Donald Trump could not believe the results of this jaw-dropping poll

Both Donald Trump and the Democrats are getting ready for the 2020 election.

The Fake News Media is confidently predicting Donald Trump’s demise.

But President Trump could not believe the results of this shocking poll.

Democrats believe their most potent line of attack is going after Donald Trump’s conduct as President.

But a brand new poll from Gallup shows that could fall flat.

The number of Americans who believe that Trump has the personality and leadership skills of a President rose seven points since Trump took office.

Breitbart reports:

Americans increasingly believe that Donald Trump has the personality and leadership qualities a president should have, according to a poll released on Tuesday.

A Gallup poll released Tuesday found that 40 percent of Americans believe that President Trump has the right personality and leadership qualities a president should have, which serves as a seven-point gain from two years ago at the beginning of his administration, where only a third, or 33 percent, of Americans, believed that Trump had the right qualities to be president.

Americans’ belief in Trump’s leadership abilities has risen across the political spectrum.

Eighty-one percent of Republicans believed that Trump has the right personality and quality to be president, which amounts to a seven-point gain from 2017. Thirty-one percent of Independents approve of Trump’s personality, and leadership abilities, which amounts to a four-point increase, and 13 percent of Democrats approve of Trump’s leadership qualities, which amounts to a seven-point gain over the last two years.

Democrats and the Fake News Media think Trump is toast because his approval rating is in the mid-to-low 40s.

But on the issues, Trump rates much higher.

In 2016, Americans did not have a favorable opinion of Donald Trump on Election Day.

He won anyway because the agenda he campaigned on resonated with the American people.

The Gallup poll shows 2020 could be a replay of 2016.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.




  2. TRump is a sadistic, evil egomaniac. He wants just for himself, money, power, adulation and fill his fat gut and his faded lust, his wife must gag at Mr Orange. Biden/Harris2020 Sanity, Integrity, Prosperity.

  3. I just glad the poles are correct, and not related to
    the media lies. Some of you don’t agree with the president
    of the United States, that’s not a very good American.
    This is the United States we’re talking about, and if you don’t
    love it here, you can get the hell out.
    What’s next on the list?

      • Depends on who is doing the polls? CNN , MSMBC , Washington Post, New York Times Gallop Poles etc.? All they do is lie! Hence the “Fake News!” Independent legit polls and studies are what I base my opinion on. Or just research by common sense. We all know who blatantly lies to the public. It’s not rocket science?

  4. Because of these dirty Democrats and the ways, they have unfairly treated President Trump and with the fake Russia So-Called Collusion dreamed up by Obama and Hillary Clinton as well as the two years of lies and torment directed at our President the Democrats with all of their High Treason have doomed themselves for many many years and it is well deserved for being so very evil and Anti-American, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Freedom, and Anti-Trump.

    • Thank you Daniel. I just hope that stands up to the task. The Dems. follow blindly. Now the Gov. of NY has given the illegals the right to get a drivers license. Votes votes votes. How do we stop this?

  5. It’s best to not reply to that mental case who calls him/herself as “Betty” as someone on this site will eventualy find out where he/she lives and shut her/his communist mouth permanently.

  6. “In 2016, Americans did not have a favorable opinion of Donald Trump on Election Day”
    .!!!!!!?????? What a bunch of BS. He was just elected president! by about 45 of 50 states. What idiot would make such a statement ?

    • I didn’t vote for Trump because I knew of him I voted for him because I knew about Hillary. The more I read about the Clintons the more I leaned towards Trump.

    • He won 30, not 45 and he lost the popular vote by million. He had also the Russians help him and all the gun nuts and racists vote for him.

      • Damn right, 30 states to 20 states, that popular vote was from just a few parts of the USA, the country was overwhelmingly for President Trump!

      • Eliminate NYC and Los Angelos and Hillary loses the popular vote too. Thank God for the electoral college. States elect the President, not the people. It’s the way our Republic was set up so a couple of heavily populated states wouldn’t always pick the President. Smart thinking by the founding fathers. Those who don’t like this setup have about 170 other nations where they can choose to live that have governments more to their liking. Leave ours alone. We like it the way it is.

