Donald Trump found a secret batch of documents that could run Adam Schiff out of Washington, D.C.

Adam Schiff’s day of reckoning finally arrived.

No one in the D.C. establishment thought it would get to this point.

Now Donald Trump found a secret batch of documents that could run Adam Schiff out of Washington, D.C. for good.

On Thursday, the Justice Department shocked Washington, D.C. by announcing it was dropping the criminal charges against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

United States Attorney Jeffrey Jensen – a former FBI agent– reviewed the case and determined there was no criminal basis for the FBI to have conducted its January 24, 2017 interview with Flynn where Robert Mueller claimed Flynn lied about his December conversations with the Russian Ambassador.

But that was just the start.

Fox News showed footage of acting Director of National Intelligence Rick Grenell walking into the Department of Justice carrying a satchel full of documents.

Ed Henry told viewers that the documents in Grenell’s possession could induce a frightening level of panic in Adam Schiff.

“But breaking tonight, Schiff may be even more panicked right now because I am hearing from two sources familiar with this that as early as tomorrow, Rick Grenell, the acting Director of National Intelligence, is going to reveal even more documents shedding light on the Russia probe of President Trump and how Schiff and other investigators knew for a long time there was no collusion even though they kept saying they had direct evidence there was,” Henry said.

“What’s also new tonight, Fox is learning there is a second set of documents that Rick Grenell, who now has the job Clapper had, brought to the Attorney General William Barr today in a satchel,” Henry said.

Fox News anchor Shannon Bream also teased a major “bombshell” that was going to drop next week.

Whatever happens, it is clear that the cover-up of the criminal conduct by the FBI and Obama administration during the Russian collusion hoax is finally collapsing.

And the American people will learn the truth about how Obama and the FBI fabricated a tale of international intrigue to take down their political enemies.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any developments in this ongoing story.


  1. We get rid of the most corrupt bastard in the history of Congress. Once Schiff is gone the whole Libtard House of Cards will come tumbling down. It needs to be done right now to set the stage prior to the November election. All arrows will point to Pelousy and Obama and they will look like the traitors they have always been

  2. Both Biden and Obama should be brought up on charges. Why let them get away with breaking the law. Barry knew exactly what was going on about Flynn. The man got briefings everyday. Why is it Trump is suppose to know everything that happening in every state (if a protester get killed, if a black guy is killed by a WHITE cop) because he’s a Rep. You have to have your head in the concrete not to think Obama didn’t know about Flynn.

  3. Lying, cheating, corruption are unAmerican. Our great nation is founded upon God, truth, integrity. The sacrifices by American patriots is humbling. To honor our fallen, truth must reveal corruption at every level, even the highest. To allow the insidious deceit to weaken the honor and integrity of our beautiful country is a treasonous cowardly pathetic approach. America is better than superficial procrastination, and becoming again, great with President Trump. God Trumps unGodliness.

  4. Impeachment, Lawsuit, litigation…
    When suing and losing the case, the Judge ruled that the losing party would pay all costs related to the case.
    The House of Representatives in the Democratic Party, who condemned President Trump, launched a criminal investigation, interviewed some witnesses, and scoured in search of evidence so that they could hold responsibility for overthrowing the elected President. won the glorious election 3 years ago.
    As a result, the rebellious group of the House of Representatives did not have any evidence to convict President Trump for the sake of the people for the sake of the country, staying up late trying to run the nation to fulfill his vows before the voters. is that America will be great again, while the left-wing group creates a depressive drama that wastes national budget and wastes time bragging about nothing, slandering people against the plans and interests of they, cunning conspiracies that confuse both at home and abroad. As expected of puppets in the lower house. They lost because there was no evidence, but the taxpayer money they spent, the national budget didn’t want to spend it, now they lost.
    I think you have the authority or the Supreme Court should make them pay their taxes back cover tax payment to the national budget, so that there will be no longer a problem of denouncing people’s hats without reason and false evidence of false charges for innocent people to lose face for the bicameral , discredit trust of people in the country, abroad and countries around the world.
    It’s not like the congressman has the right to inviolability, to say whatever he wants, I compare them to almost like the shrimp and fish farmers in the outside society, Requesting the proceedings to return the taxpayers of the people who have squandered the national budget.

