Donald Trump dropped one bombshell that could get Ilhan Omar deported

Ilhan Omar may come to regret going to battle with Donald Trump.

The Muslim Congresswoman has a series of skeletons in her closet.

And Donald Trump dropped one bombshell that could get Ilhan Omar deported.

Donald Trump’s battle with the so-called “Squad” reached its fourth day on Wednesday.

Before departing the White House for a campaign rally in North Carolina, the President stopped to talk to reporters to address the controversy.

After telling the press he was enjoying the battle and that he was winning it, President Trump threw a sharp elbow at the Minnesota Congressman.

The President referenced the growing body of evidence that may substantiate allegations that Ilhan Omar married her brother around ten years ago to commit immigration fraud.

The New York Post reports:

Reporter Emerald Robinson asked the president “if the administration was looking into possible immigration fraud committed by Ilhan Omar for possibly marrying her brother.”

“Well, there’s a lot of talk about the fact that she was married to her brother. I know nothing about it,” Trump said.

“I hear she was married to her brother. You’re asking me a question about it. I don’t know, but I’m sure there’s somebody who will be looking at that,” he added.

Trump’s statement comes amid his ongoing feud with a group of freshman congresswomen known as “the Squad,” which includes Omar. Last weekend, Trump wrote on Twitter that the congresswomen should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done.”

These allegations surfaced during Omar’s 2018 campaign, but the Fake News Media did their best to suppress the story.

Now the evidence is starting to emerge and even Omar’s local papers in Minnesota are reporting there are serious questions about Omar’s marriage.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. They SHOULD be held LEGALLY LIABLE for any and all Transgressions and ILLEGITIMATE AND ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES! Omar smirks whenever she thinks that she is saying something that is going to ruin america,,,,we have ALL witnessed that, and it is pathetic!! I didn’t realize that there are so many voters in Minnesota that were so ILL-INFORMED as to vote this ANTI-AMERICAN into office, but HALF VOTED FOR HILLARY, so I guess we cannot expect more from that half.

  2. Omar has how many children ? The father(s) ? By her brother or uncle ? Women are pushed / encouraged to marry cousins ! The jihad squad took OATHS for the office they hold. There behavior suggests otherwise. How is TREASON defined ? How is SUBVERSION defined ? Define TRAITOR ! How is ILLEGAL Immigration Defined ? Who in the fbi dropped the Investigation Ball or ordered them away ? DOJ needs to just “FOLLOW THE TRAIL”!

  3. Wow, Betty.
    Your TDS is legendary.
    I can just see you, sweating, crying, foaming at the mouth…gnashing your teeth.
    The Bible told us of you.
    Your rage and curses, your tears are to no avail

  4. You cannot serve two masters. One of those will be hated. She has already shown which one she hates. She needs to go to the one she likes. Get out.

  5. They say closer kin deeper in. Sounds like insest and very sick to me. But if you look at yourself in the mirror you will see nothing because you are nothing and will never be nothing. Can’t wait to see you ass being thrown out of the U.S. forever. and never to return.

  6. Berry Obama was not born in the USA and he was allowed to become the president of the USA.

    He was the worst President of the USA.

  7. She will definitely BE a worm in hell when she dies. Knowing this I can’t wait until she goes.

  8. Thank goodness they are not eligible to run for President! One has to be born in the U.S.A. to do that.

  9. Anyone best not reply to those Trump bashers such as “Betty” and all the others as they are very ignorant people who belong in mental institutions and not belong in society period!!!

  10. The signed petition automatically emails to your representatives based on your zip code – I am on a 1st name basis w/mine – LOL! The “squeaky wheel gets the grease”!

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    Dereliction of Duty!

  11. The signed petition automatically emails to your representatives based on your zip code – I am on a 1st name basis w/mine – LOL! The “squeaky wheel gets the grease”!

    Make YOUR VOICE HEARD – Pass It On!

    Please SIGN this Petition & Pass It On!

    We The People, call on Congress to immediately start a investigation into Ilhan Omar’s illegal citizenship status.

  12. Great advise Frank. Would make a big difference in most people but not too sure about Betty she seems hard committed. I believe there is some thing about being turned over to a reprobate mind.

