Donald Trump called out Jeff Sessions with two jaw-dropping tweets

President Trump reignited his feud with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

But no one was prepared for Trump to go nuclear.

That’s what happened when Trump called out Jeff Sessions with two jaw-dropping tweets.

Trump blasted Sessions for overseeing two Justice Department prosecutions of two Republican Congressman on the eve of the midterm elections.

The DOJ indicted New York Congressman Chris Collins on insider trading charges and California Congressman Duncan Hunter on allegations of using campaign funds for personal use.

Trump ripped both indictments as politically motivated and timed so the Republicans could not replace either candidate on the ballot.

Trump’s social media digs at Sessions have ramped up in recent weeks.

Republican Senators – who had previously stood behind Sessions – now say Trump has the right to have an Attorney General he trusts.

They also believe Trump will fire Sessions after the midterm elections.

Trump was enraged by Sessions’ recusal in the Russia investigation.

That move allowed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint Robert Mueller as special counsel.

Mueller threatens to frame Trump for colluding with Russia and obstructing justice so Congress can impeach the President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this story.


  1. Danny, I believe you have something there. Jeff Sessions is part of the swamp who is guilty of Sedition – you know, attempting to overthrow a duly elected president. We must include Comey, Mueller, Obama, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Hillary Clinton, and possibly Wray.

  2. Sessions has been in Washington too long. He’s got swamp water all over himself. Hillary probably has something on him. If I had that job I would have already seated a grand jury.

  3. want to bet ever hear of the silent majority? The sleepy giant has been awake since 2016 is still awake. The poles you see on TV are all wrong just like 2016.I don’t know of anyone here that is voting Democrat even if they are Democrat except for one person and he is a doper.

  4. Wait a minute you guys are all wrong. You say Sessions is worthless as tits on a bore. I’m sorry but he is part of a man a dick head and he’s trying to stick it to Trump every chance he gets. He should fire him right now right on the spot and also that idiot that is second in command. They are both Democrats in sheep’s clothing. Fire them now before the midterms before they do Trump more damage. I am behind him totally. He has done more for this country than any other president in the history of our country. He would also do even much more if they had the majority on the senate and house. The cry baby loser Democrat’s will have even more to cry about this November. They will say anything to get the majority. Every able bodied American whether republican and Democrat that’s believes in what Trump’s doing please for our countries sake get out and vote. I really think there are some Democrats that still have a brain out there and can see what the Democrats are doing to our country. I know there are several Democrats that have switched and I’m proud of them for wanting what’s best for our country. Just think of what Trump could do if it wasn’t for the DEMOCRAPS. The word before this isn’t a typo. I have never seen so many idiots that want to bring our beloved country down. Are we going to let them I think not.

  5. I knew all along this no balls AG Sessions is a swamp and a Rino. I was correct. President Trump must fire this phony and replace Sessions with a brave and gutsy to clean house and lockup mall the crooks and that include crooked Hillary and corrupt Obama.

  6. Not to fret, Steven! Sessions will be O.U.T. after the Mid-terms! Any move to remove NOW will be looked upon as “election tampering”! Trump has set his sights and is locked and loaded! TIMING IS EVERYTHING!

  7. Trump does NOT mince words and stand on ceremony! The UN-PC POTUS! LOVE that about him…and all ELSE! ????????MAGA????????

  8. The President has TWEETED about Sessions a hundred times-and Sessions is still there, stabbing the President in the back.
    the President is starting to look a little impotent


  10. Sing the song “You can tell by the smell when a girl ain’t feeling well, when the 1st of the month comes around”. Maxipads on sale at Walmart.

  11. I did not know you mom wrote horror stories about you and yours. Do put it on the web for all to see. Now, you may leave the kiddie table and go play with T-Rump Baby and friends. Peace, my ignorant friend. Be gone!

  12. Ask a lawyer about this. The Democrats are not dumb. Three lawyers have told me that since the Dems included Sessions in the group who colluded with Russians, Sessions had no choice but to recuse himself. That’s the law. He obeyed it.

  13. It is time for us to wipe out the Democrat party for what they so baldly tried to do to us, also remove ALL POLITICIANS from offices for their complicity in the crimes against our nation. Of COURSE we must prosecute them all fully for their crimes, and also to prevent a repeat of the same. Time to reconvene our true government OUTSIDE of DC, which was set up to be a little piece of Europe in our country when it was created. It was created in 1781, for God’s sake, only 5 years after we won the Revolutionary war and became our own nation — with the Act of 1781 we were tricked into placing a European-owned CORPORATION named THE UNITED STATES in DC and under European Laws as well, to rule us. TALK ABOUT GOVERNANCE WITHOUT REPRESENTATION! Time to re-convene our government and restore the Constitution of our nation to its rightful place. Haver Constitutional Law ( the Law of our Land) instead of Maritime Law which was originally called “High King’s Law”, and is represented by that false flag with a fringe around it that flies over our government offices, only in DC. If you look it up, that flag represents Maritime Law, right out in the open — people just don’t make the connection, or realize that putting that alteration upon our flag makes it be a DIFFERENT LEGAL ENTITY. Just like THE UNITED STATES in all capitals is NOT legally the same as the united States of America, which is our country (actually 50 country-states united as a choice made, under our Constitution. NOT a Democracy as liberals love to claim. The funniest thing to me is the way the liberals hate the Electoral vote and claim it is NOT the popular vote — but in reality it IS the popular vote, but BY THE STATE. So it is actually the TRUE popular vote. Our federsal government is merely an umbrella made up of representation (supposedly) of each sovereign STATE, whose purpose is only to protect the union and to make commerce freer between our states. NOT TO ATTEMPT TO RULE THEM OUTSIDE OF CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY. Every career politician is a crook and has violated their oaths of office beyond any possibility of redemption.

