Donald Trump broke a record that left Barack Obama red with rage

The American people elected Donald Trump President to wipe out Barack Obama’s failed legacy.

And from day one Donald Trump set about fulfilling that promise.

And now President Trump broke a record that left Barack Obama red with rage.

Americans turned to Donald Trump because they were sick and tired of the middling economic performance of the Obama era.

Obama and his allies in the Fake News Media claimed robust growth was a thing of the past and the American people had to settle for a “new normal” level of low growth and stagnant wages.

That all changed when Donald Trump won in 2016.

The President enacted an agenda of tax cuts and deregulation that ushered in a historic economic boom.

In fact, the stock market growth in Trump’s Presidency outpaces the average growth of Presidents three years into their term going back to 1928.

CNBC reports:

President Donald Trump’s stock market stacks up well against the majority of his presidential predecessors.

The S&P 500 has returned more than 50% since Trump was elected, more than double the 23% average market return of presidents three years into their term, according to data from Bespoke Investment Group dating to 1928.

The bellwether index gained more than 28% this year, well above the average 12.8% return of year three for past U.S. presidents.

“Year three has been by far the best year of the cycle with an average gain of 12.81%, and the playbook has stuck to the script in year three of the current cycle,” the firm said in a note to clients last month.

The economy will be Donald Trump’s calling card in the 2020 election.

It is always the number one issue on voter’s minds.

And with these numbers Donald Trump will stand a strong chance to win a second term.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  2. I must disagree with President Trump making 0bama red with rage.

    0bama was a “red diaper doper baby”
    HIs parents and grandparents were Communists.

  3. If one looks at communism vs Czars in Russia, at least with communism ONE HAD a greater chance to move up, with excellence in a needed area. There was an incredible human cost for this upward mobility, however. Families broken up. Children forced to live in special learning centers. Heck the communists even ran a 20+ year experiment separating babies from mothers and only giving them institutional care, with little emotional love. Amazingly, these kids become anti-social sociopaths. (or not amazing)
    This experiment was the ultimate in STATE controlled life-the GOAL of the Democratic party, with the belief that the Gov is more capable in EVERY way of raising your kids, educating them, and creating the “proper mindset” for a future America. And we see this in our schools today with a. nonsensical global warming theories, b. ridiculous earth theories, c. darwinsim, d. false American history, etc, crammed down
    our kids throats. Which is why SO many Americans are home-schooling their kids, putting the in private/charter schools and fleeing communist indoctrination in Public schools across America.

  4. The UN should be disbanded, its members expelled, its buildings sold, proceeds going to pay down national debt, and START the world on a correct footing of common sense, basic human rights including rights towards women, minorities, or religious beliefs not afforded residents of MOST middle Eastern nations, China, Russia, etc. Lets tell the world that going back to the medeival days riding camels instead of automobiles is unacceptable.

  5. And votes that are known to not be valid counted with ones that are valid, AKA Broward County rule. If it helps the Democrats of the county, it must be valid. If the chad isn’t completely removed for a Republican, it must be a Democrat vote.

  6. In reality, neither one was and only because obama sold himself as Black did he win the votes of the Blacks and White liberals. If he had claimed he was White, he would have lost. In reality, he was nothing but a Mulatto.

  7. As long as they don’t bring their dumb CA law ideas with them. There should be a five year wait before they are allowed to vote in Florida State or local elections as a quarantine on stupid ideas.

  8. I’m in the same class and saw a $1000 cut in taxes. The major ones complaining about the tax cut aren’t the middle class. They are the ones who saw the tax reform take away their gravy train of having their property taxes paid for by all of the US so they could give their taxes to States like New York who have high taxes.

  9. No classes Anthony? You didn’t watch it very well then. Of course Star Trek had classes. Even their uniforms showed it. There never has been a true communism because there always will be people who lead, people who work, and people who sponge. And we can figure out which class you would be in.

  10. Simple question Scott. Where were the weapons sales to the Ukraine so that they could defend themselves under Obama. Oh that’s right, there were none. When Syria crossed Obama’s red line in the sand, what did he do? Just plain let Putin’s Syrian puppet do as he wanted. Gee, I guess that proves that it was Obama’s administration that was in Putin’s pocket. Third point, under whose administration did Bill Clinton earn 1/2 million dollars from the Russians while Hillary was SOS? Take you Trump is a Putin puppet screed and give it to Adam Schiff to add with his proof of Trump’s Russian collusion.

