somebody that can afford to fund.

  80. Four % of the people who took this poll are just as stupid as The Lemon. Unfortunately, we can’t take this Lemon and make lemonade out of it, for it would pollute the lemonade.

  81. CNN and Lemon are made for eachother…..both are losers and both are prime examples of poor media sources and manners

  82. Lemons are famous for one thing: being sour. This guy is doing everything he can to live up to his namesake! Radical leftist so called journalist who works for CNN named LEMON? Perfect fit.

  83. Creepy Don Lemon nauseat’s me.Cannot
    stand to hear or watch him but I have seen the madnes’s of thus group of liars……not for me. Creepy bunch!

    of thus group called demos

  84. Democrats do NOT CARE how much of the people they mock, say we are dumb and don’t know what is good for us. Trump was voted because your average American was sick and tired of having democrats opinions and lack of values crammed down our throats. I’m not saying all democrats are bad, I was a Democrat my entire life until a few years ago , and all republicans aren’t bad. But people are tired of you can’t say Merry Christmas or Christians being told your Faith is humorous and all these other religions need to be put in front of theirs. So don’t be surprised if the people put the President back in power in November.

  85. President Trump my be a little crude at times,but he is the truest patriot this country has ever had.lefty are so blinded by hatred they can’t see all the good he is doing for our country.Adam Schiff acts like a true communist.He needs to be Impeached.All his henchmen in the house are just as blind and sick.

  86. It’s about time the Public realized that
    Sour Lemon is a RACIST, Anti Israel, Pro
    Radical Muslims, Envious Ignorant who
    Hates Trump, His Wonderful Family, &
    All Republicans .. the dirt, evil thoughts,
    He harbors in his soul less body & all
    his viperine words, will be turned unto
    Him like a Boomerang most probably in
    November 2020 when our POTUS,
    Donald Trump wins again to MAGA??


  88. What would you expect from the liberal,bias media. Republican party is far more superior due to the fact we don’t have to resort to low life, foul tactics to get true Americans to listen. We will win again at the polls come November. Hilary Clinton cheated by allowing illegal immigrants to vote in the 2016 elections. Come 2020 , more liberals and registered Dems are coming to a trump rallies. GOP is now the party that helps minorities, not your illustrious “Chosen one”, Obama! Eat your heart out Lemon. Please continue your nasty foul mouth. It only helps Trump To Keep America Great!

  89. Linda I hope you leave the country this time.Because your still hear.This election is going to be a bigger ass kicking.Start packing now.I think China has a spot for you..

  90. linda isom and ron lynch: You apparently can’t handle anything that even resembles the truth, and this is why you want to be deleted. You probably only get your “news” from the msm, so you will never get the truth. You are also probably a dummocrat, and this is a true mental disorder.

  91. Don Lemon will have to answer to a greater power than me, a mortal man. He will be judged for all his sins besides lying.

  92. I believe that those of us that support this administration have the exact same opinion of the progressive left that they have of us with an exception. Some of us actually know that there will be a day of reckoning and all of them will come to know the truth of what they allowed themselves to believe. If they succeed in keeping Trump from being reelected they all deserve what they will be getting.

  93. Please take me off your mailing list. I think this administration is a sham and anyone who approves of this president is an idiot. I have no idea how I started getting emails from you and it needs to stop immediately!!!!

  94. Don Lemon is an arrogant disrespectful person and continually makes bigoted racist remarks and thinks he can get away with it because he is black LOOK IN THE MIRROR Mr Oliver nobody is interested in your comments as shown by your very low ratings only CNN could keep you

  95. Don Lemon is a person that thinks he is the best anchor on television. He is a very bad person and a jerk and he is just going along with what every person in the fake news is doing. These people do not have an opinion of their own they are just going along with what every other fake news station is doing. What I want to know is do all of these people have their own opinion or are they just going along with what everybody says? It seems like they don’t have their opinion that once someone says something then all of a sudden everybody picks up on what someone said and they can’t even think for themselves. That is what I don’t understand. Can they all possibly hate Trump? Well all I know is I like what he has doing for America and what he will do the next 4 years. Trump actually cares for America and these dems and fake news and everybody in this country that hates Trump does not care for America. I do and I care for Trump.

