Donald Trump exposed a scandal that discredits Robert Mueller for good

Robert Mueller and his 17 angry Democrats trained their sights on Donald Trump.

They have been working for nearly 18 months on a hatched job to kill Trump’s Presidency.

But Trump struck back and exposed the scandal that could bring down Mueller for good.

The President blasted Mueller on social media for his unethical conduct.

He noted that Mueller looked the other way on crimes committed by Democrats and his many conflicts of interest.

But what stood out the most is the scandal Trump revealed.

Mueller is purposefully ignoring witnesses who can provide testimony proving Trump’s innocence.

Trump tweeted:

When Mueller does his final report, will he be covering all of his conflicts of interest in a preamble, will he be recommending action on all of the crimes of many kinds from those “on the other side”(whatever happened to Podesta?), and will he be putting in statements from…..

….hundreds of people closely involved with my campaign who never met, saw or spoke to a Russian during this period? So many campaign workers, people inside from the beginning, ask me why they have not been called (they want to be). There was NO Collusion & Mueller knows it!

Mueller is not a by the book law enforcement officer.

He is a political hatchet man trying to frame the President of the United States for a crime he did not commit.

Mueller’s underhanded conduct is one of the great outrages in American history.

As more Americans learn the true nature of Mueller’s probe, they realize Trump is right that it is a politically motivated witch hunt and they will dismiss Mueller’s fabricated findings whenever they are made public.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. T Bell: “If as suspected, the report is bias[ed]”
    The very launching of the investigation was biased & likely illegal. Are you serious?

  2. Judith Yes there was a big bunch Rino that was no Trump and they are they are the ones alone with the Dems that has stop the wall and even slowed down getting his Judges in office.Trump has messed up there play house and them getting dirty money from out side

  3. Yep, Mueller has all the proof he can extort out of any unsuspecting victim. We had a cop like that here where I live. He would arrest people’s mothers, brothers and sisters with a charge of resisting arrest without violence…whatever that is… in order to intimidate his target. One day his sister disappeared, finally she was dropped off at Sacred heart hospital unharmed with a message for her brother, “we can play that game too”. Needless to say he stopped playing dirty. Maybe someone needs to do the same thing to Mueller.

  4. Thanks for the post,
    Now we need to prosecute Hillary for her involvement in the theft of US Uranium.
    It looks like Dem. leadership is interested in enriching themselves, than in protecting their m home land

  5. There is a pending law suit initiate by Jerome Corsi with Judicial Watch.
    It questions the very legality of the actions taken by Moeller since the FISA Act, on which this whole swindle of an investigation is based on, never investigated the legality of this FISA act that is used as the basis for this investigation.
    Hillary’s stealing of 15% of US Uranium, the real crime behind this whole debacle, is sidelined by Robert Mueller’s highly questionable motives, methods, and tactics.
    This legal action was crooked from the start, since the allegations of Russian influence in the last elections would certainly have been in favor of Hillary, for facilitating this theft of US Uranium to Russia.
    This brahua is just a means of taking the public’s mind off the real crime committed, the theft of US Uranium by Hillary to our nations most deadly enemy, the Russians.
    If you want to help justice to win here, Support Judicial Watch financially, they are up against the Dem. Party Corruption.

  6. well said
    why don’t the Republicans do something or are too many just as corrupt as the democrats? It is so frustrating, the world sees the corruption of the justice dept but no one seems to be able to do anything.

  7. Thanks Thomas,I’m definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed but I do know that If it walks like a duck…etc.. I know that sin has to come to it’s full fruition before Christ returns. All of Israel’s enemies have to have the upper hand and “Him who hinders” must be removed. God said “I will make them drunk” that means no concept of what is right. A penny for wheat and a penny for barley but see you don’t touch the oil and the wine. The Democrats proclaimed by Nancy Pelosi want two classes of people, the elite rich and those who are dependent on the government. They want to see Israel burn. But as it says at the end of Revelation,”let the good be good,let the bad be bad,let the righteous be righteous and let the unrighteous go about there works of iniquity”,even so come Lord Jesus Christ.