  11. You forget its the Democrats that are waiting money not trump . Guess it’s easer to blame trump. It’s up to 57 mill so far trying to impeach trump iN the last 3 + years . couldn’t the money be used in a better way . And don’t forget the 22 mill Obama give to Iran or was trying to befor trump stopped it . Looks like trump saved money not waste money UnLike the dems . Funny to how hillary lost 6 mill in the white house and no one talks about that. guess the dems don’t want the military strong so other forces can attach us in our country. you do remember 9/11 right ? Your far left is showing… so we will put trump back in office again to stop the corruption of the left and save our country in spite of you and the other snow flakes trying to make it fall . Why do you stay here if you hate it here so much . Iam nam vet and I stand behind anyone trying to make my country great . Love or leave it … it’s that simple

  12. Scott y must you lie?you really make a fool of we have to listen to you for 5 more years says putin Russia?

  13. Once again taking us to an alternate reality…wait until after the election and then I can do id exactly a quid pro quo….biden having someone fired is a quid pro quo when the person being fired is investigating corruption and after the firing money exchanged hands. Asking someone to re-hire that prosecutor to do their job and investigate american citizen involvement in the act of corruption inside another country is called making the FBI Do their job…wait Comey and Muelle couldn’t and didn’t complete invesigations on Hillary or Biden or Obama…and the list goes on.

  14. Thank you I’ve never been brainwashed like other people.once you state the facts you never hear from the ones that spew opinion instead of facts

  15. Rebuilding the Military that had been decimated by Bill Clinton and Obama, barely held in check by “W” and then only because of 9/11 costs a lot of money. The interest we pay for the Chinese Economy of Obama and the Welfare society had caused us to start replacing all of the ill-spent money that was borrowed to provide interest payments on previous administration’s mistakes. Trump is the first President in my life (8th decade) that is showing promise of renewing America and keeping things under control Just the elimination of the corruption of previous administrations is worth the investments being made!

  16. President Obama reported deficits totaling $7.27 trillion during his eight years of presidency.
    George W. Bush also tops the presidency deficits list with total budget deficits of $2.134 trillion during his presidency.
    The highest annual budget deficit in history was during the first year of the Obama Administration in 2009, which reported a budget deficit of $1.413 trillion.

  17. No raises last four and a half years under Obama. Since Trump took office 5 dollar in raises and a tax cut. You better find your safe space now as Trump will get a second term

  18. Abort, quite right. Forgot about those magical votes that suddenly showed up sometimes a week after elections in New Mexico, Georgia, and elsewhere.
    Voter Fraud, a Dem Party specialty.

  19. The difference is Obama received this as a contribution.
    Trump’s house is because he could pay for it himself.

  20. Scott27, you are quite correct. There are numerous adult educational opportunities where you could learn basic fundamental economics which is foreign to most in the Democratic Party. The constitution is beyond either
    the concern or understanding for most Democrats.

  21. I’m not basing my opinions on a TV show idiot. Since you started calling me names I will return the favor. I just pointed out the irony how so many conservatives like watching a sci fi TV show based on communism while they’re accusing me of being one, but I guess that point was over your head. You truly are as dumb as the other people accuse you of being on here I’ve noticed.

  22. But look at all the constitutional justices Trump put on the courts. It’s a record number. If Trump does nothing else that alone is reason enough to have him in office over Hillary. Hopefully, he can replace Ginsburg soon and put another constitutionalist judge on the SCOTUS.

  23. Wake up folks were fighting with each other just like rats, just what China and Russia what’s. Can’t we just all get along??? NOPE… Obama dividend we the people of the United States more than ever before. We don’t want another Civil War in this country, think about your children and grandchildren. I’ve been in combat in third world countries and seeing some of those children die or left behind, it’s a terrible thing my brother…

  24. It’s not about depending on the state. It’s about working together for the good of the whole, or the collective, as some call it. I find it interesting how so many conservatives love watching Star Trek not even realizing they live in a communist system. No classes, no capitalism, no money, no greed. A perfect utopia where everyone works together. Very funny.

  25. No Russian collusion Scott. We put that one to rest with the Mueller report.
    The democrat media lied to us continually about that.
    And if you’re referring to the Ukraine call, well that was settled too. No quid pro quo.

  26. Chairman Maobama was ineligible and unqualified for the Presidency and because of the seven billion plus people suffered for eight years and it’s taken Donald Trump a very short time to clean up BO’s mess.

