Donald Trump admitted something about Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser that no one could believe

Christine Blasey Ford nearly upended Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation.

Her false allegation of sexual misconduct nearly forced him to withdraw.

But in a recent interview Trump admitted something about her that no one could believe.

CBS’s Lesley Stahl asked Trump about the fake story that he mocked Ford’s Senate testimony.

Ford’s story fell apart because she could not remember any details about when or where Kavanaugh supposedly attacked her.

The media claimed Trump telling the truth about her flimsy story at a campaign rally was “mocking” her.

Trump shut this nonsense down.

The Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump defended a recent speech highlighting Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s lack of recollection about an alleged sexual assault by Justice Brett Kavanaugh, in a wide ranging interview on “60 Minutes.”

Trump referenced Ford’s replies of “I don’t know” when pressed during her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on where the alleged assault took place, what exact date it took place, and who was in attendance. “I had one beer and that’s the only thing I remember,” the president said, mocking Ford’s concrete recollection of only having had one beer.

“Had I not made that speech, we would not have won. I was just saying she didn’t seem to know anything,” Trump said defiantly to “60 Minutes,” adding, “I didn’t really make fun of her.”

“60 minutes” correspondent Lesley Stahl pressed Trump on whether he believed Ford was lying during her account, to which he replied, “I’m not gonna get into it because we won. It doesn’t matter. We won.”

When Ford testified, pundits thought Kavanaugh was finished.

But Republicans – beginning with Kavanaugh’s testimony – went on the offense.

Ford’s story was not credible.

It was full of holes and she constantly changed her story.

Trump pointing that out helped push the nomination over the finish line.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  2. Strange thing…..according to the calendar/journal that Kavanaugh kept since a year before this so-called attack……he wasn’t even in the area expect on the July 4th weekend. During that time he went to a party at a friend’s house 10 miles away, who just happen to look a lot like Kavanaugh…..and ran with the same bunch of kids. Her lawyers tried to get her to say it happened during that time but she refused…….why? cause she had dated the guy that LOOKED like Kavanaugh!! A little questionable?

  3. That stupid baby voice she used totally gave her away as a lying sack of you know what. She is nothing but a leftist pos who allowed herself to be used by Feinstein for the promise of a Go Fund Me page which would be worth hundreds of thousands of $$$$$$. What a stupid bimbo!

  4. That stupid baby voice she used totally gave her away as a lying sack of you know what. She is nothing but a leftist pos who allowed herself to be used by Feinstein for the promise of a Go Fund Me page which would be worth hundreds of thousands of $$$$$$. What a stupid bimbo!

  5. Ford’s name should actually be Christine BALLSY Ford because for her to make up such an outlandish lie and attempt to impede the Senate from appointing a judge to SCOTUS is terribly felonious and she should now be arrested, tried and imprisoned. She lied to the FBI or Senate same as others who served prison sentences and she should as well. The only problem is that many deep state p(r)icks are also involved and we cannot harm them. Feinstein should go to prison also. Not to worry as Jumpin Jeff Sessions will be on it like African lions on an iceberg.

  6. My theory: Ford was hypnotized and showed up as one of her alter egos…!! She’s deeply mentally disturbed..!

  7. The only way they will get away with it is if we allow them to gain and hold power..!! RESIST the RESISTANCE….!! VOTE…!!

  8. Walter Siebert…..Liars NEVER tell the REAL TRUTH….that’s why we call them LIARS..!! Christine Ford was a craptastic liar to end all craptastic liars….!! This was clearly a STUNT by the “other” party to derail President Trump’s nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States of America as well as an evil attempt to ruin a good, decent man and his family forever…!! What we witnessed was beyond SHAMEFUL…!!!

  9. The bimbo and her accomplices should be in prison for their a long term along with her crooked supporters.

  10. How can you believe a woman who claims she remembers nothing but the man. That is bull. When something dramatic happens, you remember every little detail. That Ford woman lied about Judge Kavanaugh because she was paid by the crooked Feinstein and those dirty lawyers. Get real. Tired of the lying and violent liberal Democrats.

