Donald Trump drew a line in the sand that will cause Nancy Pelosi to do the unthinkable

Donald Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi are locked in a high stakes game of chicken.

The outcome of this fight could determine the fate of Donald Trump’s Presidency.

Trump responded by drawing a line in the sand and daring Nancy Pelosi to do the unthinkable.

Pelosi thought she could force Trump to cave on the border wall by urging the President to cancel the State of the Union.

The Speaker claimed it was not feasible to move ahead with the January 29 speech because the Secret Service wasn’t paid due to the government shutdown.

Trump turned the tables on Pelosi by sending her a letter claiming the Secret Service said there was no issue with securing the Capitol for the speech and that he planned to proceed.

The Daily Wire reports:

President Donald Trump sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday indicating that he plans to proceed with his State of the Union address on January 29.

“Thank you for your letter of January 3, 2019, sent to me long after the Shutdown began, inviting me to address the Nation on January 29th as to the State of the Union,” Trump wrote. “As you know, I had already accepted your kind invitation, however, I then received another letter from you dated January 16, 2019, wherein you expressed concerns regarding security during the State of the Union Address due to the Shutdown.”

Trump indicated that the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Secret Service contacted him and told him that there “would be absolutely no problem regarding security with respect to the event.”

Now the ball is in Pelosi’s court.

She can cancel the State of the Union.

After all, the Speaker controls what takes place on the House floor.

In that event, the Trump White House is scouting other locations to deliver the speech.

Trump could hold the event in a Democrat member of Congress’ district that the President carried in 2016.

He could deliver the State of the Union from a swing state or the Southern border.

Trump has options, but his letter puts the pressure on Pelosi to make the next move.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Obama remains the worst President ever in America according to all the polling by different polling agencies I have seen….

  2. The moron’s are Obama and his administration, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Harris, Cortez, Omar, Sanders, etc….. all the liberal nuts

  3. The Democrats didn’t offer much in their deal as usual.. Why didn’t the Democrats accepts Trumps deal which would defer DACA for three years giving Congress time to workout a sensible Immigration Reform Act? Now, Trump has the authority to deport DACA and overextended VISA’s. What a bunch of dumb Democrats and RINO’s.

  4. Lola: You need to put down the crack pipe, turn off CNN, and look at the real numbers! Obama is universally hated even by those who voted for him. Trump was 52% last I heard, higher than Bare-rock Osama ever got!

  5. Lee: it isn’t a compromise when one side gives in, negotiates, then “compromises” by getting 25% of what he asked for: 55 miles of a 1984 mile long border. Oh, and concertina wire to keep out another 12000 illegals.
    Another shut-down won’t work. He caved on the last one, which was his fatal mistake. They know he will again.
    Bette: I so desperately hope you’re right. My husband is so sure he’s got the upper hand. So many thousands of people believing in him, trusting him to get that Wall to keep our border safe. Please, Dear God, don’t allow evil to prevail and We the People to lose.

  6. Rocco, I thought she was wearing them on a chain around her neck? I don’t understand this at all. Does he have a death wish? He won’t even make it through a 2020 Primary challenge now. And that senile, evil, gangster’s daughter will be running the show. I feel like throwing up. WTH happened anyway? Does he even know how many people he let down? Has he given her the keys to the WH yet?

  7. Angelika: Trump gave a dynamite SOTU speech, and we all want to think he has a great Plan B in the works, but he and Nazi and Scummer were playing chicken, and he blinked. Just like little kids who learn really fast (the Dems act about 5-years old) they know if he gave in after 35 days, he will give in again: it may take 40 or 50 or 60 days next time, but they know they got him. he will cave again.
    This deal they are offering now is total crap: about 25% of what he asked for. Enough for 55 miles of wall on a border 1984 miles in length? Oh, I forgot the concertina wire.
    To keep out ANOTHER 12,000 illegals in a caravan? While that moron Democrat Smith in the House says we don’t need soldiers down there, there’s no threat at all. We are total Trump supporters, but if he signs this, he has lost, and may lose in 2020 too. I don’t know who his advisers are, but they must all be RINOs who want him to fail.