  27. We need proof Scott. What taxpayer dollars are going to Trump properties?
    Please be specific and show evidence.
    But since we’re on the subject of deficits and spending, how much more spending do you think would occur if one of these idiot democrats running for president won? How much do you think medicare for all, and free college tuition, and free medical for illegal aliens would cost? Do you honestly believe one of these democrats would spend less than Trump? Are you INSANE?

  28. The hatch act isn’t in the constitution Scott, and it doesn’t apply to presidents. We’ve covered this ground already.
    You said Trump violated the hatch act but you were WRONG.
    The point being you are not as smart as you pretend to be, and you certainly should not be lecturing anybody on these sites. That’s all

  29. I think what Pres Trump is giving to Putin is how to run an effective government that works for all of the citizens, not like uranium one deal that was approved by who.

  30. Blame the Dems obstruction for that! If that wall was built when we first needed it, we would have saved an enormous amount of money not having to pay for illegals.

  31. Fay, my word. 20 percent of our uranium to russia and Mueller carried the samples to Moscow… that is over-the-top woo-woo crap. Absolute nonsense spread by and for only the weakest of minds. And Obama saying he would have more flexibility is light-years different than openly asking foreign governments to be involved in our elections. Sheesh. Your sort of thinking is dangerous to this nation.

  32. The tax cuts will cost 150 billion a year for 10 years.and the wealthy didn’t receive a big cut the corporations did and now they’ve brought back 1 trillion to date in taxable income.corporarions are owned by stockholders of which I am one but certainly not rich

  33. Well Charles, if the life of one man could be sacrificed to save the lives of many then don’t you think that is what should take place? Would you call that communism, and if so, would you call it a bad thing?

  34. I’ll give you that, Steve. But it (deficit) did increase 26 percent from 2018 to 2019; hardly a good thing, particularly when the tax cuts shifted the burden to those in the middle and lower brackets while lining the pockets of the wealthiest. So where is the concern and outrage about the lies, disinformation and taxpayer dollars going to trump properties?

  35. “When we only think of ourselves as individuals we become greedy and self-serving and complacent.”
    Not so. It was Socrates who said “the unexamined life is not worth living” The greedy think of how they can take advantage of someone else. Marx thought he had found the best way by making everyone else dance to his tune. The only thing he said that made any sense is the withering away of the state. But if you depend on the state for everything, how will you survive if the state withers away?

  36. We are already moving in that direction. If people don’t want to accept it and resist then they will need to be dealt with, as they have been in other countries.
    This might sound silly quoting something from Star Trek but it is quite TRUE.
    “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”; Spock.

  37. Try to use the word some instead of many.most don’t have the education and kids are expensive so maybe they’re happy to work hard for their family. I was a mechanical engineer and it was hard but I managed to earn a good living so to each his own

  38. Uncle Hoppy, I do believe there are adult learning opportunities in which you could learn some reading comprehension.

  39. Many people have worked multiple jobs for decades, mostly because they didn’t qualify for a high paying job, or because they had too many kids to support them by working one job. I worked with one guy that worked in the maintenance group at night, pressed shirts at a dry cleaning shop during the day, and shined shoes at a barber shop on Saturday mornings. I know of at least 6 kids he had, and I think he had more than that. BUT, he worked his butt to a nub to support them.

  40. “We are in a global community so we must answer to the global authority.”
    There is no global authority. How do you think Chima or India, two large economies which have thrown off colonialism within the last century are going to respond to the re-establishment of global colonial power? What’s the difference, neither was elected. How do you think patriotic US citizens are going to respond? I can tell you, it won’t be pretty. It was not pretty for Russia and it was not pretty for Germany.

  41. Want to find a Putin friend in America, look at Hillary and Muller. HIllary sold 20% on American uranium to Russia and MUller carried the samples to Moscow for her. Somehome the media is over looking the Obama promise to be more flexible when he was re-elected – said to Russian agent over mic he didn’t realize was open so we all heard.

  42. Spoken like a true communist. If you love communism so much, I hope you live in a communist country, so you can be subjected to the whims of “the authorities”. Good luck, buddy.

  43. The non-stop media smearing and the lawless manner in which the Democrats have attacked Trump may be doing the Democrats more harm than Trump. Trump 2020

  44. The uncounted ballots thing certainly did happen in Minnesota. What are you going to do about that Minnesota? Inquiring minds want to know.

