Donald Trump dropped the hammer on Barack Obama with this rude awakening

It’s game on in the 2020 election.

Barack Obama came out swinging with a smear campaign against Donald Trump.

But Donald Trump dropped the hammer on Barack Obama with this rude awakening.

Former President Obama blasted Donald Trump in a pair of high-profile commencement speeches as an incompetent and infantile leader.

“More than anything this pandemic has fully finally torn back the curtain on the idea that so many of the folks in charge know what they’re doing,” Obama told the graduates of historically black colleges and universities. “A lot of them aren’t even pretending to be in charge.”

Obama then claimed that all of Americans agreed on socialism, but Donald Trump’s brand of divisive politics prevented the country from realizing its leftist utopian potential.

“Broad majorities agree on the ends,” Obama continued. “That’s why folks with power will keep trying to divide you over the means. That’s how nothing changes.”

In a separate speech, Obama mocked President Trump as a child like buffoon.

“All those adults that you used to think were in charge and knew what they were doing, turns out they don’t have all the answers, a lot of them aren’t even asking the right questions,” Obama sneered.

“Doing what feels good, what’s convenient, what’s easy, that’s what little kids think. Unfortunately, a lot of so-called grownups, including some with fancy titles and important jobs, still feel that way, which is why things are so screwed up,” the former President added.

President Trump did not let these attacks go unanswered.

Trump met with fake news reporters after returning to the White House from Camp David and the President blasted Obama as a “grossly incompetent” President.

“Look, he was an incompetent president, that’s all I can say,” Trump shot back. “Grossly incompetent.”

The Fake News Media working in conjunction with the Obama administration tried to rewrite the history of what happened between 2009 and 2017.

During the Obama years, the economy saw the worst recovery since the Great Depression.

ISIS gained territory and turned into a global force for terror.

The border remained porous and Obama’s only answer was amnesty for illegal aliens.

And globalist trade deals continued to hollow out the middle class.

Obama overseeing American decline was a major reason the American people turned to Donald Trump.

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  2. So, all you democrats what about Obamagate? And remember the handover meeting in the White House in Jan 2017 where Pres Barack Obama said (which was televised) to President elect Donald Trump that he (Obama) would do everything he could to help transition President Trump.
    When at the same time Obama knew Comey, Clapper, Brennan, etc were all plotting to overthrow Trump !

  3. The only accomplishment Obama made was making this country more ‘social ist’.
    If you think ‘social ism’ is cool then you’re going to hold Obama in high regard.
    But you can’t have an intelligent conversation with a ‘social ist’ because their beliefs are based on feelings, not science or history or even common sense.

  4. They should ask Odummy how much money did Odummy’s beloved Moslime terrorists kick back to Odummy from the 190 BILLION dollars he gave them to Murder American Servicemen with!!!

  5. Lyman what’s racist about the republicans? Enforcement of our immigration laws? Stopping people from a country that gave us the coronavirus from coming here? It’s the democrats that are racist behind the scenes. The message to minorities is that they need government to exist. And I love it when they are told that whitey is out to get them. You people are sick. It’s the policies of the democrats that cause minorities to be held back. Who created the ghettos called public housing and welfare?

  6. Lyman obozo was not more successful than Trump. Millions more were out of work and on welfare. Our military was down to the weakest point probably in our history. Isis was born on obozo’o watch. Of course any American President that goes around apologizing for our country will gain popularity by being an ass kisser. Trump puts America first, not worrying about being popular. And yes, the mulatto is guilty of crimes including illegal spying on a duly elected president. And retard joe is to stupid to lead us

  7. Our country is poised to take a leap forward. All this stuff about Americas last elected president President Obama, is the same type of talk that went on during the Civil War and the Civil Rights Era. Those came to pass. Racist are putting up one last and I might add a good hell of a fight to hold on to their ways. MLK always quoted Gibbons: “Truth crushed to the earth shall rise again, no lie can live forever. Politics and trump’s incompetency aside, a big delemma that trump and so many of his supporters have to deal with is Obama and his wife’s accomplishments without the benefit of white skin, the Obamas have the education of the most elite folks in our country, and the Obama’s has the most importantly President Obama has more respect in this country and globally than trump can ever dream of. To use my buddy Dan Tyree’s word MULATTO. Dan and others have to figure out why is a mulatto more successful than the current president and he did not have the advantages of this president. The racist including trump will be swept away within a twinkling of an eye.