  11. Did you all keep a (calendar) of your activities when you were in high school/college and remember to always mark off the ones you did not attend?? HA HA that is a joke when he pulled out his calendar from how many years ago?? I thought the crying was pretty put on>> but on well time will tell!!!

  12. This is what I think is stupid as hell. The democrats are even having commercials that state “when are we going to believe women”. As a retired law enforcement officer we believe the victim and or the most credible person especially when they have evidence, gender not counted for. That would mean that a woman could accuse me of something and even if I had a ton of evidence to the contrary, they would have to believe the woman! F-ing CRAZY.

  13. Ford was the first 11th hour Hoax perpetrated by Mob Rule democrats and Fake News Media… The second 11th hour Hoax perpetrated by Mob Rule democrats and Fake News Media is going on right now… VOTE MOB RULE LOWLIFE DEMOCRATS…OUT!!!.VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!….TRUMP 2018 – 2020

  14. I’m not defending Ford at all, but we medication takers who drink alcohol know that the amount must be curbed, perhaps substantially, to prevent reaction to the meds. I’ve been taking two doses of pills/day since ’65 for epilepsy. I cannot drink over three beers at a sitting w/o a major reaction (besides drunk there’s often vomit); forget the hard stuff! Although I disagree w/Ford, strenuously, I can’t write her off on her alcohol-content forgetfulness….MAGA/Go Kavanaugh!!

  15. Ford has a PHD. She is a trained professor who role played with real victims in counseling much of her life. It would not be unreasonable to realize she is more than capable of baiting an audience. As an educator, she had to give many persuasive speeches. She could not remember details. Being one of many women who has experienced trauma in our lives, details don’t ever fade away. She and all the rest only took away from women who really had issues. Sick of hearing this subject tossed around like a rag doll. Just “suck it up butter cup and move on.”

  16. I really don’t think anyone will really find out what the truth is. If the story was factual, she wouldn’t have had to spend weeks with the Democraps lawyers before testifying under oath.

  17. She was NOT raped….she was not undressed….she got away….why wouldn’t she have good thoughts about this….I simply don’t believe her….she went on thru life with many years of higher education. Many things are possible, but hers is just not probable.

  18. Kara, I sure hope that the same citizens that voted in 2016 will be out voting on 11/6 for all Republicans. MAGA

  19. The Wife and I started drinking alcohol late in life at 47 & 50 years old respectively. While everybody metabolizes alcohols differently, it seems that everybody, including the legal profession, seem to practice a double standard when it comes to drinking. Somehow, when a person drinks one beer or one cocktail, we can now lie and claim that we remember zip, nada, nothing. I call Bullsheet on that. All you have to do is go to your local bar and do karaoke. One or two beers doesn’t impair any of the terrific singers but maybe after 2 long island teas, those terrific singers are starting to sound a little off. Pile on a few more drinks, and they aren’t sounding as great. I can say that when we get our cab, we still remember the ride home and are having good memories of the night the day after. I can say that when we want to get buzzed at home, 5 cocktails will put me into a very mellow mood but I still remember the night the morning after. That’s why I find Ford having one beer to be less than credible. Her story is only credible if she were to acknowledge that something spiked her beer like a date rape drug but then her story would still fall apart because she couldn’t remember anything else other than THAT specific guy raped me! Oh PLEEZE. I call Bullsheet.

  20. Granbaugh: What evidence are you hiding? If you have it why are you afraid to bring it out. The only collusion was on the democraps part. Why do you democraps always have to lie to try to get your way? Where does this “most” come from. It looks like President Trump won. And don’t say anything about the popular vote, as without the over three million fraudulent votes in CA, then hitlery would be behind. We are not a democracy, and thank God that we are not as democracy is and has been proven to be rule by mob. Most Americans don’t want to be controlled by the big liberal/progressive swamps. Ie: NY, CA, IL, and the like.