  45. The failure of the market in 2008 was caused by two Democrat policies. The passage of the community reinvestment act in 1977 and the repeal in 1998 of parts of Glass Steagall which prevented Banks from making the kind of risky loans that CRA required. The CRA is still in effect and Glass Steagall has been replaced with Dodd-Frank. The Real Estate bubble that happened as a result of those two Democrat initiatives took most of the last 11 years to recover. Real estate values in my neighborhood are just now returning to what they were before the bubble broke. The Democrats were successful in blaming GW Bush for the crisis, but his policies had nothing to do with it and the Democrats even managed to take credit for saving the economy from the fallacies of their own policies. Knowing this, I don’t see how I could possibly vote for a Democrat even if they do find a candidate who would be up to the task. Trump 2020.

  46. thanks!obama wanted the spread the wealth so he just bought a home on martha’s vineyard for $14.5 question is did he spread it over half or full acre?trump has on of those houses at mar a logo it’s an outhouse!

  47. Obama told Putin’s assistant on a hot mic that he would have more room to work with Putin after he was reelected. Obama was Putin’s puppet. Signed off on selling Uranium to the Russians.

  48. Thank you steveo for your information. Scott27 is a bit of an idiot that gets confused very easily. He kept saying Trump was shredding the constitution but when confronted about it could only come up with stuff that’s not even in the constitution and doesn’t apply to presidents. He’s not even worth responding to.

  49. We are in a global community so we must answer to the global authority.
    We can’t just run around and do whatever we want on the world stage and not consider the consequences.
    Remember, one or a few human lives don’t matter. It’s the collective that matters. We all matter as a whole, not an individual.
    When we only think of ourselves as individuals we become greedy and self-serving and complacent. But when we think of the whole community we belong to then we become aware of the needs of the community and stop thinking about our own interests.

  50. The U.S. federal government ran its first trillion dollar deficit back in 2009, then went on to do so each year until its 2013 fiscal year, where the passage of the Budget Control Act of 2011 forced the Obama administration to rein in its spending, which was followed by the passage of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, which imposed higher income tax rates beginning in 2013.please do your homework!

  51. The Dems did not have a candidate who was presidential material in 2008, but they did have the first black candidate and someone who could speak intelligently and read their mantra off a teleprompter. It remains to be seen how many illegals can be registered to vote. Getting out the illegal vote in states like New York and California will no longer suffice thanks to the electoral college.

  52. Here’s a few records he has broken: 1) presiding over the largest deficit increase in the history of the nation, now reaching right at $1 trillion (and where’s the “tea party” outrage… oh, that’s right, it was never about the deficit); 2) on track to surpass in a little over three years, the amount of time Obama spent golfing in eight years; 3) spending one of every five days… 20 percent of his time.. at one of his own properties.. and again, who’s profiting from that which we all pay for? 4) providing a stellar performance in the amount of lies and disinformation, topping 15,000 times in three years of his presidency. What a guy.

  53. you want that commie sanders, free collage for millionaire kids that you will pay for. warren ill take most of your money to support illegals.she has a hole i her head.pelosi an schumer tey are the worst of them all. cortez hates this country for an ex bar who the hell put that witch frm minn in ,takeing oath on a karan disgusting this is america its the bible, i dont consider her a congress person ,send her back.

  54. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I did not vote for Donald Trump to expose the fallacies of Barack Obama. I voted for Donald Trump to expose the fallacies of the Democrat party and some Republicans. It seems to be ok with some people that we give up our sovereignty to a gloabal authority. That is not ok with me.

  55. all you have to do is get an education. move to another part of the country where jobs are better. to many people sit home get paid for doing nothing on many illegals here getting free support.dont blame meat industry for lack of money or pay. you make your own life.

  56. Perhaps you have been reading Detroit newspapers Vasu. Or maybe Chicago or Baltimore newspapers. When people living in those cities kick their Democrat leadership out of office and rational policies are implemented I am sure things in those cities will improve.

  57. I think they should put Trump’s picture on the front of Time magazine starting as of today as winner 2020 presidential race. .. Just like did for Hillary during presidential race 2016

  58. maybe vasu you should look at the bureau of labor statistics.less than 5% of working people work more then one job.people in california sleeping in their cars is because it’s $5.00 for a gallon of gas!why do a lot of athletes live in my state florida.because no state income can buy a reasonable 3 bedroom home here for $150,000 and like me i just paid my tax of $1,243.those states have created their homeless but blame trump for all the problems they created.we welcome anyone to come here and live a decent life!

