Donald Trump can’t pick this Republican as his running mate for one shocking reason

Donald Trump needs to pick a new running mate before the July 15 Republican National Convention.

The shortlist keeps narrowing.

But Donald Trump can’t pick this Republican as his running mate for one shocking reason.

RINO Marco Rubio has a big problem

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is one of the names at the top of Donald Trump’s shortlist for running mate.

Rubio has many issues.

He championed the Gang of 8 Amnesty bill in 2013.

He supported red flag confiscation laws following the 2018 tragedy at Parkland.

And he also supported funding for the war in Ukraine.

But Rubio also faces a more practical problem to getting on the ticket.

And that’s the fact that he and Trump are both Florida residents.

“Trump respects Marco, and if it wasn’t for the residency issue, Marco would probably get it,” a Republican source told The Bulwark’s Marc Caputo. “He [Trump] is concerned about it. He said Rubio’s people have a memo showing it’s not a problem, but I’m not sure he’s convinced. And he’s damn sure not moving.”

“Marco has this residency problem,” Caputo reported Trump telling associates.

The issue is the 12th Amendment, which says of the President and Vice President “one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves.”

If both the President and Vice President hail from the same state, their Electoral Votes won’t count.

Possible solutions

Trump won’t change his residency to New York and New Jersey as those states are controlled by Democrats.

Establishing residency in a blue state opens Trump up to new rounds of lawfare.

Rubio could also just move before the Electoral College meets in December.

Election law experts say that would blunt any legal challenge.

“It is very hard for anyone to be able to sue and challenge the electors’ votes before the fact, because the candidate could always establish inhabitancy before the electors vote. And after they vote, it is really a matter for Congress to determine,” University of Notre Dame law professor Derek T. Muller told Caputo.

“It’s up to Congress to sustain the objection and it takes a majority vote in both chambers to sustain one,” Ohio State University’s Edward B. Foley added.

“So you tell me the political likelihood that the Senate would disqualify Rubio from being vice president when he was a senator before he ran for vice president. I don’t think this is really enforceable in court. I think this is enforceable only in Congress,” Foley concluded.

But that would mean Florida Governor Ron DeSantis gets to pick Rubio’s replacement.

And Trump prefers a special election where the voters decide since Trump could pick the winner through an endorsement.

“[Trump] prefers that the people get to vote. That’s his consideration,” a Trumpworld source told Caputo.

The downsides to a Rubio selection

There are plenty of reasons not to pick Marco Rubio as running mate.

Rubio is an establishment RINO who hails from the Jeb Bush, Mitch McConnell wing of the GOP.

Rubio as Vice President would make him the frontrunner in 2028 and allow the establishment to wrest back control of the Republican Party from the Trump movement.

And picking Rubio also invites another round of legal challenges where blue states will force Trump into court to disqualify Rubio the way Colorado and other blue states tried to disqualify Trump from the ballot using the 14th Amendment.

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