Donald Trump dealt Pelosi and Schumer this soul-crushing defeat

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi set up a confrontation with President Trump over his declaration of a national emergency to build the border wall.

They thought they could embarrass Trump and force him to waive the white flag.

But then Trump dealt Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi this soul-crushing defeat.

President Trump waited barely 24 hours after Congress passed a resolution of disapproval to stop his declaring a national emergency to weigh in.

Trump shut the door on Congress’ scheme to promote open borders and crime by vetoing their resolution.

Politico reports:

Donald Trump issued the first veto of his presidency Friday afternoon, rejecting a congressional resolution that would have blocked him from funding his border wall without congressional approval.

“As president, the protection of the nation is my highest duty. Yesterday congress passed a dangerous resolution that if signed into law would put countless Americans in danger, very grave danger,” Trump said. “Therefore, to defend the safety and security of all Americans, I will be signing a veto of this reckless resolution.”

Trump’s veto comes a day after 12 Republicans joined Senate Democrats to rebuke the president’s decision to declare a national emergency last month in order to redirect funds to build a wall on the southern border.

Some pro-amnesty Republicans secretly hoped the threat of Congress passing a resolution rebuking Trump would be enough for him to withdraw his declaration of national emergency.

That did not happen.

Instead, Trump made sure the fight over securing the border would continue through 2019 and into the 2020 presidential election.

That is a win for Trump.

Any time immigration and security at the border is front and center, the Democrats are at a disadvantage.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Yes, but they were allowed to swear on a koran, NOT THE BIBLE (INCLUDING OBUMMER BIN LADIN. I believe IF you want to participate in American/United States of America YOU are REQUIRED to pledge on a BIBLE.
    ALL those RINOS that ran on the Republican ticket should be voted out of YOUR state by “you the people.Get rid of Ryan, Murkowski of ALASKA and others. You are either Republican and vote Republican or join the “donkey team of losers.” I’m tired of them not supporting TRUMP.
    NO, I don’t like some of his tweets, but you know where he stands & he’s made good on most of his campaign promises. More than I can say about the majority of presidents.MAGAgain!

  2. I have read a lot of these posts and just don’t have time the read them all.
    I could write so very much but I will try to keep it as short as I can. The trouble is there is so much screwed up that to give my real opinion on every issue it would go on for a long time.
    The two parties have grown so far apart it would be nearly a miracle to get them back together. There was a time when even though they were different views there was not the HATE that there is now. Pure hatred.
    Trump is our President. It doesn’t matter how that makes you feel he is our President. I know all the things that he said he was going to work for,for the people and change this country back and do things that is what needs to be done. He has gotten so much done it’s amazing. And to do it with the left(and there close to all) radical. We can’t deal with nearly all. We have Muslims in our Government that is so sad. That Inman and what she gets away saying is so pathetic. When she calls for all Muslims to raise up and disrupt has to say exactly what she stands for. And it doesn’t sound American to me. Get her out. Why aren’t they going after Clinton’s E-mail doing’s? We spent over two years and tons of $ on the Trump investigation and they came up with a conclusion. Trump, as charged, is innocent. There was no collusion. But it sounds like the left will not man or women up and admit they were wrong. That is not what they will do. They still keep it up as they’ve done for over two years. And with most all of the media doing what they can to be just as left. Again, SAD! The accomplishments that Trump has done is astonishing. He has done more to help this country in the short time he has been in office. More they many past Presidents. This Country is split and it is going to lead to a civil war. Im sure most people would agree. If people would get on the internet and type in Trump’s accomplishments, promise’s that he has kept and here is where I could really write a bunch. People should go to jail. There should be consequence’s. A pissed off MCP

  3. I have said it before I will say it again.

    Washington needs an enema…..using a firehose.
    The scum of the Earth are holding office in our Congress, both Chambers. Most of them are lawyers, a few doctors like Rand Paul, but that doesn’t even make it better most of the time. They are so used to being paid 175k per year for solving absolutely nothing that they do not want to change anything.