  21. I feel the same way, We’re entitled to know the real truth because it will always leave a shadow on the judge. If it’s the other way around then let the cards fall !!!

  22. you are dreaming, it has been the democrats the whole time resisting and obstructing, lying all the way, that is truth no blue wave democrats have should themselves to be thugs so no blue wave sorry

  23. This concerted hit job was orchestrated by more than one person. As such, the FBI should be called upon to investigate! Invoke RICO and let the chips fall where they may!

  24. Anyone that feels the need to have a “lie detector” test on hand to back up a claim is severely suspect in my opinion. Not to mention a test setup and paid for by her lawyers. This has the smell of attempted fraud all over it. I hope the DOJ takes being perpetrated with fraud seriously.

  25. Absolutely correct Walter. The guilty must be exposed and pay for their crimes. Women can recall the clothes you were wearing and the wrinkles in your shirt the first time they met you. That is not even a traumatic experience. How much more would they remember that, a whole bunch.

  26. Oh but her claim to be claustrophobic about flying was real….yet she flew from coast to coast MANY time in a plane? And her tall tale about need two doors because of this incident was real…..yet official paper work shows she had the second door put in FOUR years before this claim so she could rent out the space as a business? Or the fact that the ONLY weekend Kavanaugh was in town was over the July 4th weekend at a party in a house 10 miles from where she said it happened. But she wouldn’t agree to claim it was then because thr house was completely different…..and it belonged to someone she had dated who just happen to LOOK an awful lot like Kavaughan. But of couse she wasn’r lying. Lady, you are either delusional or drinking too much KOOL-AID!!

  27. And then Eric Granberg woke up to find his dream evaporated into a super majority in the House and Senate, for the GOP of course. Evil will not triumph Eric. Time the liberals learned that.

  28. Dream on Eric. The Senate is going to feel obligated. You are naive. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are coming.

  29. You are kidding, right? The reason YOU didn’t remember is they gave you the colonoscopy drug. Not to remember. She only had a beer. If that fudged up totally her memory, that beer company would be the Apple of the alcohol industry. She lied, she talked like a baby, she couldn’t remember where, when it happened but remember details of the alleged assault. By your own definition she being so traumatized she would have blocked details of the assault not where she was. That was the dumbest mockery of our judicial system ever. Only a complete moron could have written such a scenario. On the other hand Democrats are the stuff I pay Sewer company every 5 yrs to pump out of my septic tank.

  30. Good lord, you are delusional! Since you apparently have superior intellect, perhaps you can explain, rationally, why Trump is Putin’s entry to the White House! Why would Putin want a US President who advocates rebuilding the US Military and putting America First over a corrupt political hack who actually DID collude with Russia in the sale of US uranium reserves in exchange for $145 million in kickbacks to her foundation? A corrupt political hack Putin already knew could be bought! Anyone with an IQ above their shoe size ought to be able to see the absurdity to this Trump/Russia collusion BS. Obviously, that leaves YOU out!

  31. i’m sure the radicals yelling and screaming didn’t help , and then watching them pay the protesters while they were standing there ,show what a howks it was

  32. Depends on how many democrats buy her book and movie tickets – I assure no republican would. Is like the companies that get political – they lose half their business overnight, ask Target how well that worked out. Ask the Dixie Chicks, if you can find them. Ask Taylor Swift.

  33. It will only take the Democrats winning the House, and both Trump and Kavanaugh may very well be impeached. And if the evidence stacks up the way most believe it will, even the Republican Senate will feel obligated to convict. Bye bye Trump, bye bye Kavanaugh, bye bye Putin’s entry to the White House.

  34. Medical experts who had heard Ms Ford’s testimony said it was their conclusion that Ms Ford was recounting a dream sequence and not actually something that happened as this is why Ms Ford didn’t know how she arrived at the home where the incident supposedly occurred, which house did it supposedly happened in or how Ms Ford got home as these are three things that any victim should be able to recount.

  35. Christine Baloney Fraud was exposed to be the liar that she was. The story changed so many times that she had to have a half dozen lawyers to tell her what to say when asked a question.