  59. Agree 100% you you people welcome to Red states, we only ask that you leave Democrat votes behind, and DO NOT try to take our guns or pass any more garbage gun control laws. Trump 2020 MAGA

  60. FYI people working 3 jobs and still sleeping in their cars is because they live in democratic controlled states who have raised taxes so high and have priced living quarters out of their reach. If I were one of these people I would save every penny I could and move to the nearest Republican controlled state where they can afford an apartment or a house and only need one job to survive

  61. i’m middle income. I saw a tax cut of $900 last year. That’s the problem with the left, they are not thinking clearly..their hatred gets in the way of admitting how good PRESIDENT TRUMP has been for AMERICA

  62. We are very PROUD of our PRESIDENT TRUPX! He brought back the glory of the USA⁄ He loves lour USA! He loves Christianity! We love HIIM! because he bright back the American Substance!

  63. We are very PROUD of our PRESIDENT TRUPX! He brought back the glory of the USA⁄ He loves lour USA! He loves Christianity! We love HIIM! because he bright back the American Substance!

  64. The Truth, you forgot the other half of Demoncrap constituents….boxes and boxes of magical, miracles of uncounted ballots, suddenly found in trunks, trucks, warehouses, schools.

  65. 1st Vasu, I want to commend you on your brief comment. Thank you, all of us appreciate this. 2. Vasu,you have been in a coma. Ohomoba is NO LONGER IN OFFICE! President DONALD J. TRUMP, was elected! People working 3 hamburger flipping jobs & sleeping in cars was thanks to your former president. In Democrat states, cities, counties, towns, that food stamp life is still happening. Guess they are also in comas. Don’t forget to pay your Obama care penalty. Now under President Trump, there is jobs for everyone that wants one!

  66. Yes, the Dems will get their entire constituency to vote: Illegal aliens, deceased,
    underage, jailbirds, multi-voters, etc. Fraudulent elections=a Democratic Pary standard.

  67. Most Americans are doing just fine. Let me spell it out VERY S L O W L Y for you Vasu
    Murti – RICH PEOPLE PROVIDE JOBS, because THEY are the ones who OWN corporations. THEY
    are the ones who INVEST in America CREATING jobs. More Tax theft from Gov, FEWER JOBS.
    So, The more Taxes on the rich, the more jobless Americans sleeping in cars. BASIC
    ECONOMICS 101.

  68. I’m doing just fine in this economy and I don’t know anyone working 3 jobs or sleeping in their car. Not sure where you got that info from, and I am not a 1%’er either.

  69. The economy is booming all right… for the top one percent! How is the economy booming for average Americans if they’re working two to three jobs, sleeping in their cars, etc. just to survive?!

  70. The political screenplay of the century is here…
    and the title is…


    By screenwriter Douglas Paige.
    America has fallen and can’t get up,
    the overindulgence of America has become
    the failure of America, now it seems our federal
    government has murdered the
    United States of America. Yes, even our federal
    government will want a private viewing of…


    Asking $2.5 million or option at $50,000.00
    for three months. Contact info for purchase;;
    Douglas Paige at;
    Offering 5% of the sale price to anyone who
    will be my connection for the purchase of…


  71. Like I said, the democrats will engage in massive voter fraud so it really doesn’t matter how worthless their candidates are. In fact, there is so much hatred of Trump because of the nonstop media smearing that I can see lots of people coming out to vote against Trump that sat the last election out. Remember, we all thought Hillary was going to win in a landslide based on the made up poll numbers so lots of people stayed at home, but they won’t stay at home this time. Anyway, that’s what I think.

  72. ship, although you are certainly right about the vile Godless dems, I think you are wrong. There are a lot of people who did not vote for him last time that will next time. And the dems do not have anyone who is even close to being presidential material

  73. Nope not this time around. The democrats will make sure Trump loses this time by pulling out ALL the stops and engaging in massive voter fraud. They got blindsided last time and thought Hillary would win, so they won’t make that mistake again. Trump will lose and the democrats will install one of their own.

  74. I hope all of you feel this way when the markets pull back because it’s going to happen. It looks like 2007 all over again. It’s called greed and money policies that cannot be sustained by the middle class.

  75. Even if you don’t like Trump you still have to vote for him. That’s unless you want to believe the B.S. the democrat candidates are preaching. Free this and free that and we’ll make the rich pay for it all. Yeah how many times have we heard that nonsense?

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