Donald Trump dropped the hammer on one Deep State agent

Donald Trump struck back at the Deep State.

Congress caught one rogue government agent in the middle of a massive scandal.

The President responded by dropping the hammer with a career ending tweet.

Justice Department official Bruce Ohr spent hours testifying to Congress behind closed doors.

Ohr continued to meet with Christopher Steele about this Russia dossier even after the FBI terminated his confidential human source agreement.

Republicans stated that Ohr’s testimony contradicted that of ex-FBI official Lisa Page and Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson.

Trump responded to these bombshell developments by sending out a tweet questioning why Ohr still had a job.

Trump supporters are asking the same question.

The answer lies with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Sessions has not taken action to purge Deep State operatives from the Department of Justice.

This is why Donald Trump is rumored to be on the verge of firing the Attorney General.

Some in Washington believe Trump will fire Sessions after the midterm elections.

That’s because Sessions’ support in the Senate has eroded.

Republicans no longer believe Sessions should stay in place if Trump lost all confidence in him.

But there is no obvious replacement.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new details in this ongoing story.


  1. What gets me is how so many really believed that the Democratic party was so innocent in all this.
    For four years they’ve blatantly lied to America.
    All the fake news media played right into those that can’t think for themselves. The Democrats were all in on the NWO(New World Order) that was headed by china(all our vaccines, or most and all our antibiotics are outsourced to china in order to lead the New World) afterall look at the WHO!
    WAKE UP FOLKS, I said this right years ago!

  2. It is blatantly obvious who the traitors are, and how anti-America they are! The DNC is an evil, criminal organization that has no way back, once they attacked the American People by knowingly supporting an ineligible candidate for POTUS, then going all in on the decision they made, to not only back a Coup by Ayers and Dohrn to put a foreign born anarchist that Ayers parents put through Harvard, but also giving HRC and BHO the green light to rig their own party’s Presidential Nomination Election stealing it from Sanders because they thought HRC had a better chance to defeat Trump! Then after all that, Trump won, they then jumped knee deep into the sewer, to push a lie to try and oust Trump! They must be disbanded! How can you trust the DNC not to cheat, when they can’t even hold their own election without cheating?

  3. everyone !! raise your hand IF YOU ARE DUMB ENOUGH TO EITHER READ OR BELIEVE A WASHINGTON POST/ABC POLL !!! Also, in my opinion, anyone that has a non-functioning DEMOM-RAT BRAIN and is empty-headed enough to post such a poll anywhere on the entire internet has announced to the world just how stupid he/she is !!

  4. one of the most valuable features on a Boar is the number of teats he has. ALL offspring of a boar will receive the number of teats as the Boar. ALL resulting sows with the largest number of teats can feed more piglets than a sow with fewer teats. The statement you made, Jerry, means Jeff Sessions is VERY valuable. Rather say, Sessions is lower than whale turds on the bottom of the ocean.

  5. Judge Jeanine has already said, “no way” Trey should be in AG, Judge Jeanine will be more useful in her national spotlight.

  6. As long as we are all speculating on who should replace Jeff Sessions, Trey Gowdy is at the top of my short list. Reminds me of an intelligent well trained Pit Bull with patience. Just an opinion….

  7. I could not agree more but, if for some reason Gowdy who is South Carolina 4th District Rep. refused or could not take the position I can think of at least 3 others right off the bat; all of whom I believe would do an excellent job and NOT be intimidated by Deep State dolt leftovers from the wretched and crooked Obama regime of ruin. They would be, in no particular order, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Judge Andrew Napolitano and current Ambassador to New Zealand, and JAG Officer in the U.S. Army Reserve for 30 years, former Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts. Both the judges are well known and have excellent judicial references and records and are KNOWN to be Strict interpreters of the Constitutional which I believe we need for a long overdue BALANCE to the much corrupted Court where Judicial process seems to have been too often replaced with political agendas; Brown is much the same. The SJC is supposed to make decisions based on prior precedents as a guideline in cases they choose to hear which is not all of them, but, the practice seems to have died a lot and it should be restored, AS SHOULD THE FREEDOMS AND CHOICES WE ONCE HAD NOW BEING CONSTANTLY ATTACKED, by those who make the laws and break them with increasing impunity!