  9. Charlie Zito Jr, Charlie, you are understandably disappointed. This is not over, be patient and watch what happens during this three weeks. (Google has censored/deleted three emails I have tried to send you so I hope this one works.) I am seeing and reading a lot and believe good things are happening that you will love and be proud of. I would like to say more but, it will just be deleted if I do.
    You must always vote, all Republicans must vote. 76 is young and you may outlive everyone on this blog so chin up friend. It’s all good.

  10. truthistruth, Hey again Diane, you have an endless supply of pen names don’t you?
    Nasty Nancy made herself look like a spiteful wife angry at her husband and saying no to everything he wants! According to the liberal polls you and JD love so much she hurt herself within your party. If she continues with the same prowess during this three weeks, it will continue to show in the polls. I read an article today that stated there are Dems in Congress who are softening and coming around to the barrier idea.
    Hold on to your seat Diane, “it’s going to be a bumpy ride” and you won’t like what is going to happen before you disembark.

  11. reality check, Hey Diane. I see you are using one of your pen names so nobody will realize it is you.
    You need to shut up long enough to see how this game plays out. Ann Coulter is as crazy as her stupid mother and, will regret that tweet. She is very full of herself and in her mind’s eye she thought she was influencing DJT but, she was not. DJT listens to conservatives but, he makes his own decisions. I don’t always agree with him but, he is always the President. I predict you and your cronies are going to be in for a big let down. So, just have fun with it, while you can, beastie! It’s going to be a long three weeks but, not long enough when you see how it ends. You will realize how unintelligent you are!

  12. Rip Up Every Illegal Vote….In Arkansas We have to Show Our ID to Vote and Show We are Registered…It would be Well If All the States would follow this EXAMPLE
    Of Keeping the People Honest in the Polls!

  13. Cheryl H, Be–y’s meds are for DTS and are not working. She needs to be taking something that includes “heavy metal”. I understand that works really well for DTS.

  14. LOL> NOTHING LEFT TO, “SAY”. LOL OBAMA WAS A REAL DOOZIE ALRIGHT> lola. Where did you miss all the bad he did to everyone? drama bama will go down as the “worst” president we ever had. It was all one big hoax. Just wait. Hope if you live long enough to know what that president and that family really was. Just wait!

  15. No wonder many of the people who worked in the Trump administration call Trump an “idiot” or a “f*cking moron.”

  16. The pendulum is swinging in a different direction, and Trump faces additional charges weekly. The financial group, the Oxford Club, is predicting a “recession is coming in 2019 and lists these reasons: existing home sales posted 8 months of falling sales in 2018, with the Trump increasing deficits are playing havoc about ability to pay back loans, Trump’s trade war with China has produced more family farm bankruptcies, the Fed Reserve is selling off securities, which will make interest rates higher.
    Trump’s trade war with China and his continual instability produced by his actions and causing problems for our markets.

    Trump has also shown in his unnecessary shutdown that he is not a strong and thoughtful leaders. He could have taken this same “deal” that the Dems offered 35 days ago and avoided all the chaos he gave to federal workers and contractors.

  17. Obama ranks STILL as the most admired man in America. Meanwhile, Trump remains the only president NEVER to have reached 50% approval in Gallup’s polling.

  18. No, Donald you are wrong. Trump TRIED that technique and asked Nancy if he opened the government, would she give some money for the wall? She said “NO” plainly, and Trump stormed out of the meeting. Pelosi has stated over and over that she will give no more money for the wall. She will give more for border security but it is earmarked that none goes for more wall.

    Trump got NOTHING MORE than what the Democrats offered. You are just one of those Trump cult followers that Trump said would support him even if he killed someone on 5th avenue in broad daylight. Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

  19. Ann Coulter 1-25-19 Tweet:
    Good news for George Herbert Walker Bush: As of today, he is no longer the biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States.

    As the article said it was a “game of chicken” and guess who folded TWICE and gave in to the Democrats. If Trump ever was good at making deal, and evidence of his history questions that, IT IS GONE NOW!!!

