Donald Trump found out he was double crossed by this RINO traitor

Donald Trump thought the Mueller investigation was wrapped up.

But anti-Trump forces in Washington, D.C. are still trying to use the Russian collusion hoax to impeach the President.

And Donald Trump just found out he was double crossed by this RINO traitor.

When the Mueller Report came back with a finding of no evidence of conspiracy with the Russians and no determination on obstruction of justice, Trump supporters breathed a sigh of relief.

President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declared it case closed and vowed to move on.

But Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Republican Senator Richard Burr didn’t get that memo.

He teamed with Russian Collusion truthers in the Democrat Party to prolong his panel’s investigation by subpoenaing Donald Trump, Jr.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Republican-controlled Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr. as part of its Russia investigation, Axios reports.

The subpoena is the first believed to have been issued in any of the Russia investigations for one of President Donald Trump’s children.

According to Axios, the committee wants Trump Jr. to answer questions about his previous Senate testimony.

It is not clear what parts of Trump Jr.’s previous testimony the committee wants to review. The real estate executive has faced scrutiny over his involvement in the June 9, 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with a group of Russians who had offered to provide information about Hillary Clinton. He was also involved in negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

Republicans like Rand Paul blasted the move.

Burr is not running for re-election in 2022 and without having to face the voters again is showing his true RINO colors.

Russian collusion has proven to be a hoax, but Burr gave into the demands of the conspiracy theorist Democrats on the Intelligence committee and are harassing the President’s son.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Not born, just working on it. This is the party that voted against Lincoln’s bill to free the slaves. This is the party that supported the KKK. This is the party that gave the poor and blacks almost everything the slave owners gave the slaves. Housing, food stamps , Medicaid, welfare.

  2. Its like the ‘ol saying goes, democrats are either born stupid or they work on it their whole life.

  3. Rickster, I love every word you wrote. I pray more Americans think like we do and thank God for President Trump trying to clean up the mess Obuma made and the Democraps are still making.

  4. There is NO double cross when you tell the Truth. Read the entire Mueller Report yourself then comment. Anything else is noise and smoke. I value the truth and integrity and the sitting president (aka Pinocchio) has neither. Those that endorse the lies, obstruction, violations of the law and the US Constitution need to be removed from the public stage as they do not embrace AMERICAN VALUES. AMERICAN VALUES include the opportunity for all and the freedom to learn; freedom of conscience; civic participation; community and family; societal and personal responsibility; fairness and justice; pluralism and diversity. Those values include truth, honesty, and integrity.

    VOTE BLUE and end the LIES and the INSANITY!



  7. Dr. I also have a PhD. I do not believe you have actually read the entire 400+ pages of the Muellar report. If you had, you would have determined that Mr. Muellar was frustrated that he could not find any “Substantial Evidence of corroboration” with the Trump family, campaign, business or personally. In any court of law, that would be a dismissal and “exoneration” of charges. Instead, Muellar wrote 400 pages of filler that was not necessary. He knew the Democrats would take this as a sign to try something else.

    As far as the Obstruction, he “identified” 10 possible means, that he felt were an attempt to obstruct. Again, He could not find “Sufficient Evidence”. But instead he decided to leave it up to the DOJ, Not congress,to make the determination. Since he had every means at his disposal to bring charges for obstruction, but did not, only means he could not. If he could, he would have. He wrote the last part as a partisan hack job. period.

  8. “Real Joe”? Everyone on this site agrees that every day that you wake up in the morning, the guy looking back at you in the mirror is the dumbest S.O.B. on the face of this earth. Arrogant, churlish and corpse ignorant.

  9. “Real Joe”? Everyone on this site agrees that every day that you wake up in the morning, the guy looking back at you in the mirror is the dumbest S.O.B. on the face of this earth. Arrogant, churlish and corpse ignorant.

  10. You cannot put a paragraph together and you criticized someone who contradicts your idiotic love for traitor Trump.

  11. Well Art, the term traitor is not party specific. Just more of them are of the jackass persuasion. But yeah, a rope and short drop doesn’t care if you’re DNC or GOP. A rope has integrity and will do its duty.