  5. Franz and Kevin
    Durham is completing a criminal investigation and it takes time. Democrats are stalling hoping for a Biden win which makes this all disappear. This is a highly complex situation and Durham needs to get it right the first time. Trust me there will be people put in jail, maybe a dozen.

  6. John Durham and William Barr are on the are our last best hope to save our Republic. I do not believe I exaggerate. Watergate looks like stealing a penny candy compared to this. We must all realize that the most powerful forces in America, Democrats, media, Hollywood and the likes of Google et al are all against the truth. I consider them my enemies. Like plea bargaining I don’t think there is an appetite to get Obama-although they should. Let us all pray that they get as much rot out of the high levels in our government.
    God bless Bill Barr, John Durham and President Trump. We all should contribute as much as we can afford to reelect Trump and all Republicans. I am an Independent.

  7. There isn’t a person in office that I think is honest and or actually respects the will of the people. Once in office they are faced with decisions to help America or just help themselves. It appears THEY ALWAYS CHOOSE TO HELP THEMSELVES THEY NEVER STAND FOR THE AMERICAN CITIZEN.

  8. Here’s the thing. I’m tired of the hype. We, the people, have a right to know. I’m tired of the nothing burger.
    Where’s the meat? Why is this story even a story? This news was published last week. Still no substance, just accusation. Let’s get on with it already. 3.5 years into this administration, two Ags (and an acting AG) yet ZERO charges against anyone. I’m beginning to think there never will be, and that makes me truly doubt the accusations against all these clowns. There has been plenty of time.

  9. I keep hearing this crap but I don’t see anything happening!!!!
    Talk is cheap it cost money to ride the bus, U KNOW WHAT I MEAN….

  10. It is time they run that scumbag Schiff out of DC
    and never let him back across the border ever again.
    Actually, any Democrats and Republicans who supported
    the Mueller investigation should be made to repay
    the taxpayer money that was thrown away on that
    fraudulent investigation. And the payback must come
    from their personal bank accounts not taxpayer funds.
    Better yet those involved in the investigation should
    be forced to repay their salaries since they were paid
    due to fraudulent circumstances.

  11. @Colin Kovacs
    For Preference I’d like to see a large pot of roofing material at application temperature with the point of focus for the guest of honor directly over the center of the roofing material.
    Provide the guest with a sharp knife, taped to their hand so there is no possibility of it being dropped and let the festivities commence. The guest has to make a choice of strangulation or preservation.
    Put it on pay per view and let the odds makers have an open book.

  12. I think i heard The President set the penalty at 50 yrs. jail. Sounds about right, unless the people DEMAND a hemp, necktie party. Party anyone?

  13. GOOD!!! The Whole PLCSAII Democratic Party are about to Implode, because all of the excellent work of Judicial Watch Team, Mr. William Barr And Mr. Durham are going to find out and tell “We The Legal Citizens/People And The Legal Immigrants Of The USA” what they did that was ILLEGAL and INHUMANE!!!

  14. Shannon Bream:
    I can’t wait either. While you’re holding your breath, my tongue is hanging out.

  15. To all Democrats your chants that Trump is not above the law What about Schiff,Comey,Biden,O’Bama and Brennan? Wake up fools vote Trump 2020

  16. The papers delivered by Grenell to the DOJ prove Schiff was lying to the public for years about evidence he had against Trump,what pisses me off the most is the bias MSM choose to ignore this revelation,just imagine the headlines if it were a republican.

  17. Good to see the real truth coming to light.
    The roach patrol led by Obama, Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, Schumer and all the other Obama deep state plants will be scurrying cover.
    The rotten nuts are falling from the trees now. It will be just a matter of time before one then another cracks.
    Hopefully we get a golden on that leads to the top.
    The American people are tired of the Democrats.
    All those years running inner cities. What do they have to show for it.
    Not much other than lining the pockets of their comrads with government money.
    God will judge them when they get there.
    But in the meantime lets get the courts ready to go to prosecute these people who broke the law.
    I don’t think Obama wrote out 5000 pardons for everyone.

