Donald Trump destroyed this RINO traitor with one devastating nickname

Donald Trump is still feuding with the GOP establishment.

Members of the D.C. swamp are still fighting to wrest control of the GOP back from Trump and his grassroots supporters.

And Donald Trump destroyed this RINO traitor with one devastating nickname.

Donald Trump and many conservatives are furious with the RINOs in Congress who voted for Joe Biden’s $1.2 trillion socialist spending bill.

Nineteen Republicans in the Senate and thirteen so-called “Republicans” in the House handed Joe Biden a massive win on a silver platter.

Trump released a statement blasting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell as an “Old Crow” for rounding up the votes in the Senate to pass the $1.2 trillion spending scam.

President Trump also blasted McConnell and the other RINOs who supported Biden’s infrastructure bill opposed to building Trump’s border wall.

“Why is it that Old Crow Mitch McConnell voted for a terrible Democrat Socialist Infrastructure Plan, and induced others in his Party to do likewise, when he was incapable of getting a great Infrastructure Plan wanting to be put forward by me and the Republican Party? He continuously said he couldn’t get it passed, just like I had to go around him to get the very popular Southern Border Wall built (which caused great delay—but could now be completed in one month by Biden),” Trump’s statement read.

Trump also blasted McConnell for folding on the debt ceiling and giving Democrats a two-month reprieve that allowed Democrats to get their ducks in a row to pass the trillion-dollar plus socialist spending bill.

“All of the Infrastructure money, $2 Trillion, would have gone into real Infrastructure (roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, etc). Also, why did Mitch give the Democrats a two-month hiatus, just long enough for them to figure it all out, when they were completely ready to fold?,” Trump added.

Trump and McConnell began feuding after McConnell stated that Joe Biden won the 2020 election.

McConnell further infuriated Trump and his supporters by conspiring with Joe Biden to deliver Democrats a big win on a major policy priority at a time when Joe Biden’s poll numbers are falling and the 2022 political environment for Democrats looks more treacherous than ever.