  8. Robert Mueller hasn’t released his report because he hasn’t found someone he can blackmail that has credible dirt or someone whose willing to perjure hisself in a court of law for the Democrats.

  9. Let’s not act like democrats. We don’t know what we don’t know. Muller has not released his report and until that happens, I for one will remain civil and wait for the facts before passing judgement. If as suspected, the report is bias then we can unleash on Muller, but not until the facts are known. All glory and praise to our heavenly father, from whom all goodness goes forth.

  10. Due to error, a Revised Invitation To: Scott/Shep &’jd’.
    ~ Dan, your comp is waiting at the Ritz.
    * We aim to Please.

  11. You are Correct Ricky, GM 0n a ‘dump’!!! of ‘Unwanted Models’.
    & Media ‘spins’info out of control. Actually
    Gm Said they prefer to ‘invest/spend’ 0n ‘Electric’
    Cars, which is a complete ‘farce’. Our ‘grid’ can’t handle
    AC in Hot Weather, in certain areas, much less ELECTRIC cars etc
    (& btw Electronics WERE ‘FRIED’ in CA fires,
    as ‘trees’ Remained in the background.)
    >GM IS Not a v.good co. FORD is Way better. Remember when obama took
    over GM 1st day in 0ffice. i do.

  12. Agree. Obama is a closet radical Muslim. Case in point his taking Islamist to our National Christian Church (ours) provided them with prayer rugs sent his Secret Service officers away and thy faced Meca (Meca a farce developed supposedly by Mohammed)
    Not the issue my Christian Church we own the National monument.

  13. Well if he is respected why was he involved in Uranium one and protecting Killary. You are so misinformed, That you must be a Demogog.

  14. April you must be a Snowflake, I fought two tours in Viet Nam and can tell you he is a Patriot and can’t be bought, Obama never donated one nickle to anyone and was caught giving Millions to Iran. Trump donates his salary from being President to help others. The only ones Demogogs help are themselves. Read the narrative about Uranium one and The Clinton foundation and Haiti. $600 out of Millions donated actually went to relief in Haiti.Who is crooked???? Get a life and read the truth lady.

  15. Yes this investigation is just a waste of everything good in this country and Mueller is so stupid for doing whatever it is that he thinks he is doing. What he does not realize is that when all is said and done and history writes the whole truth of this debacle, his grand kids and great grand kids will learn from the history books that they had a grandfather who was a dishonest person and a crook and they will deny being related to him or he is so stupid to think that what he is doing is actually right and honest.

  16. It’s time for the knew Acting Attorney General to install a special prosecutor to investigate Mueller and his team.

  17. Stop Muller’s use of taxpayers money for a witch hunt that has found nothing the crazed democrats wanted him to use to hurt the best president america has ever had. SHAME, SHAME !

  18. Buddy, what you are referring to on the U.S. dollar bill has been misinterpreted and misunderstood by many as to its real meaning. The Latin words DO NOT mean One World Order, nor are they a reference to a New World Order but rather “Novus ordo seclorum” refers to the new “American Era” commencing in 1776 as explained by the designer Charles Thomson in 1782 when it was approved by Congress. The design of an eye over an unfinished Pyramid and the motto “Annuit Coeptis” “allude to the many signal interpositions of providence (God) in favour of the American cause.”
    So in layman terms the Latin mottos used with the unfinished pyramid, the eye in the triangle surrounded by glory rays is telling us that our Creator not only approves of the founding father’s work, but has provided divine intervention and support.
    Our Creator will continue to provide us with guidance and support so long as we as a nation and leaders keep to the original meaning and mission of the founding fathers and the declarations made in our Constitution.

  19. To set the record straight, polls are only as good as who does the polling and I’m pretty sure we all agree the news media is only interested in what makes President Trump look bad. Example: while Obama was President the big 3 polls made him look like a God but Republicans took over the House and the Senate in spite of all the voter fraud. So polls mean squat.

