Donald Trump ended Robert Mueller’s investigation with just six words

Robert Mueller finally showed his hand.

The media expected the special counsel’s sentencing memos for Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort to deliver a death blow to Donald Trump’s presidency.

Instead, Trump ended Robert Mueller’s investigation with six words.

Mueller’s sentencing memos were a massive letdown.

In neither memo did Mueller make any reference to information provided by either Cohen or Manafort on Russian collusion.

The best Mueller could do was advance the nonsense storyline about a failed business deal in Russia during the 2016 camapign.

Trump gleefully pointed out that Mueller failed to produce any evidence against him when he tweeted that the memos “totally clears” him.

Of course, the fake news media can be expected to keep up the drum beat that these memos are damaging to the president.

They claim that because some unknown Russian reached out to Michael Cohen in 2015 about the Trump Tower in Moscow project it proves collusion.

But the Russians would have to be the greatest political prognosticators of all time to bet on Trump being president in the fall of 2015.

Even the intelligence community’s own assessment claimed the Russians’ only interest at first was sowing discord.

They allege Russia only tried to help Trump later in the campaign.

This is just another fake news “bombshell” that fizzled out under even the slightest bit of scrutiny.

Mueller was tasked with uncovering evidence of Russian collusion during the 2016 campaign.

And once again he failed to deliver the goods.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Because CNN says so?

    You dems really have a difficult time thinking for yourselves as well as SPELLING and grammar!

  2. I agree bruce wickstrom! the Veterans, especially the Disabled Vets, should be taken care of first! The Wall next, then the elderly and dis-advantaged Children! Never should have given the Illegal Immigrants any Free stuff! That was O’bummers doing! As far as the Wall, we need the Wall, Yesterday!! Get ‘er Done Mr. President! And the better deal with Mexico will pay for it, just like you said***

  3. Democrap known this since 30 dude that why they bully there way with the house an Senate who controls those offices control the country not the President

  4. It goes back alot further than the Clinton’s back into 30 40 where democraps really learn how to show how dumb the American people are just now waking up an doing something about it but didn’t stop the democraps getting the house big mistake

  5. It is about time that they stopped trying to please the Clinton crime syndicate and the wishes of Pelosi and Schumer. There was no collusion except between the parties and the misguided taxpayer wasting liberal element in this country. This has been a total waste of taxpayer money which could have been used to fund the border wall and take care of our veterans. DISGUSTING MAGA RVN 68-69

  6. Dan T., Well, they were fun to watch the first time, bet they will be again! I can’t believe they were not hauled off to the funny farm!

  7. JD, My, my, your grammar does not reflect a liberal with a PHD. Oops, little slip up there you phony…You make Trump supporters look good, thanks!
    I stand by what I have said about you libs on here being few in number using a lot of different names! You know every “name” being “used” on here writing as liberals and are well acquainted with the infamous Diane. It is none of your business what my name is, real or otherwise. At least I am not lying and calling myself a PHD, you fake!
    Whatever else you are, you also have mental issues, you are arrogant with a superiority complex to the point of severe neurosis. You have a paranoid hatred for Republicans and DTS that you try to retain control of.
    You are one sick puppy, JD…….
    Note: I have not mentioned one political
    issue or point because you are unreasonable and, we all know you can’t reason with unreasonable!

  8. Daniel, these Trumpers are so ate up with conspiracy thinking, they like to morph people together. One time they thought all my postings came from someone named “Diane” and someone else. The “Real M” is not real either; because the real name is Maxine for Maxine Waters.

  9. Absolutely Daniel. And Mueller has cut the cost by getting millions from Manafort. Manafort probably thought Trump would pardon him but he is wrong: Judge Napolitano, on Fox News, reports that in Paul Manafort’s guilty plea, Robert Mueller also required Manafort to plead guilty to uncharged state crimes in New Jersey, Virginia and California to “make it pardon proof”.

    Robert Mueller is a genius, and Manafort appears to be screwed!

  10. William, aren’t you forgetting SIX years of the Whitewater investigation at three times that expense that led to the impeachment of Clinton?

  11. This proves it is NOT a witch hunt:
    Russia Probe:
    190+ indictments.
    40 people charged.
    5 guilty pleas.
    4 guilty convictions.

  12. TRUMP DOES NOT READ. Tillerson said Trump would be given briefings and summaries, but he did not even read them. In addition, Trump wanted things done in ways that were illegal. That is Trump’s own former Sec. of State!

    Gerald, of even more importance is the state allegations and cases that will come for Trump, because there is no pardon or similar rules for state crimes.

  13. Of course Mueller is not going anywhere, Eric, we just found out the president directed the campaign crime done by his lawyer Cohen. Cohen did not pay off those women because HE had sex with them — they were clearly done to defraud during the 2016 election.

  14. Daniel is not “real”, he is only a “pen name” for one of the other phonies, (liberal phony that is)! You will be known, it is only a matter of time!

