Donald Trump faced this one court case that could throw him off the 2020 ballot

Democrats have attacked Donald Trump on every front to destroy his presidency.

The plot to sabotage his campaign spread to the courts.

And Donald Trump faced this one court case that could throw him off the 2020 ballot.

California Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed a bill into law that stated that to appear on the California Presidential primary ballot a candidate must release their tax returns.

This law was aimed squarely at Donald Trump.

But the California State Supreme Court stepped in and ruled the law was unconstitutional.

ABC 7 in California reported:

The California Supreme Court has rejected a state law that would have required President Donald Trump to disclose his tax returns to appear on the state’s primary ballot.

Justices said Thursday the law requiring candidates for president and governor to disclose financial information was unconstitutional.

A federal judge had temporarily blocked the state law in response to a different lawsuit and the high court ruled quickly because the deadline for submitting tax returns to get on the primary ballot is next week.

The state Republican Party and Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson challenged the bill signed into law by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom because it was aimed at Trump.

California state election law sets up their primary system to send the top two finishers regardless of party to the general election.

Democrats hoped that by keeping Trump off the ballot it will depress Republican turnout and the Democrats can shut Republicans out of Congressional races as part of plan to keep their majority in the House.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. “No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.”

  2. I will vote for Trump again in 2020 and nothing on earth is going to change my mind, so there, take that demonRATS!

  3. Wondering how American citizens can manage to get out to apply for an Obama phonem, welfare, food stamps, medicaid, or other free government assistance but cannot get out to get a free picture ID made for voting, which are said to be free at the same place where one applies for a drivers license.
    Every driver’s license issued to illegal aliens should be marked non citizen which would eliminate their eligibility to vote in our elections.

  4. Hit them in their oersonal bank accounts & you will see a quick change! That means we start holding these law breaking congressional members. sanctuaru mayors & governors, who have been luring them here with all the government assistance available for Americans, but which they have usurped to support these illegals instead & embezzled more treasury funds to aid & abet them in fighting deportation & which requires taxes paid in from every working & retired American – not just from their own constituents. Freeze the assets pf these congressional members with hearts bleeding for the illegal immigrants to repay the treasury funds We the People who did not invite these invading illegal immigrants to come here for us to support have wasted – but forced We the People to support against our wishes. END THE TYRANNY of a ROGUE GOVERNMENT! They are where the problem began & they are where we hve to end the law breaking by holding them accountable. Surviving victims or survivors of the victims, of violent crimes committed by these illegal aliens (especially when they have been deported before & returned again illegally) should start suing the politicianss responsible for the release of these criminals back into American communities – not the government they represent & holding them personally repsonsible for aiding & abetting the criminal in committing that crime. Then you will see a change when you attack the problem where it began to begin with.
    Victims or their survivors would not have to prove they personally signed papers to bring them here – only that their own elected officials did nothing to stop their coming here & fought against ending their invading our country illelgally against their wishes, The way they voted on past & current immigration laws would be all the evidence needed to win the case against them.

  5. And you think that all the presidents that showed their income taxes, that all of them were legit? You need to wake up and smell the coffee. You would never be able to elect a president. They are making this an issue because it’s Donald Trump. It’s getting old!!!!

  6. Unfortunately, Sharon, many of them have moved to central Texas, and, apparently, didn’t learn a thing. Makes me glad I live in the country a ways outside of Austin rather than in that mess.

