Donald Trump dropped the hammer on one Deep State agent

Donald Trump struck back at the Deep State.

Congress caught one rogue government agent in the middle of a massive scandal.

The President responded by dropping the hammer with a career ending tweet.

Justice Department official Bruce Ohr spent hours testifying to Congress behind closed doors.

Ohr continued to meet with Christopher Steele about this Russia dossier even after the FBI terminated his confidential human source agreement.

Republicans stated that Ohr’s testimony contradicted that of ex-FBI official Lisa Page and Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson.

Trump responded to these bombshell developments by sending out a tweet questioning why Ohr still had a job.

Trump supporters are asking the same question.

The answer lies with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Sessions has not taken action to purge Deep State operatives from the Department of Justice.

This is why Donald Trump is rumored to be on the verge of firing the Attorney General.

Some in Washington believe Trump will fire Sessions after the midterm elections.

That’s because Sessions’ support in the Senate has eroded.

Republicans no longer believe Sessions should stay in place if Trump lost all confidence in him.

But there is no obvious replacement.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new details in this ongoing story.

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