  20. how on earth do you spend over 100,000.- in booze (paid for by the taxpayers of this country) while on military flights to vacation sites (also paid for by taxpayers Money) and not be considered an alcoholic?

  21. You TOTALLY missed what he did. Now, he can give the State of the Union address in the House AND the Democraps promised to give him wall funding. Now, if they don’t include it in a funding bill by February, the Government gets shut down again. The Democraps have been on vacation and traveling on the taxpayer dollars. MAYBE the voting legal citizens will all realize what the Democraps have been up to.

  22. I hate to admit it but you are right. The only answer is the “nuclear” plan. Build the wall over the head of congress.

  23. Just read that in Texas 58,000 voted there ILLEGALLY in the last election…..AND we DON’T need a WALL to keep these ILLEGAL INTRUDERS OUT…??? Yeah right….The President needs to stand TALL against these CRIMINALS = piglosi, schummer and the rest of them…..!!!!!

  24. Right on. He is a F*&king wimp. Not sure I’ll take the time to vote next time. F the government and the country. I’m 76 and will not have to live her much longer.

  25. Nancy Polosi, and Chuck Shumer are to blame for the gridlock that has permeated Washington DC. They care nothing for anyone or anything except power and preventing the President from keeping his promise to secure the border. It’s so plain to see, they refuse to do what they’ve voted yes on several times in the past simply because President Trump needs it. Their childishness, is beyond understanding. But some mindless, gasbags, like Betty, just refuse to see the truth. So very sad.

  26. That’s some foul mouth you got on you there missy. Where’d you learn that, standing on your street corner, or on your knees in an alley?

    BTW, some don’t appreciate you’re disparaging remarks about our lovely, and very intelligent first lady, not to mention our duly elected President!

  27. Pelosi is actually “OWNED” by Mr. George Soros. As are the Dems, liberal media, and unions. Read the stated goals of the “Open Borders Foundation” on their website. “No Government, Borders, or Religions, with the Elite Billionaires in control”.

  28. Actually it cost us $165 BILLION last year just for medical care for “ILLEGALS”. Pelosi refused to disclose her airtravel expenses. FOI lawsuit just released she cost us over $1 Million in air travel per U.S. Air Force, and over $100,000 for food and booze. She sure likes to live “High on the Sow”!

  29. rocco – You are WRONG because he just caved to Pelosi after she told him that she would consider giving trump his wall/fence if he would make the government fully run again and she would give him some of the money he wanted.
    He told Pelosi that if she goes back on her WORD then he would close the government down again if she does not give him what SHE promised to give him for the wall/fence.

  30. WELL SAID, WE NEED TO CLEAN UP OUR OWN HOUSE, AND DO THE RIGHT THING…. DON’T TAKE OTHERS INVENTORY, ALTHOUGH IT IS HARD SOMETIMES when you see someone who really doesn’t care about anyone else but themselves… I watched a video the other day of family members who’s loved ones were killed by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and Pelosi locked her door and her staff put a meeting in progress.. on the door until the people who’s loved ones also had dreams, but will never get to see those dreams.. My great grandfather came to this country legally, and my mothers side of the family are Native Americans…

  31. every year the congress gets shut down for a small period of time… has and will happen forever… if the federal workers pay attention to this, then they should have a backup for at least 2 months… my wife and I have put all of our tax refunds, (which have been larger since President Trump has been in office) away in a savings account… we have enough saved for about 5 years… only because my wife is a tight ass! so when I have extra money I spend some on her and give her the rest to put away for a bad event… Like $3500 to rebuild the transmission on her GMC truck with 300,000 miles on it. Even when I SERVED IN THE USMC we had a shutdown and worked without pay for part or even an entire month every year… it’s what politicians do to get their way, or try to get their way

  32. All of America can tell how really ignorant and stupid you are.Everytime you open your mouth nothing but confused s_it comes out. You stink!!!!!!!

