Donald Trump dropped a bombshell about firing James Mattis

The fake news media thought they scored a major victory.

Bob Woodward’s book “Fear” claimed James Mattis believed Donald Trump was crazy and unfit to be President.

The next day, Trump met with reporters and dropped a bombshell about firing Mattis.

In ‘Fear”, Woodward writes that Trump wanted to assassinate Syrian leader Basher al-Assad.

Mattis allegedly ignored the order and made fun of the President.

Woodward also claimed he said Trump had a child’s understanding of the world.

Breitbart reports:

President Trump on Wednesday batted down speculation that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis would be replaced, after the Washington Post published an op-ed alleging there was a “short list” of potential candidates to replace him.

“He’ll stay right there. We’re very — we’re very happy with him. We’re having a lot of victories. We’re having victories that people don’t even know about. And he’s highly respected all over the world,” Trump said in response to a reporter’s question.

The Post‘s op-ed came after the release of some excerpts of journalist Bob Woodward’s book, Fear: Trump in the White House, which alleged that Mattis had made derogatory comments about Trump, including that Trump had the understanding of a “fifth or sixth grader.”

Mattis quickly issued a statement calling the book a work of “fiction,” and the claims a part of someone’s “rich imagination.”

The fake news media tried to blow up Trump’s administration.

Their goal was to bait Trump into firing Mattis.

Then the establishment could turn around and claim Trump was a danger to global peace and that Congress should remove him.

It was a sinister plot.

But it failed.

What do you think about this attempt to sabotage the Trump administration?

Will the fake news media ever stop trying to take down President Trump?

Let us know in the comments below!



  1. Great news, the investigation may be much closer to reaching an end. It was just announced by ABC.News that Paul Manafort HAS reached a deal with Robert Mueller and the details will probably be coming out tomorrow when the court for trial #2 convenes.

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