  8. I agree that Trey Gowdy would make a great Attorney General and wondered whether that might be why he decided not to run for reelection, hmmm.

  9. Richard Latner, Tell us genius, what do you think about Bruce Ohr. Come on now, don’t be shy! Inquiring minds want to know.

  10. I think Trey Gowdy would be the right person to take it over. He is a believer in the constitution & law pf the land. The Deep State could not suck him in. He would clean house.


  12. Donald Trump dropped the hammer on one Deep State agent


  13. Dan, I am sure you remember Commie changed his wording about her absolute negligence and stupidity in receiving classified in her jury rigged server. Goblamo had to have known about it.


  15. Trump is not letting anyone off the hook, he is telling it like it really is, I can admire that in anyone, the first President that gets “Crap” from both sides and gives it right back to them. Stands his ground, I do believe he IS working for the good of We The People, not just words but with action. Those on the Left, the Media and the Rino’s are not used to being put in their place’s.

  16. Sessions is a Banker Puppet same as obama hillary Graham McCain Ryan Murkowski Snowe McConnell plus many others…!!!

  17. tom I hate to disappoint you but freedom of speech works both ways just because you use fake news polls on me does not give the right to bully me to agree with you as long as I live in a free county I will defend my right to have my on opinion and not be a puppet for you and those like you

  18. Tom, you have drank the kool aid and it has consumed you. You need a good exorcism and I know someone who is ultimately capable of doing this; Sean Hannity.

  19. Ohr still has a job because he is being protected by big democrats , and never Trumper’s , I think Session’s is scared to death of them , I think he is worried about what they will do to him politically .

  20. With all the findings of the legal guru’s no Russian colluding with Trump we are still
    wasting tax dollars perpetuating the false narrative..even a simple minded individual can think reasonably well that it is a set up..Sessions do your job for the country sake!

  21. Nancy: Your comments mirror my thoughts. I wish Trey Gowdy wouldn’t leave, though I understand his reasoning. Perhaps this nightmare will end before the mid-elections (?)

  22. Bender, One thing is sure, with the Intel and DOJ community protecting and covering up for Democrat criminals, for we don’t know yet how many years, they were never going to be indicted! We are currently working to remedy that injustice against the American people. Before this is over it is going to be shown most of the Republican problms have been bias and Lord only knows what else, perpetrated by the same people who have been covering for the libs all these years.

  23. Rethugs been investigating Clintons for 8 plus years now and still have nothing to show for it. They been investigating cadet bone spurs campaign team and have plenty of indictments and many guilty pleas and some guilty verdicts. So that tells me either there is nothing there or rethugs are just as bad at investigating the crimes as they are at committing them.

  24. Yes to OUR PRESIDENT’S second term and YES TO Congressman TREY GOWDY finishing DRAINING THE SWAMP!! PRAY That GOD will put someone in after President Trump who will finish the job!! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PROTECT EVERYONE WHO DEFENDS GOOD NOT EVIL!!!

  25. AG Sessions says he won’t be politically motivated BUT HE IS! I believe in the unmasking & wiretapping the deep state found some harmful dirt on this establishment politician. Perhaps his entire role as an early supporter of our Great President wS to be a destructive force. Sadly, Sessions only appears to be a foolish puppet for Warlock Mueller & his cauldron of JR warlocks & witches.

  26. I hope Trump keeps this attack up. There is a new poll out 8/31/18 that shows how it is working:
    A new ABC News/Washington Post poll found 49% of Americans back Trump’s impeachment — more than the 46% of Americans who are opposed.
    The survey also found Trump’s popularity plummeting, with 36% approving of the job he’s doing compared with the 60% who disapprove. Even worse, a majority of Americans strongly disapprove of Trump’s job performance.
    The poll also shows that Trump’s attempts to smear special counsel Robert Mueller are failing, as 63% support Mueller’s investigation, with 52% strongly supporting it. Even more, Trump’s Mueller smear campaign is backfiring, as 53% of Americans say Trump has tried to obstruct justice by meddling in Mueller’s investigation.