      • You are so filled with hate! How do you live with yourself. I pity the people around you. Life is short. Remember what is really important. God, family and salvation.

    • The FAKE NEWS! Hell. If you look at most of the comments? I’d say 99.9% are fir Trump! The 1% is mentally challenged.

  7. Helen, I’m looking at my next birthday this month (I’ll be 90), but I could no more feel as you do or think as you do. Even though my days may be numbered (the Lord has not told me of his plans for me yet) I could never talk as you have done about the President even if I didn’t like him. The position he holds needs to be looked at by AMERICANS as one to be treated with honor even if he or she is not liked. Where have you been all these years? Guess you have had a lot of money to make you feel so superior!!

    • yes praise God! I agree with you! I don’t agree with all President Trump says & does but I respect the office he holds! I’m proud to say he’s my President & I’m 64 years old & I’m proud to be an American! I’m thankful almighty God placed me in the world for such a time as this! I believe President Trump is leading us back in the right direction & putting respect back in the White House! God bless you & you have a good nights rest. JESUS loves you & I love you!

  8. Just observing President Trump’s opposition and even the stupid comments of the anti-Trumpers on these sites pretty much means victory for him in 2020.

      • Yes I PRAY THAT TRUMP will stay our PRESIDENT UNTILL THE END OF 3024.We need for America to be respected again. President Trump is doing his best to do that. THE President has done a great job these last two years doing just what he said he was going to do. IF the DEmocrats got off there high horse and worked for us then that would be great. They have did not a thing to help us the people but try and bring President TRUMP DOWN FROM BEING PRESIDENT. WHAT A DAMN SHAME CAUSE HE IS a DAMN GOOD PRESIDENT,

  9. POLLS POLLS POLLS as long as the Radical Far Left Crazies control the mass-mainstream media they are as worthless as the space they take up. I give the POLLS in today’s climate of continuing lies, fake news, stupid innuendos, false accusations about as much credence as I do spitting into a 50 mph wind and expecting it not to come back and land all over my face! POLLS are worthless and the 2016 election results prove that FACT!!

    • Polls had her ahead but thank goodness people realized the Clintons for what they were and switched. I did after reading about her.

  10. The only points trump has gained is proving what an Egoistical, Conceited, Insane Piss Ass Pig He is, always has been & always will be! Trump winning a second term as president. GOD SAVE US ALL FROM THE WHITE HOUSE WORTHLESS WORM & HIS WHITE HOUSE WORTHLESS WHORE!

      • The exhange of empty insults is unedifying and gives comfort to the powerful nations who wish to exploit our divisions for their own benefit. Of course, I suspect that their trolls supply a good deal of the dumber insults. (Hi, Gucifer!). Can we discuss the topics instead of behaving like children on Twitter?

    • Betty, why in the hell don’t you give up? You are completely DEPLORABLE. You NEVER have anything good to comment and you are so NEGATIVE to say the least. You need to crawl back into your hole and cover it with dirt.


    • What did Gump say, Stupid is as Stupid does, a whole bunch of Stupid Morons Democrat’s supporting the Soros, Clinton, Obumer Crime families and Morons, thieves, Liars, Traitors’.. STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Betty– what proof do you have that the first lady is a whore as you have stated? I think she is a very classy, well educated and beautiful woman…

    • Betty seems your jealous of Mrs Trump , she’s a Classy First Lady , very Intelligent , Beautiful , Caring , Honest and Great Business Woman , so Betty that makes you the Whore , Meliane Trump is a First Class Lady , your nowhere close to being a lady Betty , your filthy mouth , racism , stupidity and lack of common Sense puts you in the Hoe class ,

    • Any decent American should ask God to grant you the double of your wishes. People like you need education, only education.

    • Betty, it’s totally uncalled for you to call the First Lady of the United States a “whore”! are you jealous? Melania Trump is a beautiful, gracious, lovely, caring,intelligent woman that’s PROUD to be an American – not like woman in White House previous 8 years. maybe Mrs Trump should sue you & expose you for hateful person you are!