  12. Chuck you need to move out of that redneck state, go to Idaho in the woods and hide.

  13. Come on, admit the truth. You lying Leftist tried to use a fake conspiracy charge against Trump using fake evidence wholely created by evil Hillary. It didn’t work. You and your dirty media friends conspired to overthrow our government. How the hell can some of you Leftist NOT go to jail?? You are evil and unAmerican.

  14. If I was Trump Jr. I would go in and every time they asked me a question I would simple say, I answered that question the last time I testified and I will stick with that answer. Could you look it up please.

    The dems just want to say, see he lied under oath, if he refers back to his previous testimony and there is nothing the dems could do.

  15. I read the report also and I don’t think that when Trump said in a speech that if Russia did hack DNC’s computer that they should send him all of Hillary’s deleted emails. It was a joke and everyone laughed know he was joking. Anyway, I couldn’t find anything that looked like Trump colluded to win an election, nor did he do anything the democrats themselves do to obstruct justice. Talking to foreign governments when running for office is normal.

  16. If you would repeal the 17th amendment these rat senators
    Could be recalled immediately by the State Legislature/ Governor. The founders forsaw this happening and provided
    means in the Constitution to fix the problem. We stupidly ratified
    the 17th amendment in 1913 and screwed ourselves!!!

  17. There are many swamp monsters in Washington’s District of Columbia;but, the R.I.N.O. monsters are the most evil of all.

  18. Mormon Mittens was voted in by mormons. Surprise. You wanna talk graft? Spend a month in Utah and check mormon mafia in business in everything from state liquor stores to transportation, Coca Cola, sale of state, federal and BLM land to private industry. Mittens is just a direct line to more legislation to line the pockets of that church and its corrupt sycophants

  19. The dems are trying to set up a perjury trap he should take transcrips or recordings of his last time and play the recording or access notes they want to play games he should too or just give off the wall responces

  20. Anyone who is not for the constitution and America, should not b in office …….really…r u paying attention…Mueller is on Hillary side…he has committed felonies…but that has been left unsaid …he worded it so not to say he was clear..legally he should not have been given the job…if there was anything he would have said it….democrats want a 1 world government…it will b communist and Islam will b the one world religion…Hillary was going to put millions into the fema camps…agenda 21 and operation garden plot…Trump is stopping their plans

  21. Dream on asswipe. The Democrats have been the biggest Cabal of Maffia killers in the world. They put the Maffia in prisons, but allow the Democrats to get away with murder of all the competition and trying to have a coup. This is outrageous and should have conviction of every Democrat involved or just pushing for Impeachment, they tried their lies, cheats, and out and out fraud and lost, and they did not have the brains to get out before the tables turned. The Democrats don’t speak for the 10 million American Patriots and we don’t have any reason to believe in the fake news any longer. And your remarke here are proof that there are some Idiots still sucking on the government teat. Get off welfare, move out of your mommies basement, get a job, then get an education you damn Idiot.

  22. And once again the Hack “doctor” lends us his own slanted view. An individual may receive a “doctorate” in virtually any subject or science. Yes, some of the most assinined people I have had the misfortune to meet held a doctorate in some ridiculous subject. All a doctorate means is you have dedicated your self to the study of ONE specific subject. Which more often than not means you have followed that vein of education to the exclusion of all else. Do not attempt to pontificate and charge us with your meandering thought processes. The man that conducted the investigation stated no credible evidence of collusion. Further the lead investigator did NOT issue any charges of “obstruction”. Had Mr. MUELLER felt any such charges could be made beyond a doubt he would have done so. Stick to your chosen field of “doctoral expertise” which I am sure has something to do with the tactile examination of dog crap.