  18. It amazes me that during this whole impeachment hoax, when all the players knew that is was a hoax,and not one democrat would stand up and say this is wrong. Has the democratic party become so corrupt from top to bottom that they carry the torch for all these liars and treasonous, corrupt people to undo a duly elected president. What has happened to this country that so many people have given their lives to protect for our freedom. Be very careful of the deep state, it is not a myth but as real as it gets. We better send all the demorats packing and then prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law after Trump wins in Nov. because if he loses all this corruption gets swept under the rug where all these low lifes live!

  19. Old bug eyes schiff would make a good stop sign. It would definitely scare the hell out of the kids and a lot of grown-ups. Need a billboard with Obama legacy, the only president who was a traitor to the country. Obama thought he was in Kenya, not the US. where the citizens are at the mercy of the politicians. I would not dare judge the Obama administration, just let the results take care of the judging. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  20. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when at first we practice to deceive! Is this country prepared to see just how far and how deep this goes? The left was so adamant when they thought President broke the law, now it’s crickets! The silence from the left is deafening! But we’ve been hearing about big news and soon they will be held accountable and perp walks etc, but again, crickets! Is this wonderland?

  21. Kicking them out of there seats is not enough. They need to be locked up for a long time or executed according to law. If we the people can not make that happen then please they need to be given a one way pass to meet the devil outside of the corrupt government system. Asshole democrats.. Stop voting the party line. Vote for who
    will do what’s right for the people. Most if not all politicians are corrupt which is why they are all against our president.. A business man. It’s time we stop electing “politicians/lawyers into office for life terms. They don’t give a xXxX about we the ordinary people. Wake up ass holes or this will never end!!

  22. Adam Schiff needs to be run out of Washington DC and right into the middle of the hangman’s noose. If there ever was a person that needs to be executed for high crimes, then this man most definitely fits the bill.

  23. Julio is an illegal? Why is he butting into our countries business? He needs to pack up his crap and go back to his own country. If the illegals are so politically invested they should be home protesting the corruption in their own government. Thank you but we know how to govern ourselves. Oh wait I forgot, you don’t have that tight or the ability to do that.

  24. Who is this fish eye fool Julio? obviously he’s from across the boarder with a name like that, he needs to return there or live in China along with the Demorats,fake media,fake movie stars( that’s a joke Star’s) they don’t deserve a title as stars and don’t forget some singers their all traitors.I don’t get why they even want to live in the USA they all sound like a bunch of commie pinko’s, remember Hinoa Fonda, did you all forget about that traitor how she lay down with the viet-cons, like Rodman and little rocket-man.Wake up America and vote for MTGA “Make Trump Great Again”/ MAGA all you traitors leave we can all pitch in and buy them a one way ticket to commieland. As for Julio no need to buy him a ticket we’ll just call ICE on his sorry butt for collecting Trump’s stimulus money and living off of us hard working American’s.

  25. Soros and julio the illegal.a 2 for 1..the hammer had dropped.clapper and brennan first..I wonder which rats have run to bahr begging for a deal already?there will be plenty of rats.

  26. We republicans got great news today, two house seats were recovered by our folks, 1 in Calif. and 1 in Wisc or Minn. That’s two down and 20 more to go to win back the House. Go GOP, vote straight ticket in Nov. As far as Schiffy is concerned, Go Mr. Early, cream this turkey. He needs to go so we can send him to prison.

  27. Julio The Foolio still keeps on trolling!! Give it up Julio The Foolio, Trump won and will win again, and you lose!!!!!

  28. Corruption seems to be the only way the Democrats operate. Schiffty should be prosecuted…as per Pelosi…No One is above the law! Schiffty belongs in JAIL for the remaining of his life, for misleading and lying to Americans!

  29. what a stupid bonehead this guy is! but then he falls right in with what the lefties have decided they should become…..but it should backfire this time sround if californians get tired of taxation with no representation thats adequate!