  36. Dr. Ford is a fake and a liar brought out by the DEMS. That is why the DEMS lost their chance at a Supreme Court Justice. Just Like they lose Merritt Garland. When will they learn. We are standing by to help them lose again, Nov 6.

  37. It is standard practice in our legal system to say I DON’T REMEMBER or I DON’T RECALL when a defendant is testifying or a prosecution witness is testifying. It is called, running for cover from being charged with perjury. It is also called lying. The more details you testify to the more chances you make for yourself of being caught lying. The cure for not being caught lying; I DON’T REMEMBER. On the other hand it is almost a sure sign YOU ARE LYING. The only thing this Ford character could remember; BRET DID IT. Sorry woman you would have been doing yourself a favor if you had just stayed at home. Have you never heard, THOU SHALL NOT BARE FALSE WITNESS? John

  38. No, not always, your mind is a funny thing and blocks away what you can’t deal with.Tramatic experiences do strange things to our brains, I don’t remember when date rape drugs hit the ‘scene’ but I know after being drugged twice now, what few memories I recall are fuzzy just bits and pieces. 1 beer and she can’t remember. It can happen.

  39. As our “war hero’ said, if you lie once, then everything you say is a lie. Ford didn’t lie just once but several times. Fear of flying brought on by ptsd, here whereabouts in the weeks running up to the testimony, the gender and number of people in attendance at the party, and finally that her best friend couldn’t be telling the truth because she has “health problems”. Now tell me where you think Kavanaugh lied…

  40. Ford tells us her stupidity How she was able to learn in college? How she is able to teach a students? Who gave her a title doctor? She is writing as an illiterate person Yiu!

  41. Do you really believe smart people will believe your BS anymore than Ms. Ford’s very faulty memory lies? I pray that there are very few of you in our society or we would be truly lost. Oh, don’t lay poker or you will lose most times. You might take more schooling, Smartbiscuits.

  42. Dr. Ford did more harm than good to the Me To movement. With all the “I can’t remembers”, ” I don’t recalls”. When something tragic happens in your life you remember when, where, who was their, and most of the details. I think their should be a full investigation and all guilty parties held accountable. Also the other alleged victims.I think America deserve the real truth, wherever the cards fall. !!!!

  43. The Legal team that that prompted Ford were left wing junkies that fouled up her testimony and failed to properly address the issues are also to be held in Contempt to provide to the Senate such an outlandish stories that even an idiot could not buy. Ford herself could not remember the basic facts of her faux story. Feinstein was also guilty of withholding “evidence” for two months and waited for the last moment to release Ford’s letter. My heart goes out to Justice Kavanaugh who watched the democrat party failed attempt to discredit his stellar reputation, his family’s feelings and the Constitution’s guarantee of innocence until proven guilty. Then again the dems only agree with those that believe that the Constitution is a “living” document. Case closed!

  44. Wow, notsoSmartbiscuits. I think you’re delusional. You definitely can’t see the forest for the trees. Get some new glasses and look again.

    Smartbiscuits, Proof Ms Ford was being truthful, proof Justice Kavanaugh was being untruthful, proof President Trump was being untruthful, we could all see DJT was not mocking Ms Ford, he was repeating in a calm voice what she said, which was all the things she could not remember that would give credibility to her claim. Dems can only accuse, they never prove anything. They just throw crap against the wall and hope it sticks. Well, that is not good enough, as you, Dumb-biscuits found out.

  46. Not totally true, she couldn’t remember how she got there and back home..However she clearly remembered  that she had exactly ONE BEER! Pretty amazing !!!