  33. BETTY: I WONDER if you have children? if so I feel for them, so much hatred, constructive criticism goes a lot further. HAVE YOU EVER MET THE PRESIDENT OR THE FIRST LADY FACE TO FACE AND ACTUALLY HAD A INTELLIGENT CONVERSATION WITH EITHER ONE OF THEM? I wonder if you have actually had an intelligent conversation with anyone or do you believe what the FAKE NEWS and the liars/dumbocrats instead of doing the research yourself? I have a neighbor who isn’t real intelligent, he believes what the television says, so I spend time with him and one of my tablets, and I educate him on what is fact and what is fiction… but I don’t use the Republican sites, I use the independent sites, they have trash on both Republican and dumbocrats… so he knows I have not and will never lie to him.. its about trust.

  34. Thank you Duane some one that knows what their talking about it is refreshing. it cost us tax payers over 95 billion dollars a year for them and it has to stop…Mr. President do not open the government untill you get the 5.6 billion to construct our border wall. Call it a wall and walls work i don’t care what all the bleeding heart liberals think.

  35. If that is all you see, you clearly are a true liberal of the low level of intelligence most of you have. You cannot see through your hatred. Nothing, nothing at all matters but WINNING to you and all those like you, and you think you have won something. What do you think you won?

  36. Can Brainless Betty read? Obviously no one would hear about it on liberal TV, but just Wednesday Pelosi and her gang of obstructionist democrats voted down GOP efforts to get federal workers and furloughed workers PAID…. FOR THE SECOND TIME IN THE PAST TWO WEEKS!!!! Why? They voted no because they don’t give a damn about the federal workers. They don’t give a damn about the damage they are doing to our country or the individuals who live and work here! They only care about politics and their COMPLETE opposition to anything presented by Republicans. Not a single mainstream media outlet covered the vote on Wednesday. Silence. But you couldn’t expect much intelligence from a lib who disrespects the elected position of President of the United States to the degree of name-calling such as brainless Betty has. She obviously gets her news in between the evening sitcoms. Keep your disrespect and hatred to yourself.

  37. Get a clue MORON. Trump never has and never will cave. He is doing something you brain dead liberals know ZERO about. That is called compromise. That’s what adults do when they disagree on something. Since you’re a brain dead liberal, I hope I didn’t confuse you with too many big words.

  38. You’re a retard that has no clue who the government works Betty. Pelosi has ducked and dodged putting anything on the Presidents desk to sign (or Veto) in the lines of opening up Government. It’s the Democrats that caused the shut down you r-tard, lol

  39. WOW, Ugly Bitty really fits you! How do you go through life with so much hatred, and so little intelligence? Your hatred for America really makes you look as stupid as you must be. How can you hate someone so much, who has done so much for America? Nasty Pelosi has done nothing for our great country, except create even more division than Buhrahk Osama caused with his hatred of America, and everything she stands for. Nasty Pelosi should be removed from office, and charged with treason for enabling illegal invasion, and encouraging discourse and division.

  40. Nancy cares very much about someone very important, herself. Do you need something, ask Nancy, if she is not away saving America, and working on her tan.

  41. Would be heavy competition EBG, she likes to rule the roost, but the pitchfork brushing the broad beam of her backside might change her tune

  42. Don’t forget Chuckie! Nancy didn’t win anything. Most of the 800,000 are hurting financially. Trump now gets to deliver the State of Union address in the House of Rep Chambers. If they stonewall the wall for the next 3 weeks, he declares for emergency funding.

  43. Brainless Betty can’t see past the end of her nose. Typical liberal idiot spewing hatred and criticism for the President and First Lady. Their hatred will ultimately consume them and their party will implode. The working class of this great country isn’t blind like Betty. We get out in the world and work for a living and recognize the achievements being made by this administration. The haters keep hating because they lost. Cry baby cry…..

  44. This is a pretty comprehensive list of what this really great President has done. It wont help poor Betty understand but it is good ammunition for those who still are capable of thinking rationally. If Betty isn’t too busy she can show us how none of these accomplishments really happened. That will be a far harder task than just getting on a conservative web site and hurling insults. In the future I would like you to describe your self more accurately and Nutty Betty seems to fit.