    • Betty, you was sucking Obama’s dick too long, so you are too blind to see things through. You can get your ass to Kenya and live there and happy ever after!

    • Are you sure you are talking about the TRUMPS? It appears you have the wrong people in mind with your accusations. Your description fits the Obamas perfectly. With Obama, it was all about I, I, I, me, me, me…..talking about Egoistical and Conceited. Need I say anything further?


  11. Thank God Donald Trump is our President , if the sneviling liberal brats would at least try to work with Trump ,just think how much better off our country would be right now , but hell no , they lost and are still butt hurt , so there trying everything they can , to screw the whole damn mess up , the biggest group of Idoits to ever breath the fresh air of Freedom , THAT’S the Liberals , the gift that keeps on giving !! Trump 2020 MAGA GOD BLESS AMERICA

  12. The deep state controls the poll numbers, so do not believe them. They still predict Hillary would win in a landslide.

    • Hillary did win the popular vote. RUSSIA help lying Trump win the electoral college voters votes. Those are FACTS not lying Trump alternative facts. Without Russia Trump is not close to 40%.

      • It is the electoral college that elects POTUS, not the popular vote, (especially if it is illegals voting in Deep Blue states).
        Russians and HRC were successful in getting you to believe that Russia was helping DJT win, when it was laundered $ from Clinton’s campaign that paid for the fake Dossier.
        Oh, and name me one person that voted for POTUS DJT because of Russian involvement?

      • Dumbassbisquet
        Russian agents used Killary’s own info. Yeah, she and the DNC ran a righteous campaign my ass. Why not ask Crazy Bernie Sanders how ethical those pieces of shit are. You are so full of crap nobody can tell if it is your breath or your farts they can smell. What a rediculous piece of white scum-trash you are. Go to a liberal site to pedal your garbage. I know as imbecilic as they are they will just eat it up like pig slips. Oink…

      • You have a Dutch bag for brains 🧠 💼 you probably still can’t believe he won and when he wins again will be crying 😢 in your beer or commit suicide like the rest of the liberal commies. Libtards are so corrupt they wouldn’t know truth if it smacked them in the face. Libtards have been colluding with Russia and have more skeletons in their closet then trump ever will. Libtards have broken the law ten times more and are afraid if they don’t get Trump now they never will and the lid gets blown off the cover on them!

      • Dumbbiscuits , dead people don’t count and nor do illegals / non citizens , see you can’t even win while cheating , lying and stealing , Liberal dumbasses and Traitors , that’s what the DemoRat Party has become !!

      • Putin did not get where he is by being an idiot. He owned Clinton so it is extremely stupid to believe he would help Trump or want Trump to win when he had Hillary in his back pocket. If you really want to see collusion, just take a long look at the financial relationship between Russia and the Clintons. Accusing Trump of what the Demonrats are doing is just a classic case of misdirection. Only the extremely uninformed fell for the Demonrat lies.

    • 5/29
      Since that Trump is our Good President, I hope that he gets the FULL eight years in office. This will be Good News for America!

    • They need to face reality and back off! We the people have rejected these democrat lying do nothing criminals! Tom coleman, Justin Amsh are both total jerks tnst obviously did not read the mueller report. They are total assholes that still are spewing the FAKE russia hoax! Obama was and is an illegitimate POTUS who wasn’t even born in the USA! To hell with these dirtbags!

    • Lying Trump does not and never had the personality or leadership to be president. But continue lying and stroking his ego and the reality will be so sweet. Just like the 2018 election when he lost the House.

  13. Dear Helen Iam 86 almost 87 and i have voted in every Presidental election even when i was in the service of this great country. I am a Rep . but i always vote for whom i think is the best man. Ivoted for Trump in2016 and will vote for him again in 2020. He didnot buy my vote and no man will. he has never lied to the American people. How about the 2500 a year you will save every year with Obama care and you can keep your own doctor all bold face lies to your face. If the Party of killing babys is your choice then i feel very sad for tou Bob foe Trump And America

  14. Well Helen Davis,you have probably voted for idiots your whole life. Donald Trump is the best president we have ever had . If the crooked Democrats would leave him alone, our country would be peaceful and prosperous beyond what we have ever seen . The illegals need to go to the other side of that big beautiful wall, along with the demoidiots.