  30. These documents just show what a bunch of scumbag treasonous traitors there are called DEMOCRAPS…..These people are as corrupt as they come and ALL NEED TO BE PROSECUTED and the AMERICAN PEOPLE SHOULD DEMAND IT…This was a coup against President Trump BY RUSSIAN AND CHINESE DEMOCRAP SYMPATHIZERS…If this would have happened in the 50 and 60’s a FIRING SQUAD WOULD BE GETTING READY TO SHOOT Obama and BIDEN along with a bunch of OBAMA ADMIN OFFICIALS…lets line them up and SHOOT THEM DOWN

  31. To Domaho… What you just wrote should be the FIRST thing that the DOJ and U.S. Attorney should DO. if not already done so… Revoke any and All travel restrictions to ANY ONE under investigations period…. WHERE IS THE FISA COURT NOW?????

  32. i do hope trump and his staff pulls all these deep staters passports. the only passport they allow entrance is GITMO prison. trump, WE THE PEOPLE plead with you to bring your marine military police round up these top cops and number one on the list is exusurper blackyOB and #2 george soros. better yet, freeze all their asset and properties now

  33. Vote straight republicans ticket. Once we get these narcissistic AH democrats out of office we can start to rebuild our republic and reset the rule of law. Remember who we are: a country of the people, for the people and by the people. That means American citizens.

  34. Comrade Schiff is just another puppet for Communist China, including Pelosi, Biden, Newsom, fake media, disinformation, propaganda. More importantly, Schiff and Pelosi (and others) should be criminally charged for the orchestrated impeachment proceedings. The costs and expenses are astronomical. Also, justice has finally been rendered for Lieutenant General Flynn. His reputation and livelihood were wrongly obliterated by Schiff and Comrades. Communist China is the ultimate culprit and should reimburse America and its patriotic citizens for the lies, manipulations, spying, deceitful activities. God triumphs unGodliness.

  35. The Commie Rat should be shot on sight along with Piglosi, Schumer, Obunghole, and Nadler to name a few they are Enemies to America!!

  36. TO all OATH KEEPERS James of the 75th Rangers just said it ALL.. HONOR HONOR HONOR… Is a Fight and our love ones, and ALL, who care TIME to Step up.. Many died MANY so that we can LIVE free… RANGER James of the 75th.. Americans ARE HERE TO STAY!!!! Many do not even know how our Military Men, Women, Family’s SACRIFICED ALL, EVERYTHING… FOR PEOPLE THEY NEVER EVEN KNEW FOR OUR COUNTRY…

  37. Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream, it must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same. “Ronald Reagan”

  38. James of the 75th RANGERS… Wish you were my NEIGHBOR… What CROOKED COMEY did was to DISGRACE OUR United States General Flynn. A HONORED COMBAT GENERAL… Comey , Schiffty ARE TREASONOUS CRIMINALS PERIOD…

  39. OH Mr. Schiffty… Time has come your way!!! You are going to SING like a morning bird…. That’s Good because we know that you will take down Others with you…In what is called ‘ Lets make a deal ‘ As well to Mr. Comey in your own words ‘ A couple of guys are coming your way. ‘ But this time it’s Barr sending the Guys… It looks like it’s going to be an Early Christmas for Americans…. Slowly one by one taken out, flipping on each other.. The lights just got turned on and the Night Feeders are running to Hide… Schiffty, and Crooked Comey… Prison is not TOO Bad… That’s Until the lights go out!!! America is AWAKE… To the crooked ones remaining… Listen and Learn ‘ Never ever touch a Sleeping Lion ‘ America is Home of the BRAVE.. We Are Watching,

  40. Please, give credit where credit is due…Judicial Watch has been doing ALL the leg work that in reality is the sphere of true “journalism”…which the MSM has completely abandoned in the last forty odd years…

  41. If Robert di niro was a real man like he says ; he would punch Adam shiff smack in the nose !!!!!

    If Madonna was a real American she would kick AOC in the head !!!

    If Andrew Cuomo was a real American he would hang himself !!!

    If barak obama was a real American he also hang himself !!!

    If Pelosi was a real American she would kill her whole family and then commit suicide !!!

  42. Liberals and Democrats will not be swayed by Facts or Laws broken. Schiff will not go punished un-less Republicans take control of House then censure him so he serves on no committee’s and investigate him from top to bottom. Starting with any income he has obtained to whom he has given classified information.