  14. To The Texan, you are absolutely right. Sessions needs to be replaced, and President Trump shouldn’t wait until the midterms, he should do it now. I’m sure that there are other good men or women that know the law and have the guts to follow through, no matter what party the guilty ones belong to. I don’t know why the leftists are so blind to all of the good President Trump is doing, but they shouldn’t be representatives of the way the country feels about our President. They should be ignored. Thank you for standing up against them, and for backing up the right and legal way.

  15. Best we’ve had in years maxipad. By the way , did you ever read the book “Blood on the saddle” written by the Kotex Kid?

  16. Sure, just what America needs, a sloppy drunk justice. I guess that goes along with having a immature man child for president.

  17. Jeff was in on the fix ; he recused himself so they could appoint Mueller ; sad little man either took a bribe or is being blackmailed ; I think he should be fired & even possibly tried for treason as an accomplice to attempted coup of a legitimately elected president !

  18. If Sessions does not get fired we can continue to see other Reps. being called out for numerous charges. Mr. President you need to cancel any and all work he is allowed to do as to disrupt the Mid Term election he is the DEMS rep for obstruction and he should be physically removed if he were to fight this. He is the most disgusting person for lying about his serving the constitution he is a ordinary person who must be taken out of the position to change the Mid Term. He is a scab on the United States of America. Please I ask the God will take care of all.

  19. Sessions has went back on his word to uphold the rule of law. If he did , many of the deep state would go to jail. Including killery Clinton. No balls season should go

  20. Now you know what it’s like to be deceived. You deceived the American People on the election. And now all your closes comrades are deceiving you. Give it up you ate defeated!

  21. If someone commits a crime they should be arrested and tried for their crime no matter which political party they belong to or what their personal politics may be. But the FBI and DOJ appear to target republicans while giving democrats a get out jail free card. What we don’t need is a double standard where justice is being served on a personal political bias. Sessions has to get off the dime and clean up the DOJ and FBI.

  22. Truth is truth Maxi, if tables were turned you democrats would be squealing like stuffed pigs. As I remember Obama’s AG’s even went so far as to cover up your parties misdeeds. As for Trump, Jeff Sessions seems to be continuing the big cover up of your lawless party.

  23. It is time for Sessions to be replaced. If the Democrats are doing wrong get them and he has not. There is overwhelming proof against Hillary and Obama they are both traitors and have done the things that says they are traitors yet nothing done to them. There are so many others that have not been charged. It is time to get someone in there that will clean up both sides of the world government mess. They all need to go down. Mc Conell the speaker of the house needs to go down Warren Waters Shiff Shummer all need to go down. They are all trying to take the government down. Sedition is being a traitor and they need to go down. Many many more not mentioned. Our system is a wreck and needs fixed. Need Sessions gone a man put in there that will do his or her job.

  24. No that is not what he is saying. In the light of many many indictments that should be filed against the deep state ,FBI, and Justice Department Maxine Walters. The list go on dumb ass and session brings charges on two Republicans you must be blind also.

  25. Trump is saying that it is okay to break the law if you’re a Republican?!!! It is clear that for the past several years, justice is being served on a one sided basis, the demoncrats are getting away with murder!!!!

  26. Trump is saying that it is okay to break the law if you’re a Republican?!!! It is clear that for the past several years, justice is being served on a one sided basis, the demoncrats are getting away with murder!!!!

  27. in honesty both trump and sessions are to be impartial to both sides otherwise justice is blind. so trump is saying if your a democrat he should charge them but if republican it ok to ignore, so this is a perfect example of how trump is unfit in my eyes, yes some things he is trying to do are good but how he is pushing is wrong i think but thats me

  28. Have said repeatedly that Sessions is “the insurance policy” referred to in the emails and tweets by the Deep State – Strozk and Page.

  29. The chief executive of our nation has powers that no other person in our government has. Fire SESSIONS.

  30. Way to go Sessions, hand over all you can to the Demonrats. Can’t believe how excited I was when you were appointed, what a disappointment & disgrace you have turned out to be. Just another establishment Rino.

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