Donald Trump ended a four year fight with Barack Obama with this major victory

Donald Trump and Barack Obama are bitter political rivals.

But their feud came to an end with one clear winner.

And Donald Trump ended a four year fight with Barack Obama with this major victory.

Barack Obama fired Lt. General Michael Flynn as the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014 after Flynn objected to Obama’s weakness on radical Islam.

Before Trump took over the Presidency, Obama warned Trump not to hire him.

After Trump named Flynn as his incoming National Security Advisor, the Obama administration and FBI set about trying to frame Flynn for being a Russian agent.

President Trump put an end to this four year battle by pardoning Flynn after anti-Trump judge Emmett Sullivan refused to allow the Justice Department to drop the guilty plea Robert Mueller forced Flynn to agree to.

Attorney General William Barr appointed a career prosecutor to review the Flynn case and he found significant problems with the FBI’s conduct.

Despite this fact, Judge Sullivan fought tooth and nail to keep Flynn’s guilty plea in place.

President Trump saw that enough was enough and stepped in to pardon Flynn.

The Wall Street Journal praised the President’s decision.

“President Trump’s decision Wednesday to pardon former national security adviser Michael Flynn is an overdue act of justice that ends four years of political harassment, unjustified prosecution and judicial abuse. If it sounds like we feel strongly about this one, you’re right,” the Journal Editorial Board wrote.

For four years, Barack Obama tried to destroy Michael Flynn as revenge for how Flynn blew the whistle on Obama’s failed policies.

Obama’s quest will end in failure.

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