  8. Barry Soetoro could not pass a security clearance for a part time job at a Dairy Queen but you mindless puppets elected him to President anyway,.

  9. Allen, you have no clue what you are talking about. And you have no concept of the truth. You need a lot of help with your sick hatred

  10. Marvin, you attack Pres. Trump for lying, but it is fine with you that Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth and muslim traitor Obama lied his way into our White House. You are a fool

  11. To Norman Lee
    Not a Good try on your posted Web site respond… We don’t play that here… Trying to have bloggers go into your web site set up trap… You don’t know who we are as bloggers … As free Americans and as a Retired Federal Agent Fellow Bloggers do not CLICK into NORMAN LEE ATTACHMENTS…

  12. To Marvin
    With over 30,000.000 PLUS Millions of AMERICANS lets get this out in the open. You talked to ‘ 3 ‘ people on Trump and asked your own questions that you say they could not answer to Your Satisfaction.. So to whom were you asking the question too??? Kids??? Come on Marvin ‘ 3 ‘ PEOPLE WOW So now since ‘ 3 ‘ PEOPLE Could NOT answer your questions…So in your PROFESSIONAL investigation Trump is no GOOD…How can you put that out there…. ‘ 3 ‘ people..I will give the American right of the 1st amendment that’s our way of life… But man you have been in the BASEMENT TOO LONG with Biden… Time to come up for some AIR… WOW WOW AND WOW…

  13. Hey Marvin!!! Did mulatto Obama ever lie? What about killery? Come on, be specific name the lies. Ok. Go vote for retard joe. That idiot needs all the help he can get. It’s the impeachment goons that’s being caught up in lies. No evidence and they proceeded with their false allegations. People like you are a cancer on America. Get ready Marvie. 4 more years!!!!

  14. History will rate Donald Trump as one of the worst Presidents in American history. I hope all of you Trump supporters live long enough to watch what the historians really think of Trump. In a conversation with three Trump supporters last week, I ask one question . Do you think Trump ever lies? All three said it is fake news. Which goes to show that Trump supporters are in need on mental help. I see the same need forthose people who respond in these comments.

  15. Its hard to say hoe much I detest obama. He gsve$150 billion to Iran. He’s tried his best to ruin the country.

  16. No allen,they were not carrying assault rifles.get a clue.trump said there were good people on both sides,this is also true.he condemned the nazi lovers right away and still have tds and after how you drool on Scott your face looks like a glazed donut.adsault rifles.hahaha

  17. Allen I did some research. The nazi symbols were shown to be by people calling Trump and pence nazis. Also referring to the governor of Michigan having Nazi type treatment of the citizens of the state. Yes, they had rifles. But for showing that people in America will stand and fight rather than be put under the thumb of the government. I’m just quoting what I found out. I’m not advocating violence. But I’m in lock step with them that we aren’t giving up our guns or freedoms. America can be reopened safely.

  18. Allen the fact is that you don’t know what you’re talking about. The people in Michigan wasn’t displaying nazi symbols that I saw on the news clips. And Trump DID NOT cause the trouble in Charlottesville Va. that’s a damned lie. The reason that he became a hell raiser is that the constant attacks even before he took office Bernie Sanders called him homophobic among other things. Trump allowed 2 queers to get married in his tower. So Bernie is wrong. Talk to your antifa crowd. They’re much more violent.

