Donald Trump couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw this shocking new poll

Americans are learning the state of the race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump as the general election officially kicks off.

It’s not what anyone was expecting.

And Donald Trump couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw this shocking new poll.

Fox News poll show Donald Trump’s largest lead ever

Democrats and the media’s latest ray of hope was dreaming that Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech would reset the race and shift the polls in Biden’s favor.

But Biden’s speech proved to be a disaster as – instead of laying out his vision for the country – Biden screamed at the American people and repeatedly denounced Donald Trump.

Polls proved it to be a loser.

In 2020, Fox News was consistently one of the worst polls for Donald Trump.

Fox found Trump trailing Biden form anywhere between 7 and 14 points in their six polls taken that year.

But the brand-new Fox News poll found Trump leading Biden by five points, the largest lead Trump posted over Biden.

Even more important was the fact that this poll showed the race moving in Trump’s favor after a State of the Union that Democrats and the media lauded as a masterstroke.

Fox’s previous poll had showed Trump up on Biden by two points.

This poll showed the race moving in Trump’s direction by three points despite Biden delivering the State of the Union, one of the few choreographed set pieces where the President can control the optics and the message to put his best presentation forward to a mass audience of tens of millions of TV viewers.

Internal poll numbers even worse for Biden

Internal poll numbers in the Fox survey show why Trump is holding his largest ever lead over Biden.

An election between a former President and the sitting President provides the American people an up or down vote on whose term in office made their lives better.

Fox shows the clear answer being that the American people prefer life under Donald Trump.

Despite all the media hysteria about mean tweets and fake scandals like the Ukraine impeachment hoax and Russia collusion, the American people want a return to Donald Trump’s booming economy and secure border.

The Fox News poll found just 22 percent of Americans say they are better now than they were four years ago with 52 percent saying they are worse off.

That means more than half the public reports being worse off under Joe Biden than they were at the start of the COVID lockdowns.

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