  43. stop this charade on word, just get to the bottom. roundup all deep staters, including all 229 demorat representatives, all involved from January 7th 2020 to present, be on trial at GITMO for sedition, perjury, treason, attempted coup to overthrow duly elected POTUS and robbed WE THE PEOPLE taxpayers of $60 million+++ on racketeering and purposely using this three schemes to steal money belonging to the taxpayers of the USA

  44. Lock & Load Lt. “T” It’s been awhile since I’ve been to a party, can’t wait…

  45. Maybe Schiff’s opponent can use it to get rid of this liar. That’s the only way we can punish him. As a representative, he can say any thing and not be held liable. Those are the rules

  46. The Dems. are blocking Blood Bank requests for CoVid-19 antibody donations by adding restriction s to limit can qualify for antibody testing in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Can’t abide anyone hearing any really GOOD news of an available cure from those survivors developing a real Immune system and willing to donate their plasma for true healing

  47. As AG Barr said at the beginning, “I’m gonna find out how all of this was started.So rest assured, that he had to cross every T and dot every I before he allowed each document to be released by the DOJ.They are coming out slowly as more are being released next week. Just have faith and trust in Him as he does the right thing for all of us.God has given him all the tools he needs to do his job, especially wisdom.

  48. People don’t hold your BREATH.. Yes we ALL WANT JUSTICE… But take a Look how our ENEMY’S look at us right about now??? THEY ARE LAUGHING AT AMERICAN’S.. Because of the CORRUPTION in our own Country… What to do is SLOWLY one by one take them out… IT’s going to take time.. America can not show any WEAKNESS Now nor NEVER!!” The enemy is already here Due to the FACT of these CORRUPT Politicians who SOLD THEIR SEATS FOR MONEY!!! THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. This is a wake up call… While we try to SURVIVE for our love ones every every every day!!!! The ELITES EAT ICE CREAM!!!!! AND BRAG ABOUT IT!!!! AS A FACT FRIENDS take Notice HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS Well trained American’s and Family members ARE HERE.. FOR WE THE PEOPLE.

  49. Obama administration needs to be investigated fully and charged with treason!!!!

  50. What did Schiff say, no ones above the law. Well Schiff your not either… Nut him & throw him to the hogs, they have to eat to…I could get rich off front row seats.

  51. You should be calling them Demon-rats, not Democrats! There’s nothing Godly about these idiots! They need to be removed from the face of this earth! Let God deal with these pieces of trash! I just hope that they have a big case of 1 million sunblockas they are going to need it where they are going!

  52. These people at the center of this mess should be doing the perp walk, as they defrauded the people and the government.
    General Flynn should be compensated for ALL of his expenses, his guilty plea (sought out ILLEGALLY and FRAUDULENTLY by coercion) vacated, and he should receive a formal letter of apology from the federal government. There should be a reckoning for this outrage perpetrated by the demuckrats.

  53. This is proof that when you do corrupt things, it will all come back on you. They will all eventually receive their just due. As I watch it unfold, IT IS CRACKING ME UP !!

  54. it’s impossible to derail the Trump train. will they ever learn? choo choo the train is coming. ALL ABOARD.

    rev andy

  55. Obummer needed the Extreamly Corrupt Clinton to win so all of this would go away. Ha Ha, Didn’t happen. Get used to Orange Obummer!!

  56. If by chance,since DEMO–C–RAT POLITICIANS seem to never get PUNISHED,they don’t HANG for TREASONOUS criminality,,,always “” REMEMBER””NOVEMBER”” VOTE**VOTE**them all “”OUT”” !!! This is HOW we MUST correct this RUNAWAY RABID POLITICAL HATERED of the DEMO–C–RAT PARTY !!! ONE thing they are NOT IS DEMOCRATIC!!! two completley different meanings !!!

  57. They should have to repay the tax payers money they spent on all of these investigations. Every one involved in this rotten scam should be fired and repay the cost of of these scams out of their own pockets. They are disgusting.