  96. Don Lemon is a scumbag and does not belong on public television. Of coarce he fits in with the rest of the left wing biased trash that lives in the “Fake News Networks” so if these jackasses that run the networks think that will rank high in viewer polls have at it. I will continue to watch Fox news as that network covers all aspects of world news not just the totally biased propaganda that comes from ALL the others.

  97. I personally think he needs to be fired. I like many others do not watch CNN and saw it on another news channel. Don Lemon just shows how much most of the news channels hate Trump so much. CNN needs to remember the people who vote for the President will not forget.

  98. Hang in there Don, not everyone gets you. It’s sure better to laugh at him than cry about it, even though he deserves our anger and sadness for what he is doing to this Country and to our World. His time is almost up.

  99. Thank God for Don Lemon. I love his reporting and he keeps it real . He does not let Trump and his Thugs get away with their lues.

  100. I voted for Trump in 2016 and I will vote for Him again in 2020. I am not a diehard republican but I am an independent voter. Personally I haven’t watched CNN in about 20 years. They are to biased against America!

  101. Don lemon had the gall to laugh and make fun of 65 million Americans and he is still on television this is ridiculous CNN should be removed from cable television

  102. I am not surprised since the man has never had any class. He was laughing like a sissy little girl! He shouldn’t be throwing stones since he lives in a glass house of racist American hating idiots. I personally would love to snack him in his smug little mug. The man should be reprimanded for acting a fool on national television.

  103. I never watch CNN or any of the other liberal media. I am not surprised that his ratings are so low. He is a puke.


  105. Go to,, vote to get cnn out of our tax payers airports.So far we have 15,000 signatures for this.We need totake downcnn & people like Don Lemon.

  106. Don Lemon is a disgrace and should be terminated for his bias toward much of the American Citizen population. And frankly CNN to keep this racist says a lot about who you are as a media company. You are also then a national disgrace.

  107. Don Lemon and other immature, condescending and dishonest dispensers of ‘news’ are the exact reason Trump is winning! The true colors of these so called ‘news anchors’ are becoming so apparent, it is going to create a whole slew of Democrats that realize these are not the people they want representing their party, let alone delivering them their news. Nobody wants your opinion Don!

  108. As expected. Not surprised at all. He does not broadcast the news but advertise his own biased political opinions. He is the laughable one here if he thinks people care about what he says or his own political opinions on Trump

  109. first of all this people talk bad about the president they need to go back to school to so the teacher teach them how to spell they can even spell word HIM hell my 5 year old great grandson can spell.

  110. Susan Anderson, neither a Republican or a Democrat as she says, but judgmental as all hell! People like her is what is wrong with our great Country in the first place. No President in history has been perfect but damn Trump be condemned to hell in their eyes if he’s not! President Trump has done more for this Country in 3 years than all the past 4 Presidents put together, but all they can do is complain. Must be because they are ugly miserable people on the inside themselves and they project their own sins on the one man who loves America and it’s people! I’m ashamed of my fellow Americans who can’t find it in their heart to say one nice thing at all because hatred is all they know!

  111. Susan Anderson, neither a Republican or a Democrat as she says, but judgmental as all hell! People like her is what is wrong with our great Country in the first place. No President in history has been perfect but damn Trump be condemned to hell in their eyes if he’s not! She’s just as bad or worse than Don Lemon! President Trump has done more for this Country in 3 years than all the past 4 Presidents put together, but all they can do is complain. Must be because they are ugly miserable people on the inside themselves and they project their own sins on the one man who loves America and it’s people! I’m ashamed of my fellow Americans who can’t find it in their heart to say one nice thing at all because hatred is all they know!