  20. April dear you are the brainwashed one. A typical commie dumbass. So tell us how our country would be better if your commiecrat regime had total control. All you do is bash Trump. Never a word about what your crowd offers. I know what it is , and I’m having none of it. I choose to keep my freedoms and my wonderful blessed AR15. I’ll NEVER be ruled by you idiots.

  21. Andrew,I think you must be talking about Trump, after all YOU believe ALL his lies,(he believes his lies are truth) As his lawyer Rudy stated “truth isn’t truth” because Trump doesn’t KNOW how to tell the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!! You are surely “brainwashed” by the worlds BIGGEST “CON MAN”!!!!!

  22. Mueller is trying to protect his own ass from being prosecuted, for a treasonous act performed by him and Hillary Clinton. “Called Uranium One Deal” Hillary wanted to claim her Bribe of $145 Million, so she had No Other than the Head of the FBI Robert “The Traitor” Mueller to deliver a Weapons Grade Uranium Sample to the Russians Putin. Then Putin liked the sample and Mueller OK’d The Uranium One Deal for Hillary. This is the (Real Russian Collusion) For Hillary then got her Bribe Money $145 Million in Russian Money straight into her Pay to Play scheme. Now Bill Clinton had to cash in to!! He flew to Moscow and gave Putin a 45 Minute speech Titled: “It Pays to Play with a Clinton” and Bill Clinton got his Treasonous Money, then he spends the weekend at Putin’s estate. Now is not that funny!!!! But the Truth!! Why in the Hell would Trump collude with Russia?? When PUTIN had already bought the Clinton’s…Putin is rewarded with 20% of Americas Uranium!! Democrats make out this did not happen… But in the Meanwhile Rod Rosenstein, James Comey and Obama was busy running cover up operation. For, Queen Bee Hillary was already set up to be President!!! Then Hillary buy’s her Insurance policy to frame Trump throught the same people who help her with the Uranium One Deal! Fusion One, using the Perkins Law firm, with Hillary paying for Christopher Steele a British Spy, to write the Fake Russian Dossier on Trump. Hillary’s scum bag James Comey drops off a copy of the Russian Dossier to Senator McCain and the FBI. So, then Rod Rosenstein and Loretta Lynch can get a FISA warrant which both of them sign to spy on the Trump Campaign with OBAMA’s OK (Democrat Foul ODOR here!!) Hillary cry’s Foul the Russians helped Trump when she lost her Rigged election!!!! All the Democrats cry foul?? For what?? Yet, Rosenstien tell his Sissy Sessions he should Recuse himself from a investigation (For What because Hillary Lost) of Russian Collusion which was made up by Hillary for she bought the fake evidence called the Russian Dossier?? Yet Sissy Sessions Recuses himself so he could turn the investigation over to Rod Rosenstein!!! “This Smeels Already!!! Rod had already started setting up Trump with Spying. So, then Rod appoints no other than the one who approved Uranium One Deal COMRADE ROBERT MUELLER(the real Russian Colluder) to head the investigation of Russian Collusion on Trump. Rosenstein Gives Mueller unlimited Powers, Unlimited Budget to go after Trump, Mueller Hires his Team, Lead FBI Investigator Peter Strozk who just cleared Hillary of Benghazi/Email Scandal with Comey at his side only took weeks to clear her!!! Peter Strozk called the Dossier his “Insurance Policy”, Then Mueller Hires nothing but Democrat Lawyers 17 of them to help him (not to mention 13 of them was from the Clinton Foundation). Mueller looks into anyone who Trump hired for his campaign using Obama’s spying materials, all of the Charges are not related to the Campaign. Mueller starts with Micheal Flynn who also worked for Obama breaking down his homes door, freezing his bank accounts, finding a way to convict him of lying to the FBI (I guess that is Mueller) making Flynn go bankrupt, trying to force a fake roll over admitting to lies, then Mueller goes after Paul Manafort the same manner, trying to get a fake confession. Hum Mueller the Traitor, then sets up George Demetrios Papadopoulos having being told to meet a FBI informant overseas and met through FBI Informative Joseph Mifsud, a mysterious Maltese professor who is believed to be an operative for the Russian government and who attempted during the campaign to introduce George Papadopoulos to people purportedly connected to Russia. Whish never happened? This is what Mueller is charging him with lying to the FBI about the FBI set-up to frame George). All of this Russian Collusion is about Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller not Trump. Democrats are always above the Law, commit the Crimes and the Law lets them go… Comey’s Reward was a Job at Lockheed Martin, Where Hillary gave Comey at least 6 or more Non BiD Contracts for the US Government, and Comey walks away with 6 Million Dollars in Commissions. Funny, How the Democrats won the House with Provisional Ballots! Corruption the American People are getting tired of it.