  19. It’s not what Party you vote for. Nor the Politics Behind the LIES… Take Notice America. The Uniforms that our Military, and All First responders have on, Police, Fireman, Doctors, ON and ON… Do Not have a PATCH of any POLITICAL PARTY On any UNIFORM!!!The patch of the Unit that they belong to, Is what and whom they represent.. Most of all MANY UNIFORMS HAVE OUR FLAG…. Not Democrats, Not Republicans PATCH. Nothing of the kind.. When you need Help calling upon our Military or 911. Emergency response Has any one asked you First to whom what party do you belong???. Never!!!! During 9 11 Did any AMERICANS EVER SAY.. It’s o.k it was only Democrats or Republicans that Died in the World Trade Center…. NO it was Our people…. Come on People put the Politics aside… Think as a United People ‘ WTF ‘

  20. Lt’ T’ thanks for the post. As for scott27 I just wanted to be sure that he wasn’t going to say, as before, that I didn’t impersonate him.

  21. Allen you big f’ing puss! Quit blowing Snot 27 and packing fudge with pubic schitizen Your mother always said you had no spine

  22. Allan. why would anyone listen to someone who supports that pos Obama? I think Obama needs to answer for Fast N Furious that led to Brian Terry the border officer being killed, leaving our men to die in Benghazi, the IRS and Lois Learner fiasco and the complete waste of money on the Obamacare website. The corrupt one is Obama and his disgusting partner Big Mike, god liberals make me sick.

  23. The Zero has had a whole box of hammers dumped on him.
    Stand By for the Anvil.
    You will know it’s on its way when the Bill of Charges are filed with the Federal Courts.
    Since there is an increasingly clear paper trail into the White House, a trail that leads to the Resolute Desk, Justice demands that charges be laid.

  24. Why bother talking to anyone that supports donald duck trump? He has managed to harness the hate for everyone that isn’t white. Look at the small town in Virginia where red neck crackers supposedly were protesting the removal of a Civil War Statue and one of the dimmest witted of the dim wits ran over and killed someone, does that sound rational? Look at the State of Michigan capital building where self appointed para- military groups sporting Nazi symbols and donald trump hats and shirts called themselves keepers of the peace. Did I mention they also were carrying assault rifles> Does that sound rational? He twit wits over 100 times a day in the middle of the Coronavirus Pandemic and then tells everyone how busy he is. He said he would have no time for golf yet has spent $130,000,000.00 of taxpayer money on his golf trips. He is the one that said that the Coronavirus is ” the latest Democratic Hoax, do I need to remind you it has killed 90,000 people in The United States of America? He is the one that said the Coronavirus was contained, again it has killed 90,000 people in The United States of America. He is the one that said take an anti-malaria drug because it is a game changer, the fact is that it razes the death rate in people infected by the Coronavirus and of those people that do survive it causes heart damage. Many people posting on here call President Obama the worst thing ever. donald trump attacked him over the way he supposedly mishandled the Swine Flu epidemic when 14,000 people died. Well if loosing 14,000 people is bad what would call 90,000 dead, A walk in the Park? no one is blaming him for the Coronavirus but I am blaming him for the disaster of a response which he said he “accepts no responsibility for. If you are going to sit your fat ass in the Oval Office the responsibility comes along with it, like it or not.
    During the time of The Vietnam War he ran away from his duty, his responsibility and his chance to be a man by running way from a chance to serve like a scalded dog. A few years later this same person said on the Howard Stern show that he had a personal Vietnam by managing to avoid getting VD during the same time, really? I am 71 years old and I served in Vietnam and earned among other awards the Bronze Star. Also I have been a registered Republican for 50 years and I have never been so ashamed of a person as I am of donald trump

  25. To Dan Tyree.
    When people are on the right Track. You will know it, by posting all the FACTS. Still many will never get it. Lashing out often many times with slanderous rebuttals… Dan you are Doing just Fine and respected by Many… I did try many times to write so many inputs. Being a retired Supervisory Federal Agent… But for some reason I have been Blocked… With that said Dan Tyree, AS well to My real Brother James of the 75th. Combat Unit, and True American Honored Friends… Blog on and always remember everything that is posted is Monitored… Nothing is Secret on the WEB…

  26. What did Obama do for this country in four years? Nothing but create the worst racial relations in the history of this country. Period.
    He was even worse than Carter.
    And still no one knows anything about him!