  112. Don Lemmon should be fired for insulting the American people! He shouldn’t be rewarded as being a TV news reporter that’s for sure! He is a disgrace to news anchors all around the world who are doing there best to provide accurate news coverage in a non partisan way. He is a failed hack that should be banned from TV everywhere!

  113. The best thing about Don Lemon is (well) there isn’t no best thing
    About Don.
    But one thing for sure when they fire him.
    He will be lucky to even get a shoe shining job.
    He is one of them ( well ) you know what he is.
    A looser for sure.

  114. Your whole poll is slanted. My neighbor would think I was a Traitor if I hung your Trump flag on my porch and I would be. The evidence says convict, CONVICT

  115. Clearly a ridiculous Trump supported l, Russian backed Putin poll. We’re all screwed with this guy in office… in fact I’m sure this is a bull crap poll… uneducated for trump.. so sad, dumb and dumber

  116. Donald tRump is immoral, a liar, cheated on all his wives, does not attend church, cannot recite on verse from the Bible. He shares USA secrets with Russians and the only reason the senate republicans stand by him is because he’s got them scared if what he might have done to them. Look at his friend Epstein, the senate doesn’t want to end up hanging from a ceiling somewhere. As long as you are investigating Hunter Biden, better investigate the tRump children, who are ripping off the taxpayers every single day. I’m not a republican and I’m not a democrat, both sides of our government are way off the path the Forefathers meant for this Nation to follow and while some may have thought he would be the way back, he’s not been. Our nation has never been so far in debt as it is right now, after 3 years of tRump giving tax breaks to corporations and the richest people in the country. Does anyone remember, after people found out the big tax cut was only for the rich, he promised to immediately make a 10% tax cut for the middle class. Just like anything good he promised to the working class, it never happened.

  117. Don Lemon is just another dumb weirdo like Schitt, like the white haired freak newsman? the fired Fox news Trump hater shep smith, like ellen D, like buttegeig, like the fat pig rosie, they are all odd ducks who try to make everybody else look bad.

  118. I guess seeing the results of the polll and no one approved of Don Lemon makes me believe that a lot of red necks and Deplorable’s must of voted against Don. We may not. Be so dumb after all. Resign Don Lemon!!!

  119. This clown is a total moron. How in the hell does this guy and the rest of his colleagues get hired to host a so called news program. What a disgrace.

  120. Don Lemon will say anything they want him to say to keep his job and paycheck. The media is supposed to be the watch dog of the country, supposed to sniff out corruption wherever it finds it to keep our country moral. However, now the main media is a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, it ignores the hypocrisy of the left as well as the corruption and is only interested in trying to make everything our president does wrong or evil. That fact alone should make people question there motive!! If the media is honest and reports only the truth we the people will weed out the bad apples be them Republicans or Democrates, and this great nation will lead the world honestly and honorably as God intended.

  121. Lemon show how ignorant !!!!!! he is.
    Is a shameful moment for America!!.
    He should look him self in the mirror and….. laugh at him self, clown !!

  122. Red neck (I’m proud) IQ (better than most. Now to the meat, are these not the same people that supported a 2016 female candidate who by omission, negligence or stupidity has American blood on her hands ? Idiots hold no sway over true Americans.

  123. Don Lemon needs to be castrated so he can’t contaminate society with his progeny.
    I’m born and raised in North Carolina, have two college degrees, and possibly have more intellect than it does. #TRUMP2020

  124. Bigjoe. I’m not gay but even if I was why would that matter? I thought trump supporters were intelligent tolerant people. I’m beginning to wonder.

  125. Happy Adam Gilmore is probably a fudgepacker just like the lemon drop kid. That pansy needs to have his ass sewn up before he infects people with whatever disease is rotting his immature head.

  126. Why does it matter if don lemon is gay? Trumps misogynistic. Don lemon is an intelligent well read person and should be judged by that and that alone.