  15. Rose Weleski, Amen, you said a mouthful! I couldn’t help but smile about the cockroaches, I started to use that analogy but decided to make up one of my own. Ahhh yes, Satan is the great deceiver with Dems a close second! I won’t get started on their deception right now.

  16. I was just telling my sister-in-law the same thing today….only I used the statement, when the cockroaches (Dems) see the light (the truth) they run back into the darkness (the swamp). This how Satan works also….can’t be exposed to the Light of truth.

  17. Dan T., These liberals have gone into mass hysteria and are acting like somebody threw a thousand firecrackers into a settlement of young chimps, they have all gone crazy with fear and are striking out in all directions trying to get some relief! These liberals are making about as much sense as a bunch of chimps in mass hysterics also!
    If they are feeling their oats because of Mueller’s latest filing they can relax. Legal experts say this was not the bombshell libs were expecting. Maybe the libs on here know that because, they are all angrier and meaner than unusual.
    Let them go, maybe their pea brains will short out causing them to fizzle and blow away in a breeze!

  18. MAGA- Mueller Ain’t Got Anything!! Trump won’t remove him, the AG will, slowly by 1,000 cuts. I guess you think we’d be better off with Hillary, you dumb MFer??!!

  19. I notice an increase in libturd stupidity in these posts. They are brain dead paid trolls. Ignore them. Let them kick off the civil war on their own. We will handle it.

  20. So what?! The left and Deep State don’t care if they’ve got nothing, they’ve also got nothing to lose and will keep plugging away until they pay a real price. CNN is paying in viewer losses but stupid Americans just handed the House to traitors who have no solutions or plans to improve the nation, just get Trump. Mueller isn’t going anywhere and if Trump removes him, the House will impeach him. It needs to be done by the new AG and then Trump can triangulate and say he was opposed to the action but respects an independent DOJ.

  21. Hey dipstick! That’s why we have the Electoral College. So the fools in California and the Northeast can’t overrule the rest of us. Who YOU callin’ stooopid?

  22. It’s no wonder the scuzballs continue to attack the president. But I don’t believe even he suspected just how deep the “SWAMP” was when he began. It has become evident to me at least that the democrat party has been built around the Clintons, going all the way back to Arkansas. The crooked politicians saw a way to dupe the public and make themselves richer by following the Clinton PLAN and they have, up until now, succeeded. But this president has exposed much of it and they must get rid of him before he puts the rest of them under the gun. Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, just about ALL of N Y and California, and of course the Clintons themselves. If all these attackers are successful in getting the president out the entire nation will pay the bill. This is not just a political thing. This is the survival of our nation. Everyone should take a breather and think where we would be right now if the Clintons were back in the White House, and those who are pushing so hard are Clinton supporters. It is a very dangerous situation indeed.

  23. Trump said that if he were to run for President he would run as a Republican because Republican voters are the dumbest voters. He said it and it happened.

    MAGA. Mueller Ain’t Goin’ Away.

  24. Which Americans, the majority that didn’t vote for Orange Julius? There are more of us fool. You should shut up an take your medicine like you’ve been screaming at us. Your president is a colossal failure and you and your goon squad are too damned stooopid to realize it!

  25. The only thing that is disgusting about this MUELLER fiasco is it is a “Witch Hunt” created, orchestrated and played out by the Liberal Left…and it STINKS!!

  26. I guess Trump didn’t read the Cohen sentencing memorandum filed by the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. The memorandum asserts that Trump’s hush money paymentsto the two women with whom he had affairs constituted felony criminal violations under the Federal Campaign Financing statutes. Kind of hard to miss this point in the Cohen sentencing memo. Only two questions on this remain: (1) when will the federal indictment with respect to these violations be returned by the feederal grand jury and (2) whether Trump’s trial on these federal criminal violations occur before he leaves office or after he leaves office.

  27. Ben,
    I hope you realise and understand every wealthy person there is has done something wrong. And you can bet your last breath EVERY POLITICIAN in this world today had skeletons all of them. If the best people can dig up is paying women some money that alone is pathetic women and wealth go together its that simple.

  28. This site thinks I have already posted this but I cannot find it. If a duplicate sorry.Mueller will keep the crap going until after the new House takes over. Then he will get with Pelosi and others to put out a memo that still cannot prove anything but just like the FISA warrant the House will use it to start impeachment process. This will continue until the 2020 elections start gaining the limelight.

  29. Mueller will keep the crap going until after the new House takes over. Then he will get with Pelosi and others to put out a memo that still cannot prove anything but just like the FISA warrant the House will use it to start impeachment process. This will continue until the 2020 elections start gaining the limelight.