    We need to use Convention of States so we can impose Term Limits on them but not before we use the Convention of States to terminate the pay raises they have voted in for themselves over the years, the Golden Fleece retirement that they set up for themselves, which gives them their bloated salaries for the rest of their lives, top shelf medical insurance and I believe they get security on our dime for life as well, effective retro-actively.
    Make them participate in the Social Security program with the rest of us and Medicare/Medicaid as well. Watch how quickly they fix both those programs and kick the deadbeats and illegals of those programs when they know they are being affected as much as we are by the freeloaders. I would like to have each and every one of them investigated for any wrong-doing and do jail time or pay back monetarily, but there is no one in government who would honestly carry out a proper probe.

    It would be important for us to take away their benefits before we imposed Term Limits on them. Otherwise you will see a mass exodus of Senators/Representative retiring so they would be Grandfathered in and get those benefits as they are now.

    In order for a Convention of States to occur, there needs to be 38 States who will back it. Then we can circumvent the U.S. Congress entirely and change, repeal and review the laws. We can even review and change Supreme Court rulings. Our forefathers put Article 5 in there for a situation we are in now. Federal government has ceased to function as it was intended and is now just a cesspool of corruption. It needs to stop.

    Term Limits were written into our Constitution and Congress took it upon themselves to repeal it so they could serve a whole career. That is why Barack bin Laden wanted to repeal Presidential Term Limits. He truly DID want to be King.

  4. Not only do they anti-gun the hell out of us through the avenues you mention, they also do it through TV shows.

    I used to be a big fan of Law and Order, SVU. they have been running for 20 consecutive seasons and it was great for 18 of them. Through the evolution of the show with key actors getting old and/or moving onto other things, Olivia Benson started as a Detective when the show started with Detective Elliot Stabler and became the Commanding officer of the unit. Now all they do is celebrate New York’s status as a Sactuary City, she does not portray the female detective investigating sex crimes and special victims, as SVU is being Special Victims Unit, who is in search of the truth in the cases. Instead she comes at all of them as “The man is always guilty of something” mentality and women are ALWAYS the victim, (sound familiar?), Minorities are always being degraded by whites even if they have shot, stabbed, beat and/or raped someone, guns kill people rather than the people kill people reality. And there is one Detective named Carissi, he is playing the stereotyped Catholic Italian New Yorker who is a hot-head who argues everything from a Liberal point of view. He was arguing about a case with another a Detective Rollins (who is a gambling addict)and she said something that sounded Conservative and he blows up and says “Where did you hear that, Fox New?!!!”

    They are injecting their cowardly, one-sided arguments into our TV shows now.

  5. All to procure votes. Prostitutes all of them. Anything for power. Go Trump. Ordered my RED MAGA hat today. Will wear it proudly and God help the person that harasses me.

  6. Americans citizens that are against the border wall are for open borders, let anyone in the country including criminals, drug trafficking, gangs baggers, humane trafficking and they are also for using tax payer dollars in access of over 100 billion dollars a year to support these people and with open borders that amount will increase every year. In Texas alone during the Obama administration over 600 thousand crimes were committed by illegal aliens against American citizens, 25% of our prison inmates are illegal aliens. Now take a look how illegal immigration affects our history , our sovereignty, our education system, our health care, our language, our natural resources. The more illegal’s enter our country the more we are becoming a third world country.