  23. Have any one of you mutton heads read Mueller’s report? Apparently not. However, even the incredibly biased A.T. Barr’s 4 page B.S. letter ( rumored to have been ghost written by Sean hannity ) did not say the Russian investigation was a hoax; it simply said that there was not enough evidence to, in Mueller’s view , get a conviction of conspiring with an enemy to influence an election. HE DID NOT SAY THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE; only that there was probably not enough. On the issues of Trump using his position as President to obstruct justice, the report made very clear after stating that there were 10 issues that he considered Obstruction of Justice that he would leave whether or not to indict Trump up to Congress. His reason, clearly stated, was that he felt the AG and the Department of Justice would interfere with their absurd opinion that a sitting President could be indicted…….meaning the president is above the law….. Trump, immediately after hearing of Bar’s letter went on a rant claiming he’s been exonerated of all charges, and that everything was a hoax. Of course he was never charged, that what the investigation was all about, to find if there were offenses that he could be charged with. So; our egomaniac President is getting way ahead of himself with his claim and, provided he is stopped from his continual obstruction which he tweets about non-stop, there is a very good chance he will be indicted and more than likely impeached.

    Is he danger to our country, our government, our society, and our way of life? Absolutely! Can we stop him? Perhaps, but it will take Republicans in the Senate to find the balls they seem to have lost sometime between the election and Trump’s taking office, along with the moral judgement they lost completely which was a big part of what got them elected to their seat and the simple choice to do the right thing, the honorable thing, and the only thing that will get our country back from the road to perdition we are headed down at breakneck speed.


  25. Burr is nothing more than a joke of an old man who is to weak to have a brain that has any ideas what is expected of him. But as we all know he will still get his pension. He fits right in with those DEMS with brain freeze

  26. Burr is nothing more than a joke of an old man who is to weak to have a brain that has any ideas what is expected of him. But as we all know he will still get his pension. He fits right in with those DEMS with brain freeze


  28. Richard Burr is related to Aaron Burr who killed Alexander Hamilton in a lopsided duel! Fortunately for America, we have President Trump and not President Hamilton! But watch that Burr does not have a derringer secreted on his body when he comes close to Trump!

  29. Yeah they dont believe in using toilet paper so the use that rag on there head wipe there crap hand off!! Should call it ber-ka-ka. Word of advise, make sure restaurants dont hire them in the kitchen! They taint anything the touch! Nasty ass camel jockeys! e-coli cesspool.

  30. What I see the democrats doing to Trump, Kavanaugh, and others fits J’Accuse so well that a lot of people should be hanging their heads in shame and retiring in disgrace. I won’t go on other than to state that referring to “J’Accuse is the worst I can say about this situation and still be civil.

  31. They recalled Trump jr again to set up a perjury trap. And why are they still going on the narrative that Trump campaign was going to buy dirt on Hildabeast when we have the proof that she paid for the fake russian dossier that led them down the fake narrarive of Trump was colluding with russian when they mad all that fake dossier and put our country through hell and alot of money with fake russia collusian. When is Trump.going to start locking people up

  32. Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, and the rest of these Democrat so-called Politicians and treasonous pigs need to be arrested and sent to GITMO for the Military Tribunal and hung from the neck. They are all guilty of High Treason for what they have been doing against the President Of The United States and the American People.

  33. Terri, I accidentally found a petition to open up Obama’s sealed papers. I went on Google to How to remove AOC from the House of Representatives. I know that I read at least 50 petitions but it was in them. You have to look hard for it.

  34. Joe the P, Bill Clinton hasn’t been in the Oval (Oral??) office since 2000. Why bring him into the conversation? Unless you think it’s time to do a real investigation into the machinations of the Clinton Cartel with regards to the crimes Hillary committed during her time as Sec of State.