    Trump’s list: 289 accomplishments in just 20 months, ‘relentless’ promise-keeping
    by Paul Bedard
    | October 12, 2018 08:43 AM

  45. So build the wall and reopen the government. It is a drop in the bucket compared to what the illegal aliens cost EVERY year. Dumb ass pelosi talks about security fir the SOU address but leaves our border unprotected.

  46. Yes, Dolores, that Oval Office TWO FACED TRASH has indeed done quite a lot for our country, in terms of Flushing it Right Down History’s Sewer. Just ask the thousands of Americans now facing the threat of possible homelessness not be able to pay their bills, feed themselves or afford their medicine to stay healthly thanks entirely to mr. White House WORM & mrs. White House WHORE

  47. It can’t be anything but a Chicken game with a BIRD BRAIN/INSANE IDIOT like D for DUMB trump & CRAZY donald as one of the main players

  48. Betty, the only whore around here is you, if you are a female.If you were half as smart as Mrs. Trump you would realize what the president is doing with the dems, dim whit.

  49. The president has been the best one in a long time and has done a lot for our country!!I have not said this before

  50. Diane. Wait and see. America and President Trump will prevail. Nobody has slapped anybody. Sooo sorry. The Right has spoken.

  51. Hay, pea brain there are alot more homeless people that could use a helping hand more than the fed workers. How about we take everything away from all of congress and senate. Give some of it to homeless, and take the wall down from around her house. The homeless could pitch tents on their lawns.

  52. Correction, what Nancy Pelosi only wants in the Oval Office is what what any rational, sane American wants in the Oval Office, a Genuine Human Being instead of a certain Blond Orangutan Ape

  53. I dont see a place for her in the heavens as evil as she is…. Satin might take here but that would be a (maybe) id say

  54. Betty. Try to keep up to date with real news. Democrats have turned down all offers of ending shut down. President Trump has turned down all offers that did not include Wall funding. Nancy Pelosi is nuts. American people will win. We will get our wall. One way or the other.

  55. Hey, mr. man from grey. Just replace the name (Nancy) with the name (trump) about who Truthfully is the Real CROSSED EYED CHILDISH DOOFUS.

  56. Right on , Diane but even a housefly in terms of basic intelligence & a fully functioning brain stays one step ahead of mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & His Equally WORTHLESS White House Whore.

  57. Hey, mr. Rightfromawrong. There are 800.000 laid off federal workers wondering right now how to afford the food & other items needed to live who feel the very same way about a certain Evil mam, the Oval Office Pile of Talking, Walking Two FacedTrash who put them in such desperate situations by not caring if they live at all.

  58. Please dear God call her home soon,the sooner the better.Our Republic is going down the sheeter faster then it can drain.All Liberals need to be expunged from the world.

  59. Man From Grey. Nasty Nancy, Chuck Schmuck and ALL their cohorts are EVIL! They do not love America, they love power and control! They MUST go down in flames! They will go down in flames if they take America into globalism/One World Order!

  60. She won this round, I think. This is Trump’s second setback since assuming office in 2017. C’mon, Mr Prez, BUILD THAT WALL!!

  61. Alberto, Welcome Home! We are happy to have you, if you have not joined the Republican party, please do and bring all your family and friends with you. You have seen and others, by the millions, will also as time goes by, the Democrat party of days gone by is no more and has become anti American and unlike any party other than the American Communist party. They don’t believe our Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the sovereignty of our Country as defined by our forefathers is relevant. They will do and say anything to have control and power over the people and the Country. God Save America!

  62. Given the next three weeks she will more than likely pull something. So every time some one mentions being held hostage just know that the DEMS know nothing but well find out if they even look cross eyed any one or try to change the deal.

  63. Actually the sergeant at arms controls the building including the house floor. The US constitution article 2, section 3 requires the president to send information to congress periodically to congress. It also gives Trump the right to address either or both sections of congress. And in case of argument he can adjourn congress which i interpret as cancelling normal business to watch a presidential address. Trump is required to make formal recommendations to congress and in this time of shutdown it is needed more than ever. Whoever is giving him advice to appease Nancy should be fired. You cannot reason with an insane alcoholic.

