Donald Trump dropped a bombshell about firing James Mattis

The fake news media thought they scored a major victory.

Bob Woodward’s book “Fear” claimed James Mattis believed Donald Trump was crazy and unfit to be President.

The next day, Trump met with reporters and dropped a bombshell about firing Mattis.

In ‘Fear”, Woodward writes that Trump wanted to assassinate Syrian leader Basher al-Assad.

Mattis allegedly ignored the order and made fun of the President.

Woodward also claimed he said Trump had a child’s understanding of the world.

Breitbart reports:

President Trump on Wednesday batted down speculation that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis would be replaced, after the Washington Post published an op-ed alleging there was a “short list” of potential candidates to replace him.

“He’ll stay right there. We’re very — we’re very happy with him. We’re having a lot of victories. We’re having victories that people don’t even know about. And he’s highly respected all over the world,” Trump said in response to a reporter’s question.

The Post‘s op-ed came after the release of some excerpts of journalist Bob Woodward’s book, Fear: Trump in the White House, which alleged that Mattis had made derogatory comments about Trump, including that Trump had the understanding of a “fifth or sixth grader.”

Mattis quickly issued a statement calling the book a work of “fiction,” and the claims a part of someone’s “rich imagination.”

The fake news media tried to blow up Trump’s administration.

Their goal was to bait Trump into firing Mattis.

Then the establishment could turn around and claim Trump was a danger to global peace and that Congress should remove him.

It was a sinister plot.

But it failed.

What do you think about this attempt to sabotage the Trump administration?

Will the fake news media ever stop trying to take down President Trump?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1. They are dropping every bomb they can because they know if he win re-election he will certainly clean house because they know Hillary, Obama, Comey will go to jail.

  2. Great news, the investigation may be much closer to reaching an end. It was just announced by ABC.News that Paul Manafort HAS reached a deal with Robert Mueller and the details will probably be coming out tomorrow when the court for trial #2 convenes.

  3. Merridee, BHO hopes he is speaking to uninformed people when he is trying to take credit for DJT accomplishments. Unfortunately there are some people who don’t have a clue to the real truth. I think almost everybody with a grain of sense knows their family is doing better now with DJT. Hopefully BHO is impressing himself more than anybody else. We have to do all we can to make sure people are informed and understand the truth and then get out and vote Republican in November.

  4. MAD DOG MATHIS is the man. And I say that with the GREATEST RESPECT. I would follow that man to hell and back even though I have been out of the military for years. GREAT to see that the President thinks the same way!!!!!

  5. the democrats are liars, commit fraud, treason are traitors, cover up their corruption, assisian anyone that is going to testify against hkillary Hillary, and Obama is a fraud and taking credit for everything Presdient Trump is doing for our nation, so why wousld anyone believe the democrats, fake news, NYT and other liberal newspaeprs, none of whosm will tell you the actual truth of what is going on, but builds a story about a statement assuming they know what they are writing about. BE SMART AMERICAN’S VOTE REPUBLICIANS AND GET RIDE OF THESE LIARS THAT HAVE STOLEN SO MUCH FROMT AX PAYERS OVER TEH LAST 40 PLUS YEARS. LAST ADMINISTSRATION ALLOWED TERRORIST TO COME INTO AMERICA ILLEGEALLY, APARENTLY THEY DO DNOT KNOW THE MEANING OF ILLEGEAL WHICH IS BREAKING OF THE LAW AND THEY NEED TO BE SENT HOME, AND THOSE BREAKING THE LAW AND ALLOWING TO REMAIN IN AMERICA ARE TRAITORS ANASD NEED TO PREOSCUTED. VOTE FOR REPUBLICIANS, WE WSANT AMERCIA BACK AGAIN, WE WSANT UNITY, MORALS AND STANDARDS FOR ALL, NOT CORRUPTION AND DECEITFULNESS. VOTE REPUBLICIAN.

  6. That does not even sound like Mattis who would believe it. He is a military man so the person who said that about Mattis does not understand military at all!!!!


  8. Personally, I think bob woodward, (no caps means no respect) wrote both the book and the op-ed, compare them. Although it was brought up long ago, rescind the security clearances from all who aren’t working now or suspect of anything. Ric, a war was declared on 9/11, they just weren’t prepared for the consequences. Eric is right, OBL was just a sand rat, not even recognized by his government. The credit for his assassination order goes to the shrub though.

  9. Finelady: Amen to that!!!! I truly believe we [the U.S.] were given Trump to help save us. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is one tough gal. Her daddy brought her up right! Prayers for all the hardworking Conservatives trying to save our Republic from tyranny and the New World Order crowd of greedy, power-hungry misfits, malcontents and Communist lovers.

    A heartfelt thanks to all our veterans and those serving today plus all our first responders. May God bless all of you.


  10. You are right on. They are the most abused in DC but God put them both in their positions and He will give them strength to get the job done.

  11. Roger domnie, RE: WH daily breifings. I hope everybody realizes Sarah H. Sanders has the hardest job in D.C. She is a very intelligent and if she could not think quickly on her feet, she would be devoured alive by that pack of wolves aka reporters. Her memory recall is amazing and I am very proud of her. The only person more abused than she is, wait for it, President Trump. God bless her and DJT!

  12. i just don’t read a paper anymore. i only watch fox then make up my own mind, based on fact. i also don’t watch news briefings daily from wh. the reporters are dumbest people ever seen on t.v.

  13. My time frames are a bit different, went RA in Jan 55 and finally pulled the plug on 31 Jan 79. What with time out for college and an early stretch in the NG, I put in 26 and I remember each and every time I took the oath. And they were every bit as germaine now as they were when I took them. MAGA

  14. difficult believing any newspapers esp. the op.ed in the times all the unusual words and phraseoligy leads me to believe it is fake or made up by someone at the the elected president and his policies, recognize our enemies fake news should be a crime

  15. Yes, Totally agree. Mr. Trump has the ability to withstand all the Deep and Fake News can send his way. They will never quite unless we have some trials and send ALL the Corruptors to Jail

  16. I Truly believe Donald Trump is the only Human being that can Make America Great Again but it is ALL only possible with God’s HELP and our Prayers.

  17. Walt, I’d like to believe what you say but who’s going to catch and charge all these anti-American anarchists? That useless, feckless Attorney General, Sessions? Don’t hold your breath.

  18. 150% agreed, G!!!! Smart thinking to do NObama’s book first; the Clinton Cartel has a rather lengthy list of bodies in its wake.

  19. Dan Tyree: NObama is staying in DC because he IS delusional and believes somehow in his warped thinking that if Trump goes down that the Divider-in-Chief will finagle a way to get back into the White House or otherwise be “in charge” as the first Supreme Leader of the New World Order. It wouldn’t surprise me that NObama knowingly left sleeper cells in the White House and/or within the Federal Government to facilitate a coup of our government. The lame street media is more than happy to accommodate NObama.

  20. Thou shall not bare false witness. But since none of these people believe in Christ anyway, guess it doesn’t matter to them. They will receive their punishment in the end for deceiving the American people. Our father above is keeping score and will have the final judgment on all of them. I will never understand why these people want us to become a communist country but that is their end game. So as a vet, I will go down swinging to save our nation from the forces of darkness. MAGA Mr.Trump or else. We deplorables that actually pay attention to what’s really going on still support you and I will honor the oath I took 30 years ago no matter what. Will defend our nation against enemies either foreign or DOMESTIC. Old vet that obeys the lord,and loves our nation!

  21. Hell no they will never STOP are they would have nothing to write about. They know nothing about the truth so to lie is all they can do

  22. why do we just talk about treason and do nothing about it?? As long as they aren’t charged and put through court, etc., we will have to put up with them!

  23. Tony Bell, Good comment. Thank you.
    #WalkAway to the Republican party
    We want and need all of you.

  24. Jane Dewberry, Bob Woodward missing the limelight? He should write two more books. One to bring down the BHO empire and one to bring down the Clinton cartel. He should write the BHO book first because after he writes the one about the Clinton’s he may disappear in the night never to be seen again.
    I hope his fiction novel about DJT sits on the bookshelves in stores until the rot.

  25. Whoever BELIEVES Bob (Deep Throat) Woodward is delusional. He’s washed up, and can’t write a real book. Got his chops by making up stuff about Nixon, who got rattled. President Trump won’t rattle, and Woodward’s book will end up as a door stop in a kindergarten. Don’t let this bother you, Mr president. Keep on Making America Great With US!

  26. First: woodward is one half of the original Fake news. He was given a story and led around to the wrong conclusions but the DNC wanted. I suggested President Trump lie detector test everyone in political office prior to his election to weed out Leakers and anti trumpers. I think he wishes he would done this.

  27. Woodward has had his 15 minutes of fame, even though it lasted only 90 seconds. Don’t feel sorry for him. He is irrelevant.

  28. I don’t know about anyone else, but I kind of feel sorry for Mr. Woodward. It think he misses all the acclaim he received when he and his colleague broke the “Watergate/Deep Throat” scandal during the Nixon administration and he’s tried everything he can to try to relive his past glory, even writing books that are based of unsubstantiated rumors and innuendos. He would just love to bring down another Republican president. It would make, not only his day, but the rest of his life. Instead of helping him do just that, all sane citizens should let him know they no longer trust him to tell the truth and let his books remain on the shelves.


  30. People need to quit call them liberals they are nothing but prostitute many Marxist and have no idea of history or life in general, all they know is give me give me give me and it all comes off the backs of the working people. Trump is the best thing we’ve had in this country and I don’t know win and all he has done is exactly what he promised the people he would do!

  31. Hey Doc, does J.D. stand for “just delusional”? Whatever you’re prescribing for yourself, it’s seriously warped your cranium.

  32. and PLEASE don’t forget the $2.85 TO $5. trillion they have stolen from the social security administration that belongs to those of us who have paid into it for so many years.

  33. Hey Johnny: Could you ever imagine if these thing happened to Obama. Our entire Country would be burned to the ground by the radical left. Time to start convicting these subversive idiots.

  34. Obama gave Iran $1.7 billion a so called payment of an old debt while we have a huge national debt.We owe most of the money to ourselves. We owe a big chunk of the money-about $5 trillion-to the Federal government. We owe about $5 trillion to other countries, including China. The total debt to China is only $1.3 trillion. Iran and Palestine, who want the destruction of the US. democrats and RINOs have their own deep state agenda along with their paid for fake media. Wake up! Btw:how much do you liberals get to trool social media sites? History is repeating itself: democrats created the kkk and voted against abolishing slavery, now they have antifa and blm,etc. Go back to Europe you fools.

  35. When you have no successes to boast, no ideas to relate, no economic foundation to drive, no leaders with intelligence, all you have left is idiotic childish pranks to occupy your time. This is the nature and reality of the liberal, progressive, left democratic folks. Not one I would be proud of. So sad! MAGA vote GOP.

  36. they will never stop , just like the story out this week by nyt , they make crap up and the media run with it , if your going to write stories about trump and the white house you should sign your name to it , for all you know oboma wrote it and gave it to the times

  37. The whole Democraptic idiots all should grow up.
    I will do my best to see that every democraptic idiot is displaced from office. It is a disgrace to see the entire group embarass themselves in front of the electorate. They should be voted out of office in the next general election. I will start the surge with Waters, Pilosi, Shumer, Blumenthal, etc. What dopes.

  38. You have made a wonderful comment about the POTUS. Americans that are Patriotic know that President Trump is the best POTUS ever in US History. The Anti-Americans that are rotten Democrapers, & Anti-Trumpers are out to Overthrow the POTUS & Government of the USA. They are guilty of Treason and somehow they will be caught and charged for their crimes.

  39. Obama DID have a record low bar, and turning his bad policies around HAS contributed to Trump’s success. But, the reasons for President Trump’s success is knowing how business works and his personal experience with how the failed legislations from past presidents have hurt businesses. President Trump has watched these things for years. For example, he once (years ago) spoke on the Oprah Winfrey show about trade with other nations. He said the exact things THEN as he is implementing NOW and they are working.
    I think that the problem with today’s politicians are that they have become CAREER POLITICIANS. They don’t have to know anything, most of them just LIE to get re-elected, and they don’t have to live with their results! After their stint is over, they become highly paid “consultants”. The intention of the founding fathers was to serve in the government for a few years and then go back to your life and business at home.

  40. This just like the left has tried to bait the president into firing Mueller. It seems like every day they are saying he is going to fire him for xyz in the hope they can egg him into doing it. It must continually gall them that Pres. Trump doesn’t do what they want.

  41. The news media is like the Demo’s, they are way over the wall. Just look at what they both say and want. Once they were the leaders, but, now they show their complete demise of all common sense and knowledge. It is what happens when your mind goes dark!

  42. The MSM is so inundated with ignorance & a tremendous desire to sabotage President Trump that they can’t tell when they’re being played. Our President has outsmarted them at every turn. Perhaps if they stopped working for the Clinton cronies & left wing lunatics & started doing what reporters are supposed to do then MAYBE they could see the forest thru the trees. They’ve already sunk so low, I doubt there’s a truly unbiased reporter in the bunch…

  43. All of these Anti-Americans and Anti-Trumpers are getting the axe one by one. When you go against the President you are committing treason and should be arrested and charged. This has got to stop. President Trump is for the people and not for these criminal politicians business as usual.

  44. We all talk about Russia, China,NK being our most dangerous concerns. Hell they’re amateurs compared to the MSM.

  45. My wish and prayer … That all the disgusting people who are targeting MY PRESIDENT be eliminated… this is an outrage, a disgrace and something that no other President in history has ever experienced. WHY because he is DOING A GREAT JOB and they – the Deep State, the DUMOcrats, the RINOS, Soros, Clinton, Obummer, etc. ARE jealous and cannot stand the fact that this businessman is NOW OUR PRESIDENT. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP AND GOD BLESS AMERICA…

  46. All of these evil Anti-Americans and Anti-Trumpers are getting the axe one by one. When you go against the President you are committing treason and should be arrested and charged.

  47. Kathy Griffith, Are you the failed comedian? If you are not one in the same, you surely could be. I understand your career has gone down the tubes since you were stupid enough to show your face with DJT’s bloody head in your hand. I know you think conservatives are low IQ (like M. Waters), however our intellectual prowess has it all over you liberals, we are smart enough to know better than to do what you did to the worst liberal on the planet. Okay Kathy, I have no more time for a loser like you so in closing let me say, I wish you the worse!


  49. IF the dims and their liberal MSM supporters along with the Hollyweirds would spend 1/10th of much time actually doing what they were elected to do instead of grandstanding in the most foolish ways possible, perhaps the business of the country could actually take place. The dims obstructionist behavior is simply horrifying. Never did espouse their philosophy but the way they have been acting since, horror of horrors, all their pollsters were wrong and President Trump was sworn in is juvenile and ridiculous. Their only focus is on something that is not likely to happen – impeachment. Wonder what their reactions would have been if the Republicans had acted as foolishly when a President that TRULY didn’t qualify to be in the White House was sworn in. Lord knows, we all expected a black president at some point but why oh why couldn’t it have been someone who actually had a clue and even more, one that was actually an American???

  50. To all decent Democrats. If you are smart you will pull the handle for a straight Reb. vote. If not I hope you will be happy with your higher taxes and no jobs such as we had in O’s eight years. I truly hope we have a few out there who want a better world than what the Dem’s are offering..

  51. There is nothing too low for these liberal & rino criminals , all they do is sit around thinking up their next seditious criminal act to screw over America & Trump , It’s a daily thing for these NWO criminals . And the libtards are all too stupid to understand this , they don’t understand the ultimate goal of their criminal “leaders” is to end up like Venezuela with their criminal leaders being tyrants over everybody on earth , including the libtards themselves .

  52. And him along with it ,when we flush are toilets as that is the only way to get rid of such crap, as the smell gets worse ,if left to float or hang around.

  53. Ric B, Don’t forget about yourself, sugar doodle. You’re way up on my list of obsessive behavior. I sure do like you a lot, you little munchkin, I could just pinch your little cheeks. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  54. Thank you for seeing reality. I hope there are many more out there seeing the same thing and vote Republican in November. Maybe then this nonsense can be stopped.

  55. No one believes the lies the media , establishment,democrats, liberals & snakes from the swamp keep telling they want to get rid of ICE,& any law enforcement.Trump will remain our president.

  56. IF he ordered that assassination, it is illegal. It is illegal for the USA to consider the assassination of any head of state, especially if their is no war declared at the time. And is Trump that stupid, well his chief of staff calls him an “idiot,” Rex Tillerson called him a “moron” and his professor at Wharton said that he (Trump) is the dumbest GD student he had in 30 years teaching.

  57. You should now know to never ever vote democratic.They are dangerous to the nation. Just watch as they attack the supreme court nominee.What a bunch of losers!!!!

  58. No one believes the lies the media , establishment,democrats,liberalenes & snakes from the swamp keep telling they want to get rid of ICE,& any law enforcement.Trump will remain our president.

  59. The liberal activist and media snakes must stay awake all night, trying to dream up new ways to mislead, misdirect and sabotage this nation; I pray karma bites them in the butt and SOON!!

  60. The liberals keep trying to ruin our Country with all their outrageous fake news. They are enemies of America. Evidence shows that they hate our Constitution and our laws.

  61. All the liberal news outlets only have one goal which is to take down ,smear,hate,lie,repress etc. etc etc. any idea ,policy or ANYTHING coming from the administration that is in charge.they are the reason after 54 years for the first time I registered to vote REPUBLICAN this fall!!.i always believed all branches of government are corrupt and just never voted . Their hatred has made me side with the Republican Party. You can thank the hatred from DEMOCRATICS and FAKE NEWS for prompting me to vote after a life time .see u all in the fall !!! LOVE PREVAILS !

  62. Wait, you respect Trump who kisses Putin’s but, tries to get the sanctions removed from Russia (thwarted by Congress though), get Vladdy back into the G-7, praises Putin incessantly, and then in Helsinki took his side and against the United State of America!
    He even scuttled an attempt a bi-partisan bill to protect the 2018 election from Russian interference. And speak of K.A.s, Pence has his head so far up trump’s ass that he might actually seem like he did not write the NYT op-ed.

  63. You mean treason and sedition for the New York Times? Our POTUS is doing an amazing job but the dum dems can’t understand that. Thank you, Mr President for being with us at the right time

  64. Dr. J.D./Diane, Wow, your psychosis is raging right now! How many of your multiple personality disorder alter egos are writing on this one article, amazing!
    It’s not all bad, at least you are amazing at something????? I guess……… 🙂

  65. M, you think everyone is Diane, so maybe you could use the Prevagen and/or quit drinking the Kool Aid long enough to active dormant brain cells. Seems you are obsessed with Diane and Dan T.

  66. I’m sure you meant to say the hate came out from the democrats before Donald Trump even won the candidacy and has only escalated. Talk about sore losers!

  67. Kathy you must be watching CNN.
    One night I was watching a recorded TV show, and I kept falling asleep. By the time I woke up, something else was on…and about 5x they said this and that about Trump…and that it was lies! Now, I was aware of some of the stories and I knew what they were about. It was reported on this channel INCORRECTLY -Trump did NOT lie….the reported story was a LIE. That is when I noticed that somehow the channel was on CNN.
    This was my 1st and only experience with CNN…and I was appalled at their DISHONESTY !

  68. Manny Beltran you are right democrats have tried lies . deceit , and all matter of problems they and social media are our problems

  69. Peggy Dwyer/Diane, Resurrected from the dead once again with Diane’s BS in full display. Peggy, do you realize you are not real? You are a one of Diane’s alter egos. Wow, you are one of many!

  70. I notice in passing that your opinions and predjudices are all the result of second-hand information from your liberal handlers. Have you had your rabies shots?

  71. I read when you see people this way you should look in the mirror and see what you see. I have lived many years and no government has ever controlled my body and I have never had the government pay for any of my birth control pills, etc. I see some want a one way street – pay for all my birth control pills, abortions but don’t tell me what I can do or live. I liked living when the government didn’t tell me when I’m 70, you are over the hill and Medicare or health insurance shouldn’t cover me but go on hospice. As someone that has paid into the system for Medicare all my working life, 60 years and didn’t take of to attend riots, etc. but worked to provide for my family and did very well. Yes, work did not hurt me or my family. Choice is what hurts!

  72. As I’ve always known Kathy, there’s only dead air space between your ears. Trump has had more success in his first 20 months of being in the White House than any other President in history..Of course, following Obama was a record low bar but nonetheless the lies are coming from the left and their complicit media….not the Trump administration…other than deep state operatives yet to be ferreted out by honest people who are determined to drain that Democrat swamp once and for all.

  73. Dear Peggy. The only hate is Democrats who started this 10yrs ago with his global tour of denigrating Americans
    Everything they accuse Trump and conservatives of they are guilty of. Scandals, treason, lies, riots. We were on a path to communism with ob. Many of us had high bp wondering when it would all end. Libs have no respect for law or the presidency because they believe they know better than the legal Americans who voted for Trump. Libs and media are a bunch of pompous donkeys who always try spins and fear, just like the Nazis.

  74. Nobody even wants to hear your perspective on anything…. the hateful stuff you have done since the election is shameful…. I hope your career really does tank… so shut the hell up and get lost…..

  75. Repubicans hate???? OMG lady you are so drunk with stupidity …….There has been nothing but hate coming out the dumborats since Trump won…. wake up lady…. you are the crux of the hate party….

  76. Anyone with a double digit IQ who believe a single word uttered by a democrat must have his head examined and register to take classes with professor Forest GUMP.

  77. Mattis is a great leader and Trump has no desire to fire him. It’s the fake news that is creating all the chaos. Would they stop and let Trump be Trump and run his office as he sees fit? I hope so.

  78. Yeah, they list calling CNN fake news as a lie. Sorry dudette, but that is NOT a lie.
    The “fact checkers” you are quoting are LYING.

  79. Where you aware the fact checkers have clocked Trump at nearly 5,000 lies since he took office I’m confused people what are you drinking? I got it you’re all bigots and women haters not a doubt in my mind. None of you or Republicans you are the real rhinos. All you wanted were tax cuts and a Supreme Court Justice to control women’s bodies you’re just basically shallow ignorant and pretending that you read a book that you couldn’t possibly have yet because you wouldn’t have bought it. Because you really don’t want to know what’s in there so you rely on Fox news to tell you the truth oh dear God in heaven read the book.Read a history book. Open your minds to the real possibility the Trump is mentally ill he is definitely a malignant narcissist. Look it up just don’t tell me he’s not if it’s the classic definition to a T but he’ll never sit with a psychiatrist. He’s a malignant narcissist not a fool.

  80. I think they hate Trump I just think they see through the veil of the Kool-Aid you’ve been drinking. You’re not Republicans you just want to hate how very sad for you.

  81. Can’t reason with a lib. They believe what they WANT to believe.

    “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” ~ Vladimir Lenin

    Try young protesters from high schools that marched against 2nd Amendment. Teachers are Lenin. Devos from the Education Dept should look into this problem.


  82. The claims in this book are so ridiculous you would have to have the sophistication of a 2nd grader or liberal democrat to believe any of it.

  83. The media should get with obama and hillary and move to Kenya. They would probably let them rule the country. They could all sit around their huts hating Trump and scratching bug bites.

  84. With the media reporting BS like this, that’s what’s going to cause a lot of riots and somebody is eventually going to be hurt real bad or they are either going to be killed.

    If the media would report the news like they are suppose to, then everything would be okay, unfortunately, the media is so full of their own BS, they can’t see straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. We know Trump exceeds expectations beyond a reasonable doubt.. So does the media. But they continue to adulate Obama and whip our President. Shame.

  86. I always believe those unnamed sources with unproven evidence from all those former liberal Democrat fascist authors.

  87. As much as we would like to remove Schumer and his band, their actions are protected under the 1st Ammendment of the Constitution. For example…”two or more people who give public speeches suggesting the need for a total revolution “by any means necessary” have not necessarily conspired to overthrow the government. Rather, they’re just sharing their opinions, however unsavory. But actively planning such an action (distributing guns, working out the logistics of an attack, actively opposing lawful authority, etc.) could be considered a seditious conspiracy.” “Sedition differs from treason (defined in Article III of the U.S. Constitution) in a fundamental way. While seditious conspiracy is generally defined as conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state, treason is the more-serious offense of actively levying war against the United States or giving aid to its enemies. Another way of looking at it is that seditious conspiracy often occurs before an act of treason.”

  88. As long as Obama is running his game against Trump, the garbage will flow. What ever happened to the class shown by past presidents in leaving their successors aloneto govern in their own way? Sad loss of class!

  89. Someone needs to tell Elizabeth Warren she better look at her people the democrats.
    All the crimes Hillary did, Maxine Waters and many others. Even she lied to get ahead.
    I have more Indian blood in my little finger than she has in her whole damn body.
    I believe she speaks with a forked tongue.

  90. When the people are found who did this they should be charged for HIGH TREASON AGAINST MOT ONLY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES BUT,THE COUNTRY ITS SELF.
    I KEEP thinking of what the 2 FBI agents said about an Insurance Policy. Something to think about.
    Mr. Jeff Sessions needs to get off his Ass and do his job. I’m begining to think hes an operative for Clinton.
    Where does Obama get off trying to claim all the good Mr.Trump has done as his work?
    Mr. Trump needs to get rid of all the Obama hold overs now.
    TAKE HEED Mr.President, these people will be your DOWNFALL.

  91. Very insightful, Bob. The New World Order leadership selected Obama to do their dirty work. And although he reeked eight years of destruction, their plot was foiled when trump was elected. Trump is a whole lot smarter than many think. How many times has he been right after making what some called outrageous statements and accusations? he’s batting 1000 so far based on my count.

  92. I wonder do the left wing loons want to be respected all over the world as men or ass kissers? Nobody really respects an ass kisser. AKA Obama.

  93. Trump isn’t stupid enough to think somebody could sneak into Syria and get or that the world condemnation would be severe if a drone was used. ISIS and al Qaeda people are one thing, heads of governments another.

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