  7. Ege:
    Linsey Graham joined the ranks of the far left attacking our right to defend ourselves. It is now apparent that this nation is about to end up in a war of rebellion over the 2nd amendment. Right now and this is no joke there are so many far lefters that would rather see you dead than posses a firearm. No joke, just watch the news or read the paper. Antifa or liberal it doesn’t matter. These people are sick with hate. My family have had and used firearms in this country going back more than 250 years and never other than in a time of war, killed another human being with a gun and that includes a lot of them as peace officers. All one needs do is look to the U.K. to see where this road leads. Knives are now the weapon of necessity for the criminals and gang bangers. So guess what. Legislation is passed so citizens cannot even legally carry a knife for defense. But the criminals still do. Now the U.K. police are so overwhelmed that the British military are walking the streets with fully automatic military grade weaponry. Do we really wanna go down this rabbit hole? Judge Colt needs to be ready to hold court when called and our President is doing all he can but he needs help. Call your Senators and Representatives. Jam their lines and make your voices heard. We all talk pretty big on these sites but all it takes is a few minutes to slap some sense into these beaurocrats or are we just a bunch of no action whiners?


  9. Nobody:
    Not sure about other traitors, but two of Utah’s finest Romney and Lee turned on him. Of course what else would you expect from a sanctuary state. To round it out to an even thirteen (my how odd. 12 disciples and 1 traitor Judas) let us add our own Linsey Graham for his collaboration with Blumenthal in their conjoined attack on 1st, 2nd and 14th amendmants. Just when you think you know an animal it changes stripes and tries to spray you with their stench.

  10. Whether you care for him personally or not, he has acted honorably to discharge his campaign promises. I really don’t get what he has done or proposed that is so awful. Strong economy, new beneficial trade agreements, putting foreign nations on notice to pay their way and defining allegiances, securing our borders against scoff law foreign invaders which will stem drug trafficking and trading in human flesh. Who in the hell in their right mind can find fault and still claim to be strong citizens. Protecting the 2nd amendment and standing up to turn coats and assinine liberalism. Gotta give the man credit. Y’all may not love him but he sure as hell does his job. Isn’t that why we put him there?

  11. You are quite correct, unfortunately!
    Can someone tell me if Newly elected Representatives are required to take an Oath of allegiance Prior to taking their Seat in the House of Representatives?

  12. There is a lot I don’t like about him but he is president and I was taught to respect the office regardless of who is in there. I respected president Obama for the 8 years he was in office even though I never cared for him. The politicians in the US have lost respect for people in all offices of our government and that is dangerous if the really care about the US. Nikita Khruzshchev said America would fall from within and even though I disagreed with Sen Joe McCarthy’s tactics he today is proven correct that we have Marxists and Communists in our government and in all party’s.

  13. YES!! EXACTLY!!! Right when the DUMB DEMS think they have a handle on the president, HE makes them look like a bunch of dummies!!!!

  14. Thank you verymuch from a gunny. I hope pray I never have to pull a triger again but if nessasry lt will be my duty and honer for this great nation. Master gunny usmc Semper Fi. ( Allways Faithful)


  16. Yeah! For Trump & Pence 100%. Time to stand what we truly stand for. Get rid of these politicians who can’t make up their minds what they want to be remembered for. What democrats are pushing, is not what most of America wants. God Bless our America and Trump Adminisration!

  17. I’d like to know what 12 traders joined the other traders that want us to be controlled like Russia is!

  18. When will the American people get that much-needed wall so that we will feel safe in our own Country? These Criminal Democrats I hope will someday be charged with High Treason for their Crimes against the American people as well as Voter fraud that they love to do on election day.

  19. the government certainly acts like they don’t care what we the people want. Trump is the only one standing up for us.
    the democrats in congress want us to pay for everything they can mess up. Fire all of the and start ll over with honest men and women of integrity. These men and women in the democrats congress are a disgrace to the belief in non violent, truthful and open transparency. It would be interesting to see how many of them take money under the table for whatever deal they can get their hands on. They have so many deals one cannot keep track of them all. What a shame, the US is becoming such a crocked and deceiving nation.

  20. Sir, only people like you have the right and the will to stop these invaders, being that you came legally. I would say you should have a ‘license-to-kill’ as many as these border-crossers as you can shoot. You have my blessings, and I hope, Christ’s.

  21. When the Hounds of Hell are released not many of them will be left alive, Irma. History has always had interesting repetitions since the stage set by Samuel Colt.