  23. Muleturd is a corrupt and unethical prosecutor. He uses blackmail and evidence suppression to get what he wants. Anyone who believes Mueller is honest is fooling themself. The Muleturd is a smelly mess of pond scum.

  24. That was another debacle Scott27. 4 billion dollars later and all they really came up with was a politician lied. I could have told you that for free. Not that I approved of Clinton, I didnt. His NAFTA deal was a disaster for America and his sexcapades were outrageous. Many presidents had women on the side but the media ignored it.

  25. Actully J.Edgar used the FBI like his own blackmail scheme. He had pried into everyone he disliked private lives. He had an extensive file on John Lennon of all people. Not to mention all the politicians. Oh yeah Hoover was a pip.

  26. Timing. There are things in the works that all conservatives will be blessed to witness. December 5th should be a real eye opener for the American people. KAG

  27. You said a mouth full. Someone who can see light at the end of the tunnel just think about this if they spent this much time and money investigating Hillary Clinton Email and the incompetent FBI investigation the attorney general involvement including the meeting with Ex president Bill CILINTON and the treasonous actions and underhanded dealing of the and the Obamas administration along with CILINTON foundation Muller inquisition and his 17 democratics Stooges there wouldn’t be enough room in the jail

  28. Yes! Why won’t President Trump declassify the documents. Nunes and many others have been asking him to do so for some time. The people need to them for ourselves.

  29. There are at least 17 confirmaed Democrats on Muller’s team. Each made contribution to Hillary and has an axe to grind because she lost. Why does anybody expect a neutral report from such a group? Why are Conservatives quiet while this rape goes on thinking that it is only Pres. Trump’s business? Had the probe been on Hillary by now her supporters would have made sure it shut down through mass protesters. Why are Conservatives always so docile?

  30. Clean sheets & “we’ll leave the light on for ya” , Scott & Dan.
    Invite Shep. Turkey sandwhiches are ‘on the house.’

  31. Stock market began tanking when ‘dem(olitions) took over the House &
    RINOS Ran.
    > Should have been smart & cashed in your 401, Scott. boo hoo. Well,
    just sit all day & ‘rag’ on this site.

  32. Rick, I think Buddy is saying that President Trump has broken every cardinal rule of what the Rich Elite, New World Order, want. Anyone paying attention to the facts knows President Trump has committed no crimes and there is no “Russian Collusion” by Trump. There are significant crimes committed by Obama, Clinton, Soros, and others as you mention.

  33. Like what? Trumps done everything right,its only media putting out fake news to brainwash weak minds that’s wrong! Soros,Obama,Hilary are the wrong doers!

  34. Are you really that stupid JD? 0bozo never reduced the debt. And never got a 3% GDP either. Take a good look at the facts and the facts are that under 0bozo, the debt doubled.

  35. And you believe polls? Ha ha ha ha ha. Polls said Hillary would win, but she didn’t. Polls said there would be a blue wave, but you got a blue tinkle. In fact, 0bozo lost more seats in Congress than Trump did in the mid-terms. And the Senate actually increased on the GOP side where that never has been done by the party in the WH before.

  36. Like I mentioned to the poster before you, Ronnie, let’s contrast that “bleeding American taxpayers” with this: Whitewater Investigation… 6 years, O indictments; Bengazi, 4 years, O indictments; Clinton email, 2 years, 0 indictments; Russia -Trump, 1 year, 19 indictments, 5 guilty pleas and 4 convictions… so far. Please don’t talk to me about bleeding the American taxpayers when you know so little of what you speak.