    • Demorats are right. Snot27 should have been caught in a rubber provided by planned parent hood and flushed. Really surprised you are still alive. A walking medical marvel. You have proven everybody wrong. You CAN breathe with your head up your ass or Obama’s!

  15. Lest you forget. His message resonated with 3 million fewer people than those for it…. the number he lost by of the actual votes. I doubt he’s gained any new fans. His electoral college win was driven largely by people opposed to Clinton rather than for him; and he’s proven to be a disaster as a president… for any thinking people anyway… short of it is.. I wouldn’t be counting chickens before they’re hatched. Clinton’s camp did that and look what happened.

      • Exactly–all voter fraud. Only way crooked Hillary could win. Illegals, criminals, multi-votes, dead voters. That’s what she did and that’s what the Dems did in 2018 and will do again in 2020.

      • Interesting, Mike, that even his own hand-picked committee to explore voter fraud ultimately disbanded because they couldn’t find anything credible. Not to mention, russian clearly intervened in our democracy working to help him get elected; and people like you fell for it hook, line and sinker.

    • Yes, he was elected because he was not Hillary. But has performed very well for the most part. Easy re-election for him

    • How can you say our economy and jobs is a disaster? You are buying the liberal talking points and that says very little for your intelligence. Trump is the best thing to ever happen to America in my lifetime and you have better do your own research.

    • I am a refuge who finally became a proud American citizens who pays his taxes from the first year I got here in USA. There are many things that I do not like about our president. However is refreshing to see a president who is trying hard to fulfill his campaign promises and believes in the greatness of US. I hope that the next president will not come from the political aristocracy, and that who ever will be will do even better.

      • What are you talking about? He has for-filled them all and then some! Don’t worry he is the only President past or present to actually keep his promises. Especially. In a short amount of time. Go Trumo! 👍😎

    • There were many votes counted in CA that came in after election day… Dead people vote in all democrated big cities too… I lived in Philly for a few years and always voted GOP and there were zero votes in my district for GOP. Dems have learned how to rig a vote count for sure!!!

    • Scott, you are totally deranged. You need to quit listening to the clinton news network and see what is really going on in this country. It’s been on the uphill grade since we got that pos fag out of office

    • No moron he won because we are tired of the lying no doing nothing democrats. They will lose big time in 2020 because of taking the house showed the still can’t do nothing.

    • What a maroon you are. President Trump has ended war in Syria and stopped nuclear weapons from being shot off by North Korea. He also put an end to the stupid treaty with Iran and stopped most of the Obama health was taking millions from the citizens born in this country while giving free everything to the illegals. Who deserve nothin from the US government and the tax payer.

    • Oh, you mean the three million dead, wetback and illegal immigrant votes your queen bitch got. Just like this next election you little worms will try the same thing. Guess what? Citizens are on to your traitorous asses and there are already Patriots lining up to watch the voting stations in shifts to call attention to any thing even resembling voter fraud and make a recording and written protest each and every time you pull a fast one. By the way don’t you ever try to bring God into this you chickenshit little pimp. You and your party have rejected Him and denied Him at every opportunity. Just like a shit assed snot nose. Wanna play rough and when you break a nail you scream when somebody hands you your ass. I really don’t think that God is in your foxhole right now. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. The sickening legislation you have passed and murder of infants have already guaranteed your road to hell. Of course that should not bother apes such as your selves.

      • That’s right Lucy , the Liberals are still swinging around up in them trees , the chimps and apes have a higher IQ than they do by far and away !!

  16. Trump is our president & he is great. Don’t know how he handles all this garbage. I pray for him 🇺🇸

    • I call our President Trump “the plumber “ because he is cleaning all the crap the former administrations left behind! He is doing the best cleaning job in the history of the United States! We MUST elect him in 2020 to complete his legacy. All other living presidents look horrible compared to Trump!! Especially the last idiot who beloved he was Xerses! Watch the movie 🎥 300!