  58. Treason. They are Not above the Law.. this time take them down. Be fore the fake election that’s coming..

  59. The bug eyed troll needs to leave. He does nothing constructive for the country. Go back to LA LA Land and make up your stories and stay there.

  60. Please don’t forget Soros, this rooster sucker needs to be at the head of the line when the hangings start. Julio, we have a nice strong rope for you too.

  61. i agree take away their pensions and make an example of them so they know in the future what will happen to them and make the dnc pay for the whole witch hunt , and go for lois learner from the IRS and get her pension also , it’s time for this #### too end.

  62. Can’t wait for the bombshell! Been hoping for ever something will come out!Can we finally get rid of those liars including albums?
    He has the guts to say the virus response is a disaster!
    Jail time I hope for them all!!!!!

  63. All that is needed is to get rid of ‘ALL THE LIBERALS AND DEMOCRATS”. Next would be to fill ALL those positions with “GOOD CHRISTIAN MEN”. Then AE COULD PUT GOD BACK AT THE TOP. Put an amendment into the constitution. Stating that ALL LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION. This would make abortion murder. Remove ALL the illegal laws that the liberals put on the 2nd Amendment. When this is done The United States of America will be Once more One Nation Under GOD (YHVH). Come on All Christians lest get this Done! I love GOD and all Christians everywhere.

  64. For all the tax payers money they spent on this B\S hoax not only should they be fired, but all their salaries for the last 3.5 years and pensions should be forfeit.

  65. There’s a long list of these parasites and tar & feathering would be to light for this group of traitors. Drawing & Quartering in front of the Washington Monument starting with Schiff and Pelosi.

  66. Schiff is an ASS&*LE!!!!
    he needs to step down and resign.
    He should be in JAIL!!!!!

  67. It would be SOOOO GOOD to see schifferbrains, Tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail, and then all of the guilty Including schifferbrains, schumer, peeloosy, waters, clinton ( the true ringleader )Cummey, McCrabes, and the Co-Conspirators, Arrested and tried for Treason, sentenced and Jailed. for life or given the Rosenbergs treatment..

  68. i read where it was like 25 million that the parasite democrats spent from tax payer money to pay for their bull crap phony charge against our president they all should be charged with treason and face a firing squad including the obamas & the clintons

  69. he should be in prison along side of pelosi waters nadler obama clinton schiff and probably half of the demrats and the rinos tar & feather all of them then put them in prison


  71. Line them up! Our Founding fathers would executed them one by one! Even those FBI agent Deserve the firing squad! But we can’t executed them til we VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE! First Trump should withheld all of these POLITICAN PAYCHECK TIL THE FIVE MILLION DOLLARS THAT WAS WASTED ON THE IMPEACHED IS RECOVERY. There is NOT one in the Democrat House that NOT GUILTY! ONLY ONE IN THE SENATE IS THAT A RINOREPUBLICAN MITT ROMNEY! HOLD HIS PAYCHECK! TAXPAYERS SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR THE PHONY IMPEACHED.

  72. Julio time to shut up! You lost! And Trump won! Oh, wait tell us why Obama hair turn grey? He was the one who lead this from the beginning! He no longer president so he can’t claim IMMUNTY!

  73. Cancel all of obummer’s perks including income continuation, health insurance, expense accounts, and Secret Service protection- make him pay to get obamacare insurance and let him fend for himself. I bet there are plenty of deep staters who would like to reward him for exposing them…

  74. wasn’t the impetus for Trump not apologizing to the Central Park 5 that one confessed? and Flynn confessed?

  75. The top crooks in the Demorat Party knew about it because they kept telling reporters, “that Donald J. Trump would not be President, you can take that to the bank”. Peelozi, Schummer, Maxy Waters, every well known Democrat knew it.

  76. Lying and scheming to take down the president. I wonder how Adam and Nancy would respond if a republican tried that with bathhouse Barry. Yes, there was talk about keeping him from being re-elected, but talk isn’t the same as putting together a group of sleazy bastards to lie the mulatto out of office. Now it’s time to expel the crooked bastards from Congress. Including Jerry Nadler.

  77. He colluded to overthrow the government with false information. He lied before Congress. He belongs behind Federal bars.

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