  47. What lies didn’t she tell? You assume, because you hate trump, that the nominee must be lying because Trump endorsed them. Please never go on a jury because your prejudicial attitude is evident . Any poor slob wouldn’t have a chance with you. Lies like ” i can’t remember, I do no recall ? But Crystal pinpoint when it came to the assault .yeah , happens all the time. Groping and rape are two very different things. Besides she’s like a foot taller than him and was a good athlete . Then everything fades to black. I don’t remember no stinking details.yeah. You see people with PTSD remember it ALL. That’s the burden they have. Did you know daddy and bro have CIA connections and that she had spook connection. Best friends with an FBI AGENT and was teaching her how to fool a poly graph? Or that she co-authored a paper on mind and memory manipulation and you can fool anyone . She a PhD in damn psychology and an doesn’t know anything about false memories? Plesse. The little daisy Mae voice and simpering actions was enough to make me puke

  48. Do You have a magic right ball, or a crystal ball that tells you she’s truthful? Or Scry into mirror , or tea leaves. That’s the only way anyone could get information. This is about the Constitution and the presumed innocence of you don’t like those safeguards I suggest you pack and move to Cuba where the presumption is guilty before innocence. Do you understand what kind of justice system you ‘d have . Japan has a judicial system that has no real safeguards for its citizens ,guilty of innocent. If your innocent you winding up in jail is,a foregone conclusion. What nobody considers is what if that were you or someone you love and trusted.? Would you be so sure that they were guilty? This is the Salem witchtrial.He screwed any way thanks to simpletons.his name will always be a dirty joke and even people who love him will always have doubts. Ruining his life is just a plus, guilty of innocent they are happy he is hurt.

  49. JUST VOTE REPUBLICANS. Vote OUT the Mob Rule Activist Protesters. Dims are crooks and scoundrels as proven during the Kavanaugh Hearings


  51. Your not as smart as Smartbiscuits as you think, where was her evidence? It is really sad that you liberals just don’t get it, innocent until proven guilty. Ford and the Democrats cooked this whole debacle up to thwart Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Well you lose he’s on the court and Ford is trying to go back into her hole she came out of. Live with it.

  52. You were obviously not watching the same hearings that were televised that week, or you would have realized that Senator Collins did a “WRAP” of the Ford accusations, and could NOT, in her heart vote for a person that had such a bad memory, could produce absolutely NO WITNESSES, and, in my estimation was paid by SOROS to do this fiasco. KARMA will out the guilty!

  53. She is lying, if you get molested you are traumatized for life, she would remember every little detail, as a matter of fact, she could try to forget and couldn’t.

  54. She was telling the truth?? How do you know?? She couldn’t “remember anything! So, supposedly a “sexual predator” strikes ONCE, and then turns his life around for the next 36 years, serving this country? What planet are you from, idiot?

  55. Yes your comment is correct…. they even are proposing universal wage for everyone…
    even if they don’t work…. WOW!!! Why work?????????? Those who work will be heavily taxed….. Real Intelligent for the Democratic platform…..

  56. I watched 60 minutes Sunday, Lesley was getting raveled asking Trump the Ford question, and he was smart in not answering.

  57. I’m still working, and 65+. always worked.. no food stamps for me, I’d rather work for my food. Do your dems get the point..….

  58. I’ve said all along this was nothing more than a paid circus. God will do His work in his own time with all these people but i would love to see Sen. Grassley get into it now. It was all bought and paid for. The dims are desperate and i find that funny.

  59. Your full of it. She may have been saying that she was assulted by someone. It just wasn’t him and Old Feinstein knew it wasn’t him, that is why she kept it a secret for all that time. If you knew something that wasn’t true would you hold it, sure you would. Just a damned Democrat trying to say that she was told not to reveal this. Feinstein never mentioned this when she spoke to Kavanaugh. Probably because it was a put up job by her, Schummer, and Pelosi. Same thing is happening with the surge at the Border. Hey there were two others that all proved to be false accusations and the last one came from Senator Bennet of Colorado. The lying weasel. The Democrats will do anything they can think of to discredit anyone that Trump wants. No body lied. She probably was assulted but not by him. She got $500,000 from the Democrats by looking like the poor little person. Wait until she takes the Glasses off and looks like she really always has. Even her Husband said she was delusional and Feinstein is the one who pushed it out in the public.