  30. They are in the President’s feed…”Totally clears the President. Thank you!” as said by the President.

  31. I’ve been around since the days of IKE, the murdered Kennedy’s and I’ve NEVER seen a #POTUS have time to “tweet” his B.S. to fools. Y’all were suckered and will be responsible for the crap that Trump shovels. He has known Putin over 30- years, according to Putin and Trump. You need a diagram to see the future of The United States of America? By the way, this is a “fake comment”.

  32. Oops!, sorry to have repeated the part of your part about Donald’s Tweet, would someone tell me how the complete idiot misspelled unsubscribe the “C” and the “T” have a whole row of letters between them, “doh!”

  33. Fact, the media and that includes both the LSM and Social media had proclaimed Hellary the winner months in advance, guess they figured the illegal investigation into Donald’s campaign was going to end his campaign, now when does the investigation begin on that, oh that is correct it has due in main part by the actions of the president of Judicial Watch and his staff, but still no indictments by the DOJ, now why is that, hmmm!

  34. Did you read the six word tweet sent by President Trump?
    Are you really that blinded by your hatred of D.T.?
    Or are you just a dumbass?

  35. I am completely for “The Donald” may our Lord Jesus continue to guide the President in this most difficult of times. Why don’t people learn the truth in all of this. They just don’t want truth. Keep going Mr. President from a staunch supporter here in Missouri, Art LeBeau all for you

  36. How can these theatrics be stopped? Are we still not a republic with integrity? I hate what has happened; people being accused of committing crimes they are not even aware of. STOP THIS WITCH HUNT and spend the taxpayers’ money on forward moving projects – LIKE THE MUCH NEEDED WALL!

  37. Trump needs some Legal Offense going fast. They are now accusing him of that which they do-VOTER FRAUD. Even Demoncat charges against Trump are frauds. But they will not go away except by FORCE.

  38. STOP this crap NOW! President Trump IS President whether you like it or not! He has done nothing wrong! Start working WITH him to get his job done. He has many good things to do, God willing. Bring our Nation back together, and protect our legal citizens. God Bless America.Keep us strong!

  39. mueller ain’t going no where , democrats will keep this phony investigation going for 2 more years , and if trump does get re-elected it will go on for another 6 years ,it’s all they have left ,and all their candidates to run for president all have sever brain damage ,yous elect another n word then let yous suffer with it

  40. The real investigation needs to be in the corrupt Democrats and all of their schemes to commit voter fraud. We have illegal aliens voting, dead people voting, ballot harvesting, corrupt election officials, illegal money being funneled in to the Clinton Foundation, etc. The list goes on and on, yet the focus is on Trump and fake collusion. This was the “insurance policy” that Stryk and McCabe talked about. Such a nothing burger. I hope that now that Jeff Sessions is gone, the DOJ can finally issue some indictments over some of the fraud committed by former Obama officials.

  41. The only reason it has lasted this long is that Mueller wanted to pad his retirement acct . He knows he’ll never work again so run up the taxpayers tab then retire rich . He knew from the start there was nothing .

  42. The six words that President Trump should utter to mueller is THE TRUESURY DEPARTMENT DEMANDS EXACT EVIDENCE, if you wanat to get paid

  43. Agree with YOU 100 + 100%! The DEVIL IS MUELLER~~ Too much Envy for our President Trump! Every FACTS will surfaces…. Our President is a GOD loving MAN! God is on HIS SIDE!
    Let all Truth revelas themselves! Let Mueller faces his own TRUTH!! An envious heart will faces its own music all in the FULNESS OF TIME!!

  44. WASH DC attorneys charge $500/hour plus expenses. So far the Witch Hunt has cost taxpayers almost $40 Million with no end in sight. At age 80 I have never witnessed such a political farce in my entire life.

  45. You call Republicans stupid?
    How much more stupid can YOU be to hate, loathe, and despise DJT, who has done more for America and the American people than ANY Democrat President in the history of America.
    (You really don’t understand because you don’t let any information in proving what has been accomplished during the last two years.) Why do you hate DJT, we ask? You hate him because the stupid party leaders and the stupid party platform state you must!
    That is against what we, as American people, hold dear! You have lost, by listening to your own party, maybe your most important right, FREEDOM!
    But, never mind, you are so brainwashed, without the power of reasoning and truth, you don’t even realize that you have been completely indoctrinated and have given your freedom away to your party. You are only being used to retain their power and control! But hey, they are doing one heck of a job, at least it has worked on you!
    (Instead of spending any energy to hate me why don’t you think about what I have written, provided indoctrination has left any room to think as an individual.)

  46. Maybe the “greatest” con man/snake oil salesman and you bought it all. Look at all the people he “shafted” in his lifetime. He’s a crook and always will be one till the day he departs this earth!!!!!!!

  47. This whole thing is bullcrap Mueller and his cohorts are the ones under investigation for carrying out a personal grudge aganst Trump and also charged with treason for trying to overthrow the sitting President

  48. Mueller is not going away because his job is not only to harass President Trump but to divert attention away from HiLIARy and all the other Corruptocrats, himself included!

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