  22. We may need your services again. Demorats need to be put in their place, soon. Whether in prison or before a firing squad for treason. We vets took an oath to protect this great country from our enemies both foreign and domestic. Demorats have proven they are domestic enemies and needs to be dealt with. That oath is forever.

  23. I have lived in a gated community…raised my kids there.
    I do care about the wall…lots of moms go unprotected while husbands away at work…
    They must be protected..we all must be..Build that wall!!

  24. The GOP has no guts. They just sit there and let the dems do as they please. I quit the Republican Party years ago for that reason.

  25. We have the right to protect ourselves and we do not have to let anyone in that we do not want. SECURE OUR BORDER!!!! And don’t give illegals jobs or freebies and they will self deport.

  26. do not remember all but romney rubio collins rand paul are some .will not vote for rubio next time around he should have to pay for being a turncoat.

  27. He is doing his job as he was elected to do. The dumb ass’ s in congress want to play games like kids. They want this country to go to hell in a hand bssket. Respect flag, country. I am a retired Marine master gunny sgt. With 30 years of service as a scout sniper and have seen the hell in countrys all over the wourl and this geat country does not need to go down that road.Semper Fi

  28. They are converted Islamic Muslims working Directly for the past Fake President the non American Muslim, and 100% above the law because the Federal Justice system is 100% communist Trash

  29. The united States Congress is no longer American. They are a Islamic Muslim Terrorist Organized Crime Unit that are 100% Traitors and the Number one Domestic Enemy of the united States and are 100% more harmful to America then any illegal. The wall should be built around the halls of Congress were the scum of the earth lie

  30. If illegals get to vote, may I finally get to vote? I have lived here in the U.S.legally for 60yrs (Green card) never able to vote. Would never dream to do it illegally.Now that I’m 80yrs old now and would love to be able to vote for President Trump.
    But would forgo that dream to keep ” illegals” from voting.

  31. I so agree with you and I think that everyone should call for their security to be removed for they are voting against our safety while living off our Tax dollar. They should not be served by our tax dollar in any way. we should also call for their pay and their retiremnet and allow them only Social Security to retire on

  32. I want to know who the 12 Republican turncoats are. They should be named in every article written and posted. They will not get my vote.

  33. All the immigrants have to do is go to their nearest U.S. consolant and apply for a visa to come here that way we can weed out the troublemakers and let the well to do one’s come here. I migrated from Australia and had to pay $40k in attorneys fees to come here legally and gain citizenship why shouldn’t illegal immigrants go by the same rules that I went though? Trump doesn’t mind anyone coming here as long as they come legally so why should those people be any different?

  34. Build the Wall. Fried all the Democrats and Republicans that don’t help this President send them home so they can
    Tear down their wall. While they are there read your Bible if you have one God will tell you how to treat people. If
    they don’t know we will all face GOD at judgment day give account of how we conduct our self here on earth. Did we follow and obey GOD’s law.God Bless our President.

  35. I agree President
    Trump and Vice-President Pence is a great team.I
    hope every American citizen
    Gets out and votes for TRUMP AND PENCE IN THE 2020 ELECTION.WE need them for another 4-years. Me personally would love for them to be in the President and Vice-President made permanent.

  36. Carol, I’mive in Texas too, during the elections for senators, with Orourk and Cruiz, they found 98, 000 illegals that were registered to vote, out of the 98,000, 58,000 thousand voted with mail in ballots that the demonrats started. Nine democrats got arrested and sentenced to prison! Yes we do it right, but this new mail in ballots have to be stopped! We never did this before and I’m wondering how that came to be in the first place. This is what California does!

  37. They do not have any brain cells, period! They are all ungodly, un-American, unconstitutional, pathetic imbisels! And I call them SATAN’S Advocates!