  27. What a joke of an “article” thin skinned donny can’t handle criticism but he sure likes to give it, even when he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    If anyone’s incompetent it’s trump. He’s proven that time and time again

  28. Fluffy pillow…. thanks to you, too, for informing Ann W. and recognizing that isn’t my style. I would correct one thing, though. I’m not nearly so much a trump hater as I am a lover of this nation, it’s history, all it has stood for, and the rule of law and decency. I do hate to see it all being systematically undone by your guy, which has seriously damaged us at home and abroad.

  29. Obama is and always will be a follower.So when Mr Trump came in behind him he had to tell him Lead Follow Or Get The Hell out Of The Way. The President has to fix the country. You no Obama the one you screwed up. You have a hell of a nerve talking about a Man that has done so much for are country. Can’t wait to see how you go down in history. Thank you mister President. Semper Fi

  30. Barrack Hussein Obama was a muslim born in kenya. He was a dope smoking college student who registered as a foreign student.He was very popular in the Chicago Gay bath Houses.He uses a Connecticut social security number even though he never lived there.I remember him saying:”If you like your Doctor you can keep him”, as he created another giant government Bureaucracy called

  31. Obama was apathetic joke as a president and remains a pathetic joke as a former president. I didn’t vote for him but when he was elected, I sincerely wish him well and hope that he could be the “Great Uniter” that the country needs. Instead, he divide the country and failed on so many levels that a book could be written (and several have been).
    By contrast, when Trump as elected this meddlesome cockroach (Obama) did everything he could to subvert and undermine the new president. At the very least, he and his merry group of misfits are guilty of sedition.

  32. Dan T… thanks for that. I appreciate it. Someone has indeed been impersonating me, but anyone that’s seen my posts knows it’s not garbage. That said, Obama described your guy quite aptly. Why is your dear leader so darn jealous of his predecessor? It shows daily.

  33. Hey Gabe can you do better than President Trump? I guess not only your big mouth can lead the wrong direction like Obama!

  34. Obama’s finest accomplishment was Cash 4 Clunkers. Which was a huge success for the Japanese auto industry

  35. Evil Obama legacy destruction of America
    creation of a race war
    Ruination of healthcare and now he’s attacking Trump who has fixed this country

  36. The only reason Obama thinks he needs to be in front of mic bashing the current administration this late in his game is because he knows President Trump and America is getting very close to finding out just how corrupt Barack Hussein Obama really was during those 2 terms of attempting to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”. Thank you, President Trump. It’s about time.

  37. Obama owns Trump. It’s really quite pathetic. Now, even William Barr has refused to play Trump’s sick game of “Obamagate” and will not be seeking criminal charges against the former president. Why? There’s nothing there. It’s all in Donald’s degenerate mind.

  38. Obamanation is a well spoken Lying Muslim Con Man. He was only elected because he is half black, and people thought he would help unite the races. He did just the opposite, bringing race relations back to the 1960’s.

  39. The Mongrel has hated America since his early days as a red-diaper baby in Kenya. From the day he signed up for jihad in his parents’ hut until his present crusade to install his senile pedophile rapist lackey as puppet president, his goal has been to be communist dictator of the country, and then to lead it into the Third World and make it part of the Ummah. He needs to be tried for treason and executed if convicted, if not now then after the national revolution like the ones with which Franco saved Spain from Stalin in 1936 and Pinochet delivered Chile from Fidel and Che in 1973.

  40. Obama came at a crucial time in politics but didn’t achieve the potential he was cued for. Some of us had hoped that it would have been Obama to have the courage to bravely concede what was lacking in American politics besides accountability was any sincere sense of partisan self criticism. Certainly the “bad” Black President COULD have had the wit and wisdom to pull it off and in so doing not leave it to Trump to address that major embarrassment DRAINING THE SWAMP which Democrats and their endlessly patronizing and coddling rants abythe less fortunate must know how transparent and worthy of criticism that had become most obviously because of the lack of any significant progress or positive results areas where do much time effort and money had so obviously been wasted.

