Donald Trump dropped the hammer on Joe Biden with this fact about the border

Donald Trump and Joe Biden both traveled to the southern border.

The split screen was game, set, and match for Trump.

And Donald Trump dropped the hammer on Joe Biden with this fact about the border.

Donald Trump visits the border patrol

Donald Trump and Joe Biden staged dueling speeches at the border in an early preview of what the general election will look like.

Trump visited the Eagle Pass border sector – Ground Zero for the illegal alien crisis in Texas – with Governor Greg Abbot.

Trump visited the border patrol headquarters and spoke with the men and women tasked with defending America from a stampede of illegal aliens entering the country,

Donald Trump blasts Joe Biden for failures at the border

Trump then blistered Biden over Biden squandering the secure border that Donald Trump left behind, which Trump declared was the most secure in history.

“Three years ago, we had the most secure border in history, people weren’t coming because they knew they couldn’t get in, we weren’t promising free education, free medical, free everything,” Trump declared.

“We ended catch and release, we built 571 miles of border wall, much more than I promised I would build.” Trump continued. “We purchased another 200 miles (of wall materials), and they sold that — much of it for five cents on the dollar.”

Joe Biden keeps fighting Texas

Texas is trying to secure the border through Operation: Lonestar.

Governor Abbott erected razor wire fencing and deployed the National Guard and other enforcement personnel to the border.

Abbott also signed a law allowing state authorities to deport illegal aliens back to their native countries if they are caught illegally entering Texas.

Law enforcement also increased patrols to stop cartels from trafficking deadly fentanyl into America.

Abbott touted the success of this program.

According to Abbott’s office, as of February 22, the state has made more than 40,000 criminal arrests and seized more than 114 million lethal doses of Fentanyl. The operation also netted 9,811 illegal firearms and resulted in the arrest of more than 500,000 migrants along the Texas-Mexico border,” Breitbart reported.

But Joe Biden took Texas to court to force them to stop enforcing immigration law.

Biden sued to allow federal officials to cut down the razor wire and to ask a judge to order Texas to stop deporting illegal aliens back to their home countries.

Americans know if Donald Trump was in office he’d be working with Texas to secure the border as opposed to Joe Biden who is going to court to keep the record flow of illegal aliens into the county humming along.

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