  27. Bring in Judge Jeanine Pirro, she will sort them all out in no time flat. Trey Howdy would also be good but he has already said he’s done at the end of his term.

  28. Absolutely correct,. I tried to give Sessions every benefit of the doubt but he is either totally incompetent or he is totally complicit. There is no other option. The same goes for Robert Mueller. There is another report out that Bruce Ohr testified he had kept Andrew Wiessmann – currently a deputy on Mueller’s – “investigation” team – described as “Mueller’s Pit Bull” – in the loop about the Steele dossier being fake. That means Mueller has known this all along too. The roosters are coming home to nest and the truth is trickling out. Most of the people involved are scared to death about facing any prison time so they are desperately trying to save their own asses. Lanny Davis – has been keeping the Clintons out of prison for years suddenly back-tracking? They are looking at ALL the emails that James Comey – ignored and they are once again looking at the computer seized from Huma Abedin/Anthony Wiener’s home. I think if Hillary has any sense left at all – she’ll hop on her broom and get the hell out of here while she still can.

  29. Jennifer, I agree with you that Tray Gowdy would do a great job as our next president: However, let’s re-elect President Trump for four more and then Gowdy for eight. Eight under Trump and Eight under Gowdy would be heaven on earth. Please God, let it be.

  30. I hope the next AG is asked the questions by President Trump, how if I want someone fired for cause are you and I going to accomplish this? I want demand but you better have a good answer if we disagree. The president needs to VET this person for how he sees his next two years of his term. He does not need to have to fight with everyone. I think that after two years he know how his job works. I just know we will win in the Midterm and that will set up 2020. Right now 202 should be a slam dunk unless things change with the DEMS. They have a lot to work on to change.

  31. Sessions should do what’s right and resign with Tray Gowdy waiting in line for immediate appointment. As a southerner, I am ashamed of sessions performance, or lack thereof,and he should hang his head in shame.

  32. 1. Nobody is ‘indispensable’.
    2. There is never a ‘perfect’ candidate for any job.
    3. Every presidential appointee serves ‘at the pleasure of the President’.
    4. Sessions has been an abject failure. Goodbye.

  33. With all of this information surfacing Sessions either has to act upon it, or quit his job. It seems he wants to stay far away from anything that gets close to Hillary.

  34. YES…..TREY GOWDY IS THE MAN FOR THE JOB. THANK YOU. I firmly believe that if he ran in 2020 Trump would be out!!

  35. TREY GOWDY IS MY VOTE. 100%. In almost anything I comment on I always put #treygowdy4president. Talk about getting things done and in an honest and transparent manner. He’s the right man for the job. He should have been the AG to begin with!!!!

  36. Our President needs someone covering his backside. Obama had his backside covered 5 ways to Sunday. The Justice Dept belongs to the enemy Rob Rosenstein and these other deep state executives! Sessions needs to resign for the sake of our country! He has done nothing to help our President.

  37. Trump has one major deficiency. With a few exceptions, like Nikki Haley, he has done a poor job of selecting the right people for the right job. Some of his poor choices were obvious from the start. But it must be admitted that Sessions originally looked like an excellent choice. Sessions however has proved to be a big disappointment. He has been completely inapt at the job. He needs to get fired up and do his job or resign.

  38. No obvious replacement? How about Trey Gowdy, Sydney Powell, Judge Nepalitano, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes! Just to name a few!

  39. I firmly believe president Trump is running interference for Sessions. Think about it, democrats resist everything president Trump is for. It stands to reason then that if president Trump is against Sessions, the liberal left will support him. This allows Sessions, Huber, and the IG to work with out interference from the loony left. The guilty are about to pay bigly. MAGA

  40. From the beginning I’ve been blaming Jeff Sessions inaction and inability to take control on the fact that he’s being blackmailed. Most likely suspects are the Clintons because that’s what they do and that’s how they get away with all their crimes, including murder.

  41. I like what the Sen. from Texas said last night. He sat in on Bruce Ohr’s testimony – he said he was not at liberty to say what was said but if he was one of the people Bruce Ohr mentioned – he would be looking for a damned good lawyer right noiw

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