  38. The demonrats want that to begin with, they want illegals bringing drugs to kill our citizens, they want illegals to bring decreases to kill thousands, they want illegals to over welm our hospitals and make them go bankrupt, we had three in Texas that shut down in two years, because of illegals! They want jihadist to come and kill people they want our children to be kidnapped and sold as sex slaves, they want sanctuary city’s and protect murders, rapist, child molesters, drug cartels, and gang members! The people that vote for them are either completly stupid, uneducated, are just completly insane!

  39. That depends on the states they represent, seems like they would wake up after this all we can do is pray this whole country Wales up to these people! The cockroachs are showing their true colors, for the whole world to see!

  40. A group of people took illegals and they jumped Nancy Puck faces “wall” and she called the law and had them arrested! She’s a damn hipicrit, and she has a tall wall surrounding her home her and her family’s and has security at all times with “guns” protecting her and her family!

  41. People who live in gated communities..with armed security don’t care..we all know who they they leave us with all the murderers.. rapist.who mostly are illegal and they want to take our guns the numbnuts who keep voting them in need to take a good look at yourself..thanks Mr President for having true Americans back..

  42. Carol, Yes, Trump 2020 and we MUST win the majority of both houses in Congress!
    #WalkAway to the Republican party and bring your family and friends, we need more good Republicans!

  43. Our government is paid by we the people to protect us and our sovegrity, and if they cease to do this, we the people in each state have the right in the Constitution to do it ourselves, period! If we fill like we are being invaded, our governments job is to put thier citizens before anything else and as we see, the demonrats put illegals first allow them to murder the very people that pay them thier paychecks, and release them back into our city’s and towns to repeat it again! They do. Not give a damn rats azz about any of us! Trump puts us first, and our sovegrity! Trump 2020 if you live your country! Loving our country and respecting our flag is something the demonrats dispise!

  44. Bob K and Janice Garlish, I am not able to name all of them from memory but, you can easily find that online and surely it is on the site also. Yes, these people must never be elected to any public office again, at least not in the Republican party, right? I am getting my list ready to “fire at will” when any of the 12 come up for re-election and hope all of you are as well!

  45. I hope the illegals go straight to Pelosi’s & Schumer’s houses & commit their crimes there!…..They should also eat their meals there, camp out there, and be supported there! BUS THEM STRAIGHT TO THEIRS & CELEBRITIES’ HOMES.

  46. Well… The usual RINO’s… Rubio, Collins, Mittens, Rand Paul, etc… None of them live in or represent people that live in ANY of the states that share a border with Mexico.

  47. Let’s put it this way. What Mr. trump is doin is. Let’s say your house kept getting broken in and your family hurt. Your dad wants to put a fence around the yard and an alarm. What the Democrats are sayin is don’t put a fence around our yard dad. Let whoever wants to hurt us come hurt us. So deal with that.

  48. Perfect examples of people who have not grown up, just grown older. They don’t want President Trump to receive any credit because they did not vote for him. Why would anyone want to vote for people who don’t care if this country is protected?!

  49. Amen bob what is wrong with these morons traitors selling our kids and grandchildren out to stay in power

  50. I want to know what 12 Republicans voted against Trump, so I make sure I see that they are not re-elected…..

  51. Donald Trump., Pres. of USA, always gets the best of Pelosi and Schumer because politicians do not get things done.

  52. I say build a 20 foot section of a concrete wall with poles in the ground in front about 7 feet high and 3ft apartand tie atraitor to them and execute !!!!!

  53. I live in Texas and, believe me,we want the wall. We’re sick and tired of drugs, disease, murderers, etc. coming across our border. I and my family love President Trump. And, we will vote for him and Pence again in 2020.

  54. Thank you Mr. President for putting America and Americans first. We don`t need people in Congress or Senate that want keep America safe. We need to vote them out we are tired of being put last for political reasons. May God continue to kind you and bless you!

  55. Trump did WAIVE the white flag. Waive means avoid, bypass, eschew, eliminate.

    Pelosi and company wanted him to WAVE a white flag. That’s a different thing altogether, and he rightly refused.