  35. Joe is not a plumber, He cleans toilets for the DNC. Why would anyone hire an ignorant like him to fix a leak in their bathroom?
    He stole the election? How? Because Hillary got more votes? No president in the history of this country ever won the presidential election on the popular vote. It’s not supposed to be that way and probably never will be.
    He heard all the other accusations on CNN. They are always spouting garbage.
    The Democrats are going to lose big time in the 2020 election. People are finding out more and more everyday that they care nothing for the people or this country. It will be harder for them to steal the next election, because the Republicans will be, I hope, more vigilant about how the election is handled.
    The Democrats are going to put on a comedy show with their primary. It will be interesting to watch as each one tells all the dirt they can find on the other candidates. I can hardly wait.

  36. Do You mean dead like McCain? What a bunch of wimps, gutless & heartless bunch of rejects. rinos & demoncrats sore losers. President Trump is driving them nuts. Because he is good like that. Now to mess with Don Jr. Very low blow. Get over it the hoax was just as we knew all along, a hoax. How about getting the real crooks demoncratic party clintons comey MuelLiar. They are digging a big hole for all of them to jump in. I will purchase the shovel for President Trump to throw dirt on the scum bags. Wait is there any dirt worthy of them. Well cement will do.

  37. When the Commies in the Democrat Party get investigated, there will be real live proof they are working for the Russians and the Chinese. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz had a Pakistani Spy working for the DNC. She also had him working with those in congress. He was caught at the Airport waiting to return to Pakistan. His wife had already went back and, he stayed here to sell their house. He was caught with the money when he was arrested. Dianne Feinstein had a Chinese Spy that had worked for her for 20 years before they deported him. Now, who have the ties with our enemies? john Kerry is dealing with the Iranians telling them not to deal with Trump. Violation of the Logan Act. Who is the stupid fool here?

  38. Getting rid of RINO Burr should be no big deal in the GOP primary. The bigger problem will be that conservative who beats him winning statewide in a state badly infested with liberal scum from the NE!

  39. Burr is a traitorous ass wart but he’s also a symptom of a bigger disease, the metastasizing cancer of liberalism that is ruining red states like FL, and NC. The research triangle of NC is already a cesspool of liberal Jews, academic eggheads and other NY/NJ vermin who leave their blue states they themselves f***ed up by voting for scum like Schumer and Booker, then bring their liberal mental disorder with them to red states they fled to. That eventually flips districts and if enough of those districts grow, they can throw a statewide election like US Senate, Governor, or (God forbid!) POTUS for the Dems!! Burr is a RINO in a state that replaced lightweight Liddy Dole with 1-termer, Kay Hagen. Burr will lose in the next election, either way. In an ideal scenario, he’d be challenged by a true conservative and defeated in the primary by an enraged GOP voter base. But then that conservative will have the fight of his life in the general against some heavily funded carpetbagger MFer and the RNC will not chip in accordingly. That’s how NC got a Dem Gov., over bathrooms for f***ing tranny freaks! We own land there but I’m seriously considering selling it off when the times comes to retire. I don’t wanna live among blue state scum!

  40. Diane I AM A TRUMPER BUT those people are worse than you think. Your attitude will get them back in power. They will lie cheat steel. Dont you see how stupid the conservatives are. That is how Obama got power to begin with. We weren’t taking them seriously. WE CAN NOT EVER LET THEM HAVE POWER. THEY WILL TAKE ALL OF OUR FREEDOMS AWAY FROM US. WE CAN NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN EVEN IF IT MEANS CIVIL WAR. GOD BLESS

  41. You sad pathetic Obama supporter. He us going down. When they change the law to prosecute that pig Obama we are going to turn the tables on them and we are going to prosecute obama.

  42. So why doesn’t McConnell reassign Burr to another committee and take away his chairmanship?

  43. Prove it Diane you brainless turd! If there’s a ignorant racist con man, It’s Barblockhead Obah-blah. You must be listening to the Corrupt Nitwit Network aka CNN and MS NBC who was bankrolled by George Soros and the Demoncrook party to tell lies about him accusing him of being a racist without any proof at all. They hate him because he’s white and wealthy which they believe are scumbags and greedy.

  44. And you came to these conclusions by what? His ability to stand up to you dimwits? You are just like any other Trump supporter……full of hate, flapping your lips without any facts to back you up and showing your ignorance with every post, just because people are seeing Trump for what he is…….an ignorant racist con man and a serial liar.