  127. Lemon is arrogant and insolent as well as illiterate and unread in so many things. Not even sure if he is gay as well?

  128. Yes. Please look at the facts and not state run propaganda like Fox News along with Sinclair and oan. Trump constantly lies and tramples on the constitution. I’m highly tolerant and intelligent. trump
    Is an insult to this country and laughing stock of the world.

  129. I despise the CNN and MSNBC people. They are all jerks and the only thing I see of them is clips on other channels. I won’t lower my standard to watching this fake news. I know they are all liars and thank God Shephard Smith left Fox to go to one of the networks I heard. That is where he belongs with his male friends. He was never for Trump, but the Bible isn’t for gays or abortion either. I stand on the side of God.

  130. That’s why you come on a Conservative site with a fake name you hack just like Don Lemon. You probably cried like a baby ?? and needed mommy to bring you a binky when POTUS Trump beat the pants off Crooked and Corrupt Hillary Clinton just like Joe Biden. There called facts buddy not propaganda like CNN and the rest of the Fake News Outlets. Clearly, you’re ignorant and in denial. It’s ok, I’ll pray for you as you sincerely have no tolerance or intelligence. God bless POTUS Trump one of THE BEST if not THE GOAT of all Presidents. Look at the FACTS and what he has accomplished in merely 3 years while being smeared and attacked and impeachment. Oh yeah, and the Russian Hoax HAH! You’re a joke just like Happy Gilmore LOL!

  131. Potus trump is the biggest elitist of them all. He’s not a Christian he doesn’t live by moral standards or values. Wake up!!

  132. Dear Lord,
    Thank you for giving my brother Don Lemon a love for
    Your holy Word, so that as he
    reads it the Holy Spirit will
    convict his heart of the Truth of the Gospel message
    and he will accept the Truth
    of the Gospel message that
    Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.

  133. I’m not a moron or stupid! Just telling the truth with properly spelled words and complete sentences. Don lemon is truthful anus a great journalist. Unlike our trump apologist friends at Fox News, Sinclair or oan!

  134. You fool on here attacking Trump shall be ashamed of yourself! Don’t bring your GOD IN THIS! Because your GOD IS NOT THE GOD OF HEAVEN! You got a lot to LEARN, Trump is more of a God fearing man than you are a CHRISTIAN! GET to the point why I said that. It due to YOU SUPPORTING DEMONCRAT WHO ARE SATAN WORSHIPPING DEMONCRAT! NO CHRISTIAN SHOULD SUPPORT THE PARTY OF MURDER BABIES! You are one of the WOLF IN SHEEP CLOTHES! SO DON’T TRY TO SAY OTHERWISE! GOD KNOWS YOUR HEART!


  136. Let’s quit all the bull crap lemon is nothing but a queer
    Defending the deplorable racist communist democrat just because he is black is not acceptable
    He is just a worthless bastard

  137. Don Lemon is a complete hack and a terrible person. He is the kind of person that doesn’t help anyone but himself by pushing fake narratives. He is an arrogant ass that wears out the fact that he is black and gay and uses it to discredit anyone who disagrees with him.

  138. I use to watch Fox, until they turned it into vote trump, then I began to watch CNN, and learned so much with so little rancor, now it’s the only channel, with Don Lemon,that I’ll watch!!

  139. The republicans are hypocritical to blame anyone other than Trump for the hostile environment. I have been a republican for 50 years and have never seen a president from either party act so immature and hostile. It is embarrassing. I served in the military and find it appalling the way he disrespects the generals and former servicemen if they disagree with him. God Bless America and save us from Trump.

  140. Hey there “HOPPY GILBUTT,
    When was last time u searched for that thing u call a brain? Ifin’ u had another brain,it would be very lonely!! Who ye gonna’ vote for & which “DUMMO” it gonna’ be?