  60. Exactly right Bill, most everyone that has gone through such an experience as asserted by Ford, remember every detail. Women are especially suited to remembering details. Just think of how many details women remember about their wedding, their graduation party, their proms, birth of their children, etc…, they can tell you what “you” were wearing, if you were there, for Pete sake!

  61. Just like everyone get a trophy everyone gets a degree. Does not matter if you deserve it or not. This is the liberal way. No morals, no integrity, no class. Those that turn their back on God are lost and it clearly shows. And before anyone says it, I am talking about a personal relationship with God the father, not “religion”.

  62. Yes she put on a good show, as if she had just passed drama class and acting school. She had plenty of time to rehearse her part prior to taking to the stage. Most everyone has stated she was convincing, sorry folks, but as soon as she began the I can’t recall routine, she totally lost all creditability with me.

  63. It seem to me it was the Republicans from what I saw. Trump continues to lie some day he will be getting everything that is coming to him.

  64. What lies. She was telling the truth. Kavanaugh lied. There is no danger more lies from this lying president. he was making fun of her he continues to lie.

  65. the democrats are going to put avery American in danger if they win any election, Pelosi end maxim waters are mentally deranged

  66. DEM – I think it would be poetic justice if Kavanaugh sued her for defamation of character and libel. Then the go fund me money will go to him to pay for his pain and suffereing. Just like Stormy and her slimy attorney, Avanetti have to pay for Pres. Trump’s legal fees. Karma.

  67. Ford attended liberal colleges, where your views, if in line with the liberal professors, will account for much of your grade. Common sense and hearing facts, allowing each student to make up his or her own judgement is a thing of the past. Follow our liberal agenda at any cost, lie ,steal, push racial propaganda, incite violence, whatever it takes to win.

  68. Bravo, for you. You got it, despite the left trying to use all their politically deceiving terminology. It says a lot to me, when people are willing to use a woman’s vagina as a symbol for their cause. And they decide to put their own heads inside that vagina. That is maximum stupidity. That is maximum vulgarity. That is the maximum way to inspire disgust and loathing. And they think it is cute. Just like when the gays decide to throw out every boundary of decency and portray sexual acts in public. Some things should be secretly done. They have completely degraded themselves and their cause.

    Romans 1:26-27

    For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.

  69. Shehann, and Hoag come to mind!!! AND the minorities and women and poor people ALL COME TO MIND!!! Demon RATS always SAY we are for you!! Then you VOTE and they’re through with you!!!!! They should look to the RUST BELT to see their CRAP IS VERY THIN!!! You can fool some of the people ALL OF THE TIME we call those people Democrat voters!!!!!

  70. As far as the leftists that forced her to come forward, I stated that they would discard her like badly soiled toilet paper, once they got what they needed from her. Now, unless they can make a bunch of money off of her, or use her again as a campaign tool, she is worse off by far because they will flush her down the toilet and leave her disgraced.

  71. I think we can sum it up this way! Christine Blasey Ford, was not credible because no one could verify her story. She looked as if she were telling the truth. She put on a good show! But we see that is movies and such all the time. You begin to actually believe the actors. They are actors, using a script. Ford was great at sticking to her script. Proverbs 6:16-19 There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.

  72. well the dnc use her up and tossed her out, and she is one STUPID woman, how she got to be a phd in anything is a surprise. maybe by KNOW an BLOW system of getting up the ladder.

  73. well you seen how nasty these senators get when you fire back at them , they don’t want to hear about their faults , and he was right to call it a circus ,democrats have lost all common sense ,

  74. I hope she is investigated, she was under oath, this should not go unpunished. I pray that Chairman Grassley fulfills his promise to do so.

  75. SHE made this whole story up, that’s ALL there is…..ALL of these PINK PUSSY hat wearing CREATURES just WANT to have “BABIES” KILLED while Justice Kavanaugh is PRO LIFE…!!!! I would find it very SCARY, if not to say DANGEROUS, if ALL of the American people/Judges/Justices had the SAME opinion about THIS issue, a TRULY “sad” issue, NOT to have the RESPECT for the UN-born, or just simply to DENY the right to LIFE of the UN-born what should be a “HUMAN LIFE”…!!!!It’s DISGUSTING….!!!!