  41. Very few ppl are gonna listen to obummer. I can’t stand to look at her him knowing what he tried to do to this country. He is a terrorist plain an simple and needs to get treated like one

  42. Ann W in scott27’s defense someone else sometimes posts things like that using his name. What FluffyPillowFive said is true. A fake Dan Tyree sometimes throws out liberal BS using my name. Perhaps he has the same name as me. Scott27 has accused me of posting using his name and probably will blame it on me. Scott27 is a leftist nut but I don’t think that he’s making any racist comments. I thought that I would speak in his behalf but I also think that he’s an idiot. I love the fake Dan posts. They’re funny.

  43. Ann W., the Scott27 you are referring to is a fraud. He is a troll using Scott’s handle just to mess with people. The real Scott27 is a Trump hater. He comes on here every once in a while, and posts his lies. When you see what they post it’s easy to tell the difference. There is also a fake Dan Tyree which might be the same troll.

  44. Most of these comments are standard ones used over and over to bash President Trump and his and his administration’s accomplishments. They aren’t really worth reading as far as originality is concerned. However, I do take issue with the one statement made by Scott27 because it didn’t have anything to do with any subject that was being discussed.

    As a white ultra-conservative woman who grew up in and has lived in a Southern state since the 1940s, I have known members of the black race my entire life. I was teaching school in the 1960s when the civil rights decisions were made and I came to know many black middle school students who were integrating into the public school system during that time. Many were very bright and learned very quickly as did the white students.

    I have also worked with many well-educated members of the black race while working at NASA, defense contractors and other venues over a long period of time. I have never met a single one of them whose brains were in their heels. I also consider the term, “darkies,” as offensive and undeserved! Scott27 really needs to move into this century. Obama is certainly not representative of those people who have been and are my associates in the black race.

  45. Obama is going to be prosecuted and he knows it. He is distracting the young people and trying to persuade them the DJT is bad orange man. Forgive them Lord for they do not know. Everything Obama said was communist propaganda. God save America
    Trump 2020 MAGA #obaMAGAte

  46. Amazing!!! A pandemic that is in no way the president’s fault and it gets turned into a political war. All a person has to do is beat the wrong candidate and be in the Republican Party and the sh&t hits the fan. The commiecrats are the lowest from of so called human. No sane and rational people would even think about voting for the party of domestic enemies of America. It takes a sick deplorable person to vote for the commiecrats, them being a stink upon America

  47. Sir Donald John Trump, our most beloved and duly elected POTUS has already gone down in the annals of history as THE greatest President ever! And BHO , the worst of the worst!

  48. Now that’s funny, or pathetic. If one didnt know better one would think he was describing himself! Course people that delusional hardly ever think rules for common folk apply to them.

  49. Obama was the worse one ever to sit in the white house. He hated our army and navy. He tried remove the support and weaken our country.

  50. Gabe your mulatto was the worse president since peanut Jimmy Carter. That idiot caused a lot of grief and death while following his comrades like bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. He runs his commie mouth and he isn’t good enough to kiss Trump’s ass.

  51. Gabe, you are 1 of of the far too many who is a vaporized Dimethyltryptamine inhaling junkie whose mind is in a perpetual state of being scattered across numerous planes of existence with absolutely no grasp on any one reality, clearly you are going through the serious symptoms of withdrawl, so before you vomit more complete drivel do us rational and true patriots a major favor, increase the concentration of vaporized Dimethyltryptamine you are inhaling and inhale far more deeply putting yourself into a comatose state so you are incapable of being a threat to the peace of mind of us genuinely cognizant patriots.

  52. Is there any doubt now that democrats do believe the ends justify the means, meaning it’s OK to lie and steal, and cheat, and break laws if it gets you what you want?
    Right out of Obama’s own mouth.
    “Broad majorities agree on the ends,” Obama continued. “That’s why folks with power will keep trying to divide you over the means. That’s how nothing changes.”
    Obama is a communist.

  53. Infiltration of true islam into the United States, spread of true islam across the globe, a pathetic joke of a a national healthcare program, creating devicessiveness between the races, hatred towards Law Enforcement, weakened our military and spread the wicked NWO/OWO concept from coast to coast, nothing the foreign enemy Kenyan tyrant “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry the Osamanator” did benefitted true patriots of this nation.

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