  141. Lemon (sour) is a horses ass and need to go back to the country he came from. Let him make his country better instead of tearing this country and best president in 50 years down.

  142. Don Lemon is a racist, political hack. Intelligence isn’t always measured by which school you went to. The fact that he works for CNN just gives credence to my opinion. He lies constantly, just like the people he works for. I wouldn’t watch CNN for my news if they were the last TV station on earth. I don’t even watch them when I’m at an airport. I’d rather watch paint dry.

  143. Lemon and all CNN puppets are Globalist Traitors against the USA. They are liars and should be removed from the airwaves. Where is the FCC on this abuse of public trust? Another Obama appointee, obviously. Get him out of there, President Trump! New FCC Chairman needed!

  144. Poor donnie, how would you feel if you had a one-digit-IQ and a racist Phag trolling men’s rooms on your knees seeking the big bird to suck?

  145. Don Lemon is a racist and so disrespectful. Someone needs to fire him or put him in his place. He is a disgrace to what a newsroom commentator should be. Shame on CNN

  146. He is the most crude person on public tv
    He is a lyer, who thinks he is funny and intelligent. Which he is neither. One of the most discraceful reporter I have seen.

  147. I have to admit this Don Lemon is nothing but a racist and a sick minded clown!!! If I ever meet this ass I would have to give him an ass whipping with words or just an old fashion physical whipping!!!

  148. Happy Gilmore is a moron As is Don Lemmon, Maxine Waters Adam Schiff Chuck Schumer and the rest of the deplorable’s

  149. Don Lemon was only hired by CNN because of the color of his skin. He is not a journalist, he doesn’t reach his viewers, and when I see his face, I switch channels. CNN won’t replace him, but they should.

  150. Trump is an admitted sex abuser. How can u ignore that? How does fit with strongly held “ family values “?

  151. Racist ignorant and sex abuser reflects perfectly the qualifications of today’s media talentless talking heads

  152. Clint! That’s me and many many other Americans that appreciate that don lemon brings truth to power. It’s the Americans way.

  153. Don lemon is a great journalist. He tells the truth and brings truth to power. Trump is the racist and lies all the time! Wake up people!

  154. He’s a NASTY PIECE OF WORK,typical know it all prig of an elitist prick
    Glad the Law suit for Sex Abuse by the Hamptons waitstaff Guy is progressing through the courts !Hope lemon has to PAY MILLIONS , THE DIRT BAG !

  155. Lemon should be fired from the network but everyone knows that CNN is anti-Trump and anti-Republican so in a nutshell the FCC should do America a favor and shut the whole station and network completely down, never to operate or broadcast again. They have a massive 97% disapproval rate among the people which should tell them something but evidently it can’t get through their blockheads.

  156. You know we were taught to be kind to people. Oh yea, we’re Republicans with morals, integrity and thoughts. He should be an example of goodness NOT a bully just because people disagree with him. If CNN had any integrity, he would be fired but of course they don’t

  157. He is a disgrace to the majority of Americans. To ridicule and laugh hysterically at the red neck impersonations show his true character. CNN should be ashamed, but that’s just wishful thinking on part. CNN is the communist news network. FAKE news!!! And you wonder why your ratings and viewers are plummeting? Just wait. God will get his justice and we will all rejoice!!!

  158. This man is a Fool with so much Hate and disrespect ..will Never watch him! or CNN..way to much Fake News

  159. To Evelyn, you must be talking about Obama. Let me start with the big lie from him. And you can believe one or the other but not both, he was born in Hawaii or as he himself wrote in his college application, was born in Kenya. So one way or the other, he lied.
    And now the donkey party has several liars running for president, it will be an easy choice for the rest of us, REELECT TRUMP. And since this is an article about Don Lemon being a racist, well he is, but as we all know a “black” man can’t be racist, so there is that. CNN can go pound sand and go away.

  160. I believe he and several others do not represent the American people in a professional and honest manner. His opinion and actions are truly disgraceful.