  13. Betty I hate to inform you but your statement seems totally bias and you uninformed. Our country is in the best shape it has been in many years and all you can do is complain just maybe you need to get informed before ranting and remember there are no walls to keep you here if you don’t like this place.

  14. The REAL worm was the one who said “What difference does it make?” when she was asked about the 4 U.S. delegates murdered in Benghazi.

  15. We’ll miss CNN. Can’t find out the truth with watching trash. Try pulling your intelligence together. If that don’t work. Vote Trump 2020 another 4 years of perfection.

  16. AG Barr will throw out the trash, idiotic demoncrates are still looking for a smoking gun. I think their medications are scrambling their brains, if that’s possible.CRY BABY’S

  17. Betty. Sorry to hear that your on the loosing side of liers,you know very well that this country is far better off with Trump than any demoncrates that’s ever been in the White House. The obstruction is the demoncratic party,

  18. Betty, Omar may not even be a US Citizen and would therefore be in Congress illegaly. Just like Cruz, Omar may have entered Congress as a foreign national.

  19. Cathyn, A “good” Muslim is not the same as a “good” person or a “good” Christian or a “Good” Jew. A “good” Muslim follows Islamic teachings to the hilt. Just as a “good” Christian follows the teachings of Christ. That said, however, the teachings of the koran are not peaceful. A “good” Muslim is therefore the one that hates,maims,kills infidels. The “Bad” Muslim does not follow the Koran. In Christianity, a “good” Christian follows the command to “love thy neighbor as oneself” while a “Bad” Christian does not. Can you see now my point? A “good” muslim is akin to a “Bad” Christian. Worse even. A “good” Muslim is actually EVIL.

  20. Omar is under investigation for links to terrorism and illegal procurement of US Citizenship. Her father is a somalian terrorist who is now in the US Illegally.

  21. Betty Boop dear one, you are going soon to get what you deserve from others on this forum who know how to track the actual locations from idiots who post hate on this side. I just hope your family has all the final insurance paid up for your interment.

  22. How can you harbor such hate? You need to get to know
    a friend of mine: His name is Christ Jesus – and he came
    to save sinners such as you…and me.

  23. Please tell us more of your expert knowledge of worms.
    ’cause surely we’re all extremely interested!

  24. hey Betty have TDS bad don’t you…guess what he’ll be POTUS for 5 1/2 years…adjust your attitude lololol

  25. Betty, try to understand, those ‘anonymous sources’ in your head are lying to you. Seriously, get some help. That scizophrenia will wind up killing you, or others, if it’s left untreated.

  26. Hey, emma. The difference is Omar is a duly elected Member of Congress & m. trump is Nothing but a certain White House WORTHLESS WORM’S Latest Legalized WORTHLESS WHORE!

  27. TRUE, TRUE, cause the only “TRUTH” CRAZY donald knows is the “TRUTH”? created solely by him in his Sick Mind & Diseased Brain!

  28. Maybe, dora. For almost the very same reason that Oval Office, Two Timing, Two Faced, Walking, Talking Pile of TRASH has not yet been Impeached!

  29. Phyllis, that comment alone that Hillary stated should of been enough to get her convicted and sent to prison for the rest of her life, but we all can bet that the half she is talking about is working very hard to keep her safe and themselves!!!! Hillary is safe for now but the truth always comes out sooner or later, and I am betting it is all coming out real soon not years and years from now!!!

  30. Buckwheat, unfortunately, too, too many of the Americans with the “…wary sleepy eyes…” only listen to main stream media sound bytes!

  31. Melania has not called on the destruction of America or that Al Quida is a nice group.

  32. “Follow the money”. I think you will find the big donors like George Soros set the people to go after. Yes, Trump will win on 2020. God Bless America.

  33. What he actually said was that people (non-specific) who hate America should go back to their home country.

  34. Hey JB, are you insane? You need to be saved from yourself, but good luck with that. You’re unbelievably dense.

  35. Yes, but Melania LOVES AMERICA & HER PEOPLE!!!
    Melania Trump ???????????????? ???????????? ???????? is good for America, is highly intelligent, gracious, speaks five languages, represents Our Great Republic to the World with Grace & honor.
    Omar is an ignorant POS RAGHEAD who hates America, Her People & all America stands for.
    That’s the difference dimwit.
    TRUMP ???????????? ???????? MAGA ???????????? ???????? 2020

  36. Dems stall, spending our taxpayer dollars & look for imagined faults in those who aren’t quick to point out problems without offering so much as a viable solution.The President has done or is doing all that He promised to the betterment of All Americans. Those who wish Him ill dont have Anericas best interest at Heart.