  7. Wow dude you are a pathetic specimen of a human being. This loser got a lot of time on his hands. Must be a Democrat! Uhhhhh, no work today… ..where are my freebies

  8. We will never do picture ID’s as a voting requirement in this country as a whole. Hell, we can’t even get most states to abide by Federal laws that have been in place for decades. That is the difference between active component and reserve component troops. States that non comply with Federal law should be forced. Thank God our forefathers knew how dumb American’s were becoming by the day or California would have bailed long ago. Until we have voter I.D. to assist in stopping criminal activities during the election then we will never have a legitimate government. Last fall in Dade County Florida the election supervisor who has been canned again left fake completed ballots sitting on a loading dock and no one picked them up. Thousands of fake votes. How hard would it have been like President Trump stated that between 3-5 million fake votes were cast during the election. I would say he was on target. I have a suggestion on tax returns. If our disgusting to the bone Californians think a Presidential candidate should show tax returns to be on their ballot, why not require citizens to show W-2 or 1099 themselves to vote. What would we ha e like last election 120 million supposed votes cast in this third world country? We wouldn’t have 30 million votes if we required proof of contribution. What’s the drug dealers in Chicago or Baltimore going to show, their unregistered Glocks?

  9. Conservatives should leave California and then maybe the place will go ahead and fall into the ocean. If it doesn’t burn up first.

  10. Does that mean Unless your here illegally, you cannot enter their political rallies without ID in California? The democrats set a law that defies federal law, show your income taxes Trump, that denies conservatives their candidate, then we are suppose to accept that as oh well, I guess we do not get to select our president, since we are not fellowing the near communist party members unconstitutional state laws. Dream on democrats. The Democratic communist are threatening the same in my state under our left wing high taxes dictator Murphy. They want eight years worth of returns, holy crap, I am a poor retiree I would not want to share my income taxes fir eight year if your hunting for human error. What is this the new American Soviet Union?

  11. And if the tax returns are correct according to the IRS, whose business is it what they show. Now if Congress were to pass a law that said that anyone running for public office or occupying a government office had to make them public, including relatives down at least to great grand kids as an Amendment to the Constitution, I could back that. But most of the thieves in CONgress would never pass an Amendment like that as we know where the crooks are.

  12. The Dems want no voters to have to show government issued picture IDs to vote but yet won’t let anyone without a government issued picture ID into one of their rallies or conventions.

  13. In response to those low grade intellects who want the President to display his tax returns in order to run for election St. Paul described you and folks like you as busybodies. Furthermore, its none of your business. When I was a young lad, I and my friends looked up to successful people. Most sane people wanted to emulate them and we saw them as pillars of the community. These are the folks who make institutions like museums,colleges, centers of advanced medicine, scholarships and so much more available to everyone. Wanting to see wealthy and successful individual tax returns show the people who demand these things do it out of envy,jealousy,and misery because they themselves are not in that envious position. The person who has wealth has it because they follow the laws of economics and keep their eyes out for dark money holes. I certainly would much rather have someone like that looking out for my countries wealth and well being, wouldn’t you? My dad would say “let’s go do it” not “you go do it.” The use of the latter statement is what keeps the country in chaos.

  14. If tax returns have to be seen before the name gets put on a ballot, picture id’s of all indivuduals should be shown to vote.

  15. I think Trump should show his taxes. And I know a person who is head of IRS. And he said Trump’s taxes would not have taken as long as he said they had them.He just needs to show them and stop all the bs so we can move on.

  16. Why does old crooked trump-ah-hump keep hiding his taxes like a snake hides when its getting ready to strike something. Everybody else has to show their tax at the end of the year, even you ignorant trump-butt-bumps. hahahahaaha

  17. California is so corrupt I bet even if the vote for Trump were more than for one of the twits the democrats are running they would flush them and declare the democrats the winner. California rivals Chicago in corruption.

  18. I’m forming an excavation company to dig the san Andreas deeper. Salaries are low, but the benefits are high

  19. Yeah the title doesn’t really match the article. When I first heard this I thought there is no way such a law would get past the courts. Talk about voter suppression. We’ll take your candidate off the ballot if they don’t do what we tell them to.
    This is America but the democrats keep trying to make us like Russia it seems.

  20. I wonder how many write in votes Trump would get if that happened? Most of the state is actually conservative, but they’re outnumbered by the overcrowded coastal areas.

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