  45. Man From Grey – Oh you sad, pathetic Trump supporter! You’re too ignorant to know Burr isn’t running for another position in the Senate. Guess that’s from watching Fox AlmostNews. Climb back under your rock

  46. I agree with you Mark and he also probably over charges and does shoddy work. That’s if he is a real plumber

  47. Come on now Joe the Dumber, this article is not about you, so quit describing yourself to everyone. We understand that you’re a lazy, obese, egomaniacal liar and sexual deviant who steals from his clients, but do you really think telling everyone this will be good for your business? Joe, you should get off the drugs, get psychiatric help and stop watching the communist propaganda shows like CNN. Then you’ll feel much better about yourself and will probably get over your Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  48. I doubt that Joe the Plumber is really a plumber. If he is, he is a disgrace and
    insulting to all the hardworking, patriotic plumbers that respond to our plumbing problems. ( May God bless all of them)
    Joe, tell me, how could you be so hateful. Is there not enough hate already in this world? Why do you not bless your own consciousness and be thankful for all your
    blessings of living in the greatest country in the world?
    First of all, President Trump did not steal the election. The greatest number of electoral votes which were gathered by the American people, placed Donald J. Trump
    in the oval office as our new president. Second, he has put more sanctions on Putin and Kim than any other president. Thirdly, I don’t think you even know the meaning
    of the word thug. Thief? I think not. insulter ? If hitting back to someone who has insulted him or any of his family is your definition of an insulter, then I feel sorry for you. Braggart? He is proud of his successes and well should be.
    How would you like to fight all the corrupt and vicious people that he had to deal with in New York. You can’t even imagine what he went through. If you can read, I suggest that you get a copy of his book ART OF THE DEAL and read it.
    Lazy…ha…ha… everyone who knows Donald Trump will say that they can’t keep up with him. he is a workaholic par none. He is overweight but not obese. ( How obese are you?) Egomaniac…no… a positive hard working successful real estate investor
    and builder. What have you ever built? Sexual assaulter? How disgusting you are.
    If you were young, handsome and rich with women just wanting to be with you, that does not meet the criteria of sexual assaulter.
    Turn off CNN, MSNBC, NBC etc. and read his lifetime story of all the people he has helped when they needed help badly. In case you don’t understand Joe, President Trump is the right man at the right time and truly is making America great again.
    Against the vile media, vile democrats and even those Rhino’s in his own party.
    Joe, you have lot’s to learn. I wish for you the best in your pursuit of knowledge.

  49. Sandra, your comments are disgraceful. You are supporting a President who stole the election, kisses Putin’s and Kim’s butts, is a lifetime thug and thief, liar, insulter and braggart, and a lazy, obese egomaniac and sexual assaulter.

  50. The Republican voters of North Carolina need to let him go. Not that he’s not a team player, but it was the two-year federal investigation that have exhausted everything it could find. No further indictments are needed. Mueller did went outside of the investigation objections and yet he could find anything. It makes sense that he went outside of these objections when he couldn’t find anything on Trump. That’s understandable.

    Why can’t Senator Burr get it? He don’t like Trump? Millions of voters love Trump. Burr is an establishment politician. Get rid of him, North Carolina! There are other traitors such as Mitt Romney, the one I would never understand the Utah voters. I take the fact that Romney has the money to get himself elected. ????


  51. I don’t believe that Barr betrayed Trump. I DO believe that he is baiting the dems/libs to find themselves in a deep hole that they have dug – thinking Trump would be in the hole but instead *they* are! Too stupid, greedy, and anti-American they can’t see how the U.S.A. citizens are revolting ALL dems/lib actions. They are pathetic, desperate, and revolting. The dems/libs will take years and years to overcome these faults and rebuild their party if they ever can. Very hard to be a dem supporter when the obvious treason and disgust keeps surfacing in view of the great economy.

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