  37. Betty, why don’t you go take your medicine and take a nap. You think Melania. At least she hasn’t made school lunches uneatable!

  38. Yes, but Melania LOVES AMERICA & HER PEOPLE!!!
    Melania Trump ???????????????? ???????????? ???????? is good for America, is highly intelligent, gracious, speaks five languages, represents Our Great Republic to the World with Grace & honor.
    Omar is an ignorant POS RAGHEAD who hates America, Her People & all America stands for.
    That’s the difference dimwit.
    TRUMP ???????????? ???????? MAGA ???????????? ???????? 2020

  39. James Berry,
    Please share with the rest of us here all the supposed “lies” PRESIDENT TRUMP has told. Then lets COMPARE them with ALL FRAUD OBUNGHOLE’S CONSTANT LIES and DECEPTION all throughout his 8 years of his usurped “presidency”.

  40. When the wary sleepy eyes of America open wide someday and people see the truth of what the left wants, maybe some action will be taken. Maybe.

  41. If all of this is true, I would say she was operating as a spy in USA, to assist her birth county. And Spies have never been greeted as friends.

  42. Betty. You positively reek of vitriol towards our President and his administration to the point of losing all civility and common sense.Go back under your bridge, troll…

  43. I totally agree…why as hard working Americans, who follow laws and regulations, do we have put up with the negativity and insults from this ungrateful low life.

  44. Hey “Jahadi Squad” You are absolutely 1OO% correct about the female mutilation done in Muslim countries! Everyone needs to understand how REALLY badly women in those countries are treated!! If a wife makes a comment that her husband doesn’t like, she spends the night in the stall with the donkey, after she is beaten to an inch of her life! Those Muslim men are so loving to their wives. Sure they are.

  45. James Berry – And you think Obuma was better? He is as crooked as anyone has ever been. He lied about his citizenship and many other details of his life. And he is married to a man. He/she had to have all kinds of plastic surgery to resemble a woman, while Obuma was a sitting president. I’d never ever seen uglier legs on a female in my life! But that was before head to toe plastic surgery!

  46. Kathy,
    Muslims create havoc in the USA, but they wouldn’t let any of us to get into their crappy women hating, child abusing, rat trap country! Any grown man who “marries” a 6 year old child is nothing other than a pedophile! That country is FULL of pedophiles! They need to be strung up by their necks!

  47. “Justice for Trump” You are a real piece of work. You hide behind texts, you don’t have the nerve to show yourself to a group of intelligent people and say the stupid things that dribble out of your mouth. Get a pacifier and go to bed and leave the important things to the adults. That’s and order you little twerp.

  48. James Berry: Melania Trump is a citizen of the U.S.A. If Trump tells so many non-truths why don’t you produce just one? Otherwise keep your mouth closed before someone closes it for you.

  49. Betty done alot of drugs in your life? You don’t like it here you could go live in some third world country.Take your head out of your ass.Hillary stole from the american people she should be behind bars.

  50. To bad she wasn’t one of the 312 killed william.She don’t give a damn about our troops or the american people.

  51. Just us-I’m somewhat surprised that someone was able to train you not to squawk between lines, seems to be the nature of parrots.

  52. Your comment just proves that not only have you been main lining the kool-aide, but you are the one who’s been completely brainwashed by the indoctrination machine. I’m betting that you also believe the Hildabeast is a perfect example of democratic ideology. So comrade, why haven’t you busted a move towards the Homeland that espouses your ideology? No room in Russia, China , or Venezuela fir anymore useless idiots? Or could it be that Cuba has already given the big thumbs down to you and your ilk. You call us fools, but as you can see by others who’ve replied to your nonsense, you’re the only fool posting here.


  54. If this is true, would this not be an act of treason to our country? Another Dem getting away with “HIGH CRIMES & MISDEMEANERS”. If they say republicans are doing wrong it’s because they themselves are committing the offense!

  55. You got that backwards…all this hateand evil can be laid at the feet of the black deceiver, Barrack Hussein Obama.
    TRUMP 2020 and beyond. Down with the party of liars.