    • Only reason Dems won the House in 2018 was that the fake Mueller hoax was in full bloom deliberately designed to discredit our president and hold the lies over his head and cause the GOP loss.

  17. From a Canadian perspective, I wish he was working for Canada. America ought to be very grateful for a great president. Your liberal party has been caught lying many times and it’s really a wonder why anyone supports liars?

    • Thank you, George. The world could use more leaders who were concerned about their people and not letting God down, than about what was in it for them. When President Trump said that he was comfortable in life and did not need a job, he also said that he felt called by God to make America great again. He said that if he failed he would not have to answer to the people, but he would have to answer to God! He got my vote then and he will have it again! He works tirelessly for this country. We all ought to be praying for him with grateful hearts.

  18. Trump has been the worst president. I am 83 years old and I have voted in every election. Trump is an ego personality. Every thing is about him. Can’t wait till I can vote for someone else. However, my husband indicated with his money, he can buy people off. But I understand that he’s running out of money. Now he wants our country broke. CAN’T STAND HIM! HATE HIM! What else can I say.

      • Karen, I have never, anywhere, seen as much hatred for America as I’ve seen on this site under the guise of being patriotic. Willful ignorance is rampant here. Helen is way closer to the truth.


      • YAY Ruth!!!!! I agree that President Donald John Trump is the best President in our lifetime! God bless him and God bless America!

      • Holy Cow Helen! One would almost think he’d stood you up for a date!
        This kind of hatred is not good for your BP! Get ahold of yourself, girl.
        Then we’ll let you tell us how you really feel.

      • You must have been a moderate wine drinker at dinner? She must have partied it up? Too much alcohol and drugs? A mind is a terrible thing to waste? I’m not sure why or how senile or nut jobs escape from being incarcerated for mental issues? Then get on line and make delusional comments? Like this old senile Betty bafoon? Hell. I’m 69 and e sure hope I don’t turn out like her? Holly crap! She doesn’t even realize she is outnumbered? Or try to figure out why? She doesn’t even know what crazy crap she is supporting either? Unreal. 🤔😎

    • No moron that’s the Democratic party Helen. You have woke up and smelled the coffee in 83 years so I would image you are incapable of using good judgment.

    • Ms Davis I’m so sorry you have such a hate for President Donald Trump! I thank JESUS every day for putting Donald Trump in the White House & I thank JESUS for Vice President Pence! I’m so thankful we have a beautiful, gracious, lovely, intelligent, America-loving woman as First Lady of the United States!
      Ms Davis I hope you get rid of that hatred cause President Trump is making America great again! He’s not perfect – none of us are – I’m sure you’re not perfect – I know I’m not BUT I love America & I’m proud we have a man & a woman leading this country that are PROUD to hold the positions they have today! God bless President Trump and Mrs Trump! God bless America!

      • Diana, GREAT COMMENT and I agree with you. I am 72 and I also think that President Trump and his wife have done a fantastic job leading this great country. The hateful, deceitful, lying DEMORATS are a DISGRACE to this country. Thank GOD for President Trump.

    • Senile? Or what? Lay off the crack! What a waste of meat , sir and space all that time. I got one will not miss you when you kick off! The more of you Democrat’s leaving this earth? The better! I guess you haven’t learned a thing all those years? Pull your head out of your ass and smell the coffee! Quit hiding it in your safe place. Don’t have a heart attack while screaming at the sky? Where are your fact’s, evidence and proof? I’m not talking about the fake news , documentaries and their fake polls either? Which is all Commie Chinese boot licking in the first place. You haven’t figured out what Communism is yet? What a waste of life? You’ve been a waste for a long time. Unfortunate…🤔👎🏽😎

    • Biden the groping Chester Molester. Running for President as aTypical criminal Democrat representative. Hell! I ought to join in on the circus to run for President? 😆😅😂🤣😎 Ye Dumbo Rat’s have no chance to win at a one legged ass kicking contest! Trump is guaranteed to win with this crowd of loser clowns. Trumpster in 2020!

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