  76. Justice K would not have made it past Mrs Ford weak testimony, even with Justice K plead for sanity and pointing out the smear job, especially their vile question of does he thing the fBI should investigate further. He was whipped by innuendos and being found guilty by public opinion. It was not until the GOP went on the attack that the momentum turned in Justice K’s favor. Fairness, Truth, and the Constitution is not enough any more in politics, it is all about smear, obstructions, resistance and hate anymore because it is all about winning. And that is truly sad, as a lot of people do not have the common sense to realize what is happening, they are just concerned about their own needs and not the public in general.

  77. Rant on you who represent the last gasp of hope for WASP America. It’s interesting that you chose an amoral dolt to lead you to the “moral high ground”. Jesus loves you.

  78. Who is Leslie Stahl to ask the President to pledge??? Of course, the President did an excellent job with the interview. And it is reported that Dr. Ford had her Facebook page scrubbed. Wonder why? If the American people cannot see what was happening when it was so obvious, it is a sad commentary on our society.

  79. No question Republicans were being played by her testimony. My question is, where was her husband and parents and other relatives?? Interesting.

  80. President Trump was not mocking Ms Ford, he was merely reiterating that she was not credible because she couldn’t remember ALL the very important facts.
    If President Trump walked up to the podium and said Good Morning, the Dems would criticize him for the tone he spoke, or his suit should have been a darker blue, or his hair not combed properly etc. etc. etc. There is no way he can please them under any circumstances and he is just like I am at this point, who gives a big fat rat’s a$$ anyhow?

  81. I’m very busy! I’m almost thirty years old pro-life and pro-family relatively young woman and mother of six minors, six small children. I will never stay home on Election Day. I will go vote on this Election Day in November sixth too. I don’t vote pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Democrats and Republicans. I vote every election against these murders of the unborn children, sodomy, feminism, gender ideology and the Democratic Party. I’m going to vote and will vote only just pro-life and pro-family Republicans. The so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. The so-called Democratic Party wants ultra-left Neomarxist dictatorship in the USA! Politicians and supporters of the Democratic Party are Neomarxist extremists and the so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. Their pro-abortion and pro-sodomy agenda isn’t the agenda of the American people. This is agenda of the Democratic Communist Party U.S.A. and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. Remember this, a vote for a Democratic Party is a vote for ultra-leftist pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Communism. God bless America!

  82. That is enough to make one sick.

    Because of sin a person is given money. She has not learned her lesson well. She is being awarded for her lies.

    What ashame.

  83. Last I heard her gofundme had raised over 700,000, probably much more now, and most likely out of Soro’s taxpayer funded pocket…

  84. Oh you can bet she was COMPENSATED for that little show she put on…
    All I can say is GOD help her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thank GOD for
    Judge Kavanaugh………………………

  85. Looked like Dr. Ford disappeared. She suddenly popped up out of nowhere, talking like a little girl and then poof out of the political mess. A psychologist, perfectly described as a false witness from the Ten Commandments, is as manipulative as Jodi Arias that think she can fool everyone on the courtroom.

    She needs to go to a federal penitentiary. Ten years sentence. We must set an example of her mockery in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    Yeah, the liberals ran to award her to downplay her criminal mischief.
    Time to investigate her. Disgusting.

  86. From day one of her Testamony. She did not sound like she is telling the truth but lying.

    I am a woman and if this horrorable thing happened to me, I would not be smiling and trying to act cute.

    Also I would remember details. She sounded like she was a Party Girl.

    I pitty her when she has to face Jesus Christ and have to give an account of her life. Also God Almighty/Jesus Christ hate when people give false testamony against someone, other words LIES ABOUT SOMEONE, THAT IS NOT TRUE.

    Also I pitty her children. Hope they accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. And what would be a plus is that they become Conservative.

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