  64. Pelosi is a despicabl, rotten, power hungry human being that is on her way out but can’t accept it. She and those other rotten DEMS are facing extinction. She is a thief and has fleeced the tax papers plenty and her husband has made millions on her coat tails. She is an exhausted Roster!!! A real friend and scumbbag like Hillary! God needs to punish these bad people. Good wins over evil!!! Keep praying everyone for President Trump! Did any of these bumbs work without pay like President Trump?????

  65. Pelosi wants the government to stay shut till the next election in the hopes of a democrat getting into the oval office.

  66. Pelosi is a true communist, this is how they want to rule.
    She has run into a wall,called Trump.
    She and her comrades will eventually be in Prison for Treason.

  67. Actually, Pelosi does have limited power. She can only do what God allows her to do. She will have to pay for what she’s doing to the American people.

  68. After almost fifty years as a voting democrat, I will vote to re-elect President Trump. The party is not what it used to be or I was blind. Now I have to choose being a patriot and a Christian. One cannot be a this kind of democrat and a Jew or a Christian.

  69. //// TRUTH ////
    WILL //// WIN!

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  70. Pelosi believes that she is the Dowager of the Great America, the Beautiful, USA!

    Our Heavenly Father, please, have mercy in us all……..

  71. This evil woman ( Nancy Pelosi ) is obstructing the safety of our country. If she continues in this, she will undoubtedly be thought of as the enemy of America by the people and her own party will most assuredly doubt her concern for our safety. She will be thought of as the next Killary Clinton Or Obamanation. Not respected nor admired any longer. Not wanted and certainly not having any brain to function. A pitiful has been who needs to get out. Step aside! No longer have any credibility.

  72. No today she told him he was not invited and that he could not give the speech there now he can make it in the senate or any democrat state that he carried or from the white house he has a wide amount of places he can give it

  73. Pelosi can’t tell the president what to do… She can’t stop the president from doing anything he deems appropriate for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA… She has very very
    LIMITED POWER. THANK GOD !!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Nancy is a demented , alcoholic with delusions of grandeur. Remove her sorry AZZ from Wash DC and get on with the business of running the USA. She should just be put on a plane –commercial and returned to her vineyard and all of her ill gotten gains of 100 million dollars. Her greed is endless and her days counted as the citizens of the USA have had enough of her and her craziness. Bye-Bye Nancy

  75. Me thinks that Pelosi will regret that hasty decision, as it appears that she could be “overruled” by the president. Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures; so, Mr. President, convene both the House and the Senate on the day and time of your choosing, and give the SOU to the nation. (You seem to have the power to do so, as enumerated in Art. 2, Sec. 3 of the Constitution.)

  76. The real reason that Pelosi does not want the SOU to be given in the House is that she and the other Democrats do not want a national audience seeing them squirm and contort their faces as Angel families in the Gallery look down on them. All the while, President Trump would be presenting the damning facts and figures that demonstrate the inherent danger to our nation from unsecure borders — the extent of illegal entries and the costs to taxpayers that far exceed (by over 20 times) the paltry $5 billion (less than 0.1% of the federal budget) that the president is requesting for physical barriers to avert the national security crisis. (It would be exceedingly embarrassing for the intransigent Democrats to have their pettiness exposed to a very large national audience.)

  77. Please read Art 2 Sec 3 on the power of the president. The president has in extraordinary times the extraodinary power to call BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS to here his SOTU. Those members choosing to not attend are subject to the laws rules and regulations of Congress. This is in the CONSTITUTION. PRESIDENT TRUMP ON YOUR AUTHORITY PROVIDED UNDER THE CONSTITUTION TO CALL CONGRESS TO THE HOUSE FOR PROBLEMS OR EMERGENCIES… HELP THE CITIZENS RRALIZE WHICH POLITICAL PARTY BLOCKS LEGISLATION.

  78. Pelosi did not tell him to cancel it. She told him to delay it until the government opens. Also she has responded to Trump a short while ago saying that he will not be presenting the State of the Union in the House until the government opens.

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