  37. Someone please tell me why the Secretary of the Treasury cannot freeze Mueller’s funds until he can prove his case. I’m sure that will get his attention quickly. This witch hunt has gone on for 18 months and has cost the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. MUELLER IS NO CLOSER TO FINDING OUT ANYTHING. THIS HAS TO END!!!!!!!

  38. Well, n9085, let’s contraxt that “bleeding American taxpayers” with this: Whitewater Investigation… 6 years, O indictments; Bengazi, 4 years, O indictments; Clinton email, 2 years, 0 indictments; Russia -Trump, 1 year, 19 indictments, 5 guilty pleas and 4 convictions… so far. Please don’t talk to me about bleeding the American taxpayers when you know so little of what you speak.

  39. Nice Dr. Thank you. Unfortunately, such truth is lost on the majority here. Like the old adage… “don’t confuse me with facts, my mind’s made up”… most here fit that to a T. They aren’t interested in truth or reality. I swear they are more of a cult than the Jonestown folks. But I do appreciate the effort.

  40. It’s all about what the elite rich want, and so far President Trump has broken every cardinal rule. They dont care what the Democrats do. This is a world that rewards bad behavior as long as you follow the rules. One World Order! It says it on our One Dollar Bill!

  41. I think there is more to the dirt the Deep State has on Mueller. The Deep State needs to keep all the players under control and by any means possible. There is little doubt that Mueller is part of the Deep State and better tow the line or they will turn on him like sharks in bloody water. He has been part of a lot of the corruption that happened in the Obama administration including assisting Bill’s wife get payola from the Russians. When the defeciation hits the fan, he will be near the front of the line of traitors and liars along with the rest of the Obama crooks. When is this crap going to stop. President Trump you need to grab the bull by the horns and turn over all the ‘declassified’ documents.

  42. No one wants to talk about muellers involvement with hillary and the sale our uranium. If anybody should be going to prison its mueller and hillary.

  43. I’ll bet that poll has you commie morons cumming in your pants. Lie on people enough and people become sheeples. You two should get together and smoke each other’s pipes.

  44. Probably heard it from Hannity, Alex “con man” Jones or worse, another Trump cult follower. And the reason it is total “baloney” is that it would be illegal in his role for Mueller to take that money. That is as ignorant as how Dr. Ford was supposedly paid to testify by Soros.

  45. You justify all of this on a conspiracy that has been disproven many times. Again, when asked at the time, Mueller said he was not (then) a target, but since then, the evidence has shown Trump to be a target. Fox news debunks your conspiracy: Uranium one debunking:

  46. Deplorable Ricky – – you did not fully listen to the story – – part of the problem is the increased prices of steel and materials because of Trump’s arbitrary tariffs. And you know if the news was the opposite – – GM was expanding – – Trump would be taking all the credit. The stock market is adjusting to the mess that Trump has made, and interest rates that WILL increase further because Trump, instead of reducing the deficit like Obama, increased it to $800 BILLION for 2018, and it will be over $1 Trillion in 2019.

  47. You “heard”? Why is it you folks here are so gullible as to believe whatever you’re told. What you said here, Bob, is pure baloney.

  48. Mueller is a life-long Republican . . . but he is a superb, respected investigator and Trumpers don’t want to hear THE TRUTH against their cult leader.

  49. hey Scott27. Brand new data just out since midterms: Six-in-10 Americans disapprove of the job Donald Trump is doing as President, according to a Gallup poll out Monday. Thirty-eight percent approve of the President.