  161. Don LEMOND is a bag of hot air whose arrogance is breathtaking and you can bet people from other countries see his show and probably think scumbags like him are one of the biggest reasons we have so much hate going around!!! He is be any measure a very disgusting being and is and embarrassment to real humans!!! Hard to believe this buffoon graduated from LSU seeing how he’s such a complete imbacil!!! Disgusting example of what the lame-stream media has to offer!!!

  162. Don lemon, or “lemonne,” as Tucker calls him, is a full on racist. Any story is twisted into a black and white issue and he and the black females on that channel, are all victims. The only way they can feel successful is by disparaging anyone other than black. Very sad for these people who were given more educational opportunities than my 3 kids.

  163. It is hard to believe that any man or woman could be that rude or disrespectful to the president or even allowed to be. He may hate the president for no reason other than he took out the corrupt leadership but to be so ignorant D. Lemon has no right being this way. He is not a reporter but a liar and hater. Anyone who hates half of the US is criminal.

  164. He is clearly a racist, anti-American individual. Everything he says is negative and I’ll watch CNN again after he is gone – forever

  165. I could careless about what Don Lemon did, its no worst than all the crap that our liar in chief has done. Im actually disgusted with his actions n behaviors as Americas pptesident

  166. Lemon is a lemon. Not worth a crap and acts like we care what he thinks. As much as I love the constitution he makes me want to stop his free speech, but he’s just another dummy.Case closed!

  167. He is just another complicit criminal of the criminal liberals that don’t deserve being in the U.S. with assets gained here confiscated for U.S infrastructure !

  168. These dirtbags are an insult to responsible reporting. We don’t have journalists anymore. We have political hacks whose only claim to fame is opening their alligator mouths before engaging their hummingbird brains. That is so true, not only at CNN, but also at MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and a host of minion newspapers. It started with the self-righteous self-reporting in Vietnam and is continuing today. I know. I wad there and was witness to their conduct.

  169. Well we all know that the Clinton news network holds itself to different standards, which are none at all! It’s a good think you can only be considered racist if you are white, or people might have found that racist!!! Lets face it it the DemoRats didn’t have a double standard they would have None! I take solace in knowing that cnn’s ratings are at an all time low so who gives a crap what they say…. nobody is watching anyway! Meanwhile the Presidents rally tonight in NJ is in a Stadium that holds 10,000 people. 125,000 people requested tickets and have been camping out since yesterday to get in. So thank you media mob, you are definitely having a positive effect on us Trump supporters!!!

  170. Well I don’t like liars, or racists and he is both. Let me know when CNN becomes a news organization again instead of a propaganda machine.

  171. ESAD Lemon, if brains and personality were fuel, you would’nt have enough to power a Piss Ants motorcycle around a grain of rice. Commie News Network.

  172. Don Lemon is a smug, arrogant, condescending, ignorant racist, and he makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth.

  173. His name speaks for itself.

  174. He should be fired after his disgusting remark about white men. He’s a absolute disgrace but what do you expect from CNN.

  175. President Trump has done more for this country than the last five presidents combined. All the news media should be ashamed of themselves for the way they’ve treated him and should be shut down. Pelosi, Schiff, Reid, Waters, Obama, both Clintons, Biden, Schumer, Holder, Warren, Kerry, Feinstein, Comey, Leahy, Durbin, Lynch, Harris, Schultz, Podesta, Wilson, Rosenstein, Brennan, Hayden, McCabe, Brazile, Booker, Nadler, Clapper, Mueller, Cortez, Omar, Tlaib, Sarsour, Abedin and Rice, charged with treason and violating their oaths of office and the democrates forced to pay back all the money they’ve wasted for the last three years.

  176. Don is a LEMON. Say / pronounce it any way you want.
    CNN is hovering just below the tinfoil madcow network – the question is: how did it get such good ratings.

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