  56. One of these days some of the wall blockers or members of their families will be stricken with one of the horrific diseases the illegals have been spreading and perhaps that will change their minds. In the interim my family members who work in and with the public are at risk every day! We need that wall!!!

  57. Records clearly show that officials from mayors to cops in border towns (American) have been arrested, indicted, tried, found guilty and imprisoned for receiving bribes to look the other way on border crossings, drug and human trafficking since 1991. Therefore, it only makes sense that politicians would be bribed.

  58. Illegal immigrants cannot vote. I live in Texas. I’m not gonna say what city…but when we vote, our ID is checked. Illegals can’t vote here.

  59. I agree with you Cliff! I’ve seen presidents come and preidents go. This President is not to be meddled with. His heart is in his job! He loves America and Americans. We love America and Americans. My Wife is Chinese. She came here LEGALLY. SHE is an AMERICAN! Those who sneak to get in, deceive us, take our tax money, and disrespect us – are NOT AMERICANS. Shame on them! They will pay someday. But Trump will always be remembered – even if he is forced to leave. Long live President Donal J. Trump

  60. Congress is such a worthless bunch; each member only concerned with his or her own individual agendas, unless they are DumbCrats, then they are hoping to take the country down with them! Even the GOP, who should be supporting the President, or at least I thought I voted for them to do, can’t get their acts together! No wonder Politicians, ALL OF Them, are the lowest form of life on the planet, even lower than Whale waste on the ocean bottoms!!!

  61. ANY CORRUPT so-called “politician” That voted AGAINST the safety and security of our country are IGNORING their SWORN oath of office to make “political points”, and should be REMOVED for doing so. All these DEMOCOMMUNISTS/RINOS are doing, are looking for more ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT VOTES. (and YES they ARE allowed to vote) It seem PRESIDENT TRUMP is doing his best in spite of all the OBSTRUCTION, to KEEP his promises to the American People, and the CROOKED SCUM that voted against him are TERRIFIED they are losing their STOLEN POWER, and CONTROL, and PRESIDENT TRUMP is returning the POWER BACK to “WE the PEOPLE” Where it SHOULD BE.

  62. They don’t have brains. They have marbles rolling around upstairs. It’s like a pinball game…they can’t keep them up..they keep falling out.

  63. President Trump was chosen by God because he had enough courage to fight evil where he finds it. The rest remind me of the scare crow from OZ. (IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN)

  64. Get rid of these 12 RINOs now! Replace them with real conservative challengers (MAGA minded) in their next election.

    Why? It had been more than 30 years since Reagan granted an amnesty and the Republican leaders did absolutely nothing to end illegal migration ever since. Long time.

    The Democrats once supporting the wall, are now infamously saying, “that is not who we are”. Ridiculous!

    It is the law that only legal immigrants can enter the U.S.

  65. It’s time the law firm of piglosi, screwmer, disdurbin, and schitt was disbarred and their congressional privileges suspended. Thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020

  66. I am just tired of hearing GOP doing anything secretly. Have a pair and put it out there. Stop being the old ladies hiding in a house gossiping, clutching coffee and talking crap about someone they haven’t got the guts to talk to face to face. Basically put up or shut up and if you want to shut up then you have no business representing anyone as a Republican. Resign and run as a Democrat. Display those true colors so we can stomp you out of political life forever.

  67. We need the wall ASAP.Pelosi and Schumer have not even been to the borders to see what border patrol is encountering. It’s called denial. The Mayor of Tijuana called it a diaster and asked for assistance. Now ICE and border guards are quaratining thousands due to infectious diseases and flu. L.A. now has an outbreak of typhus due to illegals bringing in disease. Democrats do not care about Americans, only votes.

  68. Word on the streets in Mexico is that the Cartels are paying the DNC millions to prevent the Wall from going up

  69. Trump is doing an outstanding job for America and all of its Citizens — lets get behind this great Leader and show those bafoons that their party is obsolete

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