  50. I’m Nerves. Yes he Muller should be tared and feathers
    even that’s to good for Muller As far as I can see
    We republican have no back bone they still haven’t
    drained the swamp. And looking at the White House
    Some of the creeps are still in there and need sorting out
    I love the President and what he as had to go through
    should never happen and What ever happen to proper
    Movies Stars they don’t excised any more all they make
    are movies with killing no wounder our kids are killing
    Themselves and you wouldn’t believe all the kids that
    Committing suicide what kind of country is this? Even our
    Kids are on drugs. I hate to think how we would be if the
    Clintons had got in we wouldn’t have a country
    GodBless President Trump and hang in there we
    Really Really need you

    have time for these movie stars who do they think they
    are a lode of nobody’s

  51. If you were paying attention, Andrew, you just described your leader. You may as well have said the earth is flat, the sky is yellow and rivers flow up hill.

  52. It seems now nobody has to actually commit a crime for the FBI to come after you! This IS what the deep state looks like! Read 1984 then watch your backs! Next they must get rid of the FIRST,SECOND, FORTH and FIFTH AMENDMENTS for this to be complete!! For every body that stayed home on election night or voted Demon Rat, IS THIS WHAT YOU REALLY WANT??? You might be NEXT!!

  53. Maybe they can send Mueller to the border to solve the illegal problem, He is obviously out of his league with the President. This shows that the justice dept was run like a banana republic for years. J Edgar must be having a good laugh in the hereafter. MAGA RVN 68-69

  54. People just like Mueller are running the FBI. They have absolutely no interest in the “Truth.” They have become the fabricators of the facts. If a fact doesn’t fit into their forgone conclusion they discard those. That is how they can find Hillary innocent long before the investigation even begins, and find Trump guilty long before the investigation began. Any true investigation would accept all of the evidence both pro and con, and look at it unbiased, but when you draw conclusions before investigating and you stack the deck with 17 Trump haters and not even one advocate for Trump, the outcome is certain. There is no possibility the Mueller can or wishes to be objective. Not one investigator is out to give equal weight to the evidence. In this case, justice is certainly blind, when they refuse to look at evidence which exonerates Trump. Not even the charge, they are trying to prove, Russian Collusion, is actually a charge of illegality. Mueller and his gang are out to create a false charge, that doesn’t exist. They will make a new charge, and they will try to create an illegality from legal activities.

  55. Mueller was in a security position in 1991-1992
    Which means he was there when Clinton and
    Gore founded the Medea program which to me
    Was the greatest Russian collusion and
    Collaboration in history. All founded in the name
    Of climate change.

  56. Has any one noticed what a total mess the once great state of California has turned into ?, taxed to the gills, nd more taxes in the offing, owned and operated by libraturds, democrats, and border jumpers. Mueller ? just slime from the bottom of Washingtons pond. He will be happy to retire here with all of his pals.

  57. We as true Americans,w ant this country to be as wonderful as possible..need to get congress,a and Senate members pay reduced, term limits, use same health care as what they give us ban all retirement plans except for The President. As tax payer we are getting the shaft from these worthless over paid arrogant scumbags!

  58. the main reason China has metal is because we gave them our clunkers under Obama. Someone was paid billions but it wasn’t the american tax payers.

  59. Let’s not forget that Herr Mueller railroaded four other guys into prison that were all exonerated and released except one , he died in prison before the truth came out !!!! He should be put in prison for that little scandle!

  60. The cost of all the feel good electronics and crap to make the car easier to drive for the button pushing crowd. You won’t be able to get a manual transmission in a pickup truck in 2019 because the drivers are lazy and would actually have to control the vehicle. All this crap has driven the price of a vehicle through the roof. All the idiots with show trucks they never intend to work out of have driven the cost of doing work for people out of sight because the contractors have to pay the cost of crap they don’t want or need.

  61. I believe the Deep State has some bad stuff on Mueller and this is why he does what he does. He most likely is being threatend himself. They say he’s a Republican don’t know if this is true.But either way if he comes up and trys to arrest Trump after all we know already they will be dealing with millions of unhinged Republicans. But honestly they are just trying to keep their lie alive untill 2020 election if you ask me. This crap will linger untill then. They don’t give a rats azz how much it cost the tax payers.