  56. Justice for Trump – all I can say is that your heart, mind, and soul is closed to the truth of the Democrats.

    Anything or anyone that accepts evil is not of God period.

    The Democrat party throw away God Almighty/Jesus Christ a long time ago.

    And you taught about hell. Search your own heart and make a right judgment.

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  60. In early March of this year Ilhan Omar did with malice and forethought did release a HIGHLY CLASSIFIED list of names acquired through the SENATE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE ….. Then communicated them to FRIENDS – in SOMALIA – to be released to the IRANIAN GOVERNMENT…. PLEASE send this information to ALL ….

  61. The biggest mistake was letting them in the country in the first place. They all got together and elected this biatch to congress. What a miscarriage of justice.

  62. What woman lol she is not a good Muslim
    She is a racist and she is in USA to start war
    She is not Longer in USA then your president
    So if she
    Does not like it

  63. Yeah, but she (Malania) isn’t bad-mouthing the US. If you agree with this biatch, maybe you should join her in Somalia.

  64. Exactly , what’s the hold up Obama Clinton’s Comey Lynch Muller sessions. All covered up for Killary. They have a lot to Hillary said if she goes she’ll take half of Washington DC with her. Crooks.

  65. The Congresswoman has been in the country longer than Mr Trump’s third wife Mr Trump says lots of things the truth isn’t one of them

  66. You don’t know how much I love she got deported..send her back where is she belongs. She is Not good for this country.

  67. Please have omar investigated for immigration fraud and if she is found guilty revoke her citizenship and deport her back to Somalia since she is so proud of that country and she says it is so much a better place to live than America

  68. Trump is the evil mobster, and for you right wing fools not to see that are brainwashed or as evil as the Thug-in-Chief TRUMP2020PRISONORHELL.

  69. I agree, but that is assuming it will be a fair election….George Soros has other plans of that I am sure!!!!

  70. Read Omar’s family went to UK, including bro. She came with family, not relate, pretended to be part of that family. How many are like that? Need to use DNA on sll immigrants and put tracking device, health history in chip.

  71. Read. We had law, no Muslims in elected office, do not know if from Jefferson era. 1991. Biden and others voted to change and allow. Need to rescind that law.

  72. Nice vocabulary, Betty! Sounds like you came from the same Pigpen as the people you’re disparaging!

  73. BHO jr imported 80,000 to her district. Wonder how many are legal to vote? Where were all.the impeachment crowd when BHO was running rampant doing whatever he wanted? How did he get the cash for Iran? Suggest you Google mosque in your state.

  74. would cause Mental” problems. Loads of Special education issues. Why it was outlawed in England. creates many kinds of mental issues and never normal children.


  76. Then we the people make the laws apply to the guilty, Eric. It is time we march on congress taking back the jobs we have set them to and do them ourselves, until we can establish new effective representative government.

  77. BHO jr imported 80,000 to her district. Wonder how many are legal to vote? Where were all.the impeachment crowd when BHO was running rampant doing whatever he wanted? How did he get the cash for Iran?



  79. Our country has made a big mistake electing Muslims to Congress. If what Trump has said is true, she should be deported back to Somalia ASAP. We can blame only one person for our Muslim problem. And who whould that be you ask….. why OBOZO, thats who.


  81. Recently read, we had law, no Muslims in elected office. Biden and others voted to change in 1991




  85. screw omar aqnd screw the media , where is the fbi to investigate these claims , i guess we still have to many oboma and hillary clowns working in the fbi

  86. Well said! However since she is a democRAT the laws dont apply like they did not apply to Hillary thanks to the corrupt FBI agents and deep state operatives!


  88. IF this hate-filled antiAmerican is guilty of breaking our laws…..any of them….she needs to be prosecuted for her crimes whatever they are…!! If she is not prosecuted for her crimes, then WE the PEOPLE know 100% that there is another agenda at play here…!! THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM….!!!

  89. Why isn’t anything ever done to high ranking criminals? Sick ofhearing about their crmes but nothing happens to them. 100 years, things would have veen different and no fear of booting, hanging or jailing traitors.

  90. Where is Barr? What is he doing? Has he been paid off? Has he been threatened? Is he just another worthless Sessions?

  91. #gaysfortrump2020
    Thanks Betty, you just inspired me to vote again for Donald Trump in 2020.

  92. We have many traitors and terrorists in our government and NO ONE gets arrested. Now, Mr. Barr, why is that?

  93. It sh ould be made illegal to allow any Muslim to be in Office in this country, The Muslim countries would never allow a Christia, a J ew, a Budhist or a Hindu be in office in their countries, I think it is high time to get huge cruise ships and load them up with these haters and deport them out of our country back to where they came from, I think it whould be illegal to cover your face and head. It should be illegal to crry out Sharia Law . I th ink the Muslim Faith is a Faith of Hate and Murder and tht should be made illegal in this country and only that faith . All the Mosques need to be closed down. They breed and teach andpreach hatred.

  94. Well derf, if you paid attention to him when he was doing the interview or press release , you’d recall that he plainly stated that he didn’t know if this was true. We all know it is, but our President doesn’t go after someone unless he has proof. That’s what makes him different than the demwits.

  95. Betty must be taking about Obama because Trump hasn’t been in office that long see how stupid you are lol

  96. Sharon how can it be her brother and not have the same mother ? if her dad divorced his wife and remarried another woman they are still of the same blood

  97. Betty go to bed and use your dildo you will feel better later on i know you don’t have a man in your life because your to stupid Mrs.Trump is a very pretty lady and i think your jealous of her because i bet you look like a old sea hag

  98. no i think Trump will keep going after her now that he has proof on her he isn’t one to be messing with he doesn’t give up and i’m glad of that TRUMP 2020

  99. quit playing around with Omat. She is guilty of immigration fraud and much more. By all rights she should be in pprison then deported

  100. Omar need to show up on Jerry Springer show. Maybe she has something to say to her current husband that she had a fling with her ex!

  101. Wonderful , eloquent and well put together comment , Betty , how do you do it ? As always , you have no facts , just plain hatred , and you continue to spew you venom ! Are you even aware of the truth , do you read or research ? I for one believe that you are a sad , miserable , not so bright creature just trying to get attention . How pitiful ….

  102. Great job , Betty , now I know your diagnosis ! I do admire the perseverance, you really have no clue , do you ? There are some very effective pills to calm you down , although we still can’t cure stupidity …

  103. Wow , Betty , you need professional help , although I think it’s too late ! It’s OK to express your opinion if you know what the hell are you talking about . Mouth diarrhea like your contributes nothing to the discussion . Go play somewhere else !

  104. The democrats voted for men getting married so all their offspring like Mr. Hanky could vote.

  105. I am with Trump. Trump would never tell you he did not inhale. He would tell you it was none of your F in business. To me Trump talks like a real person not some slimy politician.

  106. I am with Trump. Trump would never tell you he did not inhale. He would tell you it was none of your F in business. To me Trump talks like a real person not some slimy politician.

  107. Musilum women are not allowed to speak freely without some man giving them permission. What is their agenda?

  108. Bruce Towell is correct, IIhan Abdullahi Omar IS NOT HER REAL NAME. It is as Bruce Towell said.IIhan Nur Said Elmi is her real name. It is also the name of her brother and her father. She is living under a false name and used that name to commit a fraud in entering this country. SHE IS AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT who claimed Citizenship under a false name. I hope Immigration removes her from this country.

  109. Betty , go play with your Dildo , the 12″ ; you do need it .Yohh , putta , get on your knees and have a dog mount you .

  110. Jenny, apparently Omar came to the U.S. at age of eight with her family courtesy of The Great Liar In Cheif. It is my understanding ALL her marriages were the Muslim variety where there is NO ceremony nor civil paperwork to afford evidence…”I take you Goat Breath as my husvand; I take you Rat Face as my wife.” Done deal. Same way for divorce. All the male has to say is “I divorce thee” three times and that is that. The only way to really nail this swine is going to be through IRS returns, business documentation, rental agreements and so forth. This piece of human trash and the other vulture faces Tlaib, Pressley and Amash need to be put where the sun don’t shine or citizenship revoked and deported.

  111. Ullah, to the best of my knowledge no background checks for an elected government official need be performed. Yet if I apply for a concealed carry permit I go through a background check by FBI and state and local agencies more extensive than if I applied for the state Highway Patrol. I know that when candidates arrive at the presidential level the respective parties grill them, but that is just in case something negative is found and they have to do damage control. Crazy huh?

  112. So all the carrying on like an increasingly irrational spoiled child is still about your gal Hillary getting beat?
    Looks like Trump’s going to need to reopen the mental asylums for his second term.

  113. Bruce Towell, if what you typed is true, that’s just horrifically criminal. I hope the proper officials are looking into this. I am an immigrant, but I kept my name and many docs, official docs I had all my life with my real name on everything! Let’s all of that you mentioned be brought up to light and apply the proper law to her!

  114. Do you folks really think there is any chance in hell this women will be prosecuted for anything? If so you are very naïve; members of congress aren’t prosecuted very often and certainly a black Muslim would make it even more unlikely. Best thing for us to do is send financial support to a replacement candidate during the next election cycle.

  115. Betty, you are as stupid as those 4 creatures. Can’t you imagine if you say that in their countries?

  116. This traitor Johan Omar needs to be deported & charged with treason! If she married her brother – that is fraud & she needs to be prosecuted! she hates America & needs to be held accountable!

  117. They push them to marry their first cousin’s. In Pakistan over half of the muslim population are married to their first cousin’s. This is the reason for such low IQ’s and so many birth defects. There is also alot of incest rapes by fathers and brothers on the females in the families, most never reported because it’s almost impossible for the female to prove it and she’ll be the one being stoned to death, and they call it a honor killing, years and years of brainwashing these inbred vile creatures who see themselves as slaves to Islam.

  118. I hope this is true! Please be true! I want to send Ilhan Omar back to Somalia! Preferably, I’d send this traitor to Guantanamo Bay! BTW, Omar is a lesbian and has foursomes with other terrorists and terrorist lovers Rashida Tlaib, Linda “The Lesbo” Sarsour and Ramsea Odeh!

  119. Why was that NOT checked out last year, when she ran for office???
    Those running for government positions do they NOT get a background check??
    If they don’t they should have and a good one at that…………..
    This is both disturbing and disgusting, since we let them in to rule over the rest of us, and just looking at what those 4 have mustered, it is NOT going well……


  121. patently obvious, grow up and deal with life as it is, and hilary is obviously not it. I’ve been around for a long time,on both sides of the ledger.WHAT BOTHERED ME, WAS THAT I didn’t want to be sold to the best bidder. This is exactly what the woman was doing,and obviously took what ever cause she was helping, right down the tubes(you artillery guy know what that means

  122. Her name is not even Omar!!! She was given that name illegally by the Omar family. Her REAL name is Ilhan Nur Said Elmi. The OMARS allowed Ilhan and her sister Sahra, and their father Nur Said to use false names to apply for asylum as members of the OMAR family!!! She is a FRAUD!!!!

  123. Betty, dumb as dirt and as usual nothing intelligent to say..Oh my God maybe Betty is brain dead and she is on her last leg? If so hurry up you bore us

  124. Big question with her citizenship. If we had vetted the refugees we would know she was not even of the family she claimed. We would have probably caught Obama and his illegal Kenyan ass too.

  125. Thank you, Radman414! I was about to write in with corrections myself. Not trying to be a grammar nazi, as Will T would accuse us of. As a former teacher, I guess I’m inclined to instruct, or to try to be helpful, when someone doesn’t know correct spellings or grammar, which takes away from otherwise intelligent comments.

  126. Oh looky, our least favorite troll has climbed out from under her bridge again. Who pulled your chain Betty? No one on the loony left sights care to hear your twisted attempts at humor anymore? All that bile spewed at a lady who has done very good things as First Lady and you tag her with your profession, that’s just lame. Ok, You’ve made your quarter for this response, but I don’t talk to paid trolls more than once per blog, so go back to your bridge and wait for the next unsuspecting normal person to happen by. This one knows your game, and frankly, you bore me, so TTFN.

  127. While talking about deportation, how about deporting mrs.m trump who was also, born, in another country. No doubt mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE can be very easily replaced with any female Bed Warmer for mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM to Screw On at night! To that Oval Office Walking, Talking PISS ASS PIG, Women are only meant to be Insulted, Verbally Attacked & Physically Used in just one way!

  128. No Betty it’s you and your demorcrats that are full of crap I bet you love Hillary you sound a dog licking a moon so pucket up and kiss Al you Democrats full moons hgve a nice day president trump will be president again and you liberal degenerates can’t do anything about it

  129. Betty, if you think Hillary Clinton is a lady, you must live in another universe. She greedy, rude, vulgar, & treats those around her to insane screaming fits routinely if she is inconvenienced in even the smallest way, whether they have any control of the situation or not.

  130. Well, sledge hammer. Seems America will tolerate about anything since for the past four years, we have tolerated mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE, right? It’s now time in America’s History to tolerate something else, like a MAN instead of a MONKEY as president, to be exact, a Certain Blond Haired Oval Office ORANGUTAN APE, for example.

  131. according to an article I read Omar was married to her current husband but divorced him, married her brother and got him in the country then divorced him and remarried her 1st husband. They have 3 children. Shes a low life squirel who lived in a hole. She crawled out and came here only to become a low life big mouth disgrace and the dumorat party is letting that happen. Disgraceful

  132. It’s d. trump who needs to crease & desist on His INSANE IDIOTIC TWEETS though of course, He Won’t since He’s Too a SICK MINDED & TOO STUPID Bit of Walking, Talking Human CRAP TO DO SO!

  133. Omar the Liar , Cheat and her family Tree doesn’t Branch out as we see ,. Next of Kin , that’s Goat Herders for You , lolxxx

  134. Wrong, mike. We wouldn’t be “embarrassed in the face of the world” if four years ago a LADY instead of a Lying L UNATIC had been voted into the White House. Though, Thank GOD, it’s not too late to correct such a mistake, just simply vote into the White House, a MAN instead of a MENTALLY ILL MONKEY, the Oval Office Original Top MORON! Judging by His Most Recent Words & Actions, Drain the “Swamp” inside His Head & Let’s see what’s there? Ten to One, it’s certainly Not a Brain, Not a Healthly One, Anyway!

  135. You are right Mike….If she is even legally here….there should be records to prove she is not here legitimately. And yes…the Dems & Fake Media will do their usual thing…ignore the log and pick out the speck!! They are getting to be pros at doing that.

  136. Immigration investigators should be able to find out and search for the EVIDENCE of Omar’s alleged immigration fraud.

    There should exist REAL records of her marriage to her brother, to obtain citizenship for him.

    Immigration detectives perform these investigations all the time.

    The “regular media” has been shielding this because she is a Democrat. Let the chips fall where they may. Find out the truth.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  137. You are 100% correct. That is why I am not wasting good powder on the “Four Morons” as I think and feel is the better moniker for the whole herd of them. We need the Election to be a clean sweep for Mr. Trump. Then he can clean the swamp out and maybe then the Nation can heal and come together. Today we as a Nation are embarrassing ourselves in the face of the World, and that is not good, not good at all.

  138. Sadly, Alan,there are those who don’t! Like James Ingraham who is an idiot Dimeral. To Muslims it’s NOT a crime for her to marry her brother, since they both had different mothers,so she can claim ignorance. Although I’m sure, she was fully aware of it, before she did it. Since the Immam would have told her that it was illegal in this country. For now, anyway.

  139. I’m sorry, but until I see a deportation order, I ain’t gonna hold my breath. I’m sure she’ll get to go through the appeals process because of her government job and we’ll all be dead before it gets out of court.

  140. It’s getting very old that the Americans have to keep hearing this collusion stuff about mr. Trump we need to cease and desist on this issue. And by the way if the four Amigos don’t want to be here they can take themselves and their hoodies back to wherever they came from, if you don’t like this country don’t let the door??

  141. Melania is a LEGAL American citizen, & her family is here legally also. Melania has more brains in her little toe, than you have in your head. Do you REALLY want people like Omar, or AOC running this country??

  142. Everything will work out for the Democrats group of four if the people vote republican. They will have to return back to a normal life after people get tired oh hearing their sob stories on why they lost their elections.

  143. Everything will work out for the Democrats group of four if the people vote republican. They will have to return back to a normal life after people get tired oh hearing their sob stories on why they lost their elections.

  144. Her citizenship can be revoked for lying on her application and committing fraud. Read the immigration code, if its not to much trouble..

  145. If she acquired the U.S. citizenship by fraud, she could indeed be sent back to the crap hole she came from.

  146. No such thing as Allah. It is the creation of a deranged, criminal, thief, murderer, pedophile, goat f*cker, and rapist. That was Mohommad; you know the guy, the lunatic that so many Islamists name their kids for. The scum are all over the place trying to spread their tyrannical cult with violence.

  147. I believe she was elected to sabotage America who the hell would vote for that piece of garbage she has to much hate in her to serve for this country. We the people deserve better then those in that squad AOC is one of the biggest jokes ever she doesn’t have a brain in her head all she does is lie. All i want to say is shame on those damn states for putting those idiots in Congress

  148. Now this, “Rodzzz”, I must agree with. Indeed, I can’t imagine anyone NOT agreeing with it!

  149. To all of you that have said something about this lady or should I call her lady I would believe anything that she would marry her brother just to stay in the United States and call herself United States citizen before it goes on any further investigate investigate investigate then you will have the proof and then she will have to be deported out of our country but don’t keep saying anything until you find out the truth the truth hurts and lies are even worse cuz it’s a lie that you tell gets bigger and bigger and bigger

  150. These idiots that follow a child molesting,animal abusing cretin called Mohamed sure will get a surprise when they finally die.Allah won’t be too happy with this ilk and may send them to hell where they belong.

  151. Thank you. Ne’s driving me nuts with ignorance, but whenever I try to educate people here I get insulted by the great unwashed.

  152. She is of sick mind and this country does not need her kind. She completely makes no sense when she speaks and I for one believe she may have married her brother to achieve what is needed for her to hold the position in Congress. The DEMS are showing that they will let anyone in their party cause they are just wondering though this country till someone figures when out. She is crooked just like Hillary.

  153. Eml, Immigration fraud if found guilty the president can revoke her citizenship and deport her

  154. All this evidence against Omar all the lies she
    Tells all the hate she has for Jews and America
    Nothing will ever happen to her same for the rest of the squad they will grow in power congress will do nothing to stop them
    If trump does not get re-elected in 2020 America will be a different country not for the good
    Donald J trump will go down as the greatest president America ever had stay strong mr president

  155. Who says we’re “tolerating” them? We’re just letting them hang themselves before the election.


  157. The headline is misleading, to say the least. Ilhan is a US citizen, so she cannot be deported. She can be convicted of violating immigration and tax laws, which seem to be felonies. Her brother is the one who could be deported.

  158. The b***h is guilty as sin and she knows it to be true. We need to send her ass to prison, for if we deported her ass she would find a way to sneak back in


  160. How can anyone in the beloved United States tolerate the ” squad ?. Never, in my wildest dreams would I ever see such a travesty in our congress as those four America haters.
    How could anyone have voted for them. What is scary is that those who voted for them
    have the same hatred for America.
    Our only hope is that in the next election, they will lose.

  161. Muslims are not Marxists. They follow Mohammad. What he said directs their lives.
    One thing for sure, Mohammed said a a Muslim can never be a friend to a “Kafir” a non-Muslim. So don’t be fooled, they hate us and hold us in comtempt.

  162. this little pro commie raghead will be well protected by not only the news media, also but every “Democrap” now in the presidential race. Treason seems to be well respected in “Democrap” circles.Death to America will be the four trators slogan to replace “Make America Great again “

  163. A CONGRESSIONAL MEMBER having used illegal immigrant lies to get into the USA created a FELONY…NOT SURE THAT IS LEGAL.

  164. Oh, get over yourself grammar Nazi. Their posts are, at least, comprehensible, unlike many on your leftist blogs or the babbling trolls here.

  165. The words are “incest” and “allowed.” Your correct message is diminished by poor grammar, sentence structure and misspellings.

  166. I’m sure you meant that she never “condemned” her country. And it’s “they’re” a commie.

  167. The Democrats have lost their damn minds. My Dad was a Democrat and I know now, he would support the GOP. The old Democrats are gone now. The teachers and professors are corrupting the future of our country. Before you know it, there will be no ARMED FORCES. Personally, I am ready for a Civil War, Democrats Vs Republicans. We Republicans would win for we have the guns and Ammo

  168. its called insense here to marry a sibling, but sharia law allows it in their country its not aloud here, but they say its unconstitutional , i dont see it written anywhere in my book.. but thats the way the democrate’s want the country to be all fo one all for votes

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