  62. not only that , he is using blackmail , threatening people with prison , illegally getting search warrents and illegally seizing privet property and because the deep state is still in place no one is holding him accountable for anything it use to be innocent till proven guilty , now you are guilty even if they can’t prove it

  63. Mueller is a true communist, tells lies and repeat them till people believe it, accuse the opposition of what you are doing, and due what ever it takes to win legal or not, the end results justifies means.

  64. go tell that to gms workers that got a happy thanksgiving your laid off because of the cost of metal coming out of china they are 304 million over budget and laid 8300 workers between the u s and canada. and this hatchet job on mueller was told to trump that giovanni told trump that the report from mueller is doing a real number on there credibility and standing so like always they find out bad news so trump lies to make them look good but the republicans have not learned that the only chance to save them is dump trump before this next chapter of of trump screws america when he goes to court and says they cant charge him for fraud in a non profit charity

  65. Mueller Reminds me of one of those Unethical Military Quarter Masters you see in the Movies/ Don Rickles Character in Kelly’s Hero’s Jackie Gleason in Soldier in the Rain Steve Martin or Phil Silvers as Sgt. Bilko.

  66. Mueller is nothing but an overpaid tool. Maybe another word that rhymes with tool, also. He will always be dirty. There are some things that won’t wash away.

  67. Over 18 months of investigation and Mueller has still laid a glove on Trump which means there’s absolutely NOTHING to investigate.. Trump ‘is’ the most transparent President that this country has seen in possibly over 100 years.

  68. You’re just another inbred Operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization.
    God Bless America and President Donald J. Trump, an American HERO.
    That being said, get a life rectum.

  69. Mueller has 29 lives-a dozen scandals will not phase him. The real weapon the President has is to DECLASSIFY EVERYTHING-Mueller is immune to everything except the LIGHT of DAY!

  70. No way O Peckerhead
    GM is making cars no one WANTS !
    Should have paid attention to the market. Check the models they dumped .
    No matter where you gamble your money ,you’re gonna lose eventually! You must think the stock market is a sure thing! A FOOL AND HIS MONEY WILL PART .
    Tariff my ASS

  71. I agree completely. Mueller and his henchmen have bled the American taxpayer for 18 long months. He has found what he views as a permanent job position at what he views as the “Dumb American Taxpayer”.

  72. I wouldn’t trust Mueller any further than I can spit, and I don’t spit! He should have never been given the job, and certainly should have been fired after 3 months. He has been thriving monetarily forever, and it needs to stop. With his DEMOCRAP group of Lawyers, he has exceeded any search in history. He has 17 attorneys working, all DEMOCRAPS! How is that for bi-partisan cooperation!? If he went after CROOKED HILLY as hard as he has gone after President Trump,,,,,She would be in prison right now,,,along with about, HOW MANY WOULD YOU GUESS?

  73. One, no he didn’t reveal a scandal.
    Two, he’s talking to the people directly involved.
    Three, perhaps DJT should worry about the 14,000 people losing their jobs thanks in part to his tariff war; or maybe do something about the downward spiral of the stock market and my 401; or maybe no give thanks for himself on Thanksgiving… what a tool

  74. All the Trump associates and aides that Mueller did not bother to interview should go ahead and offer the information they have and see if it refutes the “findings” in Mueller’s final report!

  75. Who Trump????? The country surely would be better off he went “bye bye” Great job Donnie with GM!!!!! Sure showed them!!!!!

  76. According to the Müeller Inquisition, Trump is not the target. That is if you trust a prosecutor that convicted Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, Peter Limone and Joe Salvati (2, Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, died in prison and cost the taxpayers an eventual settlement of more than $100 million for false imprisonment) he knew they were innocent. Looks like he’s at it again.
    Müeller was the Obama/Clinton bagman for the uranium samples, for the Uranium One deal. Conflict of interest, anyone.

  77. Make him give back every penny that he has costed the taxpayers, including his salary. He is only covering up his and other Dem’s crimes.

  78. Mueller is no longer a news story…67 million VOTERS will never believe any report. Completely useless and very expensive.

  79. We heard Mueller has raked in more than 10 million dollars so far. He has plans for